tagNovels and NovellasNice Neighbors Ch. 03

Nice Neighbors Ch. 03

byLauries Husband©

(Please read Chapters 1 and 2 if you haven't already. This multi-chapter story could be listed in several different groups. It contains group sex, bisexual and gay contact, incest, BDSM and other fetishes. If this offends you, please stop now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy. And a special thanks to Julie, my kinky muse, for her wonderful inspiration and support.)


"Goddamn," he thought to himself, "it's gonna be a long afternoon." Steven was leaning against the refrigerator door, drinking from a cold bottle of water he'd just taken out. He was aware that the three other people in the house were thinking the very same thing. He closed his eyes, tried to quiet his rapid heartbeat and then recalled the image of what he had seen just moments earlier.

The impromptu pizza lunch out by the pool had been embarrassingly interrupted by the sudden appearance of one of their new neighbors. The very attractive, twenty-two or -three year-old daughter of the family next door, it seems, had graduated from college only two months before and her first job was going to be as her new neighbor's PA (personal assistant) in the public schools' Superintendant's office. She had come over to introduce herself to Laurie, and found a scene around the swimming pool in the back that she never would have expected in a million years.

She hadn't planned on sneaking up on her new boss and her husband, the new Chairman of the Philosophy Department who had all of Stone College abuzz, but when she was close enough to see what was happening, she stopped moving before anyone noticed her. "Jesus Christ," her mind was processing all the input from her eyes and ears as she stood there silently, "wait 'til Evan hears about this!"

Katie Bell thought of herself as one of the new, empowered women of the twenty-first century. Her family had always encouraged her strength and independence, and between Katie's parents, Julie and Don, and her older brother Evan, their unusual closeness was totally supportive of her and her choices. For about the last four or five years, her choices sexually had mostly been submissive women. And the rare times she wanted to be dominated herself, or to simply play with male genitals (a rare but powerful obsession), she almost always stayed within her immediate family for gratification. Well, almost always.

She had turned the corner leading to the pool just as a dark Hispanic-looking man poured a bottle of water over the tiny, white bikini, soaking the chest of the woman holding him tightly. Katie just knew she to be her new boss. She was sitting on his lap, kissing him like a little school girl with a crush as her bikini top turned nearly invisible. Katie's heart started pumping so hard she thought everyone would be able to hear it. She couldn't tear her eyes away from her new boss' tits -- they were just gorgeous as was the woman herself.

A strong, dark hand appeared on Laurie's firm, full breast causing the older man in front of her to gasp, drawing Katie's attention to him -- the new Philosophy Chair. "Oh my God!" she thought again. "He's so getting off on this!"

The young girl's mind was spinning and she knew she wouldn't remain unnoticed much longer. Images of what she was seeing were being shaped by discussions she'd had with her various family members in the past until suddenly Katie knew exactly what she had to do. From her first, somewhat hesitant "hello" to her departing command, it seemed that Katie was following a script she could have written with her brother about how an erotic encounter might go.

The four of them, Laurie and Steven, Paul and Jeff -- the movers -- all stayed silent, finishing a piece of pizza or a drink until Katie had walked out the gate. They glanced at each other, no one knowing quite how to react to what had just happened. Then Jeff broke the silence with his best Keanu Reeves impression.

"Dude," he was looking directly at Laurie, "your new secretary's really hot!" Paul broke up along with his partner.

Laurie looked directly at her husband. "Mmmm, she is," the hot wife moaned, "and smart, too." He understood she had heard Katie refer to him as a cuckold.

She finished her drink, wiped her hands with a square of paper towel and climbed off of Paul's thigh. She picked up her bikini top and started walking back to the house. She turned her head over her shoulder and looked at the young men. "Gotta a lot to do in three hours if you want to play with this, fellas." Her arm swept across her almost naked form as she gave them a great dirty grin and then went into the house, rolling her hips seductively and feeling their eyes on her still firm ass.

Steven took the boxes and plates and empty bottles back into the kitchen as Paul and Jeff lit cigarettes. When he returned, Paul turned to him and said rather loudly and rudely, "Come here, cuck. Tell me something."

The Doctor of Philosophy had addressed international symposiums and had consulted for Presidents. Yet he couldn't recall another time his heart beat faster than it was at that moment. There was something in the young man's voice that compelled him to respond and he moved between the two smoking men. Out of nowhere, he heard his wife's voice in his head repeating what she'd said earlier about causing him pain…and telling Paul to do the same.

"You're not gay, are you?" Paul's voice brought Steven out of his reverie.

"No." He had a puzzled look on his face.

"Neither am I," Paul continued. "See, I've been trying to explain to my white bread partner that two guys don't necessarily have to be gay, you know…for one to give the other one head. Right?" Steven froze.

It was like his brain went into warp drive and the distinguished professor was headed towards his own personal subspace -- where he was able to convert shame and humiliation, pain and degradation into a perversely satisfying pleasure. Almost unconsciously he fell to his knees, his eyes only inches away from the bulge in Paul's pants.

The Mexican turned to his friend. "See, it's not about being gay -- in fact, it really isn't about sex, although, fuck…you know…a mouth on your cock feels great -- but it's all about power and shame and shit like that." Paul shrugged his shoulders as though it wasn't his idea.

Jeff looked at his partner with awe in his eyes. "Dude, where did you learn this shit?"

"Hey, it's all over the internet, man. How do you think I get so many cougars? You learn how to spot hot wives and cuckold husbands, learn how to treat them and you can take your pick." Paul grinned at the man on his knees. "Right, cuckman?" Steven turned bright red as he meekly nodded his head in reply.

Paul smiled at Jeff as he put his cigarette out in a piece of half-eaten pizza. "Like our current client here, you know? What did you think about him when you dated his daughter?"

"He was a famous professor -- Big Ten school. It was funny, but he was really nice for being, you know, kind of an important guy. Lisa's house was always a popular place and her folks were always cool. Why?" Jeff leaned forward as he saw his buddy's hand wrap around the older man's neck.

"So he liked being respected, huh? Well guess what else he likes." Paul smirked as he leaned back in his chair and spread his legs. He tugged his zipper down and fished out his semi-hard, light brown dick. "A powerful guy like him doesn't say a word when his wife shows us everything…he craves humiliation." He pulled Steven's face closer, noticing no resistance from him at all. "And what could be more humiliating to a man who had your respect once but now he sucks cock in front of you?" The dominant Mexican pushed the big, spongy head of his hardening cock into his client's mouth. He pulled it out and slapped Steven's cheeks with the thick, meaty weapon, telling him to hold his mouth open.

Paul pushed his cock into the older man's mouth until it hit the back of his throat and then he pulled it all the way out again. He repeated this several times as Jeff laughed and Steven gagged. When he felt the older guy try to swallow his cock, he pulled out and put himself back into his pants. Laughing at Steven's frustration, he told him he could eat all the cock he wanted after they finished work for the afternoon. Paul told him to clean the lunch stuff up and then start arranging things they'd already unloaded for the master bedroom. Jeff could only stare in amazement as his partner was giving orders to their customer.

In spite of all the distractions that the four of them faced, they did a remarkable job for the next few hours getting almost everything unpacked and assembled or put away. Laurie took charge directing her husband and the movers as chaos slowly turned to order in the master bedroom and then other rooms in the spacious house. When she knew that the afternoon deadline challenge had been successfully met, she gathered the guys in her bedroom.

She looked at Paul and Jeff with a smirky grin on her face, her eyes glowing in anticipation. "I suggest you guys clear the lawn and lock the truck -- I don't think we're gonna do any more work tonight, are we?" The well built, twenty-something young men just grinned and shook their heads. "There are several showers upstairs and another one downstairs. Come back up here when you're all cleaned up."

Steven's eyes were on the floor as his wife spoke. No matter how many times she let him know his rightful place in their sex life, the feelings of shame and humiliation never stopped. By the time she spoke to him, his face was burning bright red. "Steven, you're wasting time. Take off your clothes now, please. You need to shower before I have my bath." His eyes rose immediately to hers, pleading silently to change her instruction. "Now, cucky-boy…and you know we don't really know the plumbing yet…I think you should start with a cold shower, just so we…" she indicated the movers "don't run out of hot water."

His skin was vibrating as he started removing his clothes and he could barely breathe as he stood before the three others. He loved and admired his wife completely, and he appreciated her understanding of his fantasies and what drove them. To be the only one naked in a room with other people was a fantasy that triggered both of their submissive natures; but Laurie wasn't ever submissive to her husband -- only her other lovers could make her feel that way. He wondered if the movers would pick up on her words -- making them seem more important than he. Somewhere deep inside he smiled -- he knew that if they didn't, his loving wife would let them know in plain English. In the meantime, he knew he had to expose himself to the two young studs; his wife was waiting for the show.

Finally naked, his five and one-half inch flesh tube rising from his de-nuded crotch, the professor made his way to the shower as the younger men laughed and made the usual comments regarding his equipment. He wondered why, after all this time, that it still hurt him when Laurie never defended his sexual prowess.

The cold shower was over as quickly as he could manage to rinse the soap off his goose-bump covered body. Of course, Laurie called him back into the bedroom before his cock had re-gained any of the length lost to the freezing water.

Of course, the movers were still there -- Paul lifting her shirt over her arms and Jeff kneeling before her, unbuttoning and unzipping her shorts.

And of course, the comments started again as the two men pointed and laughed, wondering out loud if his tiny appendage was a penis or a clit.

"Mmmm…" Laurie pretended to be deep in thought, "I'm just wondering, Steven, if we should be calling you clitty-boy instead of cucky-boy from now on." She took Paul's hand off of her hip and put it on her naked breast, rubbing her nipple into his palm. His calluses felt rough against her soft flesh, exciting the newest hot wife lucky enough to taste Paul's sexy essence. "I think so, clitty-boy. Yes, I like the sound of that." Laurie moaned and her husband's eyes moved from the hand on her tit down to her crotch where Jeff was now licking her wet slit. "Start my bath, clitty-boy -- I'll be in shortly." As her husband walked away, he saw her turn and kiss the dark, handsome and virile Mexican while the other young man kept licking her swollen lips as she kicked off her shorts.

A few minutes later, the mid-fifties MILF was luxuriating in the steaming bath, her body relaxed, open, and receptive to what the afternoon might bring. As her loving and devoted husband washed her back with a soft soap-filled sponge, Laurie was remembering the feeling of her new secretary's lips pressed against her own earlier that afternoon. She gasped when she remembered the way Katie's hand went right inside her top -- her fingertips squeezing her nipple! "A pretty bold way to introduce yourself," Laurie thought. "Pretty sexy, too!"

The new Superintendant thought she recognized a very strong, dominant personality in her Personal Assistant. The thought of submission to another woman had always been one of Laurie's favorite fantasies, though she usually pictured a Mistress closer to her own age. But the reality was somewhat different -- David, her husband's older brother, had been her Master for the past ten years. Losing that relationship was the hardest part of the move for all of them; but suddenly things seemed brighter, at least for Laurie. Satisfied, at least for the moment with how things might go, she sat up quickly and lifted her firm ass to the edge of the tub.

"Shave me, Steven." She spread her firm, athletic thighs revealing her deliciously pink and forever young looking pussy. He grabbed the can of gel foam and the razor. "Do a good job, baby." Laurie smiled wickedly at her husband. "I have a feeling Katie wouldn't like it if you didn't do a perfect job."

The two movers washed away the grit and grime of the day's work, standing under their respective showers on the second floor, while Steven was busy finishing up grooming his decidedly excited wife. Done with the shaving, he put the razor on the counter and grabbed a washcloth from the tub to wipe away the remaining shaving cream. He pulled and stretched her lips and the flesh surrounding her sweet pink slit making sure she was completely clean and hair-free. He could see and smell her growing excitement and knew he was right in his earlier assessment. "It was going to be a long afternoon…and a long evening as well," he thought once more before lurid images of both young men with his wife started clouding his mind. Laurie asked him sweetly if he was finished. He nodded but his thoughts were obviously elsewhere.


"Fuck…Jesus Christ!" Steven hissed as he lost his breath and his eyes clouded with excruciating pain. He tried desperately to keep his reaction as quiet as possible. But it was a tough task -- his scrotum felt like it was going to explode when Laurie kicked her lower leg upwards sending the flat part of the top of her foot squarely into her husband's hanging ball sac. Blinking away the tears that automatically filled his eyes, he looked up to see the glare of pure lust radiating from the depths of Laurie's ice-blue eyes.

"Got something to say, clitty-boy?" Her voice was low and breathy. "When you're with me, I expect you to pay attention to me. Is that too much to ask?" Steven started to reply when


"Oh, Goddamn, Mistress…" Steven's head fell forward -- only his wife's hands kept his skull from hitting the side of the bathtub. Her foot caught him again in exactly the same place; his groin was on fire and he could barely breathe.

"It was a rhetorical question, clitty-boy. Even you should have known that." He let her lift his face back up, tears running down his cheeks. "C'mon, baby, stand up and let Mommy make it all better." He heard the sudden sweetness in her voice, but when he cleared his eyes he still saw the lustful glare sweeping over him and he had a hard time stopping himself from shaking. But he managed the throbbing pain spreading through him and slowly stood, legs apart, in front of her.

Both of the young movers finished cleaning up and met in the hallway. They started chuckling as they looked at each other -- dressed the same, only a towel around their waists. When they heard a distressed "Oh, Goddamn" coming from the master bedroom, the laughter stopped.

Paul flashed his friend a wicked grin. "C'mon, vaquero…sounds like the party's started."

"Fuck, dude, look at that!" Jeff whispered as he led the pair into the master bedroom and looked into the bathroom first. Paul caught up to him and looked as well. Laurie was still sitting on the side of the bathtub with her husband standing in front of her. She used one hand to hold his limp dick flat against his slightly rounded stomach and gingerly licked his sac as he moaned continuously. Then her other hand started pulling the shaved, wrinkled skin of his scrotum down and away from its natural position.

"Oh please, Mistress, I'm begging you…don't..please don't do it agai…"


It was almost a silent scream that jolted the two young men staring into the small, tiled room and watching the mother and father of their friends and schoolmates. Their surprised gasps announced their presence and both parents in the bathroom looked over at them. Steven's face showed pain and humiliation; his wife returned the boys' inquisitive stare with a lusty glare they'd never seen before…as her mouth opened and she carefully fit the wrinkled flesh between her teeth and bit down hard enough to hold on.

A moment later she released his tender sac from her teeth and started to lick him again. This time, she kept her eyes on Paul's as her tongue worked slowly across his balls and then up his small, flaccid shaft. When she got to his crown she let his cock-head fall onto her tongue and she softly sucked him between her lips.

"Uh…uh…oh fuck…" The words came softly, haltingly out of Steven's mouth. Laurie kept him in her mouth as she pulled away from his torso, letting her lips pull away…showing the boys how she could stretch his little dick -- her only grip being her teeth biting his cock-head. When her husband's legs started shaking, the naked MILF let him go. Her interest had suddenly switched from her cuckold husband to the boys standing just outside the bathroom. She stood and Steven backed away with a pitiful whimper.

Laurie leaned seductively against the frame of the bathroom door, one hand circling a long, hard nipple and the other brushing her silky smooth mound. Her pose brought out the lust and longing in her two admirers. Her lustful glare brightened for just a moment with sly amusement as she watched their hidden fuck-sticks grow beneath the towels they wore.

"I can't believe two beautiful young boys like you would want an old lady like me." Her voice was low and breathy and as seductive as she could possibly make it. "I know you'd really rather be with Lisa or someone her age," her voice changed and she sounded so submissive, "but I will try to please you boys as best I can." Her pussy was gushing -- words like that hadn't rolled off her tongue for so long and she was amazed at the reaction she saw under the towels. Their long, hard cocks were twitching and she thought if she said one more thing she would make them cum. She tried to hide her giggle.

"But first," she said, her hands dropping to her hips and her body straightening up, "I need to take care of something." She turned to her loving husband, her smile frightened him.

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