Nice Guy Gets Angry Ch. 01


"So big!" Sandra cried, looking over her shoulder at me briefly.

"So, tight!" I offered back. We exchanged a lust filled look before she turned back to Maria's pussy and ass. I started stroking in and out of Sandra, but I continued to watch her licking Carlos's little sister.

"Do you want to know what she's doing?" Maria asked Connor. Her tits were covered in sweat and his precum now.

"Please!" he answered.

"Sandra has two fingers inside of me, searching for that special spot," Maria said with a soft groan. "She always finds it eventually!"

I don't know how her words were affecting Connor, but I quickened my pace. I could actually see most of what Sandra was doing to Maria, but it was wild hearing her tell it!

"Every once in a while Sandra uses her thumb to rub my clit. It drives me mad!" Maria continued.

"Oh wow!" I cried. "I didn't notice that!"

"How does it look?" Connor asked me.

"InFUCKing creditable!" I replied honestly. I decided to have a little fun at Carlos's expense and describe what was happening to Connor in a way he could really appreciate. "You'd love it! Carlos's blond goddess of a girlfriend has her tongue buried in his 'innocent' little sister's ass! Carlos would simply keel over and die if he saw this!"

"Maybe!" Sandra panted, her own orgasm nearing. We were all on the edge of one great big explosion. "But he's not here and you are!"

"Sandra!" Connor laughed. "I would never have guessed you were such a nasty slut!"

"Now you know," shrugged. "Just don't tell Carlos!" She then turned to me and changed the subject by saying, "Carlos thinks ass fucking is nasty. He won't do it."

"In case you're wondering," Maria put in as she turned and gave me a wink. "That's an invitation if I ever heard one. Maybe after you take her ass, you can have mine."

"Promise?" I joked.

"Maybe later," she replied. It certainly sounded like a promise to me!

Truth be told, I'd never fucked a girl's ass before. I knew from rumors that it could hurt the girl and that some of them hated it. I always thought that those who didn't just tolerated it because the guy wanted it. Yet, here I was with two women who obviously felt differently.

I pulled my cock out of Sandra pussy. It was soaked with her juices. If I had any doubts at all, they disappeared when Sandra reached behind herself and held her ass cheeks apart for me. Truthfully, it wasn't really necessary in her case. Her small and shapely ass didn't hide much, but it was still one hell of a sight!

I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass and pushed gently. It wouldn't go in at first.

"Harder!" Sandra cried. I shrugged to myself and pushed a little harder, but it still wouldn't slip past her opening. "Harder!" she cried again.

"Come on!" Maria cried, looking over her shoulder once more. "Give it to her! Don't worry about hurting Sandra. Yours might be the first cock she's had in her ass, but I've used a dildo there plenty of times!"

I looked at both women momentarily and shook my head. It was time to stop worrying about things and just let loose. These two were really up for anything. I smiled at Maria, gave her a wink of my own and then slammed my hips forward. Sandra's ass resisted briefly, but it couldn't stand against the pressure I was applying. The head of my cock popped in and the rest of my dick quickly followed.

"Oh fuck!" Sandra cried. "He's a lot bigger than that little vibrator you keep in your purse!" I shook my head. What kind of woman kept a dildo in her purse? I could just imagine how Carlos would take the news. Maria saw me looking at her and blushed.

"It's not always in my purse. I just thought it was something we could have fun with."

"Hey!" Connor cried. "Pay attention! Don't stop!" His cock had slipped from between Maria's tits.

"Sorry," she apologized and then wrapped her tits around his cock once more, but she continued to look over her shoulder and watch Sandra and me.

I forgot her for a few minutes and concentrated on Sandra. She was no longer licking Maria. She was too focused on what we were doing now. It felt surprisingly good as I stroked in and out of her ass. It was certainly tight and nowhere near as gross as I feared. In fact, I quickly realized that I liked it!

"How is it?" Connor asked me. I couldn't tell if the thought of my fucking Sandra's ass turned him on or not.

"I always was an ass man," I replied with a grin. Connor shook his head.

"Not me," he said. "I'm a breast guy."

"Then I'd say we're both pretty lucky tonight," I said, watching his cock slip between Maria's tits. It was odd to watch another guy's cock fucking a girl's tits in real life. I refocused on Sandra's ass again.

I felt the bed move and heard Connor complain briefly. I looked up and saw that Maria had shifted positions. She now had a much better view of me fucking her brother's girlfriend's ass while still being able to rubbed her breasts up and down Connor's cock. She was also playing with her own pussy.

Sandra was now slamming back to meet my thrusts. I smiled and picked up the pace. She cried so loud that it was more of a wail as my balls started slapping her pussy and clit. She came and shook under me. Maria went off a moment later. I was close myself, but Sandra clamped down hard on my cock with her ass and unintentionally stopped me cold.

I looked up just in time to see Connor's cock explode. It was one hell of a sight! He covered Maria's tits with cum. It seemed to startle her. She was so focused on Sandra and her own orgasm that she seemed to have forgotten about Connor. I noticed that even thought she refocused on Connor and helped him finish, she refused to taste his cum. Connor tried to stuff his spewing dick into her mouth, but she wouldn't allow it.

"Don't you like the taste of cum?" I asked as I pulled out of Sandra's ass.

"Sandra's taste fine," she replied. "I've never tasted a guy's before and I don't plan of doing it tonight."

"But you'll let me take your ass?" I asked in confusion.

"I said maybe," she grinned, obviously no longer planning on allowing me to do so. I felt my temper rise, but before I could speak, Sandra spoke.

"Maria's only giving hand jobs and tit fucks to a couple of guys so far. She's a virgin."

"No fucking way!" Connor cried in surprised. I was pretty shocked myself. Of course, I wasn't sure I actually believed them.

"Yes, fucking way," Maria sighed loudly.

"Well, I can't take care of that!" Connor laughed, reaching for Maria. She quickly pulled away and jumped out of bed. He reached for her, but Sandra grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Leave her alone!" she snapped. "I'm more than enough woman for you."

"But..." Connor began.

"Connor, you've already cum on Carlos's little sister's tits," I interjected, not even sure why I was taking the ladies' side. "Wouldn't it be great to know that you also got to fuck his girlfriend?"

"Yes, but..."

This time it was Sandra who interrupted him. She didn't use words at first. Instead, she climbed on top of him and starting kissing him almost feverishly.

"I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you at that rush function where you won the chugging contest," she said. "Carlos saw me looking at you and got so annoyed that he didn't talk to me all night."

I sighed to myself. At least we now knew what probably made Carlos choose Connor as his favorite pledge to torment. On the other hand, from what I knew about Carlos, he really didn't need much of an excuse.

"Then let's satisfy that desire of yours!" Connor grinned, but then he turned to Maria and added, "You're next." I looked at her and saw that she didn't look happy. In fact, she looked a little frightened. I couldn't be angry in the face of her fear, but it didn't stop my head from spinning. These two women were confusing as hell!

First, I defend them from Connor and they all but throwing themselves at both of us. Then I let loose and get ready for one crazy night, and one of them turns out to be a virgin! I didn't know if I was coming and going anymore.

"Well, certainly not cumming," I sighed aloud.

Maria looked at me and frowned. I glanced down her body and felt myself shiver. I wanted her badly! She was built for sex despite her unwillingness. Add to that the fact that I still hadn't cum and I literally growled in frustration and desire. It was more of a throat sound than an actual snarl, but Maria obviously heard it.

She saw how I was looking at her and bit her bottom lip nervously. Her eyes darted toward the door to the room. For a moment, I found myself calculating what it would take for me to beat her to the door if she made a run for it, but then sanity returned. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

'What the fuck is wrong with me?' I wondered silently. 'And why does Maria just standing there drive me crazy?' No answers came.

Maria was still watching me nervously. She opened her mouth to say something, but I shushed her with a motion and handed her what was obviously her clothes. Thankfully, they were neatly folded on the desk. My own clothes were in a ball on the floor. I reached for them and started putting them on. I'd be one big wrinkly, but so be it.

"Where are you two going?" Connor asked when he finally noticed us. We were almost dressed by that time. Sandra was one hell of a distraction! I thought quickly.

"We're going to see if anyone is using the bathroom," I said. "We could both use a shower." He looked at me, frowned and then snorted is disbelief.


"You're right," I laughed, deciding honesty was the best policy. "We're sneaking out so that Maria can hold on to her virginity a bit longer." He sighed loudly and shook his head.

"You're too much of a gentleman for your own good," he said, smiling now. I sighed in relief. He was going to let us go. I wasn't afraid of Connor, but I didn't want to lose him as a friend because of a girl I barely knew.

"Tell me about it!" I groaned. "My first ass fuck and I never did finish. My balls are turning bluer as we speak!" Connor started laughing as Maria and I slipped out of the room. Once we were in the hall we looked at each other awkwardly.

"You were playing an awfully dangerous game in there," I finally said.

"I realize that," she said, before sighing and adding, "Now."

"So then why?"

"Well, I was pretty drunk at first," she explained. "But that's only part of it. I was also very horny. I was just about to orgasm when you guys knocked on the door."

"Why did you answer it?"

"Not me," Maria said. "Sandra. I guess she thought it might be Carlos."

"But you let Connor..." I began. She quickly cut me off.

"Yes, I did," she said quickly. "And I even thought about letting him or you do more, but then Sandra and I came and Connor covered my tits with his cum. After that, I just didn't want to anymore."

"I don't..." I began.

"Look, I really don't want to talk about this in the middle of the hallway and I have no intention of going back in there until Connor's gone," she interjected. "Is there anyplace we can go?"

"Let's go see if Beth and Allen are done 'studying'," I sighed. As we walked I realized that I was taking my frustration out on Maria, not that it wasn't her fault. Of course, that that didn't make it right.

I was horny as hell and desperately needed to orgasm. Fucking Sandra's ass, seeing her lick Maria and watching Connor's cock spew all over Carlos's sister's huge tits without my own release had me going crazy. If I were a normal guy I'd already have cum at least once! But I had to be a 'nice' guy, a 'gentleman'. I continued to silently beat myself up as we went.

The halls were deserted by now. It didn't take us long to get back to Beth's room. It was only one floor down in the same dorm. I knocked on the door, but no one answered. I knocked harder. There was still no answer. I was so angry that I just about ready to yell and chance waking up the entire hallway when I heard a noise down the hall.

"What?" Maria asked, noticing my expression.

"I guess I wasn't the only one who came up with the idea of a late night shower." The sound of the water running was obvious once you were listening for it. "How much do you want to bet that Allen and Beth are in the bathroom showering?"

"You know," Maria grinned. "I wouldn't mind washing Connor's cum off my tits, and I'm sure you could use a shower as well."

"Um, the shower is in use and we don't have towels," I said, not even sure why I was stalling. Maria once again had me off balance.

"I'm sure they have towels and would be willing to share," she grinned.

"You're crazy!" I snapped, for the first time really starting to believe it. "Do you want to have sex or not?" She shrugged and continued to grin. I took a deep breath and counted to ten. If she were a guy I would have slugged her! On the other hand, I wouldn't be in this predicament is she were a man.

"Let's go," she said, taking my hand and pulling me to the bathroom where the shower was running. She pushed past the door, still holding my hand. I was too in need of release to protest. Maria saw Allen and Beth in the shower and smiled excitedly. The truth suddenly hit me.

"You're a voyeur!" I cried. She blushed but didn't deny it. Everything started making sense now. Maria might participate a little, but she liked to watch more. That was why she was so gung ho earlier. The thought of watching Sandra, Connor and me was too much for her to pass up. It was only when Connor threatened to make her participate in a way she wasn't willing to that she resisted.

"Just my luck!" I snapped. "Here I am with one of the hottest women I've ever met and she'd rather watch then actually do anything!"

"I never said I wouldn't do anything," Maria replied, pulling off her shirt with a grin. "Just not everything!"

"Is someone out there?" Allen called as he and Beth looked toward us for the first time.

"I hope you two don't mind company!" I yelled back. Allen hesitated, but Beth answered.

"The more the merrier!" she called.

"See!" Maria laughed. I watched her breasts shake. I started to reach for her, but thought better of it. I wasn't in the mood to be teased.

I turned toward Beth with a hungry look. She looked back with a similar expression, although maybe not as desperate. She'd obviously had at least one orgasm tonight. I wasn't so lucky, but I had plans of remedying that fact almost immediately. Plans that didn't include this teasing voyeur bitch in front of me!

"Beth, Allen," I said as I quickly stripped off my clothes and moved toward the shower. This time I was leading Maria by the hand.

"This is Maria. She likes to watch, although I think she'll do a bit more with a girl." I then turned toward Allen and added, "She does allow a few lucky guys to fuck her tits, but don't get your hopes up! Of course, it's certainly worth a try with tits like those!"

"Thank you," Maria smiled. I shook my head in annoyance.

Allen was still frowning as I moved past him to Beth. I pushed the redhead until her back was against the tiled wall of the large shower. There were four showerheads along the walls. She was tall, so tall in fact that she was the perfect height for what I planned. I lifted one of her legs without preamble and pushed my cock into her red-haired pussy. Thankfully she was wet enough.

Beth gasped. So did Maria, but at the moment I couldn't care less what the voyeur bitch did! I needed to cum and Beth was willing. That was all I cared about at the moment!

"Hello to you too!" Beth laughed, but it quickly turned into a gasp as I started fucking her in earnest.

"That's it!" Maria said as she closed with us. "Fuck this redheaded slut!"

"At least she's not a tease!" I grunted as I picked up the pace again.

"I'm most certainly not that!" Beth grinned with a sexy smile. It got to me, but not half as badly as Maria's did when she smiled. Damn bitch!

Beth was looking at me hungrily. I watched her lips part slightly. They were begging to be kissed. Of course, Maria tried to beat me to it. The short brunette pulled Beth's face to her own and they kissed, or at least they tried to, but I was done being mister nice guy!

"I saved you from Connor!" I growled at Maria as I pulled her away from Beth. "That was my good deed for the day. I've had enough of you! Now get lost. Go do what you do best and watch. For now, Beth is mine!"

Instead of leaving, Maria kissed me. What a fickle bitch! I pushed her away again and kissed Beth, who didn't seem to care who kissed her, just as long as someone did. I was slamming my cock home by now. I felt my climax nearing when Beth tensed up and came.

She had problems standing as her orgasm hit, but I wasn't going to be denied again! I held her up and continued fucking her. I was surprised a moment later when Maria started helping me hold Beth in place. I continued to stroke in and out for a little bit longer before Maria once again interrupted.

"I owe you an ass," she said. "How about hers?" Maria's face was only inches away from mine. My own lust was mirrored in her eyes.

I didn't bother asking Beth. I simply moved away and spun her so that she was facing the wall. Her pale ass was heart shaped and certainly larger than Sandra's. I could make out the red thatch of hair between her legs, but I didn't focus there for long. I saw her asshole and groaned in desire. My cock found the entrance and I pushed in relentlessly. Beth cried out, but didn't try and stop me.

"Reach between us and rub her clit!" I demanded of Maria. She did so without complaint. I pulled Beth's head around and kissed her again as I continued to slam into her.

"You sick bastard!" Beth cried between kisses. "I can't believe you're actually fucking my ass!"

"Whatever!" I snapped back. "You love every second of it!" I knew I was right. It was plain to see in her face.

"No I don't!" she cried, trying to deny the truth.

I leaned forward and whispered lustfully in her ear, "Sure you do! Just like you like the feel of Maria' fingers at your clit. Admit it!"

"Please!" Beth cried out. "Don't make me!" I reached around and squeezed her breasts as I continued to slam into her ass from behind. The pale globes shivered with every thrust.

"Tell me!" I demanded. "Admit it or I'll stop!"

"No! Don't stop!" she cried. "I love it! Please don't stop! I love the feel of your cock filling my ass!"

"If you don't want me to stop," I said. "Then cum again! Make Maria's fingers sticky with your juices!"

"Wow!" Maria said, but I ignored her. I pinched Beth's nipples hard.

"Here I go...again!" Beth nearly screamed. Her eyes grew big and she almost looked frightened as her next orgasm hit. I let go of her breasts and grabbed her hips. I held nothing back. I slammed into her hard. Her ass muscles tensed similarly to the way Sandra's had earlier. This time it didn't even slow me down! I could feel Maria's fingers at Beth's pussy as my balls slapped against them.

I grabbed Maria by the hair and surprised us both by pulling her into a hungry, lust filled kiss. I'm sure I bruised her lips, but at that moment I could care less! Beth was thrashing against me wildly. I barely noticed. I slammed into her one last time and came as I continued to attack Maria's lips. My orgasm was so intense that I nearly blacked out!

It took me a while before I was able to focus again, and when I did I found myself sitting on the shower floor. I would have been embarrassed, but Beth was also on the floor. She was still leaning against the wall. Only now, her head was resting on Maria's shoulder. I looked away quickly. I didn't want to focus on Maria. That last kiss was something else and I wasn't ready to think about it yet.

I noticed poor Allen still standing. He looked stunned. I couldn't blame him. That was the quickest, most intense orgasm I ever had! It was more of an animalistic rutting than anything two lovers would share. The scary part was that on some levels it was deeply satisfying. It showed me a different aspect of myself and it scared me a little. Yet, I also felt a strong desire to let it loose again.

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