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Nice Wife Becomes Naughty


My name is Kristen, I'm a 43 years old woman, and this is my story!

Mark and I have been married for 20 years and we have a beautiful daughter who is in college. I was sad to see her leave but it was time for us to re live our early 20s. It is true that those past few years our sex live hasn't been the greatest. So I was hoping to give it a new sparks since we were alone in the house almost every night.

It was Friday and I had made plan to cook a nice romantic meal for Mark and then seduce him for a long and wild night. I had left work very early so I could get everything ready.

When I got home I was really surprise to see Mark's car in the driveway and Nicole's car parked right behind it. Nicole was one of our daughter's friends that still lived in the neighbourhood. She was a gorgeous 19 years old girl that would set a gay guy straight and a straight woman in a lesbian. Seeing her car there made me really nervous because I remembered how she used to tell our daughter that Mark was a good looking man and how lucky I was to have him.

I walked up to the house very quietly, hoping that I had a wild imagination and that Nicole was just visiting. But when I peeked through the window I saw Nicole on her knees with Mark's cock in her mouth. I wanted to run in the room throw both of them out of the house but I couldn't stop staring at the wonderful Blow job that was taking place, and my pussy started to get really wet. So I decided to at least enjoy the show and I started to play with my clit through my panty.

I could see that Nicole wasn't the best at giving blow jobs because Mark grabbed her head with his two hands and started to fuck her mouth, making her gag a few times. She laid down on the bed and Mark put his fully erected cock in between her big tits and started to fuck those beautiful breasts until he came all over her face. She wiped it off with her hand and made Mark licked it off, I could not believe what I was seeing Mark had never been too adventurous in the bedroom before.

I thought the show was over but Mark's cock was still hard and he proceed to penetrate her tight pussy. I could see that she wasn't used of taking such a big cock, but after a while Mark was able to push all of his 8" inside of her and started to fuck her with great power. It didn't take me long to reach my own orgasm with my fingers playing with my clit. At that point I figured I should leave before they see me.

I came back four hours later, and as I got close to the house I saw Nicole's car drive away. They had fucked many more times after I had left. I decided not to say anything and let that one slide. But for the next week I came home early to see if she would be there again and she was. That's when I decided that Mark needed to be taught a lesson.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when I found out what I would do to get back at Mark and it was all thanks to Pete. He was the 18 years old son's neighbours and he would take care of our grass to make some money. It all started when I was tanning by the pool and I surprised Pete staring at my nice womanly curves.

So the next week I had Pete to discretely videotape one of Mark and Nicole afternoon fuck session. Pete was more than willing to videotape and I'm sure that he probably jacked off on the video more than once. I had everything set up for my plan and it was going to take place tonight. Mark was watching TV when the door bell rang. He opened the door and three guys wearing masks jumped him and knocked him unconscious. When he finally woke up he was naked and tied up in a chair in front of the TV and the three guys were sitting on the cough watching the videotape of him and Nicole.

Those three guys were friends of Pete and they accepted to help out if they could stay and enjoy the show. I walked in the room wearing nothing but my high heel boots and I had made sure to completely shave my pussy. Mark's face became pale when he saw me; he understood that I had planned everything.

"So you fucker!" I said when I walked in "Your cock is graving a young pussy! Well my pussy is graving young cocks!" and that's when Pete walked in the room totally naked with his young cock of 9" rock hard and ready for action. Pete sat in the middle of the 3 guys and I kneeled in front of him and started to suck his cock. I teased the tip of his cock licking the pre cum, and then my tongue went up and down his long shaft while I was massaging his balls with my hands. The other guys pulled there cocks out and started to play with themselves.

Mark couldn't believe what he was seeing, his little wife was acting like a total slut and there was nothing he could do about it. I looked at him with Pete's cock in my mouth and I saw him get a nice erection. I guess he enjoyed the show after all. A few minutes later Pete came in my mouth releasing a warm and thick load of fresh cum. I was about to swallow it when I remembered that Mark licked his own cum off Nicole's finger. So I walked up to Mark and kissed him with my mouth full of cum, forcing him to swallow it.

I was ready to get my pussy fucked by Pete but his cock wasn't hard anymore so I decided to ask the guys to have fun with me. I sat on one's cock while the other penetrated my still virgin ass, making me scream like a little girl. Then the third one put his cock in my mouth. This was the best feeling ever. I had never done anything like that but I really loved it, the feeling of my ass stretching, my pussy filled with a nice big cock and my screams muffled by the cock that was down my throat.

When Pete's cock was finally ready he joined the fun and they all took turns fucking me and cumming into my pussy and mouth. Then they grabbed Mark and made him licked all the cum that was oozing from my pussy. I had never had so many orgasms in one night and I passed out on the cough.

The next morning Mark had breakfast ready for me. While I was eating he told me how jealous he was at first but then how excited he got watching me being a total slut. Since that night, that was suppose to get back at Mark, I invite Pete and his friends for long nights of fucking and when they can't make it over Mark calls some of his friends to take care of me. The deal is that he cannot join in, he can only watch and lick the cum off.

I called Nicole and invited her to dinner tomorrow night. Pete and his friends will be there too so whether she wants it or not Nicole is going to get a taste of my pussy and of Pete and his friends' cocks. I'm sure Mark will have a good time licking all the cum out of our tasty pussies.

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