tagErotic CouplingsNick and Rebecca Two at Once Ch. 01

Nick and Rebecca Two at Once Ch. 01


A few side notes:

Before you read this, let me explain. I was on holiday at my grandparents house over in Ireland for about 2 weeks. I hadn't masturbated (yes, I am a guy) in a week when I started writing the first part of this story. I used to get hard whilst writing this but I put off the idea of cracking one off, as I really had nothing to hand to avoid any mess (I prefer using an old pair of sock...or just a sock)

The idea came about one of my daydreams, and I've only written a few stories previous - only one I've submitted so far. Let me state in saying that I am a virgin, so my detail of the human body - both a man and woman's - may not be as detailed as some would like. I know it is far fetched that a mum would walk in on a daughter and son in law at the beginning of sex, but let the power of imagination take over. I used my own name (being bluntly honest about my character and if you want to know what I look like, please ask) and two made up names of the mum and daughter. I don't know bra sizes but a 38DD seemed a good size.

I drew out the floor plans using an app on my iPad and will try and find a way to share these with you, once I have drew them out properly using a proper art software. I always find it helps if you draw it out (roughly or neatly) to give you an idea of the area you are working with.

Thanks for reading. And if possible can you give feedback once you've read it? Thanks.

Story idea #2.

Two at once.

Nick came home on a Wednesday afternoon to find his wife, Rebecca, wearing just her underwear. Nick had been dreaming of doing sexual things his wife as he drove home after a stressful day at work (what better way to relieve that stress by masturbating or having rough sex with your wife or girlfriend?), once he got home, and to find her just wearing a bra and thong was like wearing a neon sign saying "fuck me, I'm here, fuck me!"

"Hi love." Nick said to Rebecca as he placed his briefcase down and took off his shoes. His cock was a raging inferno inside boxers.

"You ok?" he asked, looking his wife's slender frame up and down, lingering a moment longer over 38DD tits and her pussy - his cock throbbing at the prospect. She had auburn hair and a full face, her eyes were brown and her lips were full, not to mention they felt nice when wrapped around his 10" cock. She had a slender figure mostly because Rebecca liked to keep herself fit and did things like yoga and aerobics. She had long, smooth legs and small feet.

"Oh hiya," she said, noticing that Nick was home early but she didn't expect him to be. He usually worked till late evening, and didn't get home until about 5. By then, Rebecca herself had fingered herself a few times. It was handy to keep yourself stimulated throughout the day, even when your husband came home and demanded that he fucked you senseless within an hour. She noticed how bare she appeared and grabbed the nearest towel from the table to cover herself, though she noticed Nick's blatant stiff cock showing through. Though Nick being home early meant she hadn't even had the chance to finger herself.

She dropped the towel to the floor and decided to use her nakedness to an advantage. "I'm fine honey, and how are you?" She slowly stepped towards her husband, her feet making soft footfalls on the ground.

To respond to his wife, Nick unzipped his trousers and let them drop to the floor. His cock stuck out proudly showing through his boxers. The tip was a little wet with pre-come, a darker stain of blue on the boxers. meaning his cock had been hard for a while. Nick also pulled down his boxers and his cock sprung out proudly, his full 10" cock hard and throbbing. He also let his boxers fall to the floor and kicked the clothes away. He stepped towards his wife but she backed two steps away, trying to good him into chasing after her.

Rebecca always found his cock a sight of amazement, whether it be the first time she saw it or the 50th time she saw it. "Up to the bedroom, love?" she asked and all Nick had to was nod. They met together in a melting of mouths, but they both parted and locked their hands together tightly.

They made their way up the lavish staircase that Rebecca had decorated ever since she stopped working due to the money that Nick brought in. It was only a three-bedroom house, but she had decorated the house so that it seemed spacious.

Unbeknownst to the both of them, as they made their way up, Rebecca's mother Helen spied on both of them. She had liked Nick for a long time even though he has her son-in-law. He had a massive cock and she hungered for it like food, she had noticed and Rebecca's nipples were stiff - picking out the obvious things as they passed by. Helen's husband and Rebecca's father had divorced her 5 years ago and she had only managed the occasional fling here or there though nothing became serious. She hadn't had any cock or pussy in a long while, as Helen swing both ways, but now she wanted Nick's cock bad.

After her daughter's marriage she had tried to come onto Nick a few times, as early as at the reception of the wedding, but with claiming that he was her mother-in-law and it would be a betrayal of Rebecca. Nick had never told Rebecca about it and decided to fuck her secretly, though seeing as Rebecca was now home most of the time the chance had never arisen. She then decided to surprise them in the middle of their love-making, hoping that Rebecca would let her touch Nick's cock in anyway, or slurp on Rebecca's pussy - she didn't care who she got to fuck.

Nick and Rebecca entered the main bedroom. It was stylised plainly with a kingsize four-poster bed and white walls, though both of them didn't recognise the way the room looked or how fresh it smelt - they just noticed the bed. They both climbed onto it and kissed each other again - Nick removed his work clothes then attended to his wife's bra and thoing. He always loved the way her 38DD tits just fell out as he removed her bra, throwing it aside then tending to her thong. He pulled them down roughly as she moved to allow the thong to move down her legs and finally from her body altogether.

They both lay there naked admiring each other's bodies. Rebecca moved slowly and wrapped her hand around his shaft to give him a handjob. Through a crack in the door Helen spied on them as their love-making began. Helen, you could say, was an older image of Rebecca, though much shorter but she had the same sized breasts and figure as Rebecca. Now retired, Helen helps Rebecca out with the housework and goes to yoga and aerobics together.

She was a little unsure of how quickly things would progress from simple fondling and pleasuring, to full-on fucking. At the moment it was a handjob, but knew that it would move to pussy licking then finally to fucking. As it got a little more intense with the handjob she noticed that her pussy had become increasingly wet, and decided that whatever taboo surrounded lovemaking between family, she decided she needed to be licked badly. She saw that Becca had sped up a little and Nick moans were getting a little louder.

She stormed in and tried to act like she had never seen like she's never seen her daughter participate in sexual acts before, but in truth she had spied on Nick and Rebecca many times before going back to her room and fingering herself silly. Helen believed that woman up to a certain age should be able to have some sort of sex, depending on the mood. Come on, you old girl! Helen though to herself slyly; you're only 58. Though for a woman in her late 50s, she was a good looking woman. I could teach Nick a thing or two, she thought again.

"What's going on here, Rebecca!?" Helen asked, storming into he room and placing her hands on her hips.

"Mum!" Rebecca cried out, pulling her hand sharply away from Nick's cock and covering them both up with the duvet cover. Helen swore she could see Nick's cock throbbing madly underneath the covers. "Can't you see we need some privacy?"

"What about me?" Helen's pussy started to tingle as she said this, piercing a look into Rebecca's eyes which could have killed.

"Wait...," Rebecca was trying to calm things down a little, though I think that's kind of ironic when things are quite hot between her and Nick. "Mum, that's wrong. You're my Mum, for god sakes!"

"Yes, dear, and I want to be drilled too," she looked at Nick sweetly as she said this: "It's ok, dear, you can remove that sheet if you want."

Rebecca was quite stunned at hearing her mother talk this, though in truth she wasn't surprised. How long has it been since my Mum has had some cock? I don't even know...Rebecca thought to herself. And now knows Nick has a massive 10" cock and she guessed her Mum wanted some too.

Nick looked to Rebecca for guidance but removed the sheet anyway. Helen gasped when she saw Nick's cock in its fullness. "How big is that?"

Rebecca gripped it with her hand and answered: "A full 10" Mum."

"10 inches!? It's so big. Do you want to to double team him?" Helen asked Rebecca and hoped she was coming around to the idea of sharing Nick with her.

"You mean, like, we suck him both off?" Nick's mind spun in delight at the prospect.

"Well if it's Nick OK with it and it won't make things awkward." To answer this, Nick smiled and stood by the edge of the bed. Helen stripped off her top and bra to try and excite Nick, and to his surprise, he found an identical pair of 38DD tits staring at him. Not as firm as Rebecca's but they still made his cock throb a few times. Like mother like daughter, he thought.

"OK, let's begin!" Helen said and was delighted that she was finally getting to blow Nick's ten inch cock. Both woman moved over to where Nick stood and got on their knees. Both their tits jiggled and Nick was extremely excited. To turn Nick on even more, both woman kissed and used their tongues a little. Nick's cock was constantly throbbing now, and it wouldn't be long before his cock shot out his come.

Rebecca, as Nick's wife, engulfed his cock and let it sit there for a moment. She couldn't the whole 10" in her mouth but she tried as best as she could. Helen began to gently lick the skin of his balls and she could how full they were. Plenty of cum to go around, she thought lewdly.

Both women began to worship Nick's cock and balls. Rebecca moved her mouth up and down Nick's shaft whilst at the same time Helen using her tongue and mouth to work on Nick's balls. Nick sighed happily and wasn't at all bothered at the fact that it was Rebecca's Mum who was also involved, Nick had known for ages but dared not to tell. It was amazing to see both woman working on his cock and balls. Rebecca moved up gently , daring not to stop, and roughly grabbed Nick's hand by their wrists and placed them on her tits. He massaged them gently and began to push back gently against his wife's force. He could hear the slurping of Rebecca's mouth and the familiarity of the slap of his balls as Helen began to suck on them. Rebecca gradually stopped and just let Nick fuck her mouth however he wanted, whilst she gently fondled one of her Mum's tits and couldn't believe she was being this sexual with her mother...however wrong it felt...and however good it actually felt.

They alternated positions now, with Helen blowing Nick's cock and Rebecca sucking on his balls. Both women were experts in their field. Instead of feeling up Rebecca's tits, Nick was now groping Helen' tits. His cock was already slick due to Rebecca's saliva. He could tell from the way that Helen was sucking on his cock that she had sucked a few before, using her mouth and tongue at the same time. Rebecca used her mouth to suck on his balls, licking and pulling at each testicle in turn, trying to coax his cum.

Nick could feel that familiar tension whenever he was deep in Rebecca's pussy, going at 100 miles an hour whilst his wife did what she was told, and he nicknamed it the "cum rush" - it started at the base of his cock and built gradually until a thick wad of cum would shoot from his cock. He gently moaned "I'm going to cum," and both women stopped and brought their heads together to be showered by Nick's cum. Nick looked at both women and jacked himself off incredibly fast, his hand a blur as it moved up and down his shaft, slick with saliva from his wife's and mother-in-law's slutty mouths.

He slowed down completely, making the strokes long and hard as he knew he was about to come. He motioned for both women to move closer and made the final few strokes. As the last powerful stroke came down, he moaned aloud: "I'm cumming!" And shot out his first few powerful cum loads, and managed to hit both Rebecca and Helen, who both gasped at the surprising force of Nick' cock. Nick kept on cumming for a few more minutes, spraying a few more cum loads over their bodies. Finally Nick came to a stop and looked at both women, He bent and kissed both of them. His cock was calming down as well. "Now do you both want to get fucked?"

"YES PLEASE!!" they both said in unison, and moved onto the bed. However Helen had a threesome in mind. She had found Rebecca's collection of sex toys which she used on herself most days, but had managed to sneak a strap-on without her daughter noticing.

"Rebecca," Helen said, picking up a nearby towel and wiping the cum from her body. "Would you like it have a threesome?" She passed the towel to Rebecca and she did it whilst Nick watched her, his vision fixated on her body. She seemed to slow down as she guided the towel over her tits, and knowing that Nick was watching she wanted to tease him.

"So that means that we're all fucking at the same time?" Rebecca asked, her pussy gaping and wanting Nick's cock. She dropped the towel into a nearby laundry bin. Nick noticed the firmness of arse and how it jiggled as she walked a catwalk-like walk.

"Yes, it does." Helen said, pulling out the strap-on. She stood up and stripped off, fixing on the strap-on to her groin. The dildo itself was massive and an almost replica of Nick's cock, though it was inch or two shorter. Both women noticed Nick's floppy cock, hanging there like a broken tree branch instead of standing out like a thick tree branch.

"Before that though...." Rebecca said, motioning to Nick's floppy cock. They both moved and started to each pleasure him in turn. You could hear the slurps and sounds as their tongues and mouths began to try and revive Nick's cock. It began to jump a few times at first but didn't want to grow, seeming to die down. After a while of sucking, kissing and with the occasional grope by hand, Nick's cock had grown back into the 10 inch monster.

"I still can't get over the size of it," Helen said, holding it her as it throbbed away. She wanted to fuck it so badly, just let Nick be on top or take her from behind.

"The first time he fucked me," Rebecca said, blushing, "I thought he was going to rip me apart." Nick gripped her tits roughly and squeezed them.

Nick looked into Rebecca's eyes and licked his lips. He mouthed: "I want to rip you apart right now," and she knew then that it was time for the main event.

Rebecca moved to a doggy position, so that Helen could fuck her from behind whilst Nick was on the bottom. Rebecca gasped, but deep inside she was excited - she would be fucked by two cocks at the same time! She saw Helen lubricate the cock and moved over to her and lubricated her arsehole, she had been fucked there before when Nick was relentless and her pussy was so sore - mind you though, it was a night where Nick had fucked her five times consecutively, and it was then the same night where her asshole had been used for the first time, She lubricated it up gently and pushed the cock inside her arse. At first it seemed tight and moaned really loudly, but she gradually relaxed and let the dildo inside of her, and it felt so good. Helen began to gently fuck Rebecca, whilst Nick stared on in rapt amazement.

Nick couldn't believe the scene he was witnessing. Mum and Daughter practically having lesbian sex, their big tits both jiggling as they moved against each other. Nick slowly made his way over to the both of them and said "Are we having fun here?" But all he got as a response was moans of both mother and daughter, now picking up pace as Helen rammed home the dildo into Rebecca's arse. Helen gripped Rebecca's hair and when the dildo when rammed in, grunts of pleasure came from both Helen and Rebecca. It seemed like a crime to interrupt Rebecca and Helen but he moved himself underneath and played with her body a bit before he would enter his cock into her pussy, he roughly gripped a tit with one hand and used his other hand to play with her pussy, fingering her roughly, his finger making wet and lewd sounds. Rebecca moaned really loudly from having two of her holes pleasured, "OHMYGOD!" was the moan that came from her mouth. Nick carried on fingering and Helen kept on fucking her arse, but they both knew that she would come soon. Loud grunts came from both women.

"Honey?" came the hoarse question from Helen, though all she got in response was a groaned sort of 'yes', though it was more like a 'hmmmph!' "Come soon?" was the next question that Helen asked and the response was a sort of yes, again. 'Hmmmmmph!' was the response. Rebecca wasn't gagged but it was a bit hard to talk to with a dildo in your arse and your husband ramming his finger in and out of your dripping pussy; Helen slowed right down with her thrusts, making them jagged, slow, piston thrusts. Thump....thump...thump and shlack, shlack, shlack, shlack, shlack...were the sounds being made. Helen pulled on Rebecca's a bit roughly, pulling her head back, whilst at the same Nick pulled his finger out of Rebecca's dripping, hungry pussy. He position his cock in the opening and rammed it up her pussy, the feeling was of pure bliss as the tip of his cock hit her G-Spot, sending a shiver down her spine. She was so close.

Nick looked at Helen and said, "fuck her at the same time," meaning to make their thrusts equal in speed and strength. Helen understood this and couldn't wait for her daughter to have one big, wet sopping orgasm. She had also seen a few times when Nick was not here, where Rebecca had fucked herself with a dildo and squirted over the bed; God, how she longed to lick her pussy then as the juices landed on her face; as Helen wondered if she would squirt as she orgasm. They both stopped for a moment, Rebecca begged "I want to comme....", to try and get their speeds equal. They both thruster together doing it exactly how Helen was doing it: slow, piston thrusts. Thump.....thump....thump...thump...thump.

The feeling of being fucked in her dripping pussy and fucked in the arse was almost too much to bear. Oh god, Rebecca thought, I'm going to come...

Rebecca could feel it building it now. The tingling sensation in her loins, her pussy begin to contracting around Nick's cock, her body heating up and her mind becoming blur. This is ONE orgasm, she thought. She was now moaning really loudly. So much that it drowned out Nick's and Helen's moans. Nick urged Rebecca on, "come on, love. Come all over my hard dick." He whispered the last part into her ear: "Let yourself go." She moaned out loudly, now at her limit: "I'm commmmmmmming!!!"

Both Helen and Nick thrust one final time as Rebecca orgasmed. She writhed about on Nick, her juice leaking out over Nick's cock and her pussy contracting like mad. "Ohmygoooooood!" it came out like one syllable. It lasted for about a minute or two, before it stopped and she tried to get her breathe back. Her breathing was heavy and laboured. She finally calmed down and rest her head on Nick's shoulder. She couldn't she had an orgasm as intense as that, her pussy still tingling.

Helen gently and slowly pulled the dildo out of Rebecca's arse and kissed the nape of her neck. Nick hadn't managed to come so now it has his turn. Helen pulled herself away and took off the dildo and sucked on it, tasting the juices on it. She lay on the other side of the bed as Nick began to feel ravenous again.

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