Nibblet Ch. 15


“Right. My turn to ask the embarrassing question, what’s going on with you two?”

“What if I said that Spike and I played a trick on you two?”

“You pretended to like him?”

The game was over. “Guilty. But believe me, it wasn’t that hard to pretend.”

“I see.” Then, he thought about all four of them scheming against one another and he was forced to chuckle at the situation. “What a mess.”

“I thought we were all pretty clever. Especially you and Dawn. Although, I think you guys went over the top sometimes.”

“I guess we did.”

“Dawn told me something very interesting today.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“She said you were ‘into me’.” She gave him a sideways glance.

“She did?” He gulped. “Well, that was. . .thoughtful of her.”

“She also said she was considering having a menage a trois with you and Spike.”

Angel almost choked. “She said what?!

Faith covered a laugh with a cough. “She also mentioned pie, I’m not sure how that would fit in exactly.”

“I knew Spike was a bad influence!” Angel harrumphed. “And pie. . .do you think she picked that up from Buffy? Riley really is a pervert.”

“Is it true?”

“Of course he is, did you hear some of things that Buffy was suggesting? Where else would she pick this stuff up?” She looked at him expectantly. “Oh, about me being into you?” She nodded, carefully watching him. He was afraid he would see laughter or mockery but she looked serious. “Do you want it to be?”

Faith gave him an enigmatic smile. “Maybe and then again, maybe not.” With that said she gave him a jaunty wave and sprinted up the block, leaving the dumfounded vampire alone in the street. *********

“What are you thinking about, bit?”


“My favorite subject, next to you of course. What about me?”

“I was thinking about the way you kissed me last night and I wondered when you were going to put the moves on me.”

Spike stopped in his tracks. He spied a low concrete wall by the grass, it came up to his hips. He lifted a bemused Dawn into his embrace and placed her on the wall. “Perfect height for kissing, don’t you think?”

“Mfphm” She mumbled as he joined his mouth to hers. She pressed closer, enjoying the cool strength of his body. She opened her legs and let him stand in the V created by them. When the kiss broke, they were both breathing heavily. “I’ve been waiting all day for that.”

“Me too.”

He picked her hand up and playfully lined it up to his own, seeing how small it was. Then he flipped it over and pressed a kiss to her wrist. Dawn was mesmerized by his actions and their affect on her body. She felt as if she had just come alive. The next thing Spike did was release her hand as he reached for her hair. His hands craved to touch the dark length of it, it smelled of vanilla and was silky to the touch. He slid it through and then cradled her head, bringing her mouth to his for another smoldering kiss. She let her head loll back as her thighs gripped him. When he pulled his mouth away he was presented with her lovely white throat.

Spike felt his incisors lengthen and prick his tongue. A small amount of his blood bathed his tongue but it wasn’t enough to sate the need to taste her. “I want you so much.” Spike hissed.

“I want you too.” Dawn murmured. In all her innocence, she didn’t realize that she aroused his lust for her blood as well as that for her untried body. He’d be damned if he’d let on what his unholy desires were. He didn’t want her to turn with him. At this moment, all he cared about was touching her, knowing her body.

Spike narrowed his eyes on the pulsing blue vein on her neck. Surely, pressing a few kisses there wouldn’t hurt. Maybe a cool slide of his tongue along her satiny skin. Surely, that would assuage the burning hunger. He promised himself that was all he would do. Spike lavished his attention on her pale neck, kissing and nipping the skin. He delighted in her sighs and the way her hips rotated against his own. But soon that wasn’t enough.

Unable to help himself, he sucked in a bit of skin and suckled her, making her writhe in pain and pleasure. “Please.” She whispered, fingers digging into his shoulders as she pressed his mouth into her neck.

“Forgive me.” He whispered before he punctured her throat with his fangs. It was undiluted power, the raw strength of the Slayer mixed with the energy of The Key. She was delectable, a delicacy he was destined to hunger for, for the rest of his unlife.

Dawn slowly became aware of what was happening, though she couldn’t quite believe it. She could hear the muffled lapping sounds Spike was making against her throat. He was feeding from her. And she enjoyed it. God, did it feel so good to everyone? Even as he was draining her of her life force she wanted to offer him more, let him take all of it. Then, another though struck her. He’s supposed to be chipped. Harmless. Spike had lied to her.

With a roar, Dawn shoved against his chest, but Spike stubbornly held on to her.

“Just a little more, nibblet.” He mumbled.

Dawn was furious. She shoved him again and moved back, dislodging him from her neck. She stood up quickly and had to grasp the wall, she felt a little dizzy. “You fed off me? When did you get your chip out?!”

“Dawn, I can explain.” Spike held up his hands defensively.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She felt a tear snake down her cheek. “Didn’t you trust me? Did you think I’d stake you?”

“I thought you wouldn’t understand. Buffy always threatened--”

“Buffy. I thought you realized that I’m not her. I’ll never be her. You’re right about one thing, Spike. I don’t understand this or you.” She turned on her heel and walked away from him, bound for the hotel.

“But, nibblet, I–“

”Save it, Spike. I’m not in the mood to hear another lie from you right now.”

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