tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNicka's Ambien Dream Ch. 02

Nicka's Ambien Dream Ch. 02


"What time will Brian arrive today?" Nicka asks as she is drying herself off from her shower.

Brian is a college buddy of mine. He lives in South Carolina and Nicka and I live in up state New York but because of business, we get the opportunity to see each other a number of times a year. He's married to Kim, his college girlfriend, who also has a wild streak. On a number of occasions I have seen Kim naked and since college we have always flirted innocently. There have been times when alcohol was involved that the flirtation increased but no lines were ever crossed. It all became the dynamic of my friendship with Brian and Kim. We are family.

When Nicka came into the picture, she and Kim became great friends and she accepted Brian's flirtations as part of our playful friendship. But again, no lines were ever crossed. We are all just great friends. But secretly I know that Brian would love to push the boundaries with my shy innocent wife.

Nicka is in the adjoining bathroom to our master bedroom and I can see her nude body from behind. Her ass is red from the heat of the shower. She swipes the fog from the mirror so she can see herself. I see the reflection of her wet breasts bounce in the swiped jagged mark she made in the mirror and her dark nipples are erect from the coolness of the bathroom. The mist swirls around her body as she continues to dry herself off. I watch her and she is irresistible.

"He should get here in the late afternoon. Right before we go out for dinner." I say, as I'm admiring the dark curls of her black hair that suddenly gets swept up in her towel—twisted, rolled and placed on top of her head. Her arms are raised and her tits are perky and bouncing to the rhythmic movements of her body.

I'm in the bedroom getting dressed while watching her. I can never get enough of Nicka. I can spend the day watching her. It's my slow burning foreplay that leads to our passionate love making at night. She knows this and shakes her head with that brilliant smile that tells me that she thinks I'm nuts and incorrigible.

"Where are we going for dinner?" She asks.

"That new martini bar that you keep talking about."

"Brixton's?" She asks excitedly.

"Yes, what do you think?"

"Of course, I'd love to." She says.

"Great. Wear something hot. I want to show my baby off."

"Brian will be with us." She says smiling.

"Good, give him something to gawk at."

"He'll gawk even if I wear a turtle neck sweater. I don't know who is the bigger pervert, you or Brian." She says. "But, listen, I don't want to drink too much. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and I won't be able to fall back asleep. I'm too tired babe."

"Well, have a few drinks, don't get wasted and then take one of my sleeping pills when you get home." The thought immediately sent a thrill through my cock.

"I don't like doing that, babe." She says while getting dressed. She begins putting on her Saturday morning attire, which consists of a pair of sexy tracksuit pants and a t-shirt that fits beautifully. She reaches for her padded bra before I stop her.

"It's Saturday, I don't want your boobs to be hidden in that bra."

"I don't need to be showing off to your best friend." She says but she has that radiant smile that says she knows that it is a losing battle." So she pulled out her bra and panties from Agent Provocateur and when she saw my grin, she knew I approved.

"You're impossible." Nicka said while finishing getting dressed. "Are you happy now? Am I really supposed to walk around like this in front of your best friend?" She asks while holding out her arms and showing me how I'm forcing her to dress?

She looks amazing. The tracksuit pants fit the shape of her body beautifully. It frames her ass curving and disappearing into the two halves of her derrière. She didn't have a lewd camel toe but it followed the shape of her sex. Her tits look amazing. Her sheer lacy bra is powerless to hold back her erect nipples as they poke erotically through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. In the right light, you can actually see the dark cinnamon color of her areolas. Her outfit beautifully shows off the combination of her tight six-pack abs and curvaceous lines of her ass and tits. I was certainly happy.

"You look so good I want to take you now." I say as I grab her and begin kissing her.

"She pushes me away and says, later babe. I have to get the house ready. Don't worry, I'll take care of you later." And with that she kisses me and went downstairs.

We got the house in order. Nicka was finishing up with the guest bedroom for Brian when the doorbell rang.

"Leo, how are you?" Brian asked.

"I'm good bro. How was the drive?" I ask as I lead him into the house.

"Fine, usual traffic at the bridge but over all it moved smoothly."

Nicka was walking down the stairs when Brian saw her. "There she is. How are you, beautiful?" He said and moves in for a hug. The hug was tight and playful. Nicka begins laughing.

"I'm fine." Nicka responded. "How's Kim?"

"Kim?" Brian asked puzzled.

"Your wife!" Nicka said and smacked him playfully on the chest.

"She's fine. She's happy to get rid of me for the weekend although angry that I'm getting away to buy another vintage car.

"Is there enough room in your garage?" I ask.

"For this vette, I would make the room if I didn't have it. But I have the space." He said as his eyes wandered over Nicka. "I want it, so I have to have it."

"Are you still talking about the car?" Nicka playfully asks and shoves Brian away.

"Now that you mention it, I'm not sure." Brian says while grinning. "But, seriously, thanks for letting me crash here, instead of having to stay in a hotel."

"Please, not a problem, I wouldn't have it any other way. Are you hungry, Bro? We're going to this new restaurant that makes the best Martinis in town. It's new and getting awesome reviews."

"Sounds great." Brian says. "When are we leaving?"

"Well, lets put your stuff away and then you can get ready. No rush though." I say as I take his bags to the guest room.

Brian unpacks his stuff and changes for dinner. Before coming downstairs, he goes to the computer in the room and logs on and checks his email. As he is about to log off, he impulsively checks the history on the computer. In the history he notices a Flickr photostream search for "shywifeshows." He quickly clicks on the history link and up comes these incredible photos a beautiful woman. The pictures are all cropped so that you can't see the woman's face.

Something about the woman reminds Brian of Nicka. Brian, clicks off the page, but he is so excited with this find that he will have to go back to "ShyWifeShows'" flickr photostream to take a closer look when he is in the privacy of his own home.

"If that is actually Nicka," Brian thinks to himself, "I have struck gold." Brian has stumbled across awesome jack off pictures of this gorgeous innocent woman unbeknownst to Nicka or her husband.

"I can't believe Nicka would allow her pictures to be posted." Brian thought to himself. "What else is there to find out about this young beauty?"

Nicka, in typical fashion takes another shower and then changes into a sexy spaghetti strapped black dress that stops above her knees and shows just enough of her bosom to make her chic and sexy. She again wears another pair of Agent Provocateur panties including black hose that were held in place by a sexy garter. She foregoes her bra because she doesn't want the straps to show. She finishes off her outfit by spraying on her perfume. She looks amazing. I also change into something more suitable for dinner and we then head downstairs.

When Nicka comes down stairs, Brian playfully professes his love for her as we ready to leave for the restaurant.

Dinner is lively. The three of us are catching up on all of our current events. There is a lot of laughing and teasing. The drinks are being consumed fast. Nicka is enjoying herself so much she isn't paying attention to the amount of cosmos she is consuming. Brian and I are on our fourth martinis as we are finishing our meals.

After the meal we move to the bar and continued drinking. Nicka's cheeks are flushed from the alcohol. The music is bunch of 70's Glam, like David Bowie, Roxy Music and T Rex. Nicka is in her element. She wants to dance so she and I hit the dance floor and are having a blast. I notice Brian keeps drinking and is watching us; watching Nicka, really.

"Maybe you should invite Brian out for a dance." I said.

"Does he dance?" Nicka asks doubtfully.

I shrug my shoulders not knowing the answer.

"Ok, if you don't mind." Nicka said.

"No, its fine, babe."

Nicka goes up and grabs Brian. He protests but Nicka does not take no for an answer. She drags Brian to the dance floor. At first, he is self-conscience but then he realizes nobody is watching him, although many eyes are on Nicka. She dances beautifully while Brian sort of moves around her.

As Nicka is dancing her spaghetti straps keep falling off her shoulders. She keeps pulling them back up but the struggle and the carefree feeling that the drinks have put her in makes her decide not to bother so much. To Brian's delight her straps keep falling off her shoulders and the dress falls lower over her breasts. Every time a nipple is threatening to be exposed she lifts her dress and pulls her straps back in place.

I cut in for a dance and the same thing keep happening with Nicka' straps. I lean in and tell her not to fix her dress so much.

She playfully tells me to shut up.

"Let a few accidental exposures happen, Babe." So she did and this time, she would wait until a nipple slipped before fixing her dress. She is acting like she is unaware that her nipples keep slipping.

I walk back to the bar and tell Brian to take my place. This time he doesn't protest. Brian suddenly loves dancing. And from where I am standing I can see that Nicka's dress will now and again slip and Brian and those dancing close to Nicka care catching the quick flashes of her nipples. My cock thunders to life and I feel the blood throbbing through my shaft.

Brian moves in closer and his hands become freer accidently making contact with Nicka's ass or her side boobs. When her dress slips down he moves closer to Nicka so that he can drink up the sight of or glistening exposed breasts bouncing to the lively music.

Brian and Nicka come back to the bar and we have one more round before heading home.

Nicka was a bit tipsier than she wanted to be and started complaining about not being able to sleep tonight during the drive home. She sits in the back seat and Brian turns around to talk to her. I can see her from the rear view mirror, and as she leaned forward to talk, we can see down the front of her dress and her nipples were clearly visible. To be honest, Nicka was unaware that she was showing so much.

When we got home, everyone changed. In our room, Nicka asks whether she should take a sleeping pill or not.

"Sure." I say. "But I want one last tease from you tonight."

"Wasn't my tease on the dance floor enough?" Nicka asks. "I don't want it to get back to Kim and have her be furious with me."

"It looked accidental on the dance floor, besides it isn't wrong if it's accidental or if you are unaware that it's even happening." I said. "That's how it looked all evening. Besides, this one is easy. Take a pill and then come downstairs in your robe only. Tell me you took a pill hang out for a few minutes, and then go to bed."

"Your crazy." She said but knew my mind was set. "If I do that, will you then let me sleep?"

Yes, babe. I say feeling my cock begin to move.

Down stairs Brian and I are having a few more drinks. We change to cognac. I'm buzzed, but I can tell Brian is far more gone. He's slurring his words.

When Nicka comes down stairs, I see right away that she followed my instructions. She is wearing her white robe and it's tied very tightly so that nothing is revealed.

I ask her how she is feeling.

"Fine, I took one of your sleeping pills, babe." She says. I can tell that the combination of sleeping pills and alcohol have sped up the effects of the Ambien. She is talking slowly and slurring her words.

She sits on my lap on the couch. Brian is to my right, watching television and sipping his drink. The way that Nicka sat on my lap and leaned forward caused her robe to open all the way down to the belt. It gapes so wide that we could clearly see all of her left tit and tummy. She is so out of it she doesn't even realize that she's showing anything. I leave it open for a moment and out of the corner of my eye I see that Brian sees her. He becomes quite, allowing the moment to live as long as possible.

After I few minutes, I look at Nicka and say, "Time for bed, Babe." I look down and act like I notice her robe for the first time and discreetly pull it close. Nicka is still unaware that she was showing so much. I help her up and nearly carry her upstairs to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom she wants to put her pajamas on but I say no.

She is out of it. I know she won't even remember me making her remain naked beneath her robe. She gets into bed and I untie her robe but keep it closed. I have a video camera and I bring it out and set it up on the table next to my side of the bed. I have a stack of books and I place the camera behind the books but make sure the view is completely unobstructed. I go to Nicka's side of the bed and even knowing the camera is there, I find it hard to see it behind the books. I dim the light just enough to make the room moody but making sure there is enough light for the video.

Down stairs Brian asks if Nicka is ok.

"She's fine." I said. "Since she took a pill, she will sleep through Armageddon."

"Really?" He asks.

'Really." I said. "I should know, she won't be wake up until the sleeping pills wear off in the morning." And I let that comment linger in the air.

"You sick perv. How could you do that to Nicka." Brian said while grinning.

"Haven't you ever done that to Kim?" I asked.

"Yes and I'm sure that most husbands do from time to time when the situation presents itself." Brian said in between sips. "Well, I have to say, man, Nicka is one beautiful woman. She looked great tonight. I'm happy for both of you."

"Kim is beautiful too, man. We're both lucky men." I said. "Oh shit, what time is it?"

1:00 am. Why?

"Shit, I need to call the overseas office. I said, abruptly getting up and searching for the cordless phone.

"China?" Brian asks. "Now?

"Yes. There was a fuck up in production today and I need to talk to the director of production to sort things out. Do you mind if I make this call. It's going to take about an hour or so.

"No man. Do what ever you need to do."

"Thanks Brian. Help yourself to whatever." I said.

"Oh, you know me. Tu casa es mi casa." He says laughing while getting up to pour another drink.

I head into my office to make the call. The call is real. I do need to talk to the director of production but to be honest; the call could have waited until Monday. I pick up the phone and make the call. As I'm talking, I'm listening and sure enough after 15 minutes I hear Brian climb the stairs. My phone call takes about and hour and a half.

After my call is finished, I come out of my office. Brian hasn't come down. I start picking up the empty glasses and bang around the kitchen cleaning the glasses and putting things away. Making sure to make enough noise.

I walk up stairs and the guest bedroom door is closed. I go into my room and see Nicka sleeping very soundly. I move the covers back and her robe is still closed.

"Shit. Nothing happened." I whispered to myself. I opened her robe and my heart leaps. She looks like she has been ravaged. I then look closely, first at her face and I now see that there are streaks of dried fluid on her face around her lips. Her nipples are erect and her breasts are red like they have been pinched and twisted. I look at my baby's bald pussy and they look like they have been penetrated and violated. Fresh cum is still leaking down the crack of her tight ass. I put my fingers in her cunt and its hot and soaked. I slip two fingers in very easily. Her usual tight pussy has been worked over.

My cock is raging hard. I look towards the video and walk over and press stop. I then bring the video camera to Nicka's side of the bed and press play. At first nothing is happening except that Nicka is sound asleep. Her breathing revealing that she is deeply asleep. I fast forward, watching the screen until Brian zips in the room. I rewind slightly and press play.

At normal speed, Brian opens the door slowly and whispers Nicka's name. She doesn't answer. He opens the door wider and slowly walks in. He calls Nicka's name again and still she doesn't respond. He shakes her. Then shakes her hard. Nicka is out cold. Brian looks out of the bedroom door and is listening. He is listening for me. He must hear me talking and then returns his focus to Nicka.

Brian moves the covers back away from Nicka. The whole time he is watching her to see if she moves but she is not moving. He reaches down and opens her robe. Her breasts come into view. Her nipples are erect and dark as usual. Brian keeps opening her robe until it's completely open and for the first time ever, another man is staring at my wife's sweet bald pussy.

Brian strips. As I'm watching, I then strip. My cock is hard. I turn Nicka's face towards my cock and I rub the head of my penis on her lips and over her checks.

On video Brian is caressing Nicka's body. He caresses her breasts softly at first but then he begins to pinch the nipples heard. His cock begins to twitch over Nicka's helpless naked body. He gets rougher and starts to aggressively twist Nicka's nipples. If she were awake the agony would bring her to tears but the sleeping pills have sedated her to the point that nothing is registering. Brian then turns Nicka's head towards his cock. He begins doing what I'm doing and suddenly pre cum oozes out of my dick and begins to create glistening streaks on Nicka's lips.

On video I notice that Brian is roughly my size. Same length but my cock appears to be thicker. But then I notice it. He's uncircumcised. I had no idea. Brian begins to rub his uncircumcised penis over Nicka's beautiful lips. He too is streaking her lips with pre cum. Then he takes his hand and pulls her chin down and slowly pops his cock into her sleeping open mouth.

I now do the same. I feel her tongue over my swollen cock. I rock my cock slowly in and out of her mouth and like Brian, I start to forcefully pull and twist her nipples. I push my cock deeper into her mouth but being careful not to gag her.

On video, Brian moves his hand down to her naked pussy. He rubs her clit. He takes his fingers and wets them with his saliva and then returns to her pussy slowly pushing two fingers inside my wife's tight pussy.

I now push two of my fingers inside my wife pussy but she's been worked over. There is no resistance and my fingers easily slip into her very wet pussy. I am fucking her mouth as I watch the video of Brian fuck her mouth. My cock is throbbing with the horror of what has been done and continues to be done to my innocent young wife. The shame would be too much for her to handle if she ever found out.

On Video Brian is seriously fucking Nicka's mouth while reaching down and forcefully finger fucking Nicka's pussy. He is in an animalistic frenzy and no longer capable of being cautious.

Suddenly he jumps up on the bed and gets in a sixty-nine position on top of Nicka. He fucking her beautiful face like a man ready to cum and then drives his tongue into her pussy. He stops thrusting and holds still. I see that his cock is throbbing and I realize he is cumming in Nicka's mouth. I can't understand why she isn't choking but Brian doesn't seem to care. He pulls his cock out with a slurp and Nicka's head turns towards the camera and cum leaks out of her mouth and down her cheek. She opens her eyes for a moment and says, "Babe, please let me sleep."

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