Nicholas Ladies Shoe Shop


"Yeesssss! That's it!" Dr Babb squealed and her body tightened as both of her holes felt like a tight vacuum on my fingers and my face got drenched. In seconds her body totally relaxed and her feet dropped off my shoulders.

I discretely moved back onto the stool and admired my handiwork. Dr. Donna K Babb; a woman my mothers age was reclining, legs still apart, skirt up and pussy dripping in the afterglow of an orgasm that I'd just given her. I was feeling pretty damn proud of myself.

"Mmmmm that was nice." Donna whispered, "Now it's your turn....stand up for me."

As I stood up I kicked the stool to one side. Donna slid off the chair and was now kneeling in front of me. Her long fingers unfastened my belt and pulled my zip down with the ease of a pick-pocket. She looked disappointed as she pulled my trousers and pants down to my knees.

I was so nervous my cock was still a shrunken mushroom.

"Oh dear," Donna chuckled, "have we got stage fright?" I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Let's see if I can make Mr. Happy....happy then."

Her pink lips planted a soft kiss on my tip. Nothing. She gently cupped my balls and then squeezed them as she flicked her tongue across my stretched foreskin. Still nothing. Donna looked up and winked; then opened her pretty little lips and swallowed my shrunken cock.

"Oooohhhhh." I moaned as my cock twitched into life. She sucked and chewed it until it filled with blood and my knob popped out of the foreskin. She looked happy with herself as she winked at me again. She carried on sucking me for 5 or 6 minutes; tugging on my scrotum and kneading my ever swelling balls. I was in Heaven as I stood stock still while she sucked my cock like a Porn Star! I'd had a couple of blow jobs from girlfriends previously but nothing remotely like this. After a couple of minutes I realised that I could even see our reflection in the mirror. Dr. Babb looked fucking dirty as her skirt was still up around her waist and her wobbly arse was on full show while she had my whole cock in her mouth and my balls were bouncing against her chin. I nearly lost my footing and shuffled backwards until I was resting against the cupboards with Donna shuffling along on her knees still with my dick in her mouth. She looked in a trance as she swallowed and sucked my sic inches. All I could do was stand still and grip her shoulders until she'd had enough.

"That's a good boy." She giggled as she rubbed my rock hard 6 inches. "Now you can give me a good fucking. Would you like that?" I nodded enthusiastically.

Donna dropped onto all fours on the rug with her gorgeous arse in the air; facing me.

"Don't hang about," She whispered, "shove it in and fuck me long and hard."

I was behind her in an instant and prodded my knob between soft arse cheeks. The older woman was getting agitated and grabbed my swinging balls until she which she guided against her soaking wet pussy.

"I'm not wearing a rubber." I panicked.

"That's all right sweetie," she giggled as she pushed back until my cock was swallowed by her greedy cunt, "I'm too old to have babies!"

Wahay! I'd never ridden bareback before and it was absofuckinglutely fantastic. Her twat was hotter and wetter than any of the girls that I'd fucked or fingered...but not quite as tight!

The excitement of fucking an older woman nearly got too much for me and I immediately grabbed her fleshy hips and began thrusting as hard and as fast as possible making her moan with delight. I only lasted a minute; perhaps two then...whoosh.....I came with bucket loads of spunk. I finished with two long deep strokes then pulled out and sat against a cupboard as I got my breath back.

Dr Babb just rolled over onto her side with her right leg curled up so I could see my spunk running out of her stretched hole.

"Mmmmm; that was good." Donna chuckled with a glint in her eye, "I hope you'll last longer next time."

"Next time?" I quizzed her.

"Oh... yes sweetie; there will be a next time." She grinned, "I'm getting bored fucking old men...I need a young stud to satisfy me these days."

I found a shoe cloth and wiped my dick clean as Donna stood up and re-arranged her skirt, then applied another coat of pink lipstick as if nothing had happened.

"Give me your mobile number so I can call you when I want you again." She said with some authority. I wrote it down on a compliments slip and she swaggered off down the street.

I reopened the shop and sold a couple of handbags and a pair of shoes before Nick arrived at 1 o'clock. He was in a good mood as he had beaten Donnas' husband and won £20.

At 1.30 I received a text; 'I'm having lunch with hubby and I can still feel your cum oozing out of me.' Then 30 minutes later, 'Just played with my kitty in the ladies – thinking about you.'

Nick became a little inquisitive but I brushed him off by alluding to a new girlfriend.

The text messages continued all week; some were downright disgusting! On the following Saturday she called into the shop again with her husband and daughter. I was serving an elderly lady when I heard her voice. I desperately tried not to blush when I looked up, but I don't think that it worked.

"These are the ones!" Her daughter excitedly squealed when she picked up a pair of Ugg boots. I quickly finished with my customer and as Nick was busy I asked what size she needed.

"A 5, but can I try the 6's too?" The pretty teenager panted with excitement.

"Of course you can." I smiled at her and her mother.

"I know you, don't I?" The girl asked as I climbed the ladder. "You're Joe's friend aren't you?"

"Yes, we've met before." I reminded her as I opened the first box, "I plat tennis at the same club as you."

I'd recognized her immediately. How could I not remember her? I just didn't know that she was Donnas' daughter. Poppy was about the same age as me but went to Public School and was part of an arrogant bunch of rich kids that wouldn't normally piss on me if I was on fire. She reminded me of Jasmine, the Vicars niece in the TV programme Emmerdale. Long shiny brown hair, huge hazel eyes, a round face, cute pointed nose and huge tits!

Just like her mother; she wasn't shy. Although she was dressed in casual sports clothes today; she unzipped her velour track top as she bent forward to try the boots on only to reveal that she was wearing a button neck vest and the top three buttons were undone. How her tits didn't fall out defied science.

As she was deliberating on the size I remembered that we'd had a delivery the previous afternoon of a new style and hadn't put them on display yet.

As I brushed past Dr. Babb her hand accidentally stroked my crotch. Thankfully her husband was talking to Nick and didn't notice when she whispered that she wanted me to visit her at her house on Sunday morning while he was playing golf. Obviously I agreed.

I soon returned from the stockroom with the new boots.

"These are brand new and only arrived yesterday," I told the daughter, "do you want to have a look at them too?" She looked up and mouthed 'ok'. "They're a limited edition and we're the only shop in the area to get them in." I bullshitted.

There was a new interest in her eyes at the thought of seeing something exclusive. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw them.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" She squealed like a baby as she tried them on and they fit like Cinderella's glass slipper. "Daddy.....I must have them for me!"

I fucking hate it when girls behave like that; but business was business.

Donna noticed me staring at her daughters' ample chest and glared at me. Jealous?

"Are you going to Meg's Party tonight at the Tennis Club?" Poppy asked as I ran her Daddy's platinum credit card through the machine.

I stifled a sneer and replied, "I don't think that I'm invited."

"Oh you are now!" The excited teenager giggled as she cradled her shoe bag, "I owe you a beer...or something." Donna was struggling to hide her anger but her daughter sniggered, "just ask for me when you get there. Don't forget."

As I was walking to the bus stop later in the day; I received a text from Dr Donna K Babb that gave instructions on how to find her house and what time to be there on Sunday morning; ending with a note to 'keep my hands off her daughters tits....or else!'

I met the lads in the pub as usual at 7.30 and told them that I'd served 'Poppy Big Boobs' with some shoes and that she'd invited ME to a party. They weren't sure whether to believe me or not but a couple had noticed that my standing among the girls had gone up in the time that I'd been working in a shoe shop. A few beers later me and Scooby got in a taxi and headed to the Tennis club.

We were already members but generally looked down on by the 'cooler members' Poppy and her friends; because we went to the State school rather than the posh public schools that they attended. We were in a good mood as we walked towards the large conference room that the party was being held in. We were both wearing white Nike's, baggy jeans that hung around our arses; Scooby had a green cardigan and white t-shirt and I was wearing a black Fred Perry Polo shirt. We thought that we looked like the lost members of the Arctic Monkeys with our spiky hair and three day stubble.

There was no one at the door of the function room so we headed straight to the bar and ordered beers, and just as we started to neck them and survey the room, Poppy appeared out of nowhere.

"You came!" She squealed with delight as she linked her arm with mine and proceeded to drag me across the room. Poppy looked stunning. Obviously she was wearing her new blue Ugg boots, but these were paired with a very, very short cream pleated skirt and a blue cotton cardigan that was only fastened with the middle two buttons and therefore revealed her tanned and toned tummy which had a dangling silver and diamante ring attached to her naval and her voluptuous boobs that were encased in a frilly pink bra that was obviously 'on show'.

"Absolutely everyone.... boots." She huskily purred when we arrived next to her friends. "They are just....soooooo....jealous!"

We had a couple of drinks and a dance or two as Scooby chatted up a couple of her similarly attired young friends. As the DJ played a slow song at midnight Poppy whispered "Do you want a lift home?"

I looked over at Scooby who had his tongue down a skinny redhead's throat and nodded in the affirmative. Two minutes later she'd virtually dragged me to her Silver VW Polo and the car was skidding out of the car park. Thankfully she'd only been drinking Cola all night as she raced through the back lanes towards a huge Supermarket.

"I don't live here." I drunkenly grinned as she slowly parked the car at the furthest corner of the car-park.

"I know!" Poppy grinned as she unlocked her seat belt and turned towards me. There was an embarrassing silence for a few seconds until I leaned forward and tentatively kissed her puffy red lips, then eased back to see what her reaction would be.

"Mmmmm; that was nice." She smiled and moved towards me. I reciprocated. I grabbed her head and stuffed my tongue into her mouth.

"SHHHIIIITTTT!" I screamed inside my head when I realised that she had a stud in her tongue. I didn't let it put me off and the next few minutes were filled with our tongues lashed against each other and my hands poring over her big tits – which she loved. It took a bit of wriggling on her behalf and some dexterous finger work on mine but I eventually unlocked her bra and freed her puppies. I had to break off the kiss so I could bury my face in her melons – licking, sucking and generally gorging on her boobs as Poppy pulled her top and bra off.

I was so engrossed I hardly noticed her sliding her hand down the front of my baggy jeans and rubbing my stiff dick through my boxers. When I did notice (hahaha) I responded by sliding my hand up her tiny skirt and stroked her pussy through her damp panties. Poppy's response was to lift her leg onto the dashboard and pull my cock out at the same time. My finger was virtually sucked into her pussy as I twisted and turned while we frantically kissed again. She'd obviously wanked guys off before as her hand alternated between soft and tender caresses and fast and furious rubs. I on the other hand just shoved as many fingers (three) as I could up her hole!

Poppy broke our kiss again and with huge glazed eyes whispered; "Do you want me to suck you off?"

"Okay." I lamely responded. She wriggled into a comfortable position and greedily began sucking my rock hard dick. Fucking Hell! That gold stud nearly made my head explode as she ran it across my bell-end! I'd never felt emotions like this before in my young life. Her mother must have been giving her blow-job lessons.....she was fucking amazing!

I tried to keep fingering her and playing with her tits with the other hand but she was sending me into orbit with her tongue and throat. By now she was squeezing and scratching my scrotum with her long red nails as she sucked my cock like a whore!

"Huh!" I eventually groaned as I yanked her hair, and tried to warn her, "I'm cumming....I can't stop!" Poppy just wanked my cock even faster and opened her mouth as wide as possible.

"FffffuuuuccccCCKKKK!" I gasped as spurt after spurt filled her mouth. Like a vacuum she sucked every last drop of seed out of my dick and swallowed the lot, then rolled back into her seat with her back against the door, her right foot still on the dashboard exposing her trimmed pubes and puckered piss flaps. I was spent and just sat staring at her with my mouth draped open. Poppy began stroking and pulling her pussy flaps apart.

"You've made me very wet." Her voice dropped a couple of octaves. "Have you ever watched a girl finger herself?"

I nervously shook my head.

"Do you want to?" She asked with a cheeky grin as she tweaked her stiff pink nipples and teased her flaps open.

I nodded.

She closed her eyes as her finger slid inside the sticky hole. I was soon as stiff as a board again as Poppy squeezed and slapped her big boobs and her other fingers slid in and out of her sticky cunt as her thumb flicked her clit which was sticking out like a third nipple. I couldn't stop myself and began tugging at my dick. She was amazing – what a porn show! It must have taken her five minutes or more but when she finally climaxed I thought that she was pissing herself; as so much lady cum leaked out of her hole; and the noise she made was nearly animalistic.

I was still wanking furiously when Poppy finally opened her twinkling eyes.

"Oooh goody..... More lovely spunk!" She giggled and bent forward, "spray it on my tits."

That was all I needed to hear.....SPLASH.....I shot another load onto her massive mammories, which she rubbed in then licked the residue off her fingertips.

"That was fun." She giggled as she searched for her bra and cardigan which she put on over her spunk stained tits. "We'll have to do this again."

"Yeah," I mumbled as I tucked my dick away, "cool."

She then drove me home and we had another good fumble and finger before I got out of the car. I lay in bed casually wanking as I re-lived the last hour in Poppy's car. I couldn't believe my luck; but eventually began to worry that she must think that I was a Muppet because I hardly said anything all night. (I was later to find out she thought I was cool and enigmatic!)

The following morning I was in a deep sleep when my mobile phone buzzed; waking me up.

I yawned and ran my fingers through my messy hair as I read the message. 'Feeling very horny. Want your young cock NOW. Cum to me – house empty.' It was from Donna.

'OK', I replied, 'what address?'

She immediately responded with the address and added, 'Poppy was very happy this morning – did you fuck her last night?'

I grinned and tapped out, 'on my way'.

I didn't bother to shower so twenty minutes later I was riding my BMX up the gravel path of the Babb family.

I didn't even have to knock as Donna opened the large door as soon as I swung my leg over the crossbar. My cock instantly began to twitch when a slight gust of wind blew her short dressing gown apart revealing her bald twat. She back-heeled the door closed and grabbed me by my sweatshirt and planted a big sloppy kiss on my lips and grabbed my bollocks.

"Come with me....stud." Donna mischievously chuckled as she turned towards the open staircase. As she approached the first step she dropped the gown to the floor and walked upstairs completely naked apart from a pair of fluffy pink mules. Her wobbly arse was rolling from side to side and I could see her trailing flaps between her legs; only inches from my nose as sashayed in front of me.

The bedroom was nearly as big as our lounge and the bed was enormous. Donna threw herself onto the bed and immediately began rubbing her pussy.

"Right now stud......strip for me and show me that gorgeous hunk of young cock." Donna grinned as she dipped two fingers into her hole. I nearly tripped as I rushed to get my jeans off; which amused her. Her eyes twinkled and I swear that her large tits heaved as my cock eventually sprang out of my boxers.

"Kneel here sweetie." Donna purred as she patted the bed, "then let me suck that magnificent thing." I was beside her in a flash and pointed my stiffy at her ruby red lips. Donna hungrily gobbled it; sucking the purple knob and licking the shaft. 'Fuck'! She was good!

I steadied myself by holding the metal headboard and caressing her massive mammories. I couldn't stop myself comparing mother and daughter. Donna's tits were a little bit bigger and much softer than Poppy's and in the bright sunlight I could see blue veins surrounding her big pink nipples. Not that that put me off as I squashed them and tweaked the raspberry sized nipples making her wince. The dirty fucker liked it when I pulled on her nipples so I did it harder for 20 seconds or so. 'Okey dokey', I thought and cupped her head in my hands; then thrust my cock into her mouth.

Donna's eyes were tightly closed but she didn't try to stop my as I thrust again and again....virtually fucking her mouth. In fact she began rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt. That was all I needed to know.

"You dirty old tart!" I grunted as my bell-end hit her tonsils, "So you like it rough do you?" Donna responded by digging her long nails into my arse. "Let's see how you like this!" I grabbed two handfuls of hair; just like I'd seen guys do in Porn movies and began fucking her mouth as hard as possible until my balls were bouncing off her chin. Her fingering was becoming frenzied now and I could smell her juices as they ran onto the bed.

"I'm gonna fill your fucking mouth with spunk any second." I grunted as I felt my balls tighten.

"Ugh ugh ugh." Donna gurgled as her body suddenly stiffened and her nipples nearly exploded as I presumed my words finally made her cum. "Yyyeeessssss you fuckeeerrrr!" I shouted as I shot a load of jism into the doctor's mouth. I relaxed my grip on her hair as she slowly squeezed the last drops out of my cock. I was trembling as I slowly slid onto my back. We lay like this in silence for a minute or so; then Dr Babb rolled onto her side and began stroking my balls.

"You're a quick learner," She smiled as she ran a thumb nail down my wilting shaft. "Unless; my darling daughter is a good teacher." I blushed and turned away. "Did you fuck her last night?" Donna brazenly asked.

"No." I answered; quite indignantly.

"Really?" Donna looked puzzled as she stroked my cock back to life. "She certainly had a spring in her step this morning. So I....presumed....ok...I believe you."

I couldn't believe my ears as she questioned me about her daughter. At this stage my cock suddenly grew rock hard as I daydreamed about a threesome with mother and daughter!

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