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New Years Games


Authors note: This story is a continuation of Reindeer games and involves the setting and characters developed in that story.


Jill had been over to the house a number of times in the weeks following the Christmas party, and I had to admit I had enjoyed every visit. She seemed to delight in wearing different sexy outfits for me, some provocative and some downright sexual, like the night she wore knee high black leather boots, a leather bustier and nothing else. I damn near creamed myself when I answered the door and found her standing on the front porch in just that, the chill of the air making her nipples stand out like little mountains on her full tits and her trimmed red bush in plain sight.

I heard the front bell and opened the door to find Jill standing in the cold, smiling at me. I let her in, taking her knee length coat from her after I closed the door. She turned slowly to allow me to take her outfit in. She had on a red demi-bra with white furry trim, a white lacy garter belt holding up red stockings and red heels. Covering her cute red bush was a bright red thong with white fur trim.

"You like my misses santa suit?" she asked as she slid into my arms.

"It explains why misses santa doesn't come down the chimney. She wouldn't make it out of the first house without getting attacked... unless she wants to be attacked."

"Ohhhhhh you want to take misses santa under your tree?"

"I'd love to." I said picking her up and carrying her into the family room. I gently laid her on the floor by the tree and then turned all the lights off except the tree itself. Her fair skin twinkled with reflected light from the tree as I knelt between her legs and kissed her thighs. She lifted her butt off the floor allowing me to pull her thong down, tossing it onto the tree after I had it off her legs. I kissed my way slowly up her legs, kissing one and then the other as I worked my way back up to her perfect pussy. She giggled as I blew my hot breath across it, and then she sucked in a big breath as I licked my tongue up between her already wet lips and across her clit.

"You are such a bad man." She cooed as I drew another lick between her lips. "and I love every second of it."

I replied by flicking my tongue across her hard clit. It didn't take too many minutes of attention, licking her sweet pussy and flicking her clit, to make her body reach that point of ecstasy that she enjoyed so much. She arched her back and her body shook a she cried out in pleasure, enjoying the wash of orgasm as much as I was enjoying the wash of her sweet juices.

"Ohhhh come up here lover." She cooed as she recovered from her climax. I climbed up her body and she pushed my shirt up my body, pulling it over my head. She tossed it aside and then licked and sucked on my nipples as she reached for my belt buckle. She used her hands and feet to work, my pants down my legs and off my stocking feet, leaving me naked above the ankles. She wasted no time in pulling me up her body farther until she could gently lick the head of my dick. I moaned quietly as she engulfed the head of my dick in her hot mouth and began to slurp and suck it even harder than it already was. It wasn't long before I was more than ready to plunge into her hot pussy, and she knew it. She pulled her mouth from my dick and slid up the floor.

"Ok lover. Fill me up." She cooed as I moved between her legs and she guided my dick to her pussy. I sunk easily into her now familiar feeling pussy, accompanied by her cries of pleasure. I had grown to really enjoy how vocal she was as I plunged my dick into her pussy time and again. She coaxed me closer to climax, not only with her constant stream of comments and cries, but also with the actions of her body as she rocked her hips and squeezed me with her pussy, an active participant in our joining. I groaned deeply as the first of my powerful shots of cum surged up into her body, bringing a cry of pleasure from her, her legs wrapping around my ass and pulling me deeper into her. Her body twitched as another small climax was triggered by my surging cum splashing off her cervix. After what felt like minutes, but was much shorter, I lowered myself down to rest on my elbows, Jill lifting her face to mine, giving me a hot, wet, passionate kiss.

"God I love having sex with you." She purred as we slowly recovered from our mutual high.

"Why is that?

"I don't know... you just hit all the right spots. I've had a lot of dicks in me, but I think I like yours the best."

"Your just saying that so you can keep coming over and getting screwed."

"No. I really mean it. I'm going to miss the hell out of it when your wife comes home."

"Me too. No way she would ever understand or participate in this kind of thing."

"No, but at least we have right now... Which reminds me, do you want to go to a new years party with me?"

"I suppose. What kind is it?" I asked, thinking back to the Christmas party.

"Same kind of thing. Some of the same people would be there, but some different ones too. This one is couples only though. "

"I suppose that would be fun. Do we have to bring anything? Food or drinks or something?"

"You are a goof sometimes. No, food is covered... we do need to take something though. Maybe you would like to help me pick it?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"We have to take a new vibrator, gift wrapped." She said with a grin.

"Oh... I suppose. I never bought one before."

"Well, we can go to the adult store up the highway... they have a pretty good selection."

"You talk like you know from experience."

"I do." She giggled. "That's where I bought most of mine."

"I see... Ok. Let me get my pants on and we'll go pick one."

"I can't go now! I don't have anything to wear!"

"What's wrong with what you have on? Weren't you the one that told me the other night you wanted to be a bit more dangerous?" I asked, looking her right in the eye.

"Well... I did say that, didn't I?"

"Uh huh. You have a long coat... everything can stay covered as much as you want... or show as much as you want."

"That does sound a bit naughty." She said with a grin. "Why the hell not?"

"good!" I said as I pulled my softened dick from her pussy and got up to put my pants on. It didn't take long for me to get dressed and put my coat on, but even less time for Jill, who had only to put on her coat.

I backed my suburban out of the garage, and Jill climbed into the passenger side, making sure to spread her coat wide so I had an unobstructed view of her tits and pussy, even though it was dark out. "Want to tease me a bit?" I asked with a smile.

"If I'm going to do it, I might as well have as much fun as I can." She said with a sly grin.

I backed out of the drive and we headed for the adult store. It was only about a fifteen minute drive down the interstate and I knew enough shortcuts that we only had to drive through a little bit of town, stopping at one stop light, which gave her the chance to flash her tits at a couple young college guys in the next car. We pulled into the Lions den and parked next to the building. Jill closed her coat as she climbed out and we walked into the store.

I had to show my id to get in, presumably to prove I wasn't on some list. The guy behind the counter asked Jill for hers an she opened her coat, saying simply, "I don't have any ID on me. No place to keep it." He smiled and let us go on in. Jill led me back to the toys area, putting her arm around me while we walked down the aisle. I figured I might as well have some fun too, so I returned the favor, wrapping my arm around her, but sliding it inside her open coat so that it was pushed back on one side, completely exposing one tit and allowing her naked pussy to flash as the coat swung open each step she took.

"Ohhh god I am getting so horny!" she whispered as we stood at the rack of assorted vibrators.

"What kind do you want to get?" I asked her.

"Personally I have a pretty wide variety, but I think for this party a nice dick shaped one. Why don't you choose?" she suggested while watching one of the guys in the store trying to maneuver for a better look.

I pulled one from the rack that looked about eight inches long and was shaped like a dick. The package indicated that it twisted and extended two inches while it vibrated.

"Ohhhh Hot choice. I have one of those. It really does a good job."

"Ok. You want to get this one then?"

"Hell, I want to use that one right here!" she said huskily. "I need to be fucked so badly right now. I had no idea how turned on I would get doing this."

"Really? I think it's hot in here. Want me to hold your coat?" I said with a grin.

"I'm not interested in getting arrested." She said seriously.

"I doubt anyone is going to complain. How about you take this up and pay for it." I suggested, pulling out forty bucks while she shrugged off her coat. I handed her the vibrator and she walked seductively to the counter, every guy in the place oogling her body. She paid for the vibrator while I waited by the door, turning to blow the guys behind her a kiss before walking over and kissing me sensuously in front of everyone. She dropped the package, and bent over to pick it up, giving them a clear view of her pussy and ass before straightening up and walking out with me.

"Quick... Take off your pants!" she said as soon as we were in the truck. "I absolutely have to have your dick in me right now!" She didn't even give me a chance to answer and she was undoing my belt and zipper. I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but I lifted my ass off the seat to allow her to push my pants down and then she was leaning over the center console, trying to get my shoes off, her ass sticking in the air. I reached over and rubbed her ass and played with her wet pussy with my finger tips.

"Don't tease me... either put them in or let me work!" she practically snapped at me. I was so startled by her demeanor that I pulled my hand back as if I had burned it. She came up with my shoes and pants and tossed them both in the back. "I'm sorry." She said before she leaned her face to mine and kissed me. "I didn't mean to snap at you. I just need you in me so bad right now."

"Well, I'm not sure how this is going to work. I guess I can drive someplace and we can get in the back."

"I don't want to wait that long. Just slide your seat back some."

"Ok." I answered as I reached down and pushed the power seat back some. "I'm not sure this is the best place to be making out."

"Don't worry. What I have in mind won't make us stay here." She said as she turned herself around. Using one hand on the back of my seat and the other on the dashboard she slid her ass over the center console and onto my lap. It took her a few seconds to get settled with my dick sticking up between her legs and then she lifted herself up. "I don't have enough hands." She laughed. "Help me aim you... Please?"

"Sure." I said as I pushed my dick toward her pussy. She wiggled around and then sunk easily down my dick.

"Oh fuck yes!" she cried out as she wiggled her ass around, making my dick move around inside her. "I think we can go now."

"Whatever you say." I said as I put the truck in reverse and backed out of the parking spot. I only had one hand I could use on the wheel, the other trapped behind her, but I got us turned and headed out of the parking lot. Merging onto the highway was a bit interesting, but once I got us going in the right direction I set the cruise at the speed limit and let her do what she wanted. She tried bouncing on me, but it didn't work too well. She wiggled around on my dick and began to frig her clit, crying out with pleasure as she got herself off around my dick. We were most of the way to the exit when her body shook and she came around me, her convulsions and twitches making my steering less than it should be. Finally she leaned into me and just sat there, my dick impaling her, while she caught her breath. "My god I needed that." She panted. "Thank you."

"You're welcome I guess."

"Oh... I'm sorry. That probably wasn't the most fun for you."

"Not the most." I said honestly.

"Maybe I can fix that when we stop." She said as I rolled up the off ramp. As I rolled to a stop she climbed off my lap and back to the passenger seat. Then she moved to her hands and knees and quickly engulfed the head of my dick with her wet lips. I groaned as I turned the corner and did my best to keep to the speed limit while her head bobbed up and down my dick.

"Ohhhh I'm going to cum!" I groaned in warning.

"Mmmmppff" she said, never stopping her bobbing and sucking. I did my best to stay in my lane as my dick erupted into her mouth, shot after shot of hot cum squirting into her. She slurped and sucked every bit of it down. She was still licking and sucking my softening dick when we pulled into the driveway a few minutes later.

"That was an interesting trip." She said with a grin as she pulled off my dick and sat back upright again. "Might have to try that again some time."

"Yep, it was interesting. Watching you flash all those guys really had me hot." I said.

"Me to. It was everything I could do to keep from sticking my fingers into my pussy when I bent over to show off." She said quietly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." I said as she leaned over to kiss me. We kissed long and wet before she finally broke the kiss.

"Sleep well." She said as she got out and pulled her coat on. "Oh, one more thing. The invite said underwear and panties or bra required. Wear something sexy! Pick me up at seven!"

"I don't know where you live!" I called back as she walked toward her car.

"I'll e-mail you. See you tomorrow night!" she said as she blew me a kiss.

I walked into the house and saw her panties still on the tree. I moved them to a more prominent location and then headed off to bed. Tomorrow would be a big day.

At seven on the dot I showed up at Jill's house and knocked. The door was opened by a cute young lady just a tad over five feet tall. Couldn't tell much about her figure under the long sweat shirt, but she clearly had a good sized chest hidden underneath. Her long dark hair framed her cute face and stunning green eyes.

"Hi. I'm here for Jill." I said tentatively.

"Sure! Come on in. I'm Sue, her roommate. She should be ready in a few minutes."

"Hi. Thanks." I said, not quite sure what to say beyond that.

"You must be her date for the party. She's told me all about you." She said with a grin.

"All good I hope." I replied.

"Oh yes... very good." She said clearly checking me out.

"Hi Mike!" Jill said as she walked in. She looked absolutely stunning. She usually wore red, but tonight she wore a white dress that had a turtleneck, which I could see had a zipper down the back as she turned for me. The most interesting part of the dress is that there were no sides, only a front and back. The sides of the dress, from the armpit to her ankles, was a set of small lace bows, set about six inches apart. She clearly had no bra on, and her breasts were outlined clearly in the skin tight material.

"I thought you were supposed to wear a bra?" I asked her as I took in her outfit.

"Ahhh not so. Panties or bra, and these..." she said hiking her dress up to reveal a lace thong that hid absolutely nothing of her pussy, "count!" she grinned.

"That they do!" I said with a whistle.

"How about you. Did you wear something sexy?" she asked.

"Best I had." I answered a bit embarrassed to be asked in front of her room mate.

"Well, let's see them?" Jill coaxed me.

"Ummm Not a good idea." I said as my dick had clearly grown from looking at Jill and my men's bikini underwear were barely containing me.

Jill walked up to me. "You don't have to be bashful in front of Sue. I've told her all about you and I'm sure she's dying to see you."

"Well, she might see a lot more than you want." I whispered.

"All the better." She whispered back as her hands moved to my belt. It took her no time at all to undo my belt and zipper and allow my pants to slide to my ankles. My hard dick was barely containing my hard dick, and it only took a few tickly strokes with her fingers for it to pop over the top, exposing my purple head. She stepped back to allow Sue to have a good look. "I think you should thank him and put him back together." She said to sue.

"My pleasure." Sue said quietly as she knelt in front of me. She kissed the head of my dick and sucked the head into her hot mouth briefly before pulling my pants up and covering me. She stood up after she had my pants and belt fastened and then stood on her tip toes to kiss me. "You can feel me up too if you want." She whispered between kisses.

I slid my hands up her sides, dragging the baggy sweat shirt up with it, working my hands underneath. My hands found nothing but bare skin all the way to her tits, which were indeed large, easily a D full D cup. She sighed gently into my mouth as I squeezed her tits and nipples.

"Promise me that you'll finish this some time." She said as she broke the kiss, practically panting.

I looked over at Jill who just smiled back at me. "I'll see what I can do." I answered quietly.

"good!" she said. "Have a good time at the party!"

"Thank you." I said as I moved to help Jill on with her coat.

As we walked out the front door, Jill said. "You have to forgive her. She would really like to come to one of these, but she just can't bring herself to."

"Does she treat all your dates that way?" I asked as I opened the door to let her into the truck.

"Nope. You're the first date I ever brought home!" she said with a grin.

I closed the door and walked around and climbed in. "Why me?" I asked as I started the truck.

"Simple. Your nice, you actually care about how I feel when we're together, and if you weren't married, I be trying to get you to ask me!" she said with a huge grin. "Now let's go have some fun!"

"Yes maam." I said as I pulled out of the driveway. It took us a little while to reach the house. Like the last place it was well off the beaten track, well back into the woods. Unlike the last place, this place was huge. The house looked to be all of two stories but it was larger than three of my houses put together. "Wow." I said.

"This is Joan and Cliff's place. If you think this is great, wait till you get inside. It's three stories, including the rec room, with a covered pool, hot tubs and all kinds of room."

"Like I said. Wow!" I said as I parked and walked around to help her out. We walked arm in arm toward the house.

"I think I should warn you. This is a little different than the last party. New years is fun and games, but at the end of the night you go home with your date. I hope that isn't a problem."

"Let's see... Go home with you? A problem? Hell no." I said giving her a big grin.

"Good." She said leaning her head on my shoulder as we walked. I had really hoped you would like to sleep with just me tonight." She said as we arrived at the door. She rang the bell and the door was quickly opened by a gorgeous woman that was wearing a cream colored dress. The material was quite shimmery, reflecting the light from inside the house, but yet, not. As she greeted us I got brief flashes of her nicely shaped breasts, obviously firm stomach and thin waist encased in the skin tight dress as it periodically became translucent when the light hit it just right. The effect added to how stunning she looked, with her long black hair cascading down her shoulders, and her perfectly shaped face and olive skin. There was clearly an oriental branch to her family tree. I couldn't tell if she was twenty or forty, but it didn't matter to my quickly hardening dick.

"Glad you could join us. You can put your coats in the first room on the right and then the rest of the guests are in the ballroom. You can put your package on the table in the ballroom." She said with a smile, before hugging Jill tightly. She turned to me and hugged me tightly as well, pressing her firm tits into my chest. "Like what you see?" she whispered. "Maybe later you'll get to see more."

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