tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Year's New Beginnings

New Year's New Beginnings


It was New Year's Eve, a time for new beginnings, a time for a fresh start, a time to cleanse one's soul and start fresh, a time for a certain girl to face her worst nightmare: herself.

We are at his house. His parents are at a New Year's Eve party in Pueblo, and mine are at a party in the Springs. He and I are asleep late in the afternoon in his bed, I am his teddy bear and he has his arm protectively around me, my body against his. I wake with the sun setting, the last golden rays shining on my face. I squirm slightly, and realize his hands are down further than I thought. I become aroused, turn over, so that his hands are on my ass, and I nuzzle his neck, planting light kisses there. He smiles in his sleep, and squeezes my ass; I give a small involuntary squeak. His eyes fly open, and he looks down at me, his eyes searching mine for any sign of pain...no, not pain, pain is good. He searches for the hurt. The difference being that pain is pleasure, hurt was different, hurt was not physical, and it was heartbreaking. Not exactly emotional abuse, but, well, there's really no way to describe it except maybe to say that, it's kind of like being offended.

I smile and kiss him on the lips. Then, I take his hand and guide it into my underwear, so that he knows of my provocation. He feels how wet I am and smiles, rubbing me gently. I moan with pleasure. He gives me what I call his "sexy smile" as he lifts the corners of his mouth in a smile. He shakes his head and makes a "tsk" noise. "Aren't we naughty?" he says in a low sexy voice,"Only naughty little girls wet themselves in bed..."

I could feel the shivers cascading down my spine as I replied, "I think maybe I deserve a—"I stopped, trying to hint to him. He knew what I wanted, but he wanted to hear me say it.

"You think maybe you deserve a, what babe? I can't give you what you don't ask me for..."

I blushed furiously, "I think I deserve a spanking," I said quietly.

"That's right babe, because naughty girls get spankings," he said. He slowly rose, walked over to his chair and gestured to me. I slowly got out of bed and, shuffling my feet like a naughty little girl, went to him. He slowly unzipped my jeans, and slowly lowered them to my ankles. He paused for a moment, leaned back in his chair, and stroked his chin thoughtfully. I waited patiently. "Hmmm...let's get rid of those dirty panties too," he said. I blushed again as he made me step out of my jeans, and proceeded to take off my underwear.

I closed my eyes; thank goodness the blinds are closed, I thought. When I opened them again he was smiling. I positioned myself over his lap and shivered slightly. He placed that reassuring hand on my back, same as always, before he began. I was crying softly after about six firm smacks. He let me up after he had given me a dozen. I curled up in his lap, laying my head on his chest. He whispered soft comforts that I had been a good girl for receiving my spanking well. I was quite happy. We sat there for about fifteen minutes, he stroked my hair and I my soft sobs became small hiccups. He stood me up and rose himself, saying that he was in need of a shower. I smiled and nodded, saying that I needed to change clothes anyway. As he went into the bathroom, my cell phone rang.

I quickly answered it, it was my friend Kiersten. "Hey, want to come over for our New Year's party? We got drinks!" She said "drinks" in a way that suggested they had more than just sparkling cider. I glanced nervously at the bathroom door. I heard the shower start.

"I don't know KP, my boyfriend doesn't like me drinking," I said uneasily.

"Hey, he doesn't have to know about everything you do, does he?" she replied.

"Well..." I said uncertainly.

"Party starts in a little bit so if you're coming, you'd better come soon before it's over." By that I assumed she meant before all the booze was gone.

"Okay, I'll be over in a bit," I replied. I hung up, the shower was still running and I was suddenly glad that he took such long showers. I quickly got dressed and quietly snuck out, leaving him a note saying that I forgot to tell my sister where I was spending New Year's and that I would be back later.

Half an hour later, I was in the basement of K.P's house, trashed. Everyone always told me that I was a funny drunk, but that I could be annoying sometimes. I was laughing at every little thing that was being said and having a good time, when my cell phone rang. It was my boyfriend, but I was too wasted to realize that answering would not be a good idea. I answered on the second ring. "Hellos?" I slurred. He could tell at once that something wasn't right.

"Babe?" he said, a little confused, "where are you? I called your house and your sister said she hadn't seen you since this morning..." I had a laughing fit at this statement, and he grew silent, knowing what was up with me. I had only been drunk once around him, and he had told me that if I ever got drunk underage again, he would severely punish me. The spankings he gave me were not harsh, unless I had disobeyed him. Spankings were different from being punished. Punishment hurt. Punishment was not supposed to be pleasant in any way, and he made sure that it wasn't. "Where are you?" his tone grew cold. I laughed again.

"I'm at K.P.'s house baby," I said, giggling furiously. Without another word he hung up. Frowning, I looked at the phone, as though I had lost reception. Then Kiersten called to me, giving me another wine cooler. Laughing again, I took it and guzzled it down. Fifteen minutes later, I heard a knock at the front door.

Kiersten walked upstairs and answered it. "Where is she?" I heard him growl. I laughed again, and Kiersten led him downstairs to me. She knew that he wouldn't snitch on them about the alcohol, but she also knew that I was too drunk to hide it. He strode over to me, his eyes glinting dangerously. "What do you think you're doing?" he asked in a low tone, a tone that should have told me how displeased he was with me.

"I think I'm having a good time!" I said, smiling. He grabbed my arm.

"I think you need to come with me," he rumbled. I pulled back, and he slapped me. I was stunned, and the room grew silent. I knew he was mad at me now, and I rose slowly, trembling.

"Well, I guess I will talk to you all later," I said quietly, looking around the room. Everyone just nodded, too shocked to speak. He drove me back to his house in the car his parents gave him for Christmas, he didn't say a word the entire time and I could feel the tears burning in my eyes. I stared out of my window. When we pulled into the driveway, he told me to remain in the car. I trembled as he came around to my side and opened my door. Taking my hand, he led me into the house.

"Do you remember what I said would happen the next time you got drunk?" his voice was dangerously quiet. I trembled and nodded. He sighed. "Go upstairs to my room and undress, completely," he added. I started to protest but he raised his hand, and I was silenced. "Stand in the corner opposite of the door and wait for me," he said after a moment. I was taken aback. He knew that I HATED standing in the corner, especially naked. His tone left no room for argument however, and I slowly climbed up the stairs, my head down, defeated.

I made my way to his room, trembling. I was still very drunk, but when he slapped me I grew sensible enough to do as I was told. I slowly undressed and looked at the corner he had referred to; it looked very cold and uninviting. I sat on the bed instead. When I heard his footsteps I began to quiver and stood up, and just as I was reconsidering disobeying him, he was in the doorway. He looked at me, and I winced as he arched an eyebrow. "Did I not instruct you to stand in that corner?" he asked, pointing to the corner.

My eyes filled with tears as I nodded. He sighed. "This is NOT going to be a fun New Year for you my dear," he said softly. "Now, I wasn't going to make you do this, even though I am furious at the prospect that you got drunk when I specifically warned you of the consequences, but since you disobeyed me yet again..." He strode over to the bed, took the two pillows from the head, and laid them in the middle of the bed. My eyes grew wide, I did not like where this was going. He walked into the bathroom, and came out with the full length mirror he kept behind the door. He carried it over to the wall and rested it there.

He turned to me and said, "Over the pillows, NOW," he added when he saw me hesitate. I flinched and laid over the pillows, my ass arched. "Good girl," he said gently. I realized that I was staring at my naked body in the mirror and looked down at the bedspread quickly, putting my hands under my chin, trembling anxiously. I heard a clinking sound and I gave a small jerk as I turned my head. He was slowly taking off his belt. Oh WHY had I not noticed he was wearing one?! 'Because you were drunk, dumb ass!' I shouted at myself in my head. He looped the belt and paused, looking thoughtful again.

"Oh, I almost forgot," he said softly, walking calmly over to the dresser and opening the top drawer, producing wrist and ankle restraints. "Should you try to struggle, I will use these," he said coolly. I cringed, knowing that he would love to be able to use them. He put them on the bedside table directly in my line of vision. He positioned him self behind me, and I started shaking. I could not see him, because that would mean looking into the mirror and seeing my naked body as well, so I was unprepared as he landed the first blow with a loud THWACK!

I cried out and bucked. I began crying and, after about the third or fourth hit, begging him to stop, telling him that I was extremely sorry and that it would never happen again. He brought it down again and I bucked again, this time shielding my backside with my hands. He brought the belt down on my hands, and I quickly withdrew them. He kept it up, and after about the sixth stroke, I rolled out of the way, rubbing my ass and bawling. He never gave me more than six strokes with the belt, but without saying one word, he took the restraints off of the table. My vision was blurred by tears and backside he tied my hands behind my back and secured my feet.

Now, I was truly scared. I tried pleading with him, telling him that I was truly sorry, that I had made a mistake...CRACK! The belt continued it's assault. I jerked again and cried quietly. Looking up into the mirror, I knew now that I had lost him for the time being. He was not himself anymore...I was turning on his sadistic desires for quivering flesh and the sweet smell of fear and panic, as well as the horrified screams of suffering; I could see it all in his eyes, those eyes that once held warmth, love and security, now cold, and black, like a predator who has caught it's prey...

So I grew silent, letting him have his way with me until I was bruised, blistered, and bleeding. He was on the 100th stroke when I whispered our safe word. "Fidem..."I said, almost inaudibly, my throat sore and my voice hoarse.

He froze in mid-stroke. I looked up at the mirror and saw his eyes change. They grew honey colored and warm again. He blinked; I could tell that he didn't know where he was, or what had just happened. He looked down at me and his eyes grew wide as he saw my scarred backside.

"Oh my God!" He drops the belt and unties me. I allow myself to cry in his arms as he holds me, crying with me. "Babe, I am SO SORRY! Are you okay?!" I nod, but I do not make eye contact. He notices this and lifts my face to his, my eyes briefly connecting with his before I try to look away; but it was too late, and he saw the Hurt in my eyes. "Baby, look at me," his stern voice makes me wince as I look up at him again.

My eyes blur with tears. "It's okay baby, I'm me again, I'm not going to hurt you if you cry," he says gently, resting my head on his chest, stroking my hair, and resting his chin on my hair. I let it out in one big racking sob, gasping for breath; I cry so hard my entire body shudders violently. I put a hand on his chest for a moment, before wrapping my arms around his torso.

"M-m-my a-ass h-hurts," I sob, "I'm sorry I was being a bad girl and I wanna be y-your good little girl f-from n-now on!"

"Oh baby," he croaks, choking back his tears, "I love my naughty little girl, but sweetie, you've got to learn the difference between naughty and bad, you know that being a bad little girl is dangerous when it comes to your health, especially around me...I get very dominant and protective around you...too much so upon occasion..."

I look up at him, my eyes a sappy brown from the tears, "I made you do that to me, I deserved it, I am a bad person who deserves to be punished..." he put a finger to my lips and I grew silent. He was slightly angry with me for this statement, but I could see it in his eyes that he was angrier with himself for his role in this self-destruction of my being.

"No babe, don't do that, you know that you are not a bad person," he said, "as a matter of fact, I want you to tell me three good things about you while I clean you up, okay?" I nodded, and he began gingerly placing me back on the pillows, saying that he need to get a few things from the bathroom; but as I touched the pillows I started hyper-ventilating, my mind convinced that I was going to be punished again. He quickly sat back on the bed with me, gently rubbing my back, telling me to breathe, and to calm down.

I continued to breathe erratically. He rose, turned on the fan so that it blew on me and turned on the stereo, playing the soothing sounds of a rainy day. He walked back to me and continued to massage my back tenderly, whispering soft assurances that he was not going to hurt me. Finally, he started crying, his tears fell upon my back and I began to breathe normally again. He picked me up and held me close, continuing to cry. I had never seen nor heard him cry before.

Not that I thought he was incapable of the emotions of sadness or regret, but he had never shown emotion in the form of tears. I wrapped my arms around his neck again and this time I was the one whispering soft apologies. He made me rise. It was then that I noticed the sun had gone down and it was night. He slowly led me into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth and a bowl. He filled the bowl with cold water and dipped the washcloth in it. He slowly turned to me, biting his bottom lip uncertainly. "You know this will sting considerably, right?" he asked softly.

"Yes," I whispered, too afraid to look at my ass, "but it will also help to clean me up, so lets go ahead and be done with it, okay?" He nodded and I turned around.

He held my hand while he used his other hand to gently dab at the wounds. I hear him sigh with relief."These aren't as bad as I thought," he said.

"Well they feel worse than they look," I said, grinding my teeth against the pain. He nodded, and finished cleaning them off. "Forgive me, my love, I should have been more careful about controlling my anger..."

"Well, I've learned my lesson, and that's what you wanted, so...let's not do this again anytime soon?"

"Agreed!" he replied, smiling a little now, and as we walked downstairs into the living room, he turned on the T.V., just in time for us to watch the ball drop in New York City's Time Square. We embraced in a passionate kiss, welcoming the new year, and a new start.

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