Nice to Meet You


Riley wrapped one leg around him and hoisted herself up, never taking her mouth off of his. Her other leg crossed over the first behind his back, and she reached between them to grab his rod and line it up with her opening. When she sank down onto him, Alan smiled inwardly at the way she sighed, even as he made an inarticulate noise at the heat and pressure that enveloped him. She sounded... relieved, making him think of those times in old cartoons when the cat or dog or what have you jumps into water after burning itself.

Then she started to move, and his mind went effectively blank.

Alan fell back against the wall as Riley ground her clit against his pelvis, rolled her hips against his, stirred his cock inside her. These undulations had none of the teasing grace of her dance in her seat; there was urgency in her movements that he had to work to keep up with.

They came up for air from another passionate kiss, and he watched her bare breasts as they rhythmically thrust toward him. Keeping a hand on the small of her back to support her, Alan cupped her breast and lifted one of her thick nipples to his lips. Her head dropped back and he felt her tighten on him when he sucked it into his mouth, using his tongue from below to press the sensitive tip against his teeth.

Using the leverage of her legs, Riley pushed her hips up away from Alan's, letting his shaft slide out of her until it was just about to pop out. She let herself drop, shuddering with the impact and the pleasure of him driving all the way home in one stroke. She lifted up and dropped down again, and came as her clit smashed against him. Alan took his attention away from her nipple to muffle her cries with his mouth as she ground hard on him through her climax. A trickle of her cum traveled down his leg.

Before she was finished coming down, Alan turned them around and put her back to the wall. He took the initiative, working himself in and out of her tight, spasming hole, and she bit his shoulder as she tried to meet each of his thrusts with one of her own. Grabbing a handful of her ass in each hand, he drove hard into her again and again, felt her tense up and clamp down as the movement of her hips became short and erratic with another orgasm. He fucked her right through it, and she quickly came again.

It became hard to tell when she was cumming after that. Her moans and cries, interspersed with mindless profanity and appeals to a god, had peaks and lows, and there were times when she fucked back against him and times when she simply clung to him tightly, hot breath in his ear pleading and demanding. She left red crescent marks on his back and shoulders where her nails dug into him, and a dark patch on his pants, which had dropped around his ankles, marked where her juices had pooled after traveling down his leg. A sheen of sweat covered both of them.

Even accounting for the condom and having cum half an hour ago, Alan had no idea how he'd managed to last this long; he'd suppose later that martial arts discipline had a few fringe benefits. Regardless, the frenzied state she'd reached riding him, just as much as the sensations of her hard nipples scraping his chest, her fingers clawing at his back, and the gripping, milking motion of her slick, hot interior on his shaft was rapidly drawing something powerful from him. He was panting, unable to fully form a coherent thought, let alone a word.

It started in his extremities, in his toes and fingertips and at the base of his skull, gathering, tensing, focusing at his base and then surging forward. He pinned her to the wall with a growl as he came, and she drew blood from his back as she felt him pulsing inside her.

Riley climbed down from him, leaning against the wall to support herself. She rested the back of her head on the wall with a glazed-over, satiated expression, and let the shirt she'd barely been wearing slip off of her shoulders. Alan placed his forehead on the cool tile next to her head, trying to breathe normally, hands still drifting over her nude form.

"Fuck, I needed that," Riley said after a moment. She looked at Alan with half-lidded eyes. "Those're some strong legs you've got."

"Thanks," he answered as airport security burst in.

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