tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions


It is that time of year where one considers the past year and the year ahead. Did the year go as planned? Where there missed opportunities? Would I change anything or do anything differently? What a good time for reflection and contemplation on how to improve the year ahead. It is traditionally a time to make resolutions on how the year ahead will be approached. The best way to assure that resolutions are followed is to share them. Here are some resolutions that I have for the year ahead:

1. I resolve to go back to keeping up the pool in my backyard. The pool has a perfect second step, as you know, where I like to have you stand in the moonlight, completely naked. Then I can stand in the pool, lean forward and slide your cock into my nice wet mouth. In the evening breeze, I enjoy looking up and seeing the look of pure pleasure on your face as I lick all around your nice hard cock head and stroke you from your balls up to my talented mouth. The fact that I don't have a privacy fence and a neighbor just MIGHT be watching only adds to the intensity of what we are doing.

2. I resolve to learn to enjoy cock sucking even more so. This one is on my list only because we both know that there is nothing I enjoy more. If I choose to concentrate on it in the year ahead, though, that only means that I plan to continue to please you with my talented mouth in the year ahead. I enjoy the feel of your cock throbbing in my mouth just before you cum right down my throat. When I suck your cock, my pussy gets wet and swollen without even being touched. Not sure how in the world I can enjoy it even more, but this is MY resolution list, so I will figure it out. I suggest you merely enjoy the fruits of my list.

3. I resolve to find a woman that will be as open minded as I am to share with you. I want to watch you lick another wet pussy and to see the look on your face as she slides your cock in and out of her mouth. I want to lie beneath the two of you as your cock slides into her swollen pussy and massage your balls. Positioning my body so you can see how wet and swollen my pink pussy gets just by merely watching you both enjoy one another. I have enjoyed some of this and really enjoyed it. I want to find the woman that can go to a whole new level with us.

4. I resolve to learn to lick pussy and not just like most people do, but just the way you do. The only way I can learn to do it the way you do is to have you teach me. I would like to take that woman, the one I met to fulfill number three above, and lay her on her back with her legs spread. I will lie next to you on the bed between her legs and watch very closely as you lick her nice wet pussy. I then want you to stay right there, pull back and let me try it also. As I blow on her pussy, the way you do to me and as I feel her pussy throb right against my tongue. When I get it right, I want lean over and kiss you deeply with the taste of her wet pussy on my mouth. This woman is going to be a lucky one, isn't she?

5. I resolve to pay attention to detail even more so. I have come so far in noticing details; a woman in the store with hard nipples, a woman in our favorite bar watching you intently as I rub your cock, the way you finger fuck me with the same intensity as I am stroking you with my mouth, tiny details in X rated movies that I know will turn you on, watching you as you read a story I have written and seeing your cock harden as you read on. I have passed up some opportunities in the past year due to my lack of detail orientation. The way that Carmen wanted to be pushed that night into having you lick her pussy, comments made my women that I didn't take as hints which may have led them to being that other open minded woman I want to find, not realizing you are watching me in the window as you tell me on the phone to touch myself for you and putting on an even better show. Details are part of my resolution that I know will bring pleasure to us both.

Now, after putting my resolutions down on paper and knowing that I will post it for you to find makes me very wet. Knowing that others will read this and wonder if it is true or fantasy and yet hope that they may find a woman with a similar list of resolutions makes me want to work on some of these resolutions at this very moment.

I plan to post this for approval and then go to the shower. You know the one where the shower head that I purchased just so I can use it to tease my pussy is located. I plan to turn the water on and put the water on a steady stream so I can remove the head from the holder. I can then lean against the wall and spread my legs use my left hand to spread my pussy exposing my nice pink swollen clit. Directing the water at my clit will vibrate it and send waves of pleasure though my body. If I close my eyes, I will picture you watching me from the other side of the shower door and your reaction to seeing my clit respond to the stream of water.

I will see your cock harden as you start to slide it in your hand. I can just barely see you in the crack that I have left open for you to peek in on me through. That picture in my head will push me to the edge and my entire body will be taken by orgasm. I will feel it from my head to my toes and every place in between just by thinking about you stroking for me for me to watch.

Not bad for attention to detail but I will keep working on it. Off to the shower I go….

C K & L

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