Nibblet Ch. 17


“We’re in trouble.” Dawn said as she flung open the door of the gym.

Faith had a fine sheen of sweat coating her skin. Her hair clung to her forehead. The bag Faith had been punching swung back and hit her in the face. Hard. “Ow! Damn it! D, we have to work on this dramatic entrance thing you’ve got going on.”

“Faith, I’m not kidding! This is serious!” She looked at Faith expectantly.

“What? What could possibly be worse than Spike getting back his bite?”


“Angelus!? What the hell did you two do–“

”Uh, no. There was no ‘doing’ of anybody.” Dawn made a face. “It must have been you two. . . doing you know what!”


“Sex.” Dawn agreed. “This was what started this whole stupid thing. Saying that word leads to badness and being bitten by vampires. But that’s not important. You two must have. . .must have. . .you know what I mean. I merely talked to the guy.”

“But we didn’t.” Faith sighed. “Though I can’t say I would mind. I mean, he’s so tall and handsome in a dark and mysterious way. It makes me think about. . .” She seemed to drift off. “Wonder where that other tattoo is.” She mumbled.

“Uh, hello? Earth to Faith. Time for sexual fantasies will be scheduled later on in the evening. Damn it! You made me say that word again. If you two didn’t, then who did?”

Faith’s eyes glittered with wickedness. “Spike?”


“Fine, I’ll be serious. Back up a bit and tell me what happened up there?”

“First of all, you told him!”

“About what?”

“About Spike!”

“I did not!” Faith looked at the ground sheepishly. “But there may have been some hinting.”

“Hints? Since when can Angel speak ‘woman’?” Dawn asked.

“I didn’t say that he got it right.”

“Then how did he figure it out?”

“Who’s to say that he did?”

Dawn was confused. “Than he just thought he understood. . .?”

“What did he say exactly?”

“Well, he was talking about drinking blood. And he looked REALLY happy about it.”

“Oh, that’s bad. That’s not like Angel.”

“You think?”

“The sarcasm isn’t helping, D.”

“Sorry, but I’m on overload over here.” She began to pace nervously. “This is out of my league. And your league too. Can we call Giles? Oh! Better yet, let’s call the Council. Maybe there’s like some kind of Angelus S.W.A.T. team.”

“Yeah, and it’s called us. We’re the Slayers, remember?”

“Damn it. I was afraid you’d say that.”

“If it was really Angelus up there, why did he let you leave?”

“Maybe he’s gotten smarter since his last visit.” Dawn offered. “He knew we’d take him out if he reappeared.”

“Take him out? We’re Slayers, not the Maffia.”

“You have their number? Maybe they could help.”

“D! Let’s think a minute. He’s smart for a demon. He could just pull it off, this pretending to be Angel thing. But how did he lose his soul?”

“What’s that about a soul?” Angel said, walking into the room. He tried to look sexy by posing against the door. He sucked in his cheeks like he’d seen Spike do. Dawn always raved about the guy’s cheekbones.

“Soul? Who said anything about a soul?” Dawn yammered, moving closer to Faith.

“Faith did.” Angel said, leaning against the door jamb. He gave Faith a lingering look, assessing her body from head to toe. He had removed his shirt, leaving a great deal of exposed, perfectly molded flesh. Then they both stared at him and their gazes finally fell to his hips and lower.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Dawn and Faith shrieked. They ran back and grabbed the regrettably dull practice weapons on the shelves at the back of the room.

That’s when Angel screamed. “AHHHH!!! Hold on just a minute! What are you two doing with those stakes?”

“You’re evil!” Dawn accused.

“Don’t try anything funny and no one gets hurt. We’re just going to subdue you until Red can work her mojo. So come quietly or prepare to be dusty.”

“I’m not Angelus! Is that what you were talking about? My soul?” Angel stared down at his pants. “It’s the pants, isn’t it? I’ll take them off! I promise!”

“You keep your pants on!” Dawn screeched.

“Well, if you really wanted to, I wouldn’t object. I mean–“

”Faith!” Dawn admonished. “You keep your pants on too!”

“Princess, it’s okay. I promise. I’m not evil!”

“Riiight. Because, vampires. . .you know. . .they’re always honest.”

The tall vampire idly slid a hand down one of his thighs. “I found these in an old trunk I was looking through. I just had to put them on.” He sent a pleading look in Faith’s direction. “I wanted you to think I’m sexy.”

Faith had trouble swallowing. Maybe he wasn’t Angelus after all. She licked her suddenly dry lips. “Well, they’re nice.” She managed to get out.

“Just like I am. I’m Angel. Not Angelus.”

“Hmm.” Dawn said, doubting her earlier assessment. Maybe he is. What do you think, Faith?”

“Maybe. Let’s see.” She pulled her pack of smokes from her back pocket. “Wanna a cigarette, big guy?”

“I don’t smoke.” Angel said, disgusted. “And you shouldn’t either. Think about all the tar that’s in them. Do you really want that in your lungs? Or on my draperies?”

“He just said draperies.” Dawn said. “It’s Angel.”

“Or Angelus suddenly became gay.”

“I’m, not gay! I’m wearing LEATHER PANTS! That’s very butch, don’t you think?”

“So, you’re a gay woman?” She laughed.

Angel scowled at her. He turned to Dawn. “What do you think, princess?”

“Aren’t those pants a little. . .binding?” The pants fit like a second skin. “Maybe you should put on something looser. Like sweat pants. Yeah, the ones that are stained with spaghetti sauce.” “Spaghetti sauce?” Faith asked, curious.

“It’s a long story.” Angel said quickly. “These feel good, that’s all that matters.” He tilted his head. “Now, what were you saying about my soul?”

“What brings you down here?” Faith asked.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to train with me.”

“Oh, yeah. You wanted to know if she was going to ‘train’ with you.” Dawn said and then rolled her eyes. “Gee, wonder what you were going to do for exercise.”

“What are you all doing down here?” Spike drawled as he walked up behind Angel.

Angel entered the room to let him pass. “Spike.” He said neutrally.

“From bad to worse.” Dawn said, with feeling.

“Come here, D.” Faith said, holding out her hand. Dawn did so.

“Don’t get all hostile.”

“Speaking of hostile. . .” Dawn began, eying Angel.

“Shush.” Faith admonished. She wanted to see how this would play out.

“Nice pants, poof.” Spike said, absentmindedly. Then he took a good look at them. He glared at the older Slayer then. “He’s got the pants on. I told you to give me warning before you shagged him.”

“I didn’t shag him.” Faith said, clenching her jaw.

“Yet.” Angel said with a raised eyebrow.

Spike was horrified.“Then, Dawn must have–“

”I did not!” Then she frowned. “Hey! I’m not speaking to you anyway. Forget what I said. I did sleep with him.” She narrowed her eyes at the blond. “And he was good. Very good.”

“Yes, I am.” Angel gave his childe a smug smile.

“Funny. Buffy never said that about you. I think the word she used to describe you was ‘small.’”

“I’m very large!” Angel roared.

“Well, if you’re referring to your ass, you’re right. Those pants just show it off.” Spike grinned.

Faith let out a bark of laughter, then looked serious again as Angel glared at her.

“Where is that other tattoo?” Dawn muttered, staring at Angel intensely.

Angel looked down at his pants. “Fine, I’ll take them off. Everyone always thinks I’m evil when I where them.”

“You keep your pants on, poof.” Spike said. “I’m not sleeping with you and that’s that.”


“What the hell was that?” Angel said, looking around wildly.


Angel’s gaze settled on Spike. “Spike! Did you just meow?”

“No, I have a bleedin’ ki–“

”Because that’s taking this cat vibe you’ve got going on too far, you know. Don’t go around ‘meowing’ at people. They’ll put you in an institution.” He rolled his eyes. “But you might like that. Lots of crazy girls for you to hit on.”

“You’re a right idiot, you know that? And what do you mean by cat vibe? Stop trying to seduce me, poof. You’re not my type. And please. . .keep your pants on.” He pulled back the side of his coat to reveal a small kitten nestled in the pocket within. “His name is Diamond. He’s for Dawn.”

“Oh, he’s so cute! And little!” Dawn said, breaking into an ‘awww’ face. Spike looked at her hopefully but she glowered at him. “Not that I care.” “Come on, bit. Surely you can’t be mad about one measly bite.”

“It’s not like he could help it.” Angel offered.

“Yes, he could!” Dawn shouted, sick of his odd behavior. “Maybe if you weren’t acting like Angelus you could sympathize with me.”

“I’m not Angelus!” Angel huffed. “I just put on leather pants. Leather pants does not equal evil.”

Faith smiled. “What were we supposed to think?”

“That I look sexy and a little dangerous. But not deadly. I haven’t killed anyone in a long time.” He stared over his shoulder at his hind end. “And my butt is NOT big. It’s a very nice butt.”

“That doesn’t excuse your behavior.” Dawn clenched her fists. “He bit me and you don’t care!”

“He bit you?”Angel said softly.

“Yes, you idiot!” Faith said raising her hands in the air. “ He bit her! I was afraid I’d have to draw you a friggin’ diagram.”

“Spike bit her?” Angel muttered. He turned to face Spike, vamping out. “YOU BIT HER?” He advanced on his childe.

“Wait a minute!” Dawn cried, stepping between them. She pushed on Angel’s chest, putting some distance between the two vampires. Then, she turned around and reached into Spike’s pocket and retrieved the fluffy white kitten and moved away from them. They both stared at her. She waved a careless hand. “Continue. I got what I wanted.”

“You’re going to let him stake me then?” Spike said, hurt by her behavior.

“Course not. Beat you up? Yes. Stake you? No. You and I can have a chat as you fight. I know you couldn’t possibly come up with a lie when you’re busy fighting.” Dawn went over to Faith and they both stroked the kitten as the two vampires fought.

Angel threw a punch, snapping Spike’s head back. In return, the younger vampire balled up a fist and struck Angel in the gut.

“Now, where did you get the kitten?”

“THAT’S what you want to know about? The bloomin’ kitten?” Spike yelled, ducking another blow from Angel.


Spike groaned. “In an alley.”

“Are you feeding again?”

“Not lately.” Angel struck him in the chin. “Bloody hell! I mean. . .No! Not even a nibble. Not a drop! My heart’s just not it in it anymore.”

“I don’t think you’re ‘heart’ has as much to do with it.” Faith said sarcastically.

“It bloody well does!” He ducked. “Why do you think I’m able to put up with the lot of you? Gettin’ hit on by the green bean demon and even the wild poofter over here. I even slept next to him for demon’s sake. “ He aimed a fist at Angel’s side. “ Even though he was trying to molest me.”

“As if.” Angel said dismissively. “If I were gay, you’d be the last man I’d go after.” He threw another punch.

“Why do you think I went to the blasted Slayer’s wedding? In a church no less! For my health? I love Dawn, I ‘d do anything for her.”

“Define ‘anything ‘.” Dawn said, biting her lip. She was secretly delighted by everything he had said.

“Anything! All of it! The roses, the eternal love thing, even a blasted white picket fence.” He was struck again by Angel and fell to his knees. “I’d do anything for you. I’d die for you.”

Angel was about to pound him again. “Stop!” Dawn cried, running to Spike’s side. Angel stayed his punch. “Are you alright?”

“Now you’re worried about me? I can’t keep up with your bloody mood swings.”

“I just had to see if you were lying.” She kissed his bruised cheek. “You’re never going to do that to me again. Ever. Only the truth from now on.”

“I promise.” Spike said humbly, letting Dawn collect him in her arms. “I’m sorry I bit you.”

“I’m not.” She whispered. “You just took me off guard.”

“I’m going to do it again. I occasionally bite some people.”

“But you just said you weren’t feeding!” Dawn shouted. “Get him, Angel!”

“Hold on a minute! I’m not draining them. They’re lowlifes anyways. Rapists, drug dealers, thugs. On the whole, a nasty lot of people. And only sometimes.”

“It stops now. Only pig’s blood from now on.” Dawn asserted.

“Whatever you say, bit.”

The kitten in her arms began to purr. “Thank you. He’s adorable.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me why his name’s Diamond?”

“I thought it was because of his blue eyes.”

“It’s because of what is around his neck.” Spike stroked her cheek tenderly.

She parted the kitten’s thick fur to see a diamond bracelet around his slender neck. She undid it and put it over her wrist. “It’s beautiful! When did you–“

”When I was out with Faith.” He fastened it and stopped to admire the view. “Lovely. But there’s more.”


“It was next to something else in the jewelry case that was irresistible. Like you.” He pulled out a small velvet box and opened it. A solitaire ring sat on the pedestal.

“Oh, Spike, I–“

”Oh, Christ, they’re getting married.” Angel shook his head. “Maybe this is serious.”

“It’s kinda romantic.” Faith interjected.

”Will you marry me?” Spike asked.

“You bet your ass you will.” All four heads turned to see Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. She held a crossbow in her hands.

She was backed up by Riley who stood there looking sheepish. “Hi, guys. What’s up?”

“Buffy!” Dawn said in shock. “You’re supposed to be on your honeymoon.”

“Well, that was interrupted by my sister who has a penchant for vampires.” She glowered at Angel.

“Hold up! I thought you were against me getting married to Spike. I mean, I knew you were okay with me dating him. But you thought it was a faze, right?”

“I hoped it was.” She pointed the cross bow at Spike. “But you compromised her. You have to do the honorable thing.”

“Hold the phone! Did we just flashback to the fifties?” Faith asked.

“I lived through the fifties.” Angel pointed to the scene before him. “And this never happened then.” He looked confused. “This looks like something out of the

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