New York Weekend


(See My Story "In The Park" to get to know Jen and Linda)

Chapter 1

Jen and I had decided to spend the weekend in the city. It was about 10:30 a.m. on a beautiful cool sunny spring morning in New York City (which is to say perfection). We had just come from the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park, and a viewing of The Dakota. I was only a child when John Lennon was murdered, but I miss him dearly.

We were walking down Columbus Ave. at 67th Street. The studio where Kelly and Michael is filmed is right across the street. The city was bustling with real New Yorkers (not tourists like us), and we were mesmerized. The fruit sellers had their wares spread out as so much treasure, half the pedestrians were carrying Starbucks cups, the pace was frenetic, and we couldn't get enough of it.

Jen and I were both dressed in tight jeans, high heels, and form fitting jackets. We were turning heads, and we knew it. What a rush!!

I noticed him first. About 50 feet in front of us, my heartthrob of all heartthrobs was walking toward us: Tom Selleck!!

"Jen, do you see what I see?"

"Linda, I'm on it. My panties are already wet, and he's not even here yet."

"Jen, this is a once in a lifetime chance, and we can't blow it. We don't have time for strategy, let's just make sure we stop him, and DON'T gush all over him. Celebrities hate that."

"You got it, kiddo. Let's roll."

Tom was also dressed in tight jeans. What a hot piece of ass!! (in the generic sense, since I couldn't actually see his ass since he was walking toward us. But you probably already figured that out). He had on a black t-shirt and sport jacket. Very 80's. Very Miami Vice. VERY SEXY.

As we approached Tom, he seemed to notice us. We walked right up to him.

"Tom Selleck?" I said, looking directly into his eyes.

He looked back and said "In the flesh".

Whoa. This was already headed in the right direction.

Jen said "We're really big fans of yours, and we're so thrilled to meet you" (shit, that was a gush).

"I could tell" he said. Hmm, flirting already.

"And how could you tell, Mr. Selleck?" I asked.

"Well," he said, "it was the puppy dog look on both of your faces. All that's missing is your tongues hanging out wagging."

A moment of hesitation, and Jen said "That's because our tongues are not for public display. They are talented, and we don't want to risk injury by letting them hang out."

I was SO proud of Jen at that moment.

Tom laughed and said, "I was just heading for the nearest Starbucks. Would you ladies like to have coffee with me?"

I said "Say please."

"Please", he said, and stuck out HIS tongue.

We laughed, each of us grabbed an arm, and we were off to, well, "have coffee."

All heads turned as we entered Starbucks, but most people are too intimidated to approach a famous celebrity, and New Yorkers are a pretty blazé lot anyway, so they went back to their lattés. We grabbed the last table in the corner, we gave our requests to Tom, and he went up to stand in line.

I whispered to Jen "OK, tell me we didn't just die, arrive in heaven, and we were strolling down Heaven's thoroughfare on the arm of God."

Jen said "I'm not positive, but I have to agree I'm not sure if I'm actually alive. Let me pinch myself...............OUCH. Yep, I'm here, so he must be God."

I laughed. "Now what?"

"Well," said Jen, "let's play it out. Our hotel room is nearby. I suspect his is too. You know what I'm thinking. If he's thinking the same thing, well, we might actually BE in Heaven this afternoon."

Tom returned to the table with 3 grandé Espresso Macchiato's, and some pastry. We sipped, munched, and chatted. I couldn't believe how easy conversation was with this most perfect of men. Neither Jen nor I were the least bit intimidated.

After 20 minutes of small talk about New York and sports, I said, "Well, Tom, this has been delightful. We've only got another day in New York. Do you have suggestions for what 2 little lost lambs could do with our remaining time?"

I gave him my very best suggestive look. He looked back, and apparently got the message.

"Well, ladies, I have a terrific map of New York, with all the best tourist sites, in my hotel room, if you'd like to take a look at it."

Pause. Who should answer? I figured it was Jen's turn.

Jen said "Well, Tom, since we are lost, a map could be the perfect way to satisfy our needs. So let's see that map of yours."

Great answer, Jen. You go, girl.

"OK," said Tom, "Let's do it."

Chapter 2

Tom's hotel was just a few blocks north. Very fancy. The doorman nodded to Tom, and opened the door for the 3 of us. I knew what he was thinking, and that he was jealous as hell. HAHA.

Tom escorted us to the elevator, and from there to the 22nd floor, the penthouse floor. Insert key, open door, walk in, be blown away by luxury. It was a 2 bedroom suite with magnificent sunken living area, multiple big screen televisions, a balcony with a spectacular view of Manhattan, and a wet bar.

"Ladies, this is my humble abode while I am here in New York filming. I hope it meets with your approval".

"Oh," I said, "It does indeed".

"It's hot in here," he said. "Would you care to take off your jackets and get more comfortable?"

We both removed our jackets, and underneath we were both wearing snug fitting blouses, Jen's in beige, mine in white, and neither of us was wearing a bra. Our nipples were clearly visible against the gauzy material. Tom was trying not to look, but he was failing dismally. He removed his own jacket.

"I realize it's early, but may I fix you each a drink?"

He made us each a Manhattan (how appropriate) and he drank Glenmorangie on the rocks. Jen and I sat on the couch, and Tom sat on a plush chair opposite us.

"I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. Let's order room service, and while we're waiting, we can look at that map."

We studied the menu briefly, and Tom called down our order.

"Now about that map. I have a terrible confession to make. I don't have a map. It was a ruse to get you to come up to my hotel room."

He smiled impishly.

Jen said "That's all right, Tom, because we have to confess that we're not really lost."

And Jen smiled impishly. And then the 3 imps, us, started to laugh.

We made small talk for a bit, and got a little tipsy.

Then Jen stood up and said, "You know, it's really IS hot in here."

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and removed it, revealing her prodigious and sensational breasts. Tom's eyes would have bugged out if he wasn't so cool. Jen then sat back down.

I said "Tom, I must apologize for Jen's eccentric behavior. She was raised by wolves."

He did a laugh-out-loud that made us both VERY hot for him.

"And you" he said, looking at me, "how were you raised?"

"Red foxes."

And then I got up and facing him directly, undid my blouse one button at a time, and removed it, revealing my breasts, which while not as spectacular as Jen's, were still quite shapely and perky, with nipples erect.

"Tom, perhaps, you'd like to get more comfortable yourself," Jen said.

Tom stood up. He unzipped his jeans, but did not remove them. He sat back down and untied and removed his athletic shoes. I was sure he was going to take his pants off, and was eagerly awaiting. Instead he bent forward and took off his shirt, exposing that famous chest that every woman in America has drooled over at one time or another. Then he sat back. His curly chest hair had turned a bit grey, but that just made him all the more attractive, that weathered, chiseled lived in look.

Tom said, "so ladies, what do you think we should do now? I think I'd like to watch some television."

Before I could think of a wiseass answer, Jen said "Great idea. I think Judge Judy is on right now. Where's the remote?"

Jen got up and moved directly to Tom's chair, bent forward in front of him, with her boobs in his face, and started searching for the remote along the sides of the cushion.

"It's almost always stuck down in one of the chairs," she said.

Tom reached out and touched a breast, and Jen took her hand away from the cushion and grabbed the front of his unzippered pants.

"Tit for tat, so to speak," she said.

"Well," said Tom, "I no longer feel like watching TV. I think we should take a nap until the room service arrives."

"You know," I said, "I am pretty tired from all that walking. But I have to warn you, I sleep in the nude, and so does Jen. Will that bother you?"

"No, in fact, we have a lot in common," he said, "because it so happens that I sleep in the nude."

He got up, and said "I don't think I want to sleep on the floor, so shall we repair to the bedroom?"

"Which one?" Jen asked.

"The master bedroom, as I am the master. The other bedroom is there, oh, just in case you two need to rest up after our nap."

We all got up and moved to the bedroom. Jen and I sat on either side of the bed, and removed our high heels. We cast them aside. We got up, unbuttoned our tight jeans, sat back down, and pulled them off. We were both wearing the skimpiest thongs imaginable. They might as well have been nothing at all. Yes, it is like getting your cunt flossed, but it's worth it in situations in which we found ourselves at that moment.

While we were doing this, Tom was standing, leaning against the wall, watching in admiration. We both stood up and faced Tom, wearing only the thongs.

"How's this," I asked.

Tom replied "If I'm not mistaken, and I'm usually not, neither of you is naked. I believe this qualifies as false advertising."

Jen said "Shit, Tom, it's cold in here. We need to keep something on to stay warm."

He laughed. We both instantly dropped the thongs to the floor.

Tom clearly admired our bodies, and he was developing a bulge in the front of his partially unzipped jeans that was making me squirm.

I said "OK, Tom, now you".

He sat on a nearby chair and removed his socks, then stood up and pulled his jeans off. He was wearing plaid boxers that were SO cute. The bulge was still there, and I wanted to see the real thing.

"And?" I said.

He pulled his boxers down, kicked them away, and stood full monty in front of us. Well, let me say for the record that we were NOT disappointed. I would have been happy with any cock that was attached to Tom Selleck, but this was one cock in a million. It was long and straight, circumcised, pointing up at about 20 degrees, a shock of curly pubic hair (light in color. Where did that come from?). And clearly hot for us.

"Shall we do that nap thing now", he asked.

All three of us leaped on the bed, Tom in the middle, and Jen and I on either side. Jen reached for Tom's cock an instant before I did. My hand landed on top of hers.

"Hey," she said, "I got here first."

"Not fair," I responded, "I'll arm wrestle you for who gets first dibs."

"OK," said Jen, "You're on".

We both got off the bed on either side, we put our elbows on the mattress, and clasped hands right over Tom's belly button.

"Hey," he said "be careful. If you win, Linda, I may be damaged for life."

Jen said "Don't worry, she won't win. Tom, you say go."

Just as he opened his mouth to speak, there was knock on the door and a young male voice said "room service".

We all laughed quietly, and Jen said "don't move. I'm going to have some fun with the room service guy. Linda, you know what to do. Tom, just lay there with your hands behind your head, watching. And for god's sake, put a pillow over that thing. We don't want to scare him too much."

Chapter 3

Jen went to the door and called "I'm coming".

She LOVES to say that. She opened the door, but stood behind it.

"Come on in."

Tom and I could see everything through the bedroom door. A cute young man of about 18 or 19 wheeled in a large stainless cart. It was covered with a white table cloth, and there were numerous covered dishes, and a narrow flower vase with one flower sticking out.

Jen closed the door, and the boy turned to see her. Well, his face instantly turned red.

Jen walked up to him and said "I'm Jen, what's your name?", and shook his hand.

"I'm Jason," he squeeked.

Jen said "I'm sorry if my nakedness has made you uncomfortable. We belong to a religious sect that believes in emulating Adam and Eve. Nakedness is part of our biblical heritage. Now, wheel that table in to the bedroom."

Jason did as he was told. He arrived to see me and Tom naked on the bed, Tom with a pillow over his privates.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Linda. Come on in. Put that by the bed."

By this time the poor boy was so flustered he was shaking. He began to uncover the dishes, trying not to look at the three of us, but having a really, really hard time controlling his eyes. He put the dish covers on a shelf under the table cloth, and stood, presumably waiting for his tip.

Jen followed into the bedroom, and said "Listen, Jason, we ordered way too much food. Would you like to join us for lunch? I know you are on duty, but Tom could call down and make up a pretty good story that would allow you to stay for, say, a half hour. I promise you a big tip."

Jason was flabbergasted. I could only guess what he was thinking, but I'm sure it was lascivious.

"OK, as long as I don't get in trouble."

I rolled over and handed the phone to Tom. He called down with the most preposterous excuse for Jason's delay. I won't even tell you what it was, but it made me want him all the more. This guy was not only the sexiest man on earth, but he was funny as hell.

Jen said, "Now Jason, don't be alarmed, but you will have to take off your clothes. It's really no big deal, it's just a spiritual thing."

Jason looked quite shocked.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea. What if the maid comes to the door and sees me? I'll get fired."

"Jason", I said from the bed, "you're too young to know who this is that I'm on the bed with, but I will tell you that he is a VERY important person, and he can make sure that nothing causes any problems for you in your job."

"Well, Jason? How about it," said Jen.

Jason said "is it OK if I go in the livingroom and get undressed, and then come back?"

"Fine," said Jen, "we want you to be comfortable. If getting undressed in there helps, go ahead."

Jason left for the livingroom. The 3 of us looked at each other and giggled. A couple of minutes later, Jason came back in, naked as a jaybird. He was skinny and stoop shouldered as only a geeky kid can be. He was clearly embarrassed to have a semi hardon, but, it was the biggest dick I had ever seen, and I've seen a lot!! Now it was Jen's and my turn to try to avoid staring.

I got up from the bed and said "Jason, here, sit down and have some breakfast. We will eat later."

Jason sat on a nearby chair, and I took some eggs and toast and sausage from the cart, put it on a plate, and served him. He began to eat slowly, not sure if he was imagining this entire scenario. He looked like he thought he was dreaming, and never wanted to wake up.

I sat down on the end of the bed, opposite him, and Jen sat next to me. As he ate, we ever so gradually began to spread our legs, and then we touched ourselves and began to masturbate very discretely. I glanced at Tom who was finding it quite difficult not to burst out laughing. I turned back to Jason.

"Now Jason," Jen said, "what we are doing is part of our religious ritual. The women in our Adam and Eve Nudist Church must be in a state of arousal at all times. We believe in procreation above all other things. Being aroused keeps us prepared for any and all men in the sect who are willing to help us procreate. We encourage plural procreation, which is why there are 2 of us, and one of Tom. But, alas, I regret that you will not be able to participate as you are not a member of our group."

By this time Jason was so hard you could have used his cock as a hammer, and built an entire house. His dick, fully erect, had to be over 9"! He just sat there trying to concentrate on eating, but also wondering what he was supposed to do with his hardon.

I said. "Jason, we will continue with our arousal ritual. You just go ahead and finish your breakfast."

Jen and I spread our legs further, and Jason could clearly see our shaved pussy lips. We were of course exaggerating our gyrations and groans for Jason's benefit. We didn't want to spoil what was going to happen with Tom.

After about 2 minutes of moaning, groaning, lifting our legs, arching our backs, shuddering, and quaking, Jen turned to me and said "That's enough for now".

She turned back to Jason and said "We are not allowed to consummate our arousal except in the act of procreation."

Jason's cock was throbbing rapidly, involuntarily, and his quivering was real. I felt bad for him.

I said "I'm sorry Jason, but you'll have to get dressed now and leave, as we need to eat also, so that we can keep up our strength for the procreation ritual."

Jason looked dumbfounded. He didn't know if we were joking or not. I got up and took his plate away.

"Come on, now. Time to go."

I lifted him by the arm, his cock wagging back and forth, and ushered him into the livingroom, then I returned to the bedroom.

In a few minutes, he was back, fully dressed, but still sporting a really big bulge.

He said "I really wish you would let me stay."

Jen said "I'm sorry, procreation is a serious matter, and we have never let anyone outside the sect observe the ritual."

She walked over to him. "But you have been so cooperative that I will let you play with my breasts."

She grabbed his hand, and put it on her left breast. His eyes widened and he massaged like there was no tomorrow. He put his other hand on the other breast, and did the same. He was obviously inexperienced, but Jen pretended to be turned on by it, and put her hand on his crotch, and rubbed.

This went on for only about 30 seconds before Jen backed away and said "Oh, Jason. I wasn't supposed to do that. Tom will probably punish me later. Tom, I'm so sorry. Can you please give Jason a big tip so he can leave?"

I got Tom's pants and removed his wallet. He pulled out a $100 bill, and gave it to me. I walked over to Jason and put it in his hand, and held that hand for a moment.

Then I led him to the door and said "We'll just put the cart in the hall when we are done. Thank you so much for your help."

Jason was speechless as I opened the door, pushed him out, and closed it. Both Jen and I ran back, jumped on the bed next to Tom, and all three of us laughed so hard we could barely catch our breaths.

Chapter 4

"Weren't we in the middle of an arm wrestling contest, which I planned to win," asked Jen.

"Listen, ladies," said Tom, "There's plenty of me to go around. Didn't you learn to share in Kindergarten?"

"I was gifted" I said, "and skipped Kindergarten entirely. Maybe that explains why I'm this way."

We all laughed.

Jen pulled the pillow off Tom, and he was sporting a beautiful, ready for prime time hard on. Jen made a gracious gesture toward me, and I moved around on the bed, and put my mouth on his dick. I lubricated first with saliva, then licked around the glans, pushed my mouth all the way on, and began a serious BJ.

Tom said "Linda, I believe you may have done this once or twice before."

Since I couldn't answer, Jen said on my behalf "No, this is the very first time for her. But we got a Berlitz Blow Job Language Course on the web, and we practice on bananas every day. Apparently you were fooled, which is good. I will have to send Berlitz a thank you e-mail"

I almost spit out Tom's cock.

Jen moved up a little and started to kiss Tom. As I was blowing him, he was getting more turned on, so their kissing became more passionate. He reached down and began to play with Jen's clit and lips, which were already quite wet from the workout earlier with Jason. Jen started to undulate, and this time it wasn't fake. We all stopped for a moment.

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