tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 16

Nicole Desired Ch. 16


Sandy pulled up to the front door of the office and just as he had for Miss Helen Nathan was standing next to the sedan in seconds.

"Good morning Miss Milton, it sure looks as if we are going to enjoy another beautiful day."

Sandy was shocked as this man had only met her a few times as she usually parked in the garage and took the private elevator up instead of entering through the front door. However, he already knew her name and most likely her position in the company.

"Yes Nathan I do believe it is going to be a fantastic day. Has my secretary made it down from upstairs yet?"

"Yes ma'am she did, just a minute ago she slipped into the ladies room to make sure she looked presentable. She asked me to explain her tardiness if you showed up while she was gone."

As Nathan finished the sentence Maria stepped out of the doors and made her way to the car.

She was dressed to kill in a tight black hobble skirt that ended at mid calf along with four inch black pumps and black stockings. Her blouse was white silk and had a frilly collar that allowed the blouse to plunge low accenting Maria's lovely cleavage.

Maria slid into the car and greeted Sandy with a pleasant smile.

Nathan closed the door to the car and Sandy headed out to the street.

"Maria we are going to do a lot of shopping and I thought it would be a good time to also get a little more personally acquainted."

"I am honored to be invited Miss Milton."

"Maria we are not in the office so as I have told you many times it is ok to use my first name."

"I am sorry about that Sandy I will remember to use your name when clients are not around."

The two women headed to the boutiques downtown and while they drove they talked about all sorts of topics and subjects including their personal likes and dislikes.

The two women spent the afternoon visiting one top boutique after another until Sandy had put together quite the wardrobe. She loved this type of shopping as there was no worry about money and the boutiques would be delivering the clothes directly to the estate once they had finished tailoring them which should be tomorrow. They visited several high fashion shoe boutiques and just went wild making sure that Sandy had a pair of heels for every type of occasion.

"Well Maria one last place to stop and of course we have saved best for last."

The woman entered through the etched and frosted door of the shop. Maria had seen this shop before and had always dreamed of one day being able to visit it.

A very well dressed young lady welcomed them to the shop.

"Please allow me to welcome you to Lydia's Lingerie shop and you must be Miss Milton?"

"Yes I am dear and this is my assistant Maria."

"I am very glad you two have chosen to visit our shop. Far too many women overlook the most important part of an outfit. We believe that without the right lingerie you might as well just wear a potato sack. If you feel great underneath it will show on the outside through confidence and self esteem."

"I agree nothing makes a woman feel more powerful than beautiful Lingerie. I guess you could say that the panties make the woman."

"Exactly our sentiment Miss Milton, we will start the fashion show momentarily please feel free to inspect the merchandise closely. Once you are finished with your choices we will then assist you in trying them on if you like. Before we start might I offer you a little wine and cheese?"

"That would be fine thank you"

The young woman rang a small bell on the counter and quickly a cute little dear clad in a pink satin corset with white lace trim matching panties, white stockings, and three inch pumps, appeared from behind a curtain with a tray of refreshments for the women. Each woman was offered a flute of champagne then setting a silver cheese tray in front of the women the girl curtsied and removed herself from the room.

Sandy heard the bell ring once more and a parade of scantily clad beauties proceeded to model some of the most exquisite lingerie the two women had seen. Watching the models began to affect Sandy a bit. She found herself thinking about the sweet girl next to her dressed in the sexy lingerie modeling it for her.

As the models paraded through the room Sandy slipped her arm around Maria and began to casually stroke her hair.

Enjoying the attention from Sandy, Maria leaned over and lightly laid her head on Sandy's shoulder. She wanted to make sure that her boss understood that she was enjoying everything that was happening and was very receptive to more. Sliding herself closer to Sandy she began to hike her skirt up a bit. She was trying to lift the skirt higher, but things were not working out so well.

"Hun are you having a problem there?" asked Sandy.

"No I was just attempting to get a little more comfortable."

Maria wished she had decided to wear a shorter skirt as she wanted to flash a little bit of thigh to see how Sandy would react but there was no way in this skirt.

"Stand up for a second sweetie."

Maria stood up in front of Sandy wondering what was on Sandy's mind. She did not have to wait long as Sandy took hold of the zipper to her skirt and lowered it.

"Take your skirt off hun and while you are at it why not open your blouse as well. I am sure that would make you very comfortable."

Maria noticed the look in Sandy's eyes as she slowly undressed. They were filled with lust and yearning and it excited Maria to the point that her panties started getting damp.

"From the look of those wet panties of yours I would say you enjoy undressing for me."

"Yes ma'am, actually I fantasized about it every night to the point I have to relieve myself."

"Well I wish you would have said something as I have spent quite a few nights alone as well. You know I did leave a huge opening for you to make the first step. I mean what more could I do to let you know I was interested then letting you keep my moist panties."

"I am sorry I just did not want to make the wrong impression on you."

"You silly girl, I caught you enjoying the fragrance of my pussy juice and let you keep the panties, what better impression could you have made."

The two women started giggling as Maria finished opening her blouse and then removed it completely.

"Now sit that sweet little ass of yours down right here and we will see just how wet I can get those panties."

Maria sat down and rested within the crook of Sandy's arm. Leaning her head on her boss's shoulder she felt wonderfully safe and secure.

Sandy slid her free hand into Maria's lap and her fingers gently slipped underneath the waistband of her panties. Slowly she traced her fingers along the plump lips of Maria's pussy until her fingers found the secretary's sweet little pearl. Flicking the erect little clit sent shivers up Maria that seemed to escape from her in the form of soft gasps.

Maria couldn't help it as she started to soak her panties because of Sandy stroking her clit. She no longer cared where they were or who saw as she let herself embrace the pleasure that had begun to ripple through her body.

Sandy slid her fingers down and slowly inserted them into Maria's steaming hole. Turning her hand she positioned it so that as she stroked her fingers in the juicy slit she was able to stroke in small circles over and around the hard little clit with her thumb.

While enjoying the secretary's pussy she kissed and nibbled along her neck whispering all sort of sweet things she had planned for Maria.

Maria was lost to the throws of orgasm and anything Sandy wanted she was going to give her. Moaning loudly she soaked Sandy's hand as she began to cum for the second time.

The fashion show continued as Maria leaned back pushing out her chest and spreading her legs wide as Sandy fucked her fingers rapidly in and out of her sopping pussy.

The show ended and the Young clerk returned just as Maria was letting loose with her third orgasm.

"I see you ladies enjoy the fashion show."

"Oh yes very much so"

"Have you made any choices?"

"They were all so beautiful I found it hard to choose."

Maria suddenly began to pant and then exploded yelling out as she came once more.

Sandy was not stopping at all she continued fingering the juicy pussy the whole time she was talking to the clerk.

It turned Maria on even more knowing that others were watching as she was spread wide while Sandy fingered her hot slit. She realized Sandy enjoyed her being on display as much as she enjoyed it.

"You know what? I think I will just take two different collections of everything you presented."

The clerk's face lit up with a smile, as she called for her assistant. When the assistant entered, Sandy whispered into Maria's ear.

"My sweet dear there are now two women watching as I fuck that sweet wet pussy of yours. They can see that you are my sweet little cunt and will do anything. Maybe I should stop fingering you and have you eat my dripping cunt."

All that came out of Maria's mouth was a soft moan and the words "Oh please Yes."

"That's a good girl."

As Sandy talked to the two clerks she guided Maria between her thighs. Then asking the clerks to hold on for a second she instructed Maria to remove her panties, and bury her face in her pussy.

Maria did as she was told as she was enjoying every minute of what was happening. It turned her on immensely to have Sandy exercising her dominance over her and she understood that from this moment on she belonged to Sandy, body, mind and spirit.

"Now back to the Lingerie, I want one set in my size make sure I have them in each of your bolder colors. Oh god sweetie you're making me cum"

Sandy set her hands on Maria's head and pulled it tight to her pussy.

Maria was in heaven and she was determined to make it as hard as possible for Sandy to talk to the clerks.

"The second set, OH GOD, I would like in..."

Sandy could take no more and she let out with a loud gasp announcing for everyone to hear that she was cumming.

The Clerks waited patiently with a smile on their face as Sandy rode the waves of her orgasm. She had Maria's mouth tight to her pussy and she was grinding her slit into the sweet dear's face.

As the young clerks watched they themselves couldn't help but get turned on. Sandy watched through hazy eyes as the young girls raised their skirts and began to finger themselves as they watched the scene In front of them unfold.

Maria had not stopped she had her cute face buried in Sandy's pussy and it did not seem like she would be ready to remove it anytime soon.

Sandy whispered to Maria that their company was enjoying the scene so much they were tickling their own clits.

"That's it sweetie eat that pussy good as I want you to show these girls how eager you are to eat your mistress's pussy. I want you to turn them on so much that you make them cum."

Maria went crazy and she slipped her hand into her own panties and began plunging three fingers into her already soaking slit. Taking the other hand she slid two fingers into Sandy and as her tongue lashed at Sandy's clit her fingers plunged into her tight hole.

My god thought Sandy this girl is magnificent. She had realized that the girl loved to be on display as much as Sandy liked putting her there. But when she had mentioned the word mistress Maria had gone crazy.

Sandy couldn't think anymore and she was now lost in multiple orgasms. She could just make out the voices of the young clerks panting, as they loudly began announcing that they were Cuming as well.

Maria stopped plunging her pussy with her fingers and removed her head from Sandy's delicious pussy. She slipped up onto the couch next to her new mistress. Had she heard Sandy correctly, her boss had used the word mistress she was sure of that. Sandy pulled Maria close and gave her a few soft kisses.

"You are such a good girl and I see you enjoy it when your mistress shows you off to others."

"Oh yes ma'am, I want everyone to know that I am completely and unconditionally yours."

"Then you now understand just what your new position is and what duties it entails."

"Yes mistress, I am your servant and my duties entail whatever you want."

"Good girl, I like how the word mistress rolls off your tongue. Meaning you have a hard time remembering to call me Sandy you may now refer to me as mistress at all times."

"Yes mistress"

Sandy began to stroke Maria's hair as her attention turned to the two clerks. They were sitting on the sofa with a dazed look in their eyes, and their hands inside their panties. Sandy smiled as she noticed that each one had soaked their panties with their love juice.

The head clerk snapped out of her daze, removing her hand from her panties and lowering her skirt she began to apologize.

"I am so sorry about this Miss Milton."

"No need for an apology, come a little closer."

The head clerk stepped closer to Sandy a little worried that she might be mad.

Sandy gently took hold of the hand the clerk had been pumping her slit with. It was soaked and was still covered with her cum. Sandy placed it in Maria's hands and then instructed her to clean off all the juice.

Maria complied with Sandy's command without hesitation. She eagerly licked all the sweet nectar of the cute girl's pussy.

While Maria cleaned the fingers of the girl, Sandy slid her hand between Maria's legs and lightly continued to tickle her slit.

Once Maria had finished cleaning ever drop of juice from the clerk's hand, Sandy motioned for the second clerk to come closer and she had Maria clean her fingers as well.

"There now we are all cleaned, I am glad you enjoyed the scene ladies. It seems my hot little lover enjoys being watched as she serves her mistress."

Sandy leaned forward and kissed Maria.

"Now that I can think, let's get back to my order. I was saying I would like the second collection in Maria's size and make sure the colors are all pastels and soft shades."

"Yes Miss Milton."

The clerks hurried off to get the order ready. They loved when residents of the Perklun estate came to shop as they never spared any expense. The women worked on commission and today they had made a huge one. To top everything off they both also received one hell of an orgasm.

As they prepared the order for the woman they talked about how hot Sandy and Maria were. The only person who had turned the girls on more was Nicole Perklun. As far as they were concerned they didn't make them any hotter than her. Each girl would give anything to spend one night with the desirable woman.

The head clerk returned to the storefront.

"Do you want us to ship both collections to the estate?"

"Yes that would be fine"

Maria looked at Sandy and saw she was wearing a huge smile.

"That is right sweetie you will be moving in to the estate as my servant. I have already cleared it with Helen and she is happy about the idea. She was actually the one that advised me to take you shopping with me so that I could find out, if you were indeed the woman I wanted."

"Are you sure I am that woman?"

"Oh a test already, ok let us just see. Take your panties and bra off right now."

Maria stood up and removed her bikini panties and the matching bra and handed them to Sandy.

"Now I want you to sit up on the counter and plunge all four fingers of your right hand in and out of your cunt till I tell you to stop."

Maria without hesitating began to fuck herself with four fingers.

Sandy began to chat with the two clerks about how long they had worked at the shop and how they enjoy the job. Maria began to moan loudly and then starting gasping as her pussy began to flood once more from an orgasm.

"She sure seems to be a very well behaved servant Miss Milton."

"Yes she does, would you believe this is her first day."

"You are teasing me"

"No, I swear this is her first day, right now I am proving to her that she was made to be my servant. Why don't you go over there and pinch her sweet little nipples.

The head clerk stepped to the counter and reaching forward began to pinch Maria's nipples.

"You are so lucky to be allowed to serve a beautiful woman like Miss Milton. It is only right that you be shown that you were made to be her servant. If it were up to me I would have you walk out of the shop right now as you are and sit in the car and continue to fuck yourself in public while we finish up the paperwork."

Hearing that suggestion Sandy noticed Maria's hand had quickened and now she was slamming her hand into her hole including her thumb. A little more pressure and she would have her whole hand inside her pussy.

"I think that is a wonderful idea, you heard what she said Maria now do it."

"Yes mistress"

Maria got off the counter, as she continued to stroke her pussy she walked out the front door, opened up the car sat down and began to plunge her hand into her cunt again.

"Yes I do believe I have found the right girl."

The women finished up the paper work and the clerk informed Sandy that her purchases would arrive later that evening.

Sandy exited the shop and headed to the car.

Standing next to the car were two older gentlemen who seemed quite thrilled as they watched Maria plunging her fingers into her juicy pussy.

Sandy was very happy with Maria as the woman was spread wide with people watching her yet she continued plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy all because her mistress told her to.

"It sure is a beautiful afternoon, don't you gentlemen agree."

Sandy had startled the two men with her greeting.

"Oh yes indeed it is ma'am, a very fine afternoon indeed" answered one of the men.

"Well I hope you gentlemen enjoyed the show, I am sure she enjoyed putting it on for you as well."

"Well yes umm, thank you ma'am it was rather enjoyable at that."

Sandy slid into the driver's seat and looked over at her brand new pussy and smiled.

"Pump faster."

Instantly Maria quickened her pace and was now slamming her fingers into her hole.

The two men looked as if they were going to pass out from excitement as Sandy pulled away from the curb and headed down the street.

Sandy glanced over and noticed that Maria's pussy was red and had to be sensitive and sore, yet the woman would not slow her pumping down one bit.

"That's enough sweetie you may remove your fingers and lick them clean."

Maria stopped and did exactly as she had been ordered to.

"So my sweet little pussy what do you think, did I choose the right girl?"

"Yes mistress you did thank you so much for choosing me."

"You are very welcome sweetie as it is going to be a pleasure to enjoy your lovely charms." Handing Maria back her bra and panties she explained what was next for the two women.

"We are now heading to the estate and you may put your clothes back on. If you really want to please me simply wear your bra and panties and leave the rest off. That way when we arrive, everyone will see your soaked panties, and know just how much of a horny little pussy you are."

"Yes mistress"

As Sandy had figured, her hot little servant slipped her panties and her bra on, but left the rest of the clothing off. It was all Sandy could do to keep her eyes on the road. Maria looked so delicious in her lingerie that Sandy just wanted to eat the sweet creature up.

------- *** -------

Nicole and Linda lay cuddling with each other as they had just finished with the wonderful lunch that Nicole had made for them and were now just enjoying the feel of each other's arms.

"I feel safe and secure as I know there is nothing that can hurt me when I am in your arms." announced Nicole.

"I have missed you in my arms for far too long sweetie and I will make sure that I never have to go that long without you again. You young lady from now on go everywhere I go. I can't help feeling that it was part my fault what happened if I hadn't..."

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