tagGay MaleNew York Agent Ch. 02

New York Agent Ch. 02


Sorry you had to wait so long for the next installment. Life kinda gets in the way sometimes. I'll try to keep 'em coming more regular. Also I need to warn you: if you're looking for a quick jerk of session, you ain't finding it here. I write romantic stuff, yeah I know, sappy shit, but I write what I feel and I feel that two guys that don't know each other shouldn't jump in the sack at the first possible moment (even though people do that), but hey this is my story so weeeeeeh!

Now for the legal stuff, if you're not allowed to read this stuff, please don't. Oh and by the way, my stuff is copyrighted, so don't even think about it.

To everyone that has read my stories thank you very much. Hope you enjoy the next chapter. Thanks to everyone that votes. Keep it up!

Chapter 2

The drive home took longer than Reilly expected. When they pulled up to Jake's house Reilly was surprised to actually find a house instead of an apartment.

"You live in a house?"

"Yeah." Jake laughed at the surprised expression on Reilly's face.

Jake let Reilly inside and quickly showed Reilly the layout downstairs and then led him upstairs to show him to the guestroom.

"I can put your things through the wash. We can go get the rest of your stuff later if you want." Jake offered.

"Thanks that will be great, but what I really want right now is a bath. I need to get this hospital smell off me." Reilly said.

"Sure, no problem, there's a bathroom through there." Jake pointed to a door on the right and left Reilly to his bath. Two minutes later he was back wanting to ask Reilly if he wanted something to eat.

"Rei . . . Shit, sorry . . . I just wanted to . . ." Jake stammered.

"It's ok, Jake, relax. You act like you've never seen a half naked man before."

"I haven't." Was his reply.

Reilly suck in a breath at Jake admission. 'What is he saying?' The answer Reilly came up with and the truth were two very different things. Reilly moved closer to Jake. Jake couldn't take his eyes of him.

"You're . . . "Jake stopped himself from saying gorgeous and instead said.

" . . . completely healed." Jake said as he reached out a hand and trailed his finger tips over Reilly scarred chest. Jake saw Reilly's stomach muscles clench and heard Reilly suck in a breath.

"Jake." Reilly groaned. "Don't distract me and don't change the subject."

"What subject?" Jake feigned ignorance, never removing his fingers from Reilly's flat toned stomach.

"You're a virgin." It wasn't a question.

"Is it a problem?" Jake was suddenly nervous to hear Reilly's answer. Hoping he didn't screw this relationship up before it even started.

"No. I'm a virgin to, sort of." Reilly reached up and cupped Jake's cheek in his hand. Jake pressed his cheek against Reilly's palm, loving the closeness and Reilly's touch.

"How can you sort of be a virgin, you either are or you're not." Jake asked confused.

"I'll explain later." Remembering Jake's innocence earlier at the hospital Reilly whispered.



"Please, kiss me again." Reilly whispered.

An instant later Jake was leaning towards Reilly with his lips pressed against Reilly's mouth. Reilly closed the gap and pressed his body against Jake's hating the fact that Jake was still wearing jeans and a T-shirt and he was in boxers. He wanted to feel Jake's skin against him. He wanted Jake. Period.

The kiss was hesitant at first, but when Jake felt Reilly's hands snake around his waist, he let out his pent up breath and decided it was a good a time as any to take the kiss to the next level. Jake pulled away slightly and when their lips were a breath apart, Jake licked his lips, running his tongue against Reilly's lips simultaneously.

Reilly heard the moan, but didn't realize it came from him until Jake licked his own lips again. That's when he heard it again and realized it came from his mouth. He could taste Jake in that lick. He opened his eyes and could see Jake watching him. Reilly let out a breath.

"You're killing me."

"I'm killing myself too." Jake shivered visibly at the words. Jake suddenly took a step back from Reilly. Reaching out he took Reilly's hand and led him out the door and down the hall to his own bedroom.

"Jake . . . " Reilly stopped just inside the door and took in Jake's room. The darkest red paint he'd ever seen covered the walls. A thick black carpet covered the floor from wall to wall. The center of attraction was Jake's huge bed. Standing elevated from the floor by about a foot and a half the bed looked soft and inviting. The room itself was also huge. Big floor to ceiling windows covered one wall to the bed's right, with a view of the city in the distance.

In front of the windows was a massive chair covered in what must be very soft material because it looked inviting. What surprised Reilly the most was that there were no closets or other furniture in the room. Just the bed and the chair. The rest of the room was bare.

Jake saw the confusion on Reilly's face and walked to the wall opposite the windows. He pressed a palm to the wall and the spring-loaded door sprung open.

"Bathroom and closet is through here." Jake stepped through the door and Reilly just stood at the door.

Reilly was contemplating curling up on the bed like kitten when he heard Jake's voice.

"Rei, come back here a minute will you." Reilly made is way through the door and down a short passage and stepped into Jake's master bath.

Everything was black. The tiles, bath counters. Even the wall tiles. The only escape from the black was the chromed fixtures and the glass encasing the shower. This was big enough to fit four people with room to spare.

Reilly saw the tub was filled with steaming water. Jake had his back to him and saw him putting away something in a drawer that looked like a remote.

Suddenly music filled the air in the bathroom. Creed. His favorite band.

Just when fear blinded me you taught me to dream . . . I'll give you everything I am and still fall short of . . . What you've done for me . . . In this life that I live . . . I hope I can give love unselfishly . . . I've learned the world is bigger than me . . . You're my daily dose of reality

"How did you know?" Reilly wanted to know.

"Know what?" Jake asked.

"That this is my favorite song."

"I didn't. It's my favorite." Jake replied.

Reilly just grinned. Taking a step towards Jake. Jake suddenly changed the subject.

"You said you wanted a bath right? Well here you go." Jake said indicating the filled tub.

Reilly looked from the tub to Jake and quickly made is decision. Hooking his thumbs into his underwear he slowly pealed his boxers from his body. Reilly notice the faint tinge of red on Jake's cheekbones. He also noticed the appreciated looks Jake darted at his cock.

Stepping out of his underwear he stepped into the tub. When Jake made to leave Reilly quickly spoke to avoid Jake leaving and to get a look at Jake's body. "Join me."

Jake came to an abrupt halt two feet from the bathroom door. Reilly didn't look back but he heard the rustle of clothing being removed. After a long few minutes he heard Jake's voice.

"Make room." Reilly scooted forward in the warm water. He immediately felt Jake's presence and a few seconds later he felt Jake's legs slip past his hips and along his own. His legs on either side of his body.

Reilly was sitting straight up in the water. He felt Jake hand on his shoulder pulling him back. Reilly let out the breath he was unaware of holding when his back came into contact with Jake's hard muscled chest.

Reilly didn't know where the sponge in Jake's hand came from but he purred like a kitten when Jake squeezed the accumulated water over his chest.

"You like that, don't you?" he asked Reilly.

"You betcha. I should've requested you for bath detail in hospital." Reilly joked.

Jake sucked in a breath. He hated thinking of Reilly in hospital. When Jake didn't say anything for a few minutes, Reilly lifted himself from the comfortable place in Jake's arms and turned as much as he could to face Jake.

"What up?" he asked.

"Nothing." Was Jake's reply.

"Don't give me that shit. What's wrong? Every time I mention the word 'hospital' you tense up and shut up. What's going on?"

"I just don't like the word OK. I hate think that you were there and why you where there. I hate the whole situation. I hate that, those sick fucks have my sister." Jake stopped when he felt tears in his eyes.


"Don't be. You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm the one who should be sorry. I keep bringing it up. Look Jake, I know this isn't the best place for this. What do you say we get out of his tub and talk for a bit?"

Jake didn't even answer; he just stood and stepped out of the tub. Grabbed a towel and headed for the door. Reilly sighed at his retreating back and quickly finished his bath, hating the fact that he wasn't able to stop for a moment and enjoy it. The one thing he missed before this whole mess started.

Stepping out of the bath he saw a robe hanging off a hook next to the door. Hoping Jake wouldn't mind he quickly dried himself. Let the water out of the tub. He walked to the drawer where he saw Jake stash the remote but before he could stop the music he listened to the words of the song that was playing at the moment and he stopped to listen.

At times life is wicked and I just can't see the light . . . A silver lining sometimes isn't enough to make some wrongs seem right . . . Whatever life brings . . . I've been through everything and now I'm on my knees again . . . But I know I must go on . . . Although I hurt I must be strong . . . Because inside I know that many feel this way . . .

Clicking the CD player off before the song can continue playing. Reilly pulled the robe closed around him and walked towards the bedroom.

"Ain't that the truth."

"Ain't what the truth?" Jake asked from the bed.

"I was listening to Don't Stop Dancing in the bathroom." Reilly said as an explanation. Jake just smiled as he recalled the words.

"I get the words but why is it the truth?" Jake wanted to know.

"It kills me to see you like this and I know I have to be strong for you but I feel like I want to crawl up in to a little ball and cry for a week." Reilly looked away.

"How pathetic am I?" His question didn't quite sound like a question.

"Rei . . . c'mere." Jake stretched his hand out to Reilly.

Reilly walked the distance from the walk in closet to the bed where Jake was sitting. He took Jake's hand in both of his but instead of sitting down next to Jake he kneeled between his thighs and looked up at Jake with sad eyes.

"Don't look like that Reilly. I'm fine really, I just miss Jos." Jake smiled at Reilly.

"Tell me what I can do to make it better. Please." Reilly nearly begged.

"Hold me?" Jake asked.

Reilly wrapped his arms around Jake and laid his head against Jake shoulder. Thinking about how he would feel if he lost Emy. 'Christ, I'd die.' Reilly hugged Jake a little harder.

"I'm sorry." He whispered against Jake's chest. Tears threatening against his eyelids. He lifted his head and looked at Jake.

"I'm sorry." He repeated.

"Not your fault." Jake said close to tears.

Reilly leaned forward and pressed his lips to Jake's. Uncertain of how Jake would respond he made the kiss short and chaste. Jake hooked his hand behind Reilly's head and pulled him back when he pulled away and kissed him back.

"Please," Jake whispered against Reilly's lips. "I need you."

Reilly looked up at Jake, "Are you sure."

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life. Make me forget." Jake replied.

Reilly didn't say anything, just looked into his eyes and reached for hemmed elastic of his boxers. With a look Jake lifted his hips off the bed and Reilly slipped Jake's underwear off his body.

Reilly sucked in a breath when he saw Jake, not really having had a good look at him in the bathroom, Reilly felt an intense rush at Jake's beauty and the fact that he will soon be have part of Jake inside him.

"What are you looking at?" Jake wanted to know.

"You . . . you're beautiful." Reilly smiled at Jake's blush. "It's true." Reilly emphasized his point by a soft kiss against Jake's chest where his heart was beating beneath his skin. Reilly felt and heard Jake's heart pound.

"I don't want you to be uncomfortable at any time, so tell me to stop when you want ok?" Reilly looked into Jake's eyes as he said the words so he could know that he meant them.

"Thanks, but I won't ask you to stop, I've wanted this . . . you for so long, I can't remember ever wanting everything this badly." Reilly groaned as the words poured from Jake.

Wanting nothing more than to take Jake in his arms and make love to him knew he wouldn't be able to handle the rejection of another person he loved and decided to let Jake do to him what he wanted.

"Jake, I'm here. We'll go as fast or as slow as you want." Reilly leaned up and placed soft butterfly kisses along Jake's jaw. Reilly thought he'd never feel anything so sexy as Jake's five o'clock shadow against his lips. Opening his mouth slightly Reilly allowed his tongue to run the length of Jake's jaw.

As much as Jake loved Reilly lips on his cheek he wanted to feel them against his own. Turning his head slightly, he leaned froward and pressed his lips gently against Reilly's. His hand reached back and tangled in Reilly's soft, slightly long blonde hair. Reilly groaned against Jake's lips and Jake took that as a sign that he was doing something right. Opening his mouth he let is tongue dart out and flick across Reilly's.

Reilly immediately opened his mouth and let Jake inside. Hot electricity crackled between them as their tongues pushed against one another. Their lips meshed and clung. Only one word could describe their kiss. Hot.

Reilly lost himself in Jake, when he came up for air he realized that he was lying next to Jake on the bed with no recollection of how the hell he got there.

Jake caressed his hands down the smooth expanse of Reilly's back. Feeling muscles ripple as he went along, Jake couldn't help wanting to know what those muscles would feel like under his lips.

"I want to kiss you all over." Jake breathed rather than said the words again Reilly's neck.

"I'm not gonna stop you or complain." Was Reilly's reply. Jake rolled Reilly over until he was lying with his body flush against Reilly's. Chest to chest. Stomach to stomach. Legs entangled, and velvety hardness rubbing against each other through Jake's underwear. Suddenly Reilly looked up in surprise.

"What happened to the robe I was wearing." Reilly saw the smile spread across Jake's face. Then he heard the giggle, then the full-blown laughter as he felt Jake's chest rumble against his own.

"What's so funny?" Reilly was hurt that Jake could laugh at him at a time like this. It brought back ugly memories.

"The look on your face is priceless." Jake couldn't control his laughter and with an almighty push Reilly shoved Jake from him. Jake unable to control himself in time, tumbled a little to far and took a three-foot flight to the floor.

"Oh God, Jake are you OK?" Reilly jumped up and rushed around the bed to where Jake fell but what he saw stopped him in his tracks.

Jake was still laughing his ass off.

"Maybe you should share the joke." Reilly said impatiently. Jake suddenly sobered when he heard Reilly's tone.

"I don't appreciate being laughed at." Reilly said, ugly feelings rushing from his past. He reached down and grabbing up the previously discarded robe and fled from Jake's bedroom. Jake stared after him and could help saying out loud.

"What the fuck?"

To be continued . . .

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