tagNovels and NovellasNice Neighbors Ch. 01

Nice Neighbors Ch. 01

byLauries Husband©

(This multi-chapter story could be listed in several different groups. It contains group sex, bisexual and gay contact, incest, BDSM and other fetishes. If this offends you, please stop now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy. And a special thanks to Julie, my kinky muse, for her wonderful inspiration and support.)

In my mind, it was better than winning the Lottery. Sure, all that cash would be nice, but we really liked what we did for a living. And sometimes, recognition for a job well-done is even better than the money.

It seemed that the forces of the universe were solidly on our side. Within the last few months, both Laurie, my wife of thirty-five years, and I were offered our dream jobs. I would be the new chair of the Philosophy Department at Stone College and she was picked as the newest Superintendant of the public school system in the beautiful, upstate New York community of Eagle Rock – coincidentally, the home of Stone College.

What made this especially nice was that Lisa, our twenty-six year-old daughter, was employed at a private "think tank" only two towns away. She was two months away from signing a new apartment lease when we got our news and flew out there to start house-hunting. Thankfully, the college staff had done an excellent job of screening the available homes in the range we wanted and we were able to start the purchase of a large, modern house in what seemed to be a quiet and well-maintained suburban neighborhood where most of the homes backed on to a country club golf course.

The house was large enough that having Lisa back home (if she wanted) and Matt living there between semesters at graduate school was a welcome thought. There were plenty of rooms for all our different activities and the communal rooms were large and comfortable as well. There was a semi-enclosed pool/Jacuzzi combo off the side of the back patio that was mostly hidden behind thick, tall shrubs from our neighbors on that side.

We started the paperwork and flew back home to get our old house ready to be sold and all our belongings packed up and shipped. Several weeks seemed to fly by and we were lucky enough to get an offer for the old place. So with nothing left to do, Laurie and I drove our cars across the Midwest and after a few days of leisurely driving, stopping several times to play golf, we finally arrived in New York. The first night there we stayed at a local motel, planning on meeting the movers at our new home first thing in the morning.

Laurie was looking every bit the MILF as she dressed to work in short camp-shorts and a plain white T-shirt that was just a little too small to tuck into her shorts. A year-round schedule of tennis and swimming along with twice-a-week visits to the gym has kept my fifty-something wife trim, fit and looking and feeling like a girl in her late thirties. And while not quite as active as she is, I have also maintained a level of fitness that wouldn't embarrass either of us. We also like to think that the nature of our sex lives also contributes to our well-being.

It was a gorgeous, sunny late summer day, already over 80 degrees by the time the truck pulled up at 9:00am. Just unloading our stuff from the cars after we had arrived had both of us sweating, and in Laurie's case, that meant her damp cotton cover was sticking to her braless breasts and showcasing them whenever she moved. It was something the young men from the moving company noticed immediately.

The two twenty-something boys were from our old town. In fact, they had both gone to high school with our kids, graduating in the same class as Lisa. We had known them forever, it seemed, and they had always been more than polite whenever we'd run into them. After checking their business out and getting nothing but good comments, hiring them seemed to be a no-brainer. Now, miles from anyone we knew, they seemed to be the ones checking us out!

Both boys were big and muscular, at least six or seven inches taller than me. Jeff, Lisa's closer friend of the two, was a rugged looking man with sandy colored hair and an interesting face. Paul, a very good-looking Hispanic man was as dark as Jeff was light. They shook hands with me but then, one at a time, both guys embraced Laurie and gave her quick kisses on the cheek.

"Jeez, Mrs. ¬¬¬___," Jeff said as he took Laurie by the arm, "I haven't seen boobs that nice since...well, Lisa, I guess." Laurie smiled and moved closer to the young man. "Are you guys," his eyes swung towards me, "still playing? I mean, Lisa told me a while ago. I got her on Facebook after we talked about your move and she assumed, I guess, that I had already been with you."

Laurie's smile told me all I needed to know. She moved even closer to him, rose up on her toes and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Jeff, first of all, please call me Laurie, ok? Are you saying you young men are attracted to an old married lady like me?" Her eyes dropped to her T-shirt where her nipples threatened to rip the material apart. "And anyway, how can you say something like that..." her eyes rolled over my way but her smile just got wider "in front of my husband?"

Paul laughed and gestured towards Jeff. "He told me Lisa said her daddy likes it when you play...likes to be a bitch for you and your playmates." He looked over at me, appraising me. My heart rate increased and my cock started filling with blood. But luckily, I felt, I regained a little control – hey, we had work to do!

As calmly as I could, I looked away from Paul and back to Jeff. "Listen," my voice was surprisingly normal, "I understand what you guys want. We," I looked towards Laurie for a second, "probably do, too. Maybe even more than you." I smiled. "But, we have stuff that can't wait – that stuff can." I looked pointedly at Jeff's hand, now cupping my wife's braless breast from underneath. "I really didn't plan on paying you guys thousands of dollars to fondle my wife's tits."

Jeff removed his hand as we all laughed. "I propose that if we get a majority of the stuff unloaded and set up...including the extra-large king size bed in the master bedroom...by late afternoon, we can knock off and play. You guys can spend the night here, and we'll finish in the morning. But no playing before this afternoon – if then."

Three big grins met my eyes. And then Paul cleared his throat. "Uhm...what I said, Mr. ___, I didn't mean any disrespect, you know?" He blushed – it was kinda cute.

I looked him straight in the eye, my face as neutral as I could make it. "Please, call me Steve. Later, you can call me bitch or whatever you want. If you guys get a move on, right?"

Paul tilted his head and then grinned again. Then in a bold move, he palmed Laurie's other breast over her top and pinched her swollen nipple until she moaned. "C'mon, partner," he said to Jeff, "we got stuff to do."

We all worked hard for the next few hours. Of course, there were several times that I walked into a room and found either one of the movers in a clinch with my wife – nice, romantic kisses as they got to know each other. But the work was getting done so no one was complaining. I stopped to watch one time as Paul's mouth covered Laurie's and his big, dark hands covered the cheeks of her adorable ass. His fingertips found their way under the hem of her rather short shorts and within seconds she was whimpering in his arms. Paul looked at me and smirked. "I can see you like me playing with your wife." His eyes dropped to the tent in the front of my shorts. "Maybe I want to play with you, too." I couldn't help the jump my cock made and he saw it and laughed. "Both of you want to be my bitches...nice." He kissed Laurie and quickly got back to work.

Laurie fell into my arms and we shared a long, loving kiss. Then smiling as she leaned back, she looked into my eyes. "We really know how to motivate, honey," she giggled. "But later, Steven...I don't know what our darling daughter actually told them, but it's been a while since we really played, you know?" She kept her smiling eyes on mine as she palmed my hard-on through my shorts. "You seem pretty excited, baby. How far do you think you want to go with these boys?" I know she felt me shudder as her words went through me.

"If I think about it, darling," I tried to match her smile but my voice was a little shaky, "I would say that Jeff wants to fuck you to fulfill a mother/daughter fantasy – very rare to find a mom and her little girl both so hot." We shared a knowing smile. "I think his interest is mostly with you. Paul, on the other hand..."

"Steven," Laurie interrupted with a real sense of urgency, "can you still take it? Everything?" I looked at her, not sure I understood. "I think I know what you were going to say," she continued with a new sense of passion. "He's different, baby. He makes me feel strange...have strange thoughts." Her lust-filled eyes started to glow as her fingers gripped my steel-hard shaft. "Listen to me, Steven."

Her voice changed while she spoke. Suddenly I remember when I'd heard it before and I lost the ability to breathe, my guts were tied in knots. Many years earlier, Laurie became involved with a young, handsome Mexican man and one night, after being with him, he'd had to drop her off at a small bar his friends inhabited where I was to pick her up. He had an appointment and his friends were supposed to watch out for her. I was a little late and by the time I got there, the boys had introduced my wife to tequila shooters and Mexican machismo. And she fell instantly in love with both.

I walked into a dark, almost empty saloon – one man behind the bar and four men sitting with Laurie in a booth towards the back. As I got closer, I saw hands all over her chest and one guy nuzzling her neck. No one looked like the man Laurie had described to me several times and I guess I got a little over-anxious. I rushed towards the table and the next thing I was aware of was jerking awake while one of the guys from the booth was slapping my face and holding me down on a chair. I tried to get up, but that only resulted in a short, quick punch to my groin. As I groaned from the pain, I heard my tequila-soaked wife laughing as one of the men brought her over to the chair. "Really?" I heard her ask the man holding me down. "Just like that?" It was her small fist that delivered the next strike. Coached by the man holding me down, she delivered a perfect right cross to my sore, swollen genitals – laughing the entire time. Through the ringing in my ears I heard her say "Fuck, Julio! I swear I just came from doing it!"

"If you don't tell me 'no' right now, I will hurt you later, my love, physically and mentally." Her dark pink fingernails seemed to ignore the material of my clothes and pressed into my cock. I moaned as she took complete control – it had been so long. Her eyes became slits and her voice almost breathless. "So will he, Steven...I will tell him to hurt you, too." Her other hand slid up the leg of my shorts and found my shaved scrotum. She grabbed my balls and started to tug them down almost violently. "Don't you dare cum now. You know the rules, cuckyboy. And I notice you're not saying 'no'." She smirked as she gave my sac one more squeeze. "I think you knew something like this might happen, Steven, as soon as you hired this big, dark, beautiful Mexican man to move us." I felt the blood rush across my face and I knew she would take that as an admission. I was still looking down as she left the room and got back to work.

I passed her in the kitchen – she was calling in a pizza delivery order for lunch – and she told me to tell the boys (I think she was feeling very MILF'y at that point) that lunch would arrive in about an hour. Laurie told me to make sure the patio table and chairs were unloaded and set up for lunch – she wanted to eat by the pool.

I had just finished when the doorbell rang. Grabbing my wallet, I paid the delivery guy and took the boxes out back to the patio. Jeff and Paul were sitting at the table and I got there just as Laurie came through the sliding glass door from the den overlooking the pool. She had our immediate attention – even from across the blue water – in her tiny white bikini. With a little girl's grin, she dove in faultlessly and swam underwater until she reached the wall nearest the table.

"Oh my God!" she shrieked as her head popped out of the water, her hands on the top of the tile. "It's so cold, but it feels so great!" And with no further words or warnings, Laurie boosted herself up to her feet on the edge of the pool. As she stood in the mid-day sun, before two men almost thirty years her junior and her husband of thirty-five years, she was totally confident that what they would see would please all of them in one way or another.

It was her favorite suit. Almost invisible when wet, it dried to a nice opaque white. And it dried quickly, too. The top offered minimal support, more for coverage than anything else. When wet, it looked like she wore white lace as an enticement. The bottom was three strings and a tiny triangle that barely covered her clit, leaving half of her fleur-de-lis tattoo uncovered on her smooth, shaved pubic mound. When wet, of course, her slit was totally visible and her lips were discernable if she was excited enough.

Neither of the young men uttered a word as she walked barefoot across the patio to the table. Jeff pulled out a chair for her and she sat between them, letting them stare as the sun and the heat slowly took the graphic view away.

"Dude," Paul said to me, his attitude evident in his voice, "you let your wife act like this in front of other men? You really are a cornudo, a cuckold, huh?" He was shaking his head as he reached for a slice.

"Excuse me," Laurie broke in after a bite, "but he doesn't let me do anything, vaquero. This girl makes her own decisions, understand?"

Paul took a small bottle of water and poured it over Laurie's top, her flushed breasts and swollen nipples becoming visible to all. He tossed the bottle towards me and then palmed my wife's tit. "Very nice," he smirked, "I like a girl with a little fire inside." He let her go and resumed eating as though nothing had happened. But I saw the look pass across Laurie's face. She was already feeling his heat and she let all of us know by turning into him and kissing him long and hard.

It was the kind of kiss that makes everything else seem unimportant. She glided from her chair onto his thick, strong thigh rocking lightly back and forth. Without breaking their kiss, her hand found his and guided it down to the table, took the pizza out of his grasp and then placed his fingers over her flushed and swollen breast. He pulled on her nipple as she moaned into his mouth. There were three erections and one (I thought) very wet pussy around that table.

We were all quite surprised when a nice looking young woman of about twenty announced herself from behind us about ten feet away.

"Uhm, hi? Sorry I interrupted." She was holding out her hand, unsure about what she had just witnessed at the table. "I'm Katie. Your, uhm, next door neighbor. I knocked...really...then I heard you out here." She turned a nice shade of crimson as she got close enough to see Laurie's dark pink swollen nipples through the translucent top. "Oh...God...I really am sorry. I should go..."

I looked at her as she stammered her apologies. Cute. Better than cute. Hazel eyes under a short, straight bob of glimmering dark hair. Nicely built, she looked athletic, strong. Stronger, I thought, than the nervous, excited girl we were currently seeing. I stood up to make introductions.

"Please," I said with a slightly shaky voice, "no need to be sorry...just having a little lunch break. Katie, is it?" She nodded, still looking quite anxious but also more than a little excited. "Katie, I'm Steve ____, and this lovely lady behind me is my wife, Laurie." I turned around to see my naughty wife still perched on Paul's thigh but turned halfway around to meet our new neighbor. Paul continued to nuzzle her neck and his hand never moved from her breast as she greeted Katie with a big smile. "And this is Jeff and Paul," I nodded towards the table, "our, uhm, movers." I knew my face was totally flushed – I can't remember the last time I felt so embarrassed. "Would you like a drink? Or a little lunch?"

Katie, not quite knowing what to say, wisely said nothing as she surveyed the scene before her, her bright, inquisitive eyes taking in every detail. Gradually a smile formed across her face – first her mouth relaxed and then her eyes crinkled up at the ends.

"No, thanks," her smile was becoming a little smirky, "I don't think you need any more guests at this little party. I really just wanted to say hello..." she started to giggle as she stepped past me and stood next to Laurie and Paul, "to my new boss." I heard my wife gasp as the young woman slid one hand over the breast that Paul wasn't holding, Then the gasping stopped completely as Katie covered Laurie's mouth with her own, their tongues licking each others' lips. Katie broke the kiss but kept her fingers busy, pulling and twisting the thick, swollen bud on the tip of Laurie's firm, round tit.

Her smile was devastating as she gazed at each of us in turn, ending up looking directly at Laurie. "Superintendant," she started and Laurie shook her head like she was waking herself out of a dream. "I'm sure you will get a formal notice from the School Board soon, but anyway, the woman you met during your interviews, she was gonna be your PA, right? But she had to leave – her husband was transferred – but anyway, I'm your new PA! Isn't that great?"

Laurie groaned as Katie punctuated her announcement with a tight pinch on her new boss' nip. They kissed again and this time, the domineering young woman slid her fingers under Laurie's bikini, using the back of her hand to move the thin, white material off of her breast, leaving it bare and in everyone's clear sight. Her other hand slid down Laurie's back, her fingers pointed down. This time I was the one who gasped as her middle finger slid through my wife's ass crack until she was stopped by Paul's hard, muscular leg.

She just looked at Laurie like they'd done this a million times before. "Stand up a little, boss." And Laurie responded the way she did to any dominant personality – her face flushed a deep red and her breathing got shallow and fast. She stood up enough that her hot, juicy cunt no longer touched her swarthy Mexican cowboy. My heart, mind, and cock all jumped simultaneously as I saw more of the true depth of the young woman revealed. She rewarded my compliant, submissive wife with a thank you, a kiss and a loving lick of her nipple for standing up as requested. My knees almost buckled as I watched her saliva drip from the tip of Laurie's tit. Then they started kissing again.

This time though, there was no doubt about who was in control. She lifted Paul's hand off of Laurie's breast and told him he could make himself useful by untying the bikini top. When it looked like he might say something, her fingers grabbed his swollen tool. "Nice, boss...if you dig big dicks." She looked at Paul. "Play nice now, you might even learn something." She dropped his cock and resumed her passionate, probing French kiss, her tongue moving so seductively around Laurie's lips and in her sweet mouth. Katie's right hand was still exploring my wife's tight ass when her left hand slid down from Laurie's chest, over the soft curve of her flat, tanned stomach and finally to her smooth-shaven mound as her fingers slid under the tiny scrap of bikini-bottom that barely covered her sex.

Laurie was moaning into her young, beautiful (yes, she became more beautiful as she became more dominant) PA's mouth as her excitement grew. I heard the tell-tale sounds of a climax starting to build as my eyes, along with the now silent movers', stared at Katie's hands. They were moving faster and faster – two of her fingers in front plunging in and out of the wet cunt I know so well and her fingers in back just as busy having invaded Laurie's backdoor. Her moans grew louder and longer as Katie's fingers kept up their steady assault until finally, as I saw my wife's stomach muscles start to roll that certain way, Katie broke their kiss once more. Her head dropped immediately to Laurie's breast, her teeth around the thick, hard nipple in a heartbeat and one tiny, sharp bite was all it took to send Laurie completely over the edge. Her high-pitched wail shocked all of us before drifting away with the last of her orgasmic shudders.

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