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Nic & Emi


Nic kicked his snowmobile. What a time to run outta gas he thought. It was getting close to dusk and he could tell that there was a snow storm coming. As he started walking he thought to himself why can't you just leave that girl alone! It was her own fault she chooses to live up here in the middle of the mountain miles and miles from anyone else. But Nic had strong feeling for Emiline and he needed to make sure she was well prepared for the storm.

The emergency radio back at the post said that this storm was to be the worst one this section of Montana had seen in years! Trudging through the already 3 inches of snow on the ground Nic got closer and closer to Emiline's cabin. It took him nearly 90 minutes to get to the place where he could see the smoke curling from chimney. By this point he was starting to get really cold and the snow was starting to fall lightly around him. He knew he needed to hurry because the weather on this mountain could get nasty without any warning. Another 30 min and he would be at her front door.

Emiline was all prepared for the upcoming storm. She been into the sleepy little valley of Faminton yesterday to buy enough supplies to last her for the next 3 weeks if need be. The clerk at the store had just laughed at her and shook his head.

"Emi, I never did understand why you went and bought that place up in the mountains when you came back to town; seems to me that a woman like you should be down here in the valley being taken care of by a good strong man."

Emiline just smiled at the old man and patted his face. "Now Bruce, you know that my family has owned that cabin since before my father was even a thought in his mama's mind. I like living up there, it's peaceful and quite, gives a girl space to be herself, and think."

Then she'd gathered her stuff into her jeep and went back up the mountain to her cabin. No one in the sleepy little town knew for sure what had happened to Emiline. She'd been the one they all thought was going to leave and never some back, and frankly that's what she had intended to do. She'd gotten a modeling contract with an agency in LA and had packed her bags at 18 and left. Her parents hadn't been very happy with her but she was done being a small town girl and thought it was time for her to live her life. Things for Emiline went great for the first few years. She was the top model at her agency and was getting flown all around the world for photo shoots. The biggest designers were calling and begging for her to come to New York and Paris to walk in their runway shows.

When she was 22 years old she had been asked to fly to Milan for one of the biggest fashion weeks ever and she thought it was time that he parents were able to come see her strut her stuff. She wanted them to be proud of her and who she was. So she talked them into coming and spending the week with her in Milan and then she would have a week off and they would tour Italy together. The day her parents were supposed to be getting on the plane there was a mud slide and it sent their car off the road as they were driving to the airport.

In an instant Emiline had lost both her parents. She'd finished up her week in Milan and the rest of her contracts and then she packed up everything she owned and moved back to her sleepy little town of Faminton and up into the family's cabin. Emiline had been so good with her money while she was modeling that she didn't have to worry about an income any more. She still modeled a few times a year for her favorite designers but the rest of the time she kept to herself, it'd only been 18 months since her parents had passed and she was still struggled with her grief some days.

Emiline smiled at the thought of her parents as she pulled the lid off her pot of boiling chicken. Soup was always good on a day like today, well as long as it had nice hot rolls to go with it and those were rising in the corner table. Emiline looked out her back window at the snow covered trees and felt a twinge of loneliness...how she wished she had a man to curl up with at times like this.

OK curling up with a man wasn't exactly what Emiline had on her mind, she smiled to herself. Someday this cabin would be warm, not from the fire or the food but from the heat off of her body as she pressed into a man. As she smiled at the thought of sweat trickling down her own bosom she thought she heard a knock at her door. Her smile quickly disappeared, who in the world would be knocking on her door on a day like today, she had no neighbors and today no one should have been on the mountain skiing. She grabbed her shotgun, checked to make sure it was loaded and walked over to the door. She opened the door and leveled her gun at the man standing on the other side.

"Emiline! Put that damn gun down it's just me." Nic said and then he fell through the doorway.

Emiline struggled to pull Nic into the cabin and then she pushed the heavy door closed and locked it. What in world was that man doing up here today. Well, she didn't have time to worry about that right now because he looked really cold. She unzipped his parka and started trying to get him out of his wet coat. She struggled a little but finally got it off then she took off his boots and his heavy overalls. Next she did her best to drag him closer to the fireplace. Not that there was a great distance for her to cover, but she wasn't a very big woman and Nic, well Nic was 6' 3" and a very well build man. She final just grabbed the rug he was on and pulled with all her might.

After she had gotten him in front of the fire place she stood looking at him and started to notice that his clothes were drenched with sweat, not wonder he fell and passed out, he must be freezing. She decided the best thing would be to get his wet things off of him and get him covered with some of her heavy quilts until he got warm, then she'd figure out a way to dry out his clothes.

She started with his sock, all 3 pair of them, then his pants and his long-john bottoms. As she pulled them off she caught herself staring at his crotch, the urge to reach out and caress his member surged through her body. She resisted her bad girl temptation and walked around to stand above his head. As she stood near his head she let her dirty little mind wonder. She began to imagine sitting on his face and having him devour her pussy. She let out a soft moan at the thought and shook it off...what was wrong with her. She needed to finish getting his clothes off of him; first she pulled off his heavy sweatshirt and laughed at what she saw next. He was wearing a long-sleeved tee-shirt from their high school.

Nic had graduated the year before Emiline; he was the captain of the football team and a pretty damn good running back. He wasn't only a good football player but he's also had his own band and the fact of the matter was that in high school Emiline had wanted Nic to notice her, but he was too busy with the other girls. She shook her head free of her memories and continued to undress the man. She finally pulled off his undershirt and noticed his abs. She just couldn't help herself at that point; she knelt on the floor next to him and ran her fingers over his chest, counting each ab as she went up and down his chest. She started at the top of his slightly hairy chest and then counted them as she slid her fingers down his body. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, wait a minute 7 & 8 and by the time she got to the last two another muscles was starting to stir and so was Nic! He grabbed her hands, and she let out a small yelp.

Nic woke up and looked at the woman kneeling next to him. She had on a soft grey sweater that hugged her breasts and all her curves just right. He looked up at the woman kneeling next to him

"Emi! What are you doing?" He finally asked.

Emiline was so startled, "Um........ checking for a heartbeat," she stammered. Heartbeat she thought to herself, that was the first thing you could come up with was heartbeat, that's just stupid.

"Oh really," jested Nic and he put his strong hang over her left breast "cuz I'm pretty sure that this area could be a better spot to be checking for a person's heart to be beating."

"Nic, what in the world do you think you're doing touching me there!" She said, but she didn't attempt to move his hand. The fact of the matter was that Emiline was enjoying the feel of Nic's hand on her breast. Looking at his face she was pretty sure that he'd figure out what she was thinking and she stood up. "I'm going to go get you a few blankets so that you can warm up. You were freezing when you got here."

Nic watched her walk into what he assumed was her bedroom. The jeans she was wearing hugged her hips and thighs and outlined the curve of her butt just perfectly. He didn't need any blankets; he could have been warmed up just fine if she had stayed where she was a few minutes more. Emi returned carrying 3 King sized quilts, she set them down next to Nic and then grabbed a few pillows off of the couch and brought them over to put under his head. Then she spread the first quilt over the top of him, and hung his clothes up near the fireplace.

"Let me know if you need another quilt in a few minutes," she said "I have to finish making dinner."

She turned around walked across the room to the stove and flipped on the radio on and began finishing her dinner. As she worked Nic got up off the floor with the quilt wrapped around him and went to sit at the table. He studied her as she worked. She was completely lost in the music and what she was doing and he was enjoying the swaying of her hips with the rhythm of the music. She bent over and put the baking sheet full of rolls into the oven and set a timer then went back to finishing her soup.

When the timer went off she grabbed a pot holder and bent over to grab the tray out of the over. As she stood up to put the tray on the counter her hand shook, she went to grab the tray with her other hand but she forgot she didn't have a potholder in that hand. She screamed and dropped the tray onto the counter; Nic bolted out of his seat and ran toward her. He turned on the cold water in the sink and grabbed her hand and stuck it under the faucet. Looking down at her he saw that she was biting her lower lip and there were tears in her eyes. Nic pulled her hand out from under the water.

"You'll be ok Emi, it's just a little burn, and you probably won't even get a blister." He said sweetly, and then he took her hand and kissed it. "There all better," he said.

She still had tears in her eyes but at least now she was smiling. Nic couldn't resist anymore. Hanging onto her burned hand he took his arm and slid it around her waist and in one swift movement he pulled her in close and set his lips onto hers. He kissed her, first slowly and innocently and then as she melted into him it became more passionately. Nic pulled away unsure of how passionate their kiss was getting.

"No don't stop now", Emiline cried out!

Nic laughed at her plea. He hadn't expected her to react that way. She was looking up at him with pleading in her eyes. It wasn't that Nic didn't want to keep going, he just wanted to be sure it was something she wanted to do. He kissed her again, slowly. Teasing her with his tongue and kissing her lips more and more passionately he swung her around so that she was leaning against the island in the center of the kitchen. As their bodies began to heat up with the anticipation of whatever would happen next Nic reached down and slid Emiline's sweater up and over her head to reveal her perfect round breasts nestled inside of a slate colored bra with lace.

Then he lifted her into his big strong arms and carried her back over in front of the fireplace and then placed her on her feet next to the hearth. Then he took the 2 extra quilts she had brought out earlier and laid them on the floor and then he picked Emiline back up and gently lay her down on top of them. He knelt beside her, kissed her gently and cupped her covered breasts in his hands, then he slipped his hand from her chest down the sides of her body to her small waist and then on down towards her hips and then slid his finger over the button of her jeans with one hand he quickly disassembled it. Then he moved and grabbed ahold of the bottom of her jeans and slid them off of her body to reveal a matching slate colored lacy thong. Nic stood up and walked to the end of the blanket and knelt back down, then beginning at her feet he began to kiss every inch of her body. First he started at her left ankle, then her knees, then up her the inside of her thighs and right when he was almost at her pussy he stopped. Emiline had been holding her breath as he had been moving up the left side of her body, when he stopped she'd let out a tiny cry.

Nic had a huge smile on his face, she was enjoying what he was doing, and he was enjoying the anticipation that he knew was building in her body. He moved and went back to her right leg and began again. Ankle, knee, and slowly up the inside of her right thigh and then to the top of her thong. He slid his tongue around the waist band of her thong and she grabbed ahold of the quilt and let out a soft moan. His hands hand moved slowly as he removed her panties from her body.

Then beginning on the right side of her pussy, which was already starting to drip with anticipation, with her legs spread completely open he breathed heavily on her body and began to slide his tongue around her pussy. He used his fingers to push back the small piece of skin covering her colitis , then using his tongue in a flicking motion he because to play. Her breathing starting to get heaver and she was telling him how much she was enjoying what he was doing. When she was almost to her climax he climbed on top of her and began to slide his hard penis into her now very wet pussy. Slowly stoking her, maximizing her pleasure and then harder and harder until she thought she'd explode she hit her climax, screaming out in pleasure, the pulsating of her vagina cause him to release.

Nic stood up and told Emiline to get on her knees. He stood before her and slid his now soft penis into her mouth. As she began to suck, she use her hands massage his balls. She slid the tip of his penis into her mouth and then ran her tongue around the crown of the head. Then she slowly slid his member into her mouth and slid it back out. She stopped smiled up at him and ducked down and started to show some love to his balls. She slid her tongue around the 2 sacks hanging below his impressive member. While she was sucking on his balls she used her fingers to draw figure eights on his perineum. He was begging her to keep going. She moved again and still caressing his balls with her hands she slipped her lips back over the top of his shaft. Her tongue massaged his frenulum, slowly and then a little faster and then she slowed it back down again. She was watching the intense pleasure play across his face and he started yelling that he was coming and as he came she drank in his spray.

Emiline lay back down on the quilts and Nic crawled in behind her. He caressed her body, amazed that he had waited so long to be with her.

After a while Emiline heard Nic's stomach growl and she laughed. She reached behind her and patted his chiseled butt and scooted out of his arms. She crawled up off of the floor, grabbed one of hisshirts and walked back to the kitchen to finish preparing their dinner.

Nic threw on a pair of pants and a shirt and they sat at her kitchen table to eat. While they were eating Nic told her how he had ran out of gas on the way up the mountain. When they were finished eating Nic offered to help with the dishes. Nic washed and Emi dried the dishes and put them away. Looking at the clock, Nic decided he should probably figure out how to get back to main ranger station.

Emi had an extra truck that she could loan him so that he could get back down the mountain, but neither of them realized how back the weather had gotten while they were making love earlier. Nic walked over to open the door to see how much snow had fallen since he had gotten there a few hours earlier. When he opened the door the snow was up to his knees. He slammed the door shut and turned around to look at the beautiful woman standing next to the fire place. He shrugged as he looked at her, "Guess we're snowed in" he said grinning.

They spent the next few hours talking about what had happened to Emi since she had left for LA and about his life. She could see he was tired and although cuddling next to the fire place in the main room was nice the bed in her room was a lot more comfortable, and there was a fireplace in there too, it just needed a fire. Emi asked Nic if he could start a fire in her room. He raised a suspicious eyebrow at her and she laughed as she explained that she meant in the fireplace. While he was getting the fire started Emi dug through her drawers and found a black silky nighty to pull over her head. She headed into the bathroom and got ready for bed. When she walked back into the room he had a good fire going and as he turned around to see her, she could see that she had started a fire too. They crawled into the sleigh bed and Nic pulled her in close. They made love, slowly and passionately.

Around 6 am Emiline woke up and noticed that the room was very cold. She could still feel Nic behind her, which was good because that meant she wasn't dreaming. She crawled out from his arms and added more wood to the fireplace in her room, she went to put on a silk robe from her closet and when she tried to flip the light switch she discovered that the electricity had gone out while they were sleeping. She found the robe anyway, put it on and walked out of the room to close off the rest of the doors in the house, to keep what heat they did have from the fireplaces in the central areas.

It was really cold and what she needed right now was a good soak in the big claw foot tub in her bathroom. She was very happy that her water heater ran on the corn heater she'd had installed last year. As soon as her bath was full of hot steamy water she slid off her robe and climbed into the water. Nic must have heard the water shut off because within minutes of her relaxing she heard him walk into the room.

He pushed her forward in the tub and climbed in behind her and then pulled her body back up close to his. They didn't say anything to each other just sat in the heated water an enjoyed the feel of each other's naked bodies. After a few minutes Nic slid Emi forward and grabbed a bucket from the side of the tub and began a slow process of washing her long hair. Nothing felt sexier to Emiline than they man running his hand through her wet hair. When he was done she climbed out of the tub and he watched her towel off and brushes her long blonde hair and then braided it. She knew he was watching her, but she refused to turn around and catch him. She enjoyed the fact that he was drinking in her body with is eyes. It would just make the rest of their time together more enjoyable, then she left the room.

After taking a shower Nic walked out of the bathroom and leaned against the wall watching her sway to the music while she was making pancakes and frying bacon. With determination he walked across the room to where she was standing. He turned off the gas burners and decided to turn her body heat back on. He pulled her nighty off of her body and then lifted her naked body onto his. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he pressed her body against the cabinets. He kissed the tip of her nose, then each one of her eyelids, and finally brought his lips to hers.

He carried her over to the table slid her into the middle of it and climbed onto of her. He began kissing her neck and suckling on her breasts while his fingers played inside her pussy like a guitarist plays a melody on his instrument. Nic climbed off her and pulled her body towards the end of the table until her ass was almost ready to fall off the table. Then he got down on his knees with a wicked little smile on his face and used his lips to massage her colitis, Emiline moaned softly.

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