tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 06

Nicole Desired Ch. 06


Nicole dried herself with the fluffy terrycloth towel. Sitting at her makeup table she massaged lotion into her body to keep it soft, moist and supple. Once the lotion was absorbed she proceeded to dust herself with a light perfumed powder that made her feel smooth as silk. Nicole had picked out an emerald green form fitting floor length evening gown that magnificently complimented Nicole's beautiful green eyes. It was low cut and was made of the finest silk money could buy. She had chosen a pair of panties and a garter belt that perfectly matched the dresses color and was also made of fine silk that seemed to mold to her body like a second skin. She decided against wearing a bra as the dress fit and flowed perfectly without one.

Nicole wore four inch pumps that matched her dress and she slipped on a diamond tennis bracelet as well as a matching necklace that she had received from all the other women as a graduation present. Nicole was scorching hot and indeed would turn every head in the room when she walked in. Checking herself once more making sure her stocking seams were straight she proceeded to head downstairs where Helen was waiting to take her to the party.

They had rented a banquet hall at the most expensive hotel in town. They as well as some of the guests had some 30 different rooms booked. Having the rooms as well as the hall basically gave them full control of the entire floor. Helen had picked this hotel, as they knew how to be discreet, and often catered to events that were held by organizations that lived alternative lifestyles. The maids and workers on duty were always more than happy to work for the galas as the attendees were all affluent and tended to tip very well.

------- *** -------

The hall was full of guests, many of who were accompanied by men while still others enjoyed the company of women or girls like Nicole. However, it was not difficult to see who the ones in charge of the relationships were.

Near the guest of honor's table sat Carole and Denise and next to them was Carol's stepson Chris. He was dressed in a tux and was very well groomed looking quite dapper. Wendy entered and made her way to the table and on her arm was Craig. This caused some heads to turn as most of the guests knew that Nicole had been promised to her. Yet here she was at a very special occasion for Nicole with a male lover on her arm. Like all groups the buzz began making its' way around the room about how tactless Wendy was being. There were many people in the room who would have given everything they owned to trade places with Wendy and take Nicole for their wife.

Carole glared at Wendy with anger in her eyes. How dare her daughter openly disrespect Helen and Nicole not to mention herself by bringing this man. She could not say much as Chris still had no idea what the occasion was and she did not want to ruin the trap.

"Don't worry mother I will explain in a little while, but first I must talk to Aunt Helen. I promise I will not embarrass you and things will be fine." declared Wendy.

At that moment a waiter appeared and whispered to Wendy and she stood up and headed out of the room with Craig trailing behind like a puppy dog.

Wendy met Helen in the outer room and asked if she could talk to her for a minute. Helen looked puzzled at Wendy then at Craig.

"Let's go over here in this side room for some privacy Wendy."

They entered the room and once again Craig followed like a little puppy. This made Helen very uneasy.

"What is up Wendy? I see in your demeanor that you have something on your mind. Also why in the hell did you bring him to this celebration? Do you not give a damn about Nicole's feelings at all?"

"That is what I need to talk to you about. Helen, I don't want to marry Nicole and to be honest I can't marry her. I am sorry and I should have told you a lot earlier but I don't love her and to tell you the truth, other than to play now and then I really have no use for her."

Helen was flabbergasted she stood there as Wendy spoke unable to say a thing.

"You see Aunt Helen I prefer men. Yes, I do like them submissive but they are still men. I have wanted to tell you for so long but couldn't, as I did not want to hurt you. The truth is I love Craig and well, the two of us got married by a justice of the peace last night."

Helen listened to Wendy, though she wanted to be angry she could not. Wendy was happy and that was what was important. Then she thought about Nicole and she ached for the sweet dear for she was going to be heartbroken.

"Well I understand what you are saying and no I am not mad at you. However, I am worried about Nicole as I don't know how she will take this."

"I will make the announcement of your marriage after Nicole is introduced to the world."

The two women returned to the hall where Wendy and Craig took a seat next to Carole who was still confounded at what was happening. At the table next to them Helen sat alone with Linda. It was at this table where the guest of honor was going to be seated next to Wendy, but somehow plans had changed.

The lights began to dim and everyone took their seats. There was an aisle that stretched from the door, down through the middle of the tables, right up to the front table where Linda and Helen sat. Twinkling lights lined each side of the path adding a sense of happiness and wonder to the area.

Once every one was seated the lights went down and a spotlight lit up Helen who had a microphone in her hand and began to speak.

"My dear and loving friends, I welcome you here on this special occasion where we celebrate the coming to life of a beautiful woman. She has always made me proud, and I could not love her any more than I do right now. Many of you have met her and know that she has always been a gentle soul filled with love and compassion. It is on this day that she has come into her own and we welcome her to the world. Dear friends it is my honor to formally introduce to the world of women my lovely daughter Nicole."

With that the spotlight died the doors opened and another spot lit up. There in all her beautiful glory was one of the most beautiful creatures god had ever created. Nicole smiled as she glided slowly down the aisle with flashes going off from all the cameras. She felt as well as looked like a million dollars and everyone there showed their agreement with a deafening round of applause.

Linda was totally blown away. Nicole had always been beautiful but tonight she looked like a goddess and was indeed the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Gliding down the aisle with grace and poise she flashed that wonderful smile of hers and dazzled everyone in attendance. Even Wendy stood there with her mouth hanging open totally awed by the beauty that made her way down the aisle.

Upon reaching the head table Helen gave her a kiss and a hug and welcomed her to the wonderful world of womanhood. Turning to Linda she smiled, and Linda saw that Twinkle in her eye she always seem to have every time the two met. Linda kissed her gently, and commented on how truly gorgeous she was which caused Nicole to blush and smile shyly. Helen observed the interaction of the two and was glad once more that she had befriended Linda. Nicole seemed to have taken to Linda and she would be able to help soothe Nicole's hurts if necessary once Helen made her next announcement.

As Nicole sat there was a slight cracking sound heard from the next table. Carole had slapped Chris across the face when he started to express a comment about Darryl being a fucking sissy. The slap stopped him in mid sentence and Carole was giving him one hell of a talking to. She explained that there was no more Darryl and that he would show respect to Nicole and his Aunt Helen or she would put him over her lap and spank his bare ass right here in front of everyone regardless of his age. Chris was now 19 however, he looked into his mother's eyes and knew she was not bluffing and he had better settle down.

Chris took a long look at Nicole and was amazed as he had known her as Darryl but she looked totally different now. Actually she was quite hot and he found himself getting a little turned on by her.

As Nicole was seated, Helen stood up and began to speak again.

"I have one more wonderful announcement to make tonight. Many of you know that Nicole and Wendy were engaged to be married soon after today's graduation."

Everyone looked on puzzled at what Helen was getting to, especially Carole as she looked from Helen to Wendy.

"Well I need to announce that those plans have been terminated and the two of them are no longer engaged to be married."

The crowd began to talk back and forth with each other in shock, they knew something was wrong when Wendy had shown up with some guy but they had never expected this.

Nicole's felt a little stunned for a few seconds but quickly regained her composure.

Linda looked at Wendy and then at Nicole and she realized that Wendy had finally told Helen about her feelings.

Helen continued to speak.

"Now calm down this is not a sad occasion or announcement, it is just that I need to announce the marriage of Wendy to her sweet young man Craig. They married last night, and I would like to wish them all the best in their future life together. Wendy, Craig would you two please stand up."

As the two stood up the crowd applauded for them, everyone except for Carole that is. She was pissed she had gone through a lot to secure Nicole as a wife for Wendy and now to have her throw it back in her face just pissed her off. She looked at Helen for some sort of sign but Helen just shrugged her shoulders and said,

"Well hun that is how it goes sometimes."

"You're not mad Helen?"

"No I am not mad I just wish she had told me earlier, I had seen how she treated Nicole and I didn't really care for it. But unfortunately I had already promised Nicole to you for Wendy, so there was really nothing I could do. So I guess in a way this is a good thing as now at least Wendy will be happy."

"But what about Nicole?"asked Carol.

"I believe she will get over it in time"

As she looked over she was surprised at what she saw. Nicole wasn't unhappy at all. She sat there holding hands with Linda and talking, Hell she actually had a huge smile on her face.

"There seems to be no problem at all and I think I might just have a great idea for Nicole. So no need to worry, tonight's plans will still take place as planned," announced Helen.

As dinner was served, Nicole found it very uncomfortable that she was not allowed to wait on Linda and Helen. They told her to just relax as it was her special day and she needed to get use to being waited on when the situation called for it. She just smiled at the two women and continued to eat her dinner.

After the meal was served the bar was open and people were up and mingling. Nicole was expected to make the rounds and meet everyone but she was a little frightened as she had no one to escort her around. Wendy was the one who was going to do that but that had changed with her wedding announcement. It was then that Linda stood up and offered Nicole her arm.

"Sweetheart it would be my honor if you allowed me to accompany you as you greet everyone."

Nicole smiled that dazzling smile of hers and eagerly took Linda's arm and hugged close as they proceeded to move about the room.

Helen watched closely and could see Nicole was very happy on Linda's arm. Why had she not seen it earlier, It had been as plain as the nose on her face. She now had a new plan and she was pretty sure it would not take much coaxing to make it happen. She left Nicole to Linda's care and began to move about mingling with her friends.

The night wound on and everyone was feeling pretty good when Carole and Helen approached Nicole and Linda.

"It is that time Nicole we are going to need a little help from you."

Nicole smiling replied with a "yes Ma'am" and turned to go with Helen.

"No that is ok dear you can go with Linda to take care of the cage."

With that she handed Linda the key to Nicole's cock cage.

"From now on sweetie you keep this with you, that way you can release that cute little cock of hers whenever you like. Trust me it will come in handy if you have any repeat performances of the night you asked me about."

Then Helen smiled and pointed to a room where Linda could let Nicole free.

Linda removed the cage then gave Nicole a soft kiss and told her to be a good girl and do what she needed to do.

Nicole walked back into the hall methodically scanning the room as she searched for her cousin Chris. She spotted him across the hall right next to the bar where he was making a pathetic attempt to appear sophisticated and cultured while interacting with two beautiful women. Unknown to him the two individuals he was talking to where very prominent women in the lifestyle who were interested in adding to their stable. Approaching the bar Nicole flashed a smile that had the power to soften even the hardest of hearts and pleasantly greeted the two women.

"It is wonderful to see you Miss Carmen I am so honored that you and Miss Gail could attend the celebration."

Those few simple words were enough to fill the air with desire and love.

"Sweetie we would not have missed your party for anything. It is we that are honored that you allowed us to be part of such a special occasion."

"It would not have been a proper celebration without both of your beautiful women in attendance."

"Thank you dear as always you are very sweet."

"I am sorry for interrupting while you were in the midst of conversation with such an attractive young man. However, I was wondering if I might possible steal Chris away from your beautiful company for a little while. Mother would never forgive me if I forgot to greet my own cousin."

Instantly a look of understanding appeared on the two women's faces.

"Oh so Chris is your Aunt Carols son, how utterly delicious. Well it was wonderful seeing you again Nicole I hope we can find time to chit chat later."

Nicole lightly bowed her head to the women as they turned and left her alone with Chris. "Hello Chris, I am glad you could make my party."

"Oh yeah well I am glad I could make it too Darryl oops I am sorry I mean Nicole."

"That's ok, I am sure it is a shock to you that I am a woman, I do hope that we can still be friends."

"I don't see any reason why we couldn't," replied Chris.

As Nicole began to talk, Chris could not help himself and was slowly taking in every inch of the vision of beauty in front of him. She was beautiful and sweet yet there was smoldering sultry sense about her that just oozed sex appeal. Chris found himself becoming very excited and started to feel a strong desire to be with Nicole. He had been eyeing her breasts as well as her bottom all night long and right now he was wondering what Nicole looked like under her dress and what it would be like to have sex with her.

As Nicole flirted and teased with Chris she used light touches to help raise his excitement level higher and higher.

"My my Chris I never knew you thought so much of me. If you don't watch where that thing is pointing you could hurt someone."

"Oh god I am so sorry Nicole but I can't help it I have lost all control. It is just amazing how hot you look."

Nicole smiled and began to blush.

"That is ok Chris I think you are rather sexy yourself."

"Really, you actually think I am sexy?"

"Well yes, and I have an idea you just might like."

"What is that Nicole?"

"Well I know a nice secluded place we can slip off to and take care of that little problem of yours."

Chris almost choked on the drink he was swallowing.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course silly, follow me"

Nicole took Chris's hand guiding him through a door and into an area that looked to be the back part of the stage that spanned the north end of the hall. The area was fairly dark except for a small area where a black padded bench sat which was illuminated by several spot type lights. Chris could still hear the party loud and clear but that no longer mattered as he was about to fulfill the fantasy he had been dreaming about all night long.

Nicole sat Chris on the bench then knelt in front of him and began to reach for the button on his trousers.

"Now just sit back and relax hun and I will make that pesky erection of yours go away."

Nicole undid the button and lowered his zipper then began to remove his trousers when she noticed a pretty pink material under them. Removing them completely, Nicole was treated to the sight of Chris in a pair of the most darling pink satin and lace panties along with a matching garter belt and stockings. It was at this point that she knew she just had to take his shirt off so she could see if he was wearing the matching bra to the set. Unbuttoning and removing his shirt she confirmed her suspicions as Chris was indeed wearing the matching bra to the set of lingerie. No wonder he had kept his coat on all night, if he had taken the coat off there was no way in hell that he would have ever been able to hide the beautiful breasts that now filled his pretty pink bra. He was at least a full b cup and they were perky and firm. Nicole thought to herself that once tonight was over he would soon be a C cup on the way to a D.

She began to rub his cock through the panties while she lightly slid her other hand gently across one of his nipples. In no time at all both parts were rock hard and poking outward. Nicole tugged his panties down a little freeing Chris's equipment. She took hold of his hard little cock and slowly began to push it between her soft lips. She moved forward on it till every inch disappeared into her warm and inviting mouth. As she began to pump the cock in and out of her mouth she let her hands rise upward and began to lightly pinch Chris's nipples through his bra. Once she had him squirming, moaning, and ready to explode she suddenly stopped.

"What's the matter," Chris asked.

"Well it has been a long time since I have gotten off myself. How about you take care of me and then I will take care of you?"

Chris was so turned on that he didn't care, just as long as he got to cum in the end.

"Ok Nicole, that sounds only fair however, Instead of me sucking your cock I was thinking we could kill two birds with one stone. I would really like to try something I have been dreaming about for the last few weeks."

"What is that Chris?"

"I was wondering if you might possibly be interested in helping me to lose my cherry? You could mount me from behind and stroke me at the same time. That way both of us can enjoy ourselves."

Nicole couldn't believe what she was hearing. Getting caught sucking cock was going to be bad enough, especially since the boy was dressed in woman's lingerie. Getting caught while he was getting a cock pounded up his ass now that was definitely going to seal his fate. Helen and Aunt Carole were going to love this.

"Sure Chris I think I would enjoy doing that for you. My cock isn't huge by any means but it will open your ass a little which is a good way to start."

"let's remove your panties and you can bend over this padded bench."

Chris bent over the bench and actually started swishing his ass back and forth in front of Nicole.

"Damn you are quite the horny bitch tonight. Why don't you open your mouth for me."

Chris did as he was told and Nicole stuffed his panties into his mouth.

"That is so you don't get too loud."

Nicole opened a little bottle of lube she always carried in her purse for emergencies and wiped it on Chris's cute little pucker. She positioned her cock at the entrance and then began to push forward slowly. She could hear Chris moaning and it took no time at all before he had her little cock buried in his tight little ass. She started pumping in and out of his ass causing Chris to start moaning and push back with his ass each time her cock sunk in him to her balls. It was at this time that the curtains to the stage were opened and Chris was center stage as the whole hall was now quietly watching the action going on between him and Nicole.

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