tagBDSMNext Generation Christian Kingdom Ch. 02

Next Generation Christian Kingdom Ch. 02


This is a story of an alternate reality where there is a branch of Christianity that has rejected the dogma normally associated with sex.

Posted 5 Oct 07 -- Revised June 09

Chapter 2: Marcia Learns Submission

As Lady Jennifer led Marcia to the Jacuzzi, she reached out and pressed the button on an intercom. "Laura? Please come in and lend a hand." She then carefully sat Marcia down on the edge of the tub.

Marcia's pain on her bottom and thighs was at once intense and numbing. As she watched Lady Jennifer turn on the jets in the tub, the idea of getting into it seemed both soothing and harrowing.

While Marcia was trying to decide whether to get into the tub, in walked a young woman with long, wavy, dirty-blonde hair. She was dressed in what could only be called a caricature of a French maid uniform. It was very skimpy; exposing her ample bosom from just above her nipples. The skirt was so short that all of her black, stocking-covered legs were in full view, including the garters holding them up. To finish off the look, she had on 3-inch stiletto heels. 'Not very practical for maid work.' thought Marcia.

The sight of her was a bit disconcerting to her. Marcia had spent much of her life at the Lord and Lady's manor. This is where the church her family went to on Sunday's was, and where many other events were observed. She knew that the young women of the kingdom that were charged with cleaning the manor had to wear uniforms, but she had never seen anything like this.

Initially Marcia did not know who the maid was, but as the she approached them, Marcia saw that it was Laura Simpson. She had graduated from high school the year before her, but she remembered her as a 'plain Jane' type. Yet the girl before her now was a complete 180 of the girl she knew. She then recalled that Laura went on to college. So what was she doing here? Did she quit college to join the kingdom instead?

"How may I help you, Mistress Jennifer?" Laura queried.

"Marcia and I would like to get into the tub. Please assist us in getting out of our clothes, then take them down to the laundry for cleaning," replied Lady Jennifer

"Yes, Mistress Jennifer," Laura replied.

Laura started by unzipping the long white gown that Lady Jennifer wore. At the same time, Lady Jennifer began undressing Marcia. Marcia was a little unsure about getting naked in front of Laura, but then she realized Laura was practically naked herself. Laura certainly didn't act as if anything strange was going on. In fact, she acted like Lady Jennifer did this sort of thing every day.

Before sliding into the tub, Lady Jennifer had to admire her handy-work on Marcia. After 30 minutes of spanking, she did not suffer any welts or bruises. Her bottom and thighs only had a nice rosy glow to them.

Once Laura had taken the clothes out of the room, Lady Jennifer slid easily into the tub. Marcia on the other hand, wasn't as quick to get in.

"Don't worry Marcia. The water is only just warm enough not to be cold. Your bottom will hurt initially, as you get in, but it's really the best thing for it right now."

Marcia took her at her word, and slid in too. She only elicited a slight gasp as her bottom made contact with the contoured seat of the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi wasn't too large. It had four seats, and Lady Jennifer and Marcia had taken ones that put them facing each other.

"You handled that spanking quite wonderfully, Marcia. I was really impressed," commented Lady Jennifer.

"I was quite shocked myself, Mistress Jennifer," Marcia replied. "Before today I never would have believed that I would have liked to be spanked."

"Actually," Lady Jennifer began. "Your observation is very wrong about what you just experienced. But don't take my criticism too personally. Most women who experience an orgasm after a sound spanking also naively believe that they now like to be spanked. This can cause a lot of problems for them down the road, but I'll explain that later. By the end of the day you should have proper understanding of what it is you really liked about it.

"The important thing for now is that your reaction to the spanking has proven your worth to the kingdom. You have proven that you trust us, and that we can trust you. I am now free to finally begin explaining things to you, and I think I'll start with the kingdom itself.

"To turn things around a little, let me ask you, as a young woman who has grown up within the kingdom, how would you define it?"

Marcia was hoping for some answers from Lady Jennifer -- not questions -- so she had to think for a second. "I would say it is a group of people who have gathered together to support each other."

"That's close, but far too simplistic. We actually don't like to use the word support," replied Lady Jennifer.

"The biggest problem I had with your answer was that it didn't include 'Mistress Jennifer' in it, so that's going to cost you another spanking by the end of the day. You must understand that a critical component to us accomplishing what we must today is that you are paying close attention to everything I say, and what you experience. Your replies with 'Mistress Jennifer' are an important part of showing me that you are doing just that."

"Yes, Mistress Jennifer," Marcia quickly replied. And with her reply she saw that Lady Jennifer was right about what she said earlier. She really didn't like the idea of being spanked again.

"Much better," Lady Jennifer commented.

Then continued, "Now, let's get back to defining this kingdom, and let's do that by first establishing what it's not. The most important 'Not' about this kingdom is that it is not defined by geography. Where you are standing has nothing to do with whether you are in the kingdom.

"Probably the biggest misconception about this kingdom is that it was established in order to replace the government. Nothing could be further from the truth. We consider that the existence of a government that guarantees the freedom of the individual to be key to the functioning of this kingdom. A very important aspect to our kingdom is choice. You must be free to choose to belong to the kingdom. If the kingdom replaces the government, then where is the choice?"

Lady Jennifer then reached around behind her to grab a bottle of shampoo. "Kneel down in the middle here so that I can wash your hair."

Marcia carefully got up out of her seat, and knelt down until her bosom just submerged in the water. Lady Jennifer sat up and spun her legs toward the middle. "Face away from me, and lean back."

Marcia leaned back into Lady Jennifer's arms, but she was very uncomfortable with this. Even after what she just went through with her, she just could not relax while being naked with another naked woman.

Lady Jennifer sensed this, and even expected it, which was why she was doing this. "You're very tense Marcia, but I understand. The society you grew up in attached a great deal of shame and guilt with anything remotely sexual. This is the most difficult thing we have to unlearn with all of our new initiates.

"There are some very serious concerns when it comes to sex. There is nothing so pure, or so good, that cannot be abused in a manner that does us harm, and sex is no exception. At the same time, the walls that we put up that prevents us from enjoying physically intimate contact can often do us the most harm of all."

Lady Jennifer then slipped down behind Marcia, brought her left hand across Marcia's breasts, and her right hand over her vagina. This of course caused Marcia to tense up even more. She had always considered herself to be a good girl, and certainly not a lesbian.

"Marcia, when you concern yourself with silly things like, 'I can't like what she is doing to me, because I am not a slut.' or even 'I can't like this, because I'm not a lesbian,' you take your eye off of the things you should be concerned with. Things such as having children without a father to be in their lives, or contracting STDs. Our society has been teaching its women to be ashamed of their sexuality from the dawn of mankind, yet children are still being born without fathers, and STDs continue to run rampant."

After a few more moments of massaging her breasts and vagina, which worked Marcia up pretty good, Lady Jennifer pulled back and continued to wash Marcia's hair. "The words slut and lesbian have no place within our kingdom. I don't consider myself to be either, yet I enjoy intimate physical contact with other women on a daily basis, often several times a day. If either word is important to you, you are going to have a tough time adapting to this kingdom."

When she leaned Marcia back to rinse out her hair, she sensed that she was less tense, and more willing to lean back into her arms. Lady Jennifer then reached out for the intercom. "Laura? We are ready to get out." Then to Marcia, "Stand up. Let's get out before we start to turn into prunes."

As they were stepping out of the tub, they grabbed some towels, and with Marcia following Lady Jennifer's lead, began drying each other off. Laura then entered the room with two identical dresses. They were white, but not like the long gown Lady Jennifer wore earlier. These were more like casual sun dresses with short skirts. Laura also came in with appropriate sized white underwear to go with the dresses.

Laura assisted both women with getting dressed, then Lady Jennifer told her, "We'll have tea on the terrace." As Lady Jennifer led Marcia out a set of French doors to the terrace outside, Laura went off to do as she was bidden.

It was a beautiful, warm, late-afternoon sun that greeted them as they walked outside. Marcia had always loved this view out the back of the manor. She could see the playground she grew up playing in, and the sports facilities that she and her friends competed at. As much as she has always loved her home, she was always thrilled when her parents said they were all going over to the manor.

Once they were seated at a patio table, Lady Jennifer continued, "So where were we. Oh yes, we were covering the things our kingdom is not. I was talking about how our kingdom was not created to replace the government, yet at the core of almost all misconceptions, there is usually a grain of truth. In this case, our kingdom was established to do the things that people like to use the government for, yet the government is poorly suited to accomplish. Namely, using the government to take care of people who are having problems.

"At the beginning of the twentieth century you could have an intellectually honest debate about the effectiveness of a government to take care of its people, but not anymore. Anyone who continues to advocate socialism is intentionally refusing to look at the evidence of what these social experiments have wrought.

"All government solutions to people's problems inevitably end up as one-size-fits-all solutions. The people who implement them never take the time needed to understand each individual's situation, so the solution they provide will inevitably do more harm than good. It's like a doctor proscribing a medicine for a patient he has never examined.

"Our kingdom was formed as a way for us to take care of one another. As a member of this kingdom, you can be assured that we will take the time to get to know you well. Whatever we may command of you, you will believe that it is based on what we know of you, not what we assume about you.

"This brings us to the sex. We are not just a collection of fair weather friends, gathered together to enjoy things when the times are good. We are committed to each other as if we were married to each other; as if we had formed an extended family. As I explained earlier, sex is used to bind us together like no other means can.

"So the best way to describe our kingdom is that it is a kingdom of relationships. Our kingdom is focused on how we relate to one another, so that we can know each other in a profoundly intimate way. The deeper we know each other, the more effectively we can assist each other at being the best we can be.

"In this way, we have taken the focus of sex off of marriage, so that marriage can focus on the things that are important, which is to nurture and develop our children."

Laura then arrived with an ornate tray and tea set. She placed them down between Marcia and Lady Jennifer and asked, "Will you be needing anything else Mistress Jennifer?"

"That will be all Laura. You may continue with your duties," replied Lady Jennifer. She then poured both of them some of the tea. "Sugar?"

"Two please, Mistress Jennifer," replied Marcia.

Lady Jennifer preferred hers without any, and took a sip as is. While Marcia started sipping hers, Lady Jennifer continued. "When it comes to sex in our kingdom, there are two hard rules. As you may have guessed already, women of this kingdom are required to engage in any sexual act commanded of them by any man of this kingdom. This is rule #1. Rule #2 tempers rule #1 by saying that no one is permitted to harm you. So if you believe that what a man tells you to do is going to harm you (or him, such as if you are having a herpes outbreak), you are entitled to say no without offering him any explanation. In this kingdom 'No' really does mean no - no exceptions.

"Just keep in mind that while you may not have to explain anything to the man you just said no to, you will end up in front of me explaining yourself, and it better not be because you were not in the mood. If you really are not in the mood, my advice to you is to get in the mood. In spite of what you might think, you can control that sort of thing.

"What we are trying to do is eliminate any tendency in you to be a prostitute. We of this kingdom consider most women within our society at large to be whores. They use sex to extract behaviors and favors of men, if not actual money. This is incredibly destructive on many levels, but I'll wait 'til later to explain that. Right now, I want you to know that a key role that I play as a Lady in this kingdom is to make sure that men can trust women when they say no, and that it is not just part of some ploy to avoid him, or to extract some favor from him.

"Whether you believe it or not, you are to act as if all men are worthy of you, and that none of them are beneath you. I'm sure it will take you some time to understand, but the best way to get from men the behaviors and favors that you want, is to treat them with the respect that says they are worthy of you.

"Something else to keep in mind about when you can say no, is that pain does not equal harm in our kingdom, which is why something like the spanking you got earlier today is OK. Quite frankly, I don't want any woman in this kingdom that believes pain is bad. Pain is pain, nothing more, and we want you focused on what is actual harm to you. So pain is no excuse to avoid something that is expected of you.

"Now, from a woman's perspective, any man is entitled to have sex with her, but that doesn't mean any man is allowed to. The king has placed rules upon the men of the kingdom that prevent them from having sex with just any woman. What this means is that it is not your role, or responsibility, to determine if the man demanding sex from you is allowed to do so. He requests it, and then you give it. If he wasn't allowed to, then it is up to the men in his chain of command to correct him. You should never say to a man that he is not allowed to, regardless of what your understanding of the law set down by the king is.

"Now, the rules placed on men are rather complex, so it's kind of hard to follow. Let's start with the rules pertaining to sex with a married woman. As a married woman there are three different ways that a man could be allowed to have sex with you. The first is through your husband. Notice I said through, not with. Not only is your husband allowed to have sex with you, but so is any man up his chain of command. His squad leader, his Lord, his Duke and his King, are allowed to have sex with you whenever they want. Not only that, but your husband can grant an allowance to any other married man for whatever reason he may want. So in effect, your husband can pimp you out."

Marcia interrupted, "Mistress Jennifer. I don't get it. It's wrong for a woman to be a whore, but it is OK for a man to be a pimp?"

As if replying to child, Lady Jennifer said, "Like most people stuck in an immature mode of thinking, you are more focused on the perceived advantages of others than on what it takes to make your life better. This kingdom's efforts to keep our women from becoming prostitutes is based on what is best for them, and how it gets them the things they want better than using sex to get them.

"As for why it's best for our kingdom to have men pimp out their wives..., let's just say for now that men need to learn to share, OK?"

"Yes Mistress Jennifer," replied Marcia.

Lady Jennifer continued, "Sex with unmarried men is not within your husband's control. That is actually my prerogative. One of my many duties is to assign married women as chaperones to unmarried women who want to go on dates. The purpose of the chaperone is the same as has been known through the ages, but the means are very different. We don't use chaperones to block unmarried men from having sex with their unmarried dates, we use them as alternatives to whom they are dating.

"Instead of accompanying the couple on the date, the chaperone simply makes herself available to the couple at the beginning and the end of the date. This makes sure the man has a viable, and desirable, alternative to having sex with the woman he is dating.

"In this kingdom we make sure that unmarried men have the guidance and experience to learn proper sexual behavior, and the best source for that is not from other men, but from married women.

"The final way that a man is allowed to have sex with a woman is a rather peculiar way, which can be viewed on many different levels. As you may have noticed, women of this kingdom are required to wear dresses, unless they are engaged in an activity that makes wearing pants, or shorts, more practical. The specific reason for this is to create opportunities where men can see their panties. If a man does see them, then he is obligated to spank the woman for allowing it, and afterwards, he is allowed sexual satisfaction from her. This applies to both married and unmarried men, but if you're an unmarried woman, the satisfaction should not include intercourse.

"Like I said, this last one can be viewed on many different levels. I personally like to use it as a way to have sex with a man whom I am be attracted to. If I flash him my panties, he is obligated to at least spank me. But whether he demands sexual satisfaction afterwards is up to him. It's a gamble for sure, but one that rarely does not pay off.

"Another point about this is that just as any man you tell no to his sexual advances must accept that no without question; any man can punish you for showing him your panties, even though you believe you didn't. You must accept his word that he saw them. No questions asked."

By now Marcia's head was just spinning with all of the things she was expected to comprehend. "Mistress Jennifer. Do you have some sort of manual I could read to help me keep track of all of this?"

"As a matter of fact, no. There is no manual, more to the point, anything that defines this kingdom cannot be written down, or recorded in anyway."

"What?! ... Why?" Marcia was definitely caught off guard by that one. She quickly caught herself and tacked on "...Mistress Jennifer."

"As I stated before, this is a kingdom of relationships, and only by means of relationships is this kingdom defined and conducted. The king creates the laws, then passes them down verbally to his Dukes, which gets passed to the Lords, then the squad leaders, then onto the men of the squad, then finally to the wives of the men."

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