tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 13

Nicole Desired Ch. 13


Helen and carol entered the elevator and pushed the button for the ground floor. Once the elevator got under way Helen turned to Carole.

"I need you to understand that I meant every word I said back there in Nicole's room. I am going to find you daughter and that piece of shit Craig and they are going to pay. I need you to understand, that I will use every penny and ounce of influence I have to make sure this is accomplished."

"I am with you 100% Helen. She is no longer any daughter of mine and I wash my hands of her. From this moment I have only one daughter who I love and am very proud of and that is Crissy." replied Carole.

"Then we are of the same mind set?"

"Yes sister, we are."

"Ok this is what I need you to do. I will handle Wendy and Craig, but I would like you to take care of those friends of Wendy's. Do whatever you must but I want them destroyed completely. Then I want them to feel a lifetime of pain just like they put my baby through. I want them ground into the dust till they beg to fucking die each and every day of the rest of their long life."

The elevator doors opened and the women stepped out. Helen noticed to her right there was a police Sgt. talking with a young lady.

"Carole, why don't you head over to Blarneys and pick up some food for the three of us. I am going to go talk with the police officer about the woman who helped Nicole."

Carole nodded her head then exited the hospital and headed for her car.

Helen greeted the officer though his back was turned to her. The Sgt. Turned and Helen saw that it was Sam Dratin. She had met Sam years ago when he had come to her rescue after a car accident. They had built a close friendship and every now and then Helen would disappear with him for a wonderful weekend.

"Sam it has been a long time."

"Yes Helen unfortunately it has."

"Well we shall have to remedy that situation hun"

Sam simply smiled and replied.

"I always enjoyed the times we spent together."

"As did I Sam but what I wanted to ask you is, would you happen to have the name of the young lady that helped Nicole? I would so like to thank her for all she has done for us."

"Well as a matter of fact Helen that young lady is sitting right here."

Sam motioned for the woman to step forward and as she did Helen looked at her and felt she had seen this woman before.

"I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart young lady. I am so very grateful that you chose to get involved, otherwise I might not have a daughter anymore."

"It was no problem as I would like to think that if it had been me someone would have done the same as I did."

"Well you are very brave, and what you did has saved the life of the most precious thing in the world to me. Might I ask you a question?"


"Do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar yet I just can't place you."

"Well actually we did meet once when I was applying for a position with Matlin Securities. You were helping to restructure the board and we met briefly in the conference room."

"Oh that's right you were the cute girl who was applying for the secretarial position. So how did it go did the old fool have enough sense to hire you?"

"Unfortunately no he did not."

"Well don't feel too bad about it as it is nothing against you. It is just that Mr. Matlin prefers to bugger boys so most likely a male was hired for the position anyway. So what lucky firm has the honor of considering you an employee?"

"That would be Shinders diner on 17th and Olive."

"What? You mean to tell me you are working in a diner?"

"Well a girl has to do something to survive."

"I don't think I would call that surviving. I tell you what I have been looking for a personal assistant as I am about to begin a new business venture very soon. Why don't you stop by my estate next Monday and we will see if you and I can come to an arrangement."

"Are you serious?"

"I assure you sweetie, I am always serious when it comes to business. Now I will be expecting you Monday don't let me down."

"Yes ma'am, I mean no ma'am, I mean I will be there."

Helen smiled and gave a little laugh.

"By the way hun my name is Helen no need for you to be so formal."

Helen turned to Sam and looking into his eyes she addressed him.

"Now you my beautiful guardian and protector, I will be contacting you really soon as I do so miss our weekends at the beach house."

Helen kissed Sam gently, reminding him one of the reasons he found her so desirable.

"Please do call me Helen I miss you and those beautiful lips of yours"

Helen smiled and headed back to the elevator as she did not want to be away from Nicole for too long in case she was needed.

------- *** -------

Nicole awoke to find Linda asleep with her head lightly resting on her shoulder. She had a hold of Nicole's hand, and from the look of things was never going to let go. As she watched Linda sleep, the terrible memories of the thoughts that had bombarded Nicole's mind as Wendy and her friends had been torturing her came rushing back. She had believed she would never see Linda again, and those thought alone had hurt far more than anything they could do to her physically. Her loss of Linda would have turned into reality if it had not been for that sweet caring woman in the alley.

Nicole began to cry from the pain and heart break that she had felt believing she had lost everything that mattered to her. She remembered the moment when she finally shut down. All she had wanted to do was just die so that the emptiness and torment would end. The idea of death was far more bearable than the thought of having to live one day without Linda.

Nicole's sobs awoke Linda from her nap. Seeing the tears flowing from Nicole's eyes she held tight to the sweet girl whispering words of love and assurance to help calm her fears.

Nicole hugged Linda close and kissed her face gently as she proceeded to tell Linda in more detail the horrific torment she had gone through.

Linda listened the whole time her heart was breaking with anguish at the pain this loving creature had been through. She knew that the physical pain had been excruciating, but as Nicole continued she saw that far more horrible than any physical pain was the mental torture she had been put through. It had reached deep and destroyed her very will to live.

Tears began to form in Linda's eyes as Nicole described the hell and how she had finally just wanted to die.

------- *** -------

Helen entered the room and seeing the two women in each other's arms crying decided to step back out and give them a little privacy. She understood it was going to be a long healing process for Nicole and that the best person she could have right now was Linda.

As she headed to the patients lounge Carole stepped out of the elevator carrying the breakfast she had picked up for the women.

Helen waved her over to the lounge and explained that it was best to give Linda and Nicole some privacy right now.

Carole placed the food on a coffee table and sat down next to Helen. The two women talked as they ate their breakfast and worked out the details on how they were going to accomplish their goals of punishing the people who had hurt Nicole.

Carole told Helen that she had met and knew Megan and her lover as Wendy had introduced them to her at a party. She went on to tell Helen about how Megan had blackmailed her husband when they got divorced and had taken him for quite a substantial amount of money.

Helen got a great idea.

"This will work perfect. I will put a call into her ex husband as I am sure that I have a proposal for him that he is going to love. While I contact him this is what I want you to do."

Helen spelled out every last detail of how they were going to play Megan's own game on her. When they were finished not only would she start to experience the pain and helplessness she had put Nicole through it seemed that Helen just might make herself a new business connection.

As for Megan's lover Barb, Helen and Carole had some connections with a few gentlemen who ran the sex trade down on the east side docks. She thought that would be a great place for Barb to spend the rest of her life. She would be used by some of the lowest dregs of society. It was perfect as she would get to spend the rest of her life as a low price whore. The men at the docks were a nasty bunch and often got very physical with the whores.

Carole took in all the instructions Helen had given her and then smiling she continued to eat her breakfast.

Helen had called and talked to Crissy as soon as she had found out that Wendy had been behind what had happened to Nicole. Crissy had informed Helen, that both Wendy and Craig had left carrying suitcases soon after she had phoned them over at Linda's house. Helen gave Crissy instructions to fill Denise in on what was going on and to tell her that everything was under control and Carole and she would be home later in the afternoon.

Having finished her breakfast Helen peeked in on Nicole and saw that she had once again fallen asleep.

Linda sat at her side stroking her hair as she struggled to keep herself together.

"I have some breakfast here for you hun as you need something to eat in order to keep your strength up to help Nicole."

"Thank you Helen I am pretty hungry."

Linda took the food and began to eat while at the same time she talked with Helen.

"My god Helen what kind of monsters would do this to such an innocent and gentle soul? She woke up from a nightmare and was afraid to go back to sleep. She told me in more detail about what happened to her, it was like a knife was ripping through my chest and yanking my heart out. I only have one thing to ask of you. When you get a hold of the scum that did this, please do not let Nicole know. I fear hearing about the people that hurt her would just cause her more pain. By god she has had far more anguish already than any one person should have to endure."

"You have my word that nothing will be said to Nicole and I will make sure that she will be free to relax and recuperate without anything about those bastards upsetting her."

------- *** -------

Crissy was busy attending to Denise's freshly laundered clothing as she truly enjoyed making sure her mistress's blouses and skirts had the perfect creases and were completely wrinkle free. Usually the laundry was Tammy's responsibility but when it came to Denise's clothing Crissy trusted no one else to do a proper job.

Tammy was busy in the kitchen as Crissy had put her to the task of polishing the crystal and the silver. She knew that Tammy would be busy most of the afternoon accomplishing this duty as there were two things the estate had a lot of, and that was crystal and silver.

Picking up a stack of ironed and folded panties Crissy walked over to the dresser and then simply bent over slightly to open the drawer and set the lingerie in. This was all it took for the back hem of Crissy's short skirt to ride up exposing both her garters as well as her lace panties.

It was at that moment that Denise entered the room. She stood there smiling and watching the pretty bottom in front of her as the garters stretched to each side framing the rounded cheeks, which were encased in the most divine pair of pink lace panties. Crissy like her mentor Nicole always took pride in dressing in the finest and prettiest lingerie. Denise thought the site was adorable and let a slight giggle escape her lips.

Hearing the giggle Crissy quickly turned.

"Mistress Denise I did not know you were standing there."

"I was just admiring the pretty view, and I must say pink is definitely your color."

Crissy began to blush.

Denise stepped closer to Crissy, sliding her arms around the girl she slowly slipped her hands up under the girls skirt and raised it so that her pretty lingerie was in full view.

"They are very pretty dear, I do believe this is one of my favorite outfits. You and I are going to have to go shopping so I can buy you more pretty sets of lingerie in this shade of pink."

Lowering her hands she allowed the front of the skirt to slip back down but the back remained up as she caressed the beautiful rounded cheeks of Crissy's ass.

Slipping underneath the delicate elastic waist, she began to slide her hands over each rounded globe, marveling at how wonderful they felt. Then griping tightly she quickly pulled Crissy to her and pressed her mouth to her lover's luscious moist lips. Filled with passion she kissed the girl as if she was attempting to devour the sweet creature.

Holding her tight she turned till Crissy's back was to the bed then gently moved forward till the divine beauty was lying down. The two locked in a tight embrace sensuously exploring each other's lips as their tongues wrapped around each other.

Moving her hand up the delicate curves of her lover, Denise found the buttons on Crissy's blouse. With skillful fingers she slipped the buttons back through their holes and slowly began to slide Crissy's blouse open.

Denise was sliding her fingers up to the front clasp of Crissy's lace bra, when the bell to the front door rang out sending the musical chimes echoing through the house.

"Ignore it sweetie Tammy will get it."

A minute later the chimes sounded a second time. Denise looked into Crissy's face and recognized the look of frustration and disappointment. Both she and Crissy knew that Tammy was not going to answer the door, and that Crissy needed to see who was calling.

Letting Crissy up Denise gave her a playful pat on the bottom.

"Take that pretty ass of yours and go see who is at the door sweetie. With everything that has happened with Nicole it may be something important."

"Yes mistress."

"Oh and just to let you know young lady, I fully intend to take back up where we left off just as soon as circumstances permit it."

As Crissy buttoned her blouse and tucked it back into her skirt she was already well on her way to the front door. The chimes began to play for the third time as she opened the door to greet the visitor.

"May I help you?"

"Would you please let Miss Helen Perklun know that Jason Tillder is here to see her."

"I am afraid she is out right now would you please come in and I will inform her daughter."

Crissy showed the man to the study and made sure he was comfortable and then left to announce his presence to Denise.

Denise entered the study walking over to Jason then smiled and welcomed him to the estate.

"Welcome, I am Denise Perklun what might I possibly do for you Mr. Tillder?"

"I have been doing some work for Miss Helen, and I have completed my task. I wanted to deliver my report directly to her as it is of a sensitive nature."

"Well my mother is away at the moment and unfortunately she will not be home till later this evening."

"Would you please notify Miss Helen that I will return later this evening?"

"I will let her know that you stopped by and will return."

"Thank you for your assistance ma'am I am grateful."

Denise nodded then rang for Crissy.

"Please show Mr. Tillder to the door Crissy, then you may get back to what you were engaged in before his arrival."

"Yes ma'am."

Crissy fought hard to keep from exploding into a huge smile, but just as Nicole had taught her she maintained her composure. Now Denise on the other hand was smiling wildly and Crissy could already see the lust building within her eyes.

------- *** -------

Helen and Carole pulled up to the front door of the estate, then exiting their cars the women made their way into the house and into the main sitting room.

Crissy entered welcoming the women and asking if there was anything she might get for the ladies.

"I need you to get Denise dear, let her know that I would like to speak with her, I would like you to return as well."

"Yes ma'am."

Helen wanted to update her daughter on Nicole's condition, along with Crissy as she had become such a valuable member of the household and was most assuredly worried over Nicole. Helen felt that the sweet dear should be present as well when she updated Denise.

Linda had remained at the hospital with Nicole as she was not about to leave her sweet love alone. They had a second bed moved into the room so that Linda would have a place to sleep. Helen was going to be returning the next morning and had told Linda she would stop and pick up some fresh clothes for her.

Denise entered the room and moved to give her mother a big hug. She sat gracefully beside Helen and quickly inquired about Nicole's condition.

"Well she is out of harm and is receiving wonderful care. Luckily no bones were broken, though she did suffer a concussion to the head. The doctor has closed the open wounds she had and does not believe there will be any visible scarring or loss of sensitivity to her breasts. She has undergone Reassignment surgery as well and everything went fantastic according to the doctor. She is now a complete woman and I do believe she is going to be very happy."

"Does that mean she is no longer going to be the wonderful servant and companion she use to be?"

"She will no longer be a servant and she will join the rest of us as Women of the Perklun estate."

"Nicole will be afforded all rights and privileges as a mistress of the house."

"I am happy for her but I must say I am going to miss her."

Crissy got a sad look on her face upon hearing those words. Denise stretched out her hand and took hold of Crissy's.

"Now don't be so glum sweetie I am very happy with you and you know that I love you very much. It is just Nicole has been such a delight to have around it is going to feel funny with her gone."

"I understand mistress, but I was not sad about what you said, but rather what Miss Helen had said. Miss Nicole has always shown me love and kindness. I would never be the girl I am, if it had not been for her dedication and training. It feels like a large part of me is vanishing and I am going to miss it immensely."

Helen spoke up.

"Silly girl Nicole is not going anywhere and knowing Nicole we couldn't keep her from looking after our needs if we tried. That is who she is as she lives to take care of those she loves. However, you will remain the new head of house as she will be most assuredly focusing most of her energies on the life and house she will be sharing with Linda. For now she is going to need compassion and understanding as it may take quite awhile for her to recover from the trauma she has been put through."

"Damn bitch Wendy" snarled Crissy.

Upon realizing that she had lost her composure and uttered the words, Crissy began to apologize profusely.

"No need to apologize sweetie I do believe we were all thinking the exact same thing. You might want to work a little bit on maintaining your composure though as it could get you into trouble in the future.

Helen smiled at the sweet girl and winked, then sent her to prepare some dinner for the women.

Crissy had figured that the women would be getting back late so she had prepared a separate meal that she would simply have to pop into the oven once the woman got home.

"Denise I am going to need you to do a few things for me. First I would like you to make the necessary calls to notify the guests that the welcome party is canceled. Then I need you to call the proper people to put Linda and Nicole's wedding on hold for now. Those two are going to have some hard times ahead and they don't need the extra worry at this time."

"No problem mother I will make sure it is taken care of."

"Is there any pressing business that popped up while I was away?"

"Nothing I could not handle however, a Mr. Tillder stopped by to give you a report on a project you had him take care of. I told him he could leave his information and present the report to me but he insisted that he would only speak to you directly."

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