Nicole Desired Ch. 01


Nicole listened intently as Helen continued. "Along with these jobs you will also be trained in the art of being a woman. We will start with poise and grace classes first and it will progress from there. Understand you will learn how it feels to be a woman in every way and when your training is through you will live the rest of your life in that manner. From time to time one of us may have a special job for you to perform, you will do it without question and immediately no matter what it is or you will be sorry. Any failure to act as a lady or to do what you are told will result in stiff punishment."

Nicole stood quietly taking in every word. "There will also be times where you will receive discipline sessions simply because one of us feels like it. This will help you to keep in mind your place among women."

"Denise and Susan go to your rooms and return with the brushes on your night stands, ordered Helen."

Helen explained to Nicole that she would learn to do her makeup and hair as well as dress herself properly. Helen stressed that the most important rule was that when spoken to she would always respond with the phrase yes ma'am or sir depending on the situation.

"Yes ma'am," replied Nicole.

The girls returned to the sitting room each carrying a wide backed heavy wooden brush they had received as a gift. The brushes were a match to the one their mother kept on her nightstand. The girls sat in their chairs perched on the edge like they were anxious for something to begin.

"Now Nicole I want you to stand up and walk over to Denise. You are to drape yourself across her knees and stay there till you are told to get up." "Yes ma'am"

Nicole quickly followed the instructions draping herself over her sisters knees. The position Nicole was in caused her bottom to be lifted up and outward making it a perfect target. Denise wiggled her new sister's panties down and then patted Nicole on the bottom.

"Now you naughty little slut this is for stealing my panties and bras without permission."

A wicked smile crept across Denise's face as she raised the hairbrush. With a whoosh of air she brought the brush down on her sister's bottom causing a loud smack to reverberate through the room.

"So you want to be a pretty woman do you? Well that is exactly what you will be from now on." She brought the brush down again, causing a gasp to exit Nicole's lips.

"Trust me you little sissy you will be bawling before I am done."

Denise began to rain blows on her sister's tender bottom over and over as she laughed and explained how she was going to enjoy using her new sister.

After what seem like an hour to Nicole but in fact had been only fifteen minutes Denise stopped content to see the tears in Nicole's eyes and to hear her sniffling.

"Ok you naughty girl get up and go to Susan."

Nicole did as she was told lifting herself up and shuffling over to Susan without pulling her panties up.

"Look she is so ready for it she didn't even pull her little panties up", commented Sue.

"She is most likely very happy to accept her punishment as she knows she has been a bad girl and now can be forgiven," replied Helen.

Nicole draped herself over Susan's lap and prepared for the next round of swats. Susan brought up her left hand to Nicole's face and in her hand were a pair of panties. Nicole recognized them as the panties she had masturbated in just a few hours ago while the women were out shopping.

"You horny little slut you pulled your pathetic little cock off in my panties but from the look of it you did not get to finish as I see no wet spots."

Actually Nicole had finished several times but for some strange reason she was unable to shoot any cum like she use to when she was younger. When she masturbated it felt nice and could be considered enjoyable but she didn't shoot streams of cum out like she use to do.

Sue began raining blows onto Nicole's ass with a fierceness that impressed her mother. She continued to assault her sister's ass cheeks first one then the other moving the strikes around the sweet girl's bottom turning it a very deep red. When she was done she could feel the heat her sister's bottom was generating from the spankings. "Now get up and go to mother!"

Nicole lifted herself up and shuffled to the chair her mother was sitting in. Just as she reached her mother and was about to drape across Helen's lap the door bell sounded.

With a warm smile her mother told her to pull her panties up and go answer the door. It made her mother get all warm inside when she saw the look of terror on Nicole's face.

"Go answer the door like you were told or we can start over again."

Nicole made her way out of the sitting room, down the hallway, and into the foyer. She was very nervous and embarrassed that she was about to be seen in her lingerie when the bell rang a second time. Nicole opened the door and her face blushed deeply when she saw her Cousin Wendy standing there.

"Such a pretty corset you have dear you look wonderful in it. I was wondering if you were going to invite me in or leave me standing out here as you show your pretty lingerie off to all the grounds crew?" "Please forgive me for being startled, would you please come in."

Wendy entered and waited as Nicole shut the door then escorted her back down the hallway to the sitting room.

"I am glad you could make it Wendy, I didn't think you would want to miss this," announced Helen.

"You are right about that Aunt Helen; I wouldn't have missed this for anything."

"Did you do as I asked you Wendy?"

"Yes I did Aunt Helen, the brush is right here."

Wendy pulled out a brush identical to those Denise and Susan had used on Nicole's bottom. "And the panties?"

"They are right here, and as you suggested I had my boy friend drop me off at the estate. Before he left I jacked him off in the panties three times. The panties are so filled with sperm it looks as if someone dumped a glass full of cream into them."

"That is wonderful I am glad your boyfriend was willing to oblige you."

Turning to Nicole Helen spoke sternly.

"You know the procedure sweetie go to your cousin Wendy."

Now to be spanked by his sisters was bad enough but to be spanked by her cousin was unthinkable. The embarrassment of the situation was turning Nicole beat red with humiliation. Nicole slowly draped herself over Wendy's legs and as she did she saw a pair of white nylon panties with a pretty embroidered red rose on them in Wendy's hands. How could this be, were they the panties she had stolen from the hamper?

"I am sure you recognize these", Wendy said.

"I imagine that you jacked your nasty little cock off in them many times. Well Aunt Helen returned them to me, and told me the whole story about her new little daughter. You know sweetie if you had come to me and asked I would have loved to dress you in my panties as I think you look delicious. I would have been glad to inform your mother and you could have been permanently in panties a long time ago."

Wendy slowly drew circles on Nicole's red ass with the cool wooden brush as she continued to talk. "As you probably shot quite a few loads of sticky cum into my panties I wanted your punishment to fit your crime. I have taken the liberty of having your favorite panties filled with a huge amount of fresh cum. I hope you like cum because there is quite a bit of it and it is still warm and sticky. Now be a good girl and open up your pretty lips so I can give you a treat while I spank you."

Nicole obediently opened her mouth and Wendy moved the panties to it. The panties were so drenched with cum that some dripped onto Wendy's shoe. Wendy stuffed the panties into Nicole's mouth and ordered her to clean all of the sperm out of her panties.

Nicole felt the slippery texture of cum and tasted the saltiness of it as she began to eat the warm cum from the panties like she was told. The idea had scared her a little and the act seem a tiny bit strange to her yet something inside was driving her on as she was truly enjoying the warm cum as it swirled around her mouth. She couldn't quite figure out why she seemed to enjoy it but she did and the act was actually turning her on. Wendy started in on Nicole's tender ass with the brush.

As Wendy swatted the already sore ass of her cousin, she told Nicole about how turned on her boyfriend had been while she jacked him off into her panties. She also explained that it had been his idea to cum multiple times in them for her. Nicole was so turned on that each swat from Wendy's brush seemed to send a delicious vibration throughout her body straight to all her pleasure centers. She was very excited and did not realize she was grinding her hips and lifting her ass joyously to meat ever swat Wendy landed.

Helen watched on with a huge smile on her face. She knew that Nicole was in the throes of ecstasy and was enjoying everything that was being done to her. Helen was sure if someone asked Nicole if she would like to stop the sweet thing would beg and plead to keep going. Indeed Helen had summed the situation up right and had definitely chosen the right path for her new daughter.

"You are doing such a wonderful job cleaning those panties it is obvious to anyone watching that you love hot cum. If you make sure and get them extra clean maybe I will ask Aunt Helen, if it is ok if we feed you directly from the source."

Wendy finished with the paddling and took the panties out of Nicole's mouth. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when Nicole let out a disappointed sigh at the realization the punishment was over.

"What a good job you have done, there is not one tiny drop of cum left in them.You can get up now and go to your mother as I forgive you for stealing my panties."

Nicole lifted herself up and returned to her mother.

"Pull your panties up dear and have a seat we are going to open the rest of the packages we bought for you."

Nicole pulled her panties up and enjoyed as the cool softness of the material caressed her sore bottom. She moved to a chair across from Helen and then very ladylike sat down.

"Oh my, she already is getting the female gestures and carriage down," commented Wendy.

"Yes she indeed is a fast learner and I figure it should only take days before she has things down pat."

"As Denise started the spankings today you may start the presents Susan."

One by one each woman opened the packages and presented to Nicole the beautiful clothing they had purchased for her

Nicole was giddy with excitement at the number of them she received. She was very happy and wanted to try them all on right then and there.

"You of course are encouraged to add to your wardrobe whenever possible sweetie," informed Helen.

Nicole was floating on the clouds as she had only ever dreamed she might one day be as happy as she was at this moment.

Helen continued to open packages and suddenly Nicole's eyes began to tear with love. Helen had pulled out several beautiful satin and lace maid outfits in different colors. They were complete with lace aprons and white lace cap. "These my dear are so you do not get your clothes messed up while doing the house work. Oh we can't forget these."

Helen pulled out the most darling and delicate ruffled panties along with matching garter belts for each outfit.

Nicole Broke down in tears as she rushed to her mother and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you ma'am, only in my wildest dreams have I ever dared to dream I would have all these beautiful things. I can't thank you enough and I promise I will be the best servant and woman possible."

"I am sure you will sweetie it was what you were always meant to be. Sit down now dear as there are a few more things for you. They aren't clothes so much as accessories."

Helen then emptied all the make up and perfume on the table. When the bag was empty she removed all the high heels they had bought for Nicole remarking that she would look lovely in them. She then opened a box that was full of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets of all types.

"Now for the special bags "announced Helen.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats especially Nicole. Helen started retrieving items from the black bags.

"These my dear are called butt plugs and you will become very familiar with then. I am sure you noticed there are three different sizes of plugs. Depending on who will be training you and how they feel will determine how uncomfortable you shall be."

Helen then proceeded to pull out four leather harnesses, and hand one to each of Nicole's sisters and one to Wendy. She then produced a big box, which she opened to reveal four exact sets of dildos that attached to the harnesses. Each set contained three different size dildos to attach to the harness. There was a six-inch, an eight-inch, and one ten inches in length. As the dildos got longer they also grew wider in girth which made the 10 inch look quite impressive.

"I will let you know when you can use the larger 8-inch and the 10-inch on the little dear as I will be the one to introduce the sweet dear to each size and ensure that she learns to enjoy them."

Helen was now smiling as she watched Nicole's eyes locked on the dildos as they began to develop a twinkle and yearning in them.

"Don't worry it won't be long till you may fuck the little slut till you heart is content with the dildo of your choice."

The girls all broke out in loud laughter, while Nicole sat there silent mesmerized by the instruments as a hungry longing began to take control of her. "Remember Nicole, I said you would be a woman in almost every way and having to ride a fat cock is all part of being a woman. Just think you won't ever have to worry about a period getting in the way."

Helen once again opened the bag and pulled out another dildo, this one was enormous it made all the girls draw in their breath when they saw it. The thing was 15 inches long and at least 9 inches around it had a huge mushroom head and looked totally real as if it had been cut off a real man. "This one is special and hopefully the time will never come where I will have to use it but that sweetie is totally up to you," informed Helen. Nicole stared at the huge cock knowing it would kill her yet a tiny voice inside her wondered just what it would feel like.

The next items Helen pulled out of the bags had Nicole trembling a little. There were whips, cat-o-nine tails, leather paddles, riding crops, and straps of all sizes.

As Helen laid the last of the items on the coffee table she spoke to Nicole.

"Don't worry dear you will have plenty of time to see all the gifts up close as you find out what they shall be used for. You will also now be allowed to enter the basement level of the estate as I no longer need to worry about how you might react. In time you will learn to love the play room. However, right now I want you to go into the kitchen and make us something for lunch."

Yes ma'am was all Nicole said and she hurried off to the kitchen.It was at this time that Nicole realized why Helen had not replaced the house and kitchen staff when the last ones moved on.

------- *** -------

"Denise and Sue why don't you run these new clothes upstairs to your sisters room while I talk with Wendy for awhile," Instructed Helen.

The two girls grabbed the clothes then headed up the stairs to Nicole's room. They understood that their mother wanted some time alone to talk with their cousin.

Wendy had been told about the basics of what was going to happen today but Helen needed to explain a lot more to her and see if she was interested in participating in a more full time manner.

"Wendy, have you enjoyed yourself so far today?" asked Helen.

"Oh yes Aunt Helen, I have had a wonderful time. I can't remember a time when my panties have been as wet as they became while I was spanking that sweet little bitch's ass. Christ it was the most erotic experience I have ever had. Watching that gorgeous ass of hers wiggle and lift itself to meet each swat I gave her as if she could not get enough. To watch her eagerly and happily eating every drop of my boyfriends cum out of those panties just sent me over the edge. But the best part was when I stopped and removed the panties the sweet dear almost began to pout that it was over."

"The question I have for you is would you be interested in being involved on a more full time basis?"

"I might be interested in that type of an arrangement. Just what did you have in mind Helen?"

"Let me explain a few plans that I discussed with your mother."

The two women sat comfortably in their chairs as Helen began to tell Wendy her future plans. "When I learned about Darryl's desire to be a girl at I first was surprised but quickly began to realize that I shouldn't have been. Nicole had always seemed to be drawn to the more delicate pursuits. She kept herself in great shape but she showed no interest in more masculine pursuits. I should have noticed it earlier that Nicole seemed to interact much more comfortably with females than she ever did with males."

"Anyhow I searched Nicole's room and found all the panties. When I asked the girls about them they identified a large majority of them as theirs. The only other place I could think she could have stolen the panties was from you and your mother. When I approached your mother she recognized the panties immediately as she was the one who had bought them for you."

"To cut all this short your mother and I began to talk and she made a proposition that in the end I agreed with."

"What was her proposition?"

"Well your mother and I care about our children and want to insure they are happy in their life. The two of us have raised you girls to be strong independent women. Unfortunately that often is a detriment when looking for an appropriate spouse. The truth is that most men are very intimidated by a strong woman and when they begin a relationship with one they tend to manipulate and twist situations to the point where they begin to breakdown a woman's independence."

Wendy continued to listen intently.

"The question I need to ask is how do you feel about Nicole? I mean are you attracted to her?" "She is a sweetheart and I do think she is rather attractive."

"Your mother requested that Nicole be trained and prepared to become your wife. I have agreed and believe she would make a loving wife who is willing to fulfill your every wish. Financial arrangements would include you moving into the estate and going to work for my company."

"Helen there is the small problem, I already have a few boyfriends and enjoy men more than women but other than that that I think it is a fantastic idea."

Helen cut in,"You don't have to give up rideing a good hard cock when you want to. Nicole will be the perfect lover and wife and would never think of preventing you from indulging your desires. All that is asked of you is that you show her love and protect her vulnerability." "In that case I accept."

"Fantastic, she will make a wonderful wife."

"It would be best for you to move in to the estate right away. Once we take care of a few more plans your mother will be selling her house and moving in as well." "What other plans do you two have brewing on the side?"

"Your step brother doesn't know it yet but he is soon to find out what it is to be a girl just like Nicole. Denise has always fancied him and I think she would find it quite enjoyable to have him as her wife.

"How do you and mother plan on changing him into a woman?"

"Well you see your mother is already introducing a powder form of the medicine Nicole has been receiving into Chris's food. It is not as strong as Nicole's treatment is but he will change physically just like she did. Along with the treatment for physical changes Chris is also receiving a medication that effectively changes his thought pattern to ones that resemble a young female. His mind will open up and he will begin to lose his inhibitions. No matter how distasteful his desires may seem for the average male he will continue to crave their fulfillment."

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