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Nicole Scherzinger Does Literotica


Note- I do not own the rights to the Asterix work and do not claim to do so. The characters portrayed here do not reflect those in the comics. Nor have I ever met Nicole and this story is total fiction./


Having been fired yet again by Simon Cowell, Nicole found herself with some time to spare for a vacation.

The gorgeous singer and dancer flew to Hawaii, her birthplace, for some quality alone time and she renewed her love for the sun and her childhood favourite comic book character Asterix.

Having also admired the historical figure Cleopatra when she was little she decided to write a tall tale on her Sony Vaio Laptop while she relaxed.

She had stumbled on the website 'Literotica' and had been amused and intrigued by the work of one author by the name of 123z, who seemed to have a quirky imagination.


By 50BC, the Roman Empire had conquered most of Western Europe and Egypt.

In 46BC, a young and stunningly attractive woman had become Pharaoh, Nicole Cleopatra by name.

Whilst entertaining at her palace she had been humiliated by the great Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, who had criticized Egyptian accomplishments.

Cleopatra had wagered she would have a new palace erected in Alexandria within months which amused him greatly.

He had been dazzled by her beauty and sexual talents and had taken her as his mistress.

Tasking her subjects with the enormous task, she had brought in extra help with a number of Gallic citizens, their country now totally under Roman rule.


Nicole Cleopatra yawned and contemplated the three young servant girls who sat at her feet with bated breath as they awaited her desire.

Seated on her golden throne in a large marbled room the mocha skinned beauty stood up and clapped her hands twice in quick succession.

Clad in a floor length sleeveless gown of white linen she looked every bit of the goddess she was.

The dress had a gash up the left leg all the way to her thigh and tapered at the middle to accentuate her small waist.

The low cut top showed off the swell of her massive tits that thrust out seductively.

On her pretty feet were two inch high heel sandals with thin straps that wound up her shapely calves.

"Maidens, prepare my bath."

The dusky stunner walked with utter poise and finesse as she followed the girls to a big room with many sculptures, mainly of animals, and lots of hanging baskets of flowers.

Tall pillars abounded here and there and a sweet smell of spices filled the air.

In the candle lit room she approached the enormous sunken bath where two of the girls poured jugs into the exotic mix of milk and honey.

"My gown."

Nicole raised her arms out and the third girl removed the dress from her body and removed it to a nearby chair.

She herself took off her gold armband that wrapped around her left upper arm in the form of a snake, and two wrist bangles.

Her raven hair, that had been swept up in a bun for a stylish up do was loosened, and her luscious waves fell about her shoulders, bringing out a warm glow to her complexion.

Her sandals were untied and she stood naked in bare feet to her tiny five feet five height.

"To the bath." She ordered.

Pharaoh was led naked by the hand to the big tub.

Her alluring form was truly striking, massive 34D breasts sat heavy on her chest, and her slender pins drew the eye to her lush Mons pubis with the jet black triangle of tight curls.

Her perfectly rounded rump jutted up behind her in a bubble butt, and her wide hips wiggled as she entered the hot tub.

"Attend to my toilet." She said simply as she stood in up to the waist.

Several hands gently caressed her curvaceous body in circular motions and almond oil was massaged into her flesh.

Her big boobs were fondled and her back and stomach patted as she closed her eyes in bliss.

A hand gestured for her to sit and Nicole submerged up to her elegant neck, careful not to let her hair get wet.

She inhaled deeply and the intoxicating aromas assailed her nostrils.

A goblet of wine was placed in her hand and she imbibed of the sweet drink much heartily.

"Handmaiden, fetch my towel." She commanded after a satisfactory spell in the tub.

Nicole stood and drops of the bath mix ran in rivulets down the cleavage between her ample bosom and the crevice of her rippling buttocks.

Her button nipples were hard and erect and stood up proud from the mauve areolas. As she rose up gracefully from the bath, warm and fragrant, her succulent and dark flesh and took languid and measured steps to her bedchamber.

As she padded barefoot on the marble floor, her tread almost feline, a white towel was draped around her figure.

She flopped onto the fine feathered mattress and closed her heavy eyelids.

'In one hour I wish to be woken and I shall give audience to the two barbarians from Gaul."

The girls all bowed and left, leaving one solitary maid to fan the goddess with a large palm leaf.


Now that her lover, Caesar, had returned to Rome these last few months, the horny fuck kitten demanded gratification of the flesh.

Without a husband she had resorted to bedding the most desirable of her subjects, harbouring a liking for the muscle bound types she knew she could dismiss in a blink of an eye.

Unlike Caesar.

"Your highness, it is the hour of your appeasement."

Nicole opened her eyes and fanned her black mane from her face.

The pair of barbarian warriors entered the royal bedchamber, led by one of her guards. A hulking eunuch in a leather Roman tunic, who parted the rectangular tapestry that led into her inner most sanctum.

Asterix was the best warrior in his home village and the fair haired man removed his winged helmet and placed in under his elbow and bowed.

His long yellow moustache bristled as he paid heed to the words of the female in bed.

Beside him at an imposing six feet four was the super strong Obelix, a flame haired Adonis with a finely sculpted torso and chiselled jawline.

Dressed only in striped pants, his muscular frame glistened in the heat of the afternoon.

Their village in the north west part of Gaul had been the last to fall to the Romans and several of the strongest males had been transported by Centurions to north Africa.

"Behold, I am Nicole Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, Pharaoh of the land, Goddess incarnate.

My wishes and needs are for my people and adopted citizens of Rome to obey."

Nicole held her chin high and her dark brown eyes flashed defiantly as she got up from her bed, a thick standing candle illuminating her and the huge round bed.

Totally confident in her dusky allure and exotic beauty she basked in the adulation both men showed as they gasped inwardly, perceiving the sultry vixen in all her naked glory.

Her smoking bodacious bod was dominated by her hefty boobs that thrust out from her tight body which sleeked inward at the hips and prominent posterior.

Nestled between her majestic thighs was her fleshy pussy, the pink labia concealed under her raven thatch.

"Remove those ridiculous clothes, men of Gaul."

Already bare chested, Obelix began to remove his pants.

A shy and friendly soul he found it somewhat daunting to get naked in such exalted company, but once he was done he stood proud of his physique and stroked his braided hair.

Asterix had stripped quickly, his hairless body perfectly proportioned with narrow hips and fine yellow pubes.

"I have been singularly pleased at the progress of my new palace, and have chosen you two to be rewarded for your zeal.

For the duration of the next hour you may do with me as you please.

Get hard, slaves."

Asterix licked his lips and began to spank the monkey as he drank in the naked beauty before him, sexual allure oozing from her every pore.

Nicole was pleased at his fine specimen of manhood, a seemingly flawless cock of several inches capped off by a mouth watering mushroom head.

As he wanked himself to full hardness she noticed the muscles in his right shoulder and bicep tense and ripple under his tanned skin.

"Excellent." She announced as her gaze moved to the gentle giant beside him.

Obelix had squinted his eyes as his prick rose up like a majestic serpent from his ginger pubes.

Mightily impressed by his physique Nicole caught her breath as his spectacular body triggered her instant attraction.

"Lie down on the bed, both of you."

The warriors had a hard time understanding her language but got the idea as she pointed with a long nailed finger.

As they settled on their backs, erections poking up on their bellies, Nicole took each rock hard cock in her warm fists.

Looking directly into their faces she gave each a steady pumping, working her slender fingers up and down the thick shafts, careful to stop where the flared crowns began.

"Look at me slaves."

Nicole kept eye contact with Asterix first as she pursed her plump red lips and kissed the tip of his throbbing tool, eliciting a hushed moan from the aroused Gaul.

She popped the head inside her mouth and sucked on it like slurping on a tiny ball.

The fair haired man desperately wished she would take more of his aching rod inside but she teased him by relinquishing him to satisfy his friend.

Obelix looked on wide eyed as his rampant cock was bathed in saliva from her luscious mouth before she nodded her face forward and hummed on his glans.

The vibrations sent a shock of pleasure through his groin and he grabbed fistfuls of the bed covers.

"By the gods!" He yelled.

Nicole looked up with her dreamy dark brown eyes that held a certain mischief and let him slip from her wet lips.

Then she went down on him again engulfing his prodigious girth with her willing mouth.

Asterix watched transfixed as he stroked his cock and smiled as the mocha goddess pulled away from his friend to tend to him once more, her hand still wrapped around the cock meat of Obelix.

"I find the men of Gaul to be exceedingly pleasing." She said beaming.

Nicole spat on her free hand and smeared the menacing looking crown of Asterix's stiff prick and proceeded to give him rapid jabs of her mouth on his hose that made him groan loudly.

The glamazon loved to suck cock, the bigger the better, and this one did not disappoint.

They locked eyes as the dark skinned honey sucked on his entire length, tickling the back of her throat as he made low guttural groans.

As she moved along the smooth shaft her snake of a tongue lashed out at intervals to slaver his flesh.

Again she turned to the nine inch cock of the big man.

"Fast or slow?" She asked with a lust filled stare.

Obelix spread his hands in ignorance, his red braids giving his visage something of an innocent appeal to Pharaoh Nicole Cleopatra.

She shifted and settled on his large frame and pushed him onto his back and dropped her steamy snatch onto his bristling face without ceremony.

She wriggled as his moustache tickled her sensitive skin and then rolled her hips as his lips touched her quim.

His head was hanging off the edge of the large bed as her gyrations made her cunt slide on his mouth with a delirious craving.

"That is good." She moaned.

She licked her lips and returned her attention to his enormous hard on.

With her cunt being licked with vigour her mouth slid agonisingly slowly down his length, intending to deep throat him completely.

She hesitated halfway down as her pussy sent a wonderful spasm through her loins, then continued to engulf his cock until she began to gag.

Her hips moved quickly as Obelix swiped his tongue with increased pressure on her clit.

"Oooh, slave, I like it."

Obelix held her cheeks and lashed out with his tongue as she sighed and grew weak limbed.

Nicole held his massive tool in her right hand and took a sharp intake of breath as he flicked and licked her hard nub and the surrounding hood until a glow signalled her impending orgasm.

She slurped on his huge helmet as she choked little whimpering noises as her juices were absorbed by the big male underneath her.

She shuddered and rolled off the hulking warrior and cupped her throbbing pussy.

The 69 position had been exceedingly pleasing to both, but her insatiable need to be appeased raged on.

"To me, yellow hair.

Nicole spread out her legs and writhed on her back, her dark body ripe and ready for further attention.

With eyes closed she hissed as teeth started to nibble on her inner thighs, and two rough hands pressed into her buttocks, lifting them up.

Her firm stomach fluttered as her upper legs were kissed, licked, caressed and patted as her exquisite flesh was explored.

"I am most pleased," she purred in delight as her head turned one way and then the other on the feather filled pillows.

Another hand raked across her belly and her back arched in response to the feather light touch.

Her legs widened more as a fat finger dipped into her hot pussy and zipped in and out before withdrawing suddenly.

Her head lifted and her eyes blazed as she squealed a protest at the loss of contact.

"Lick me my slave, I command thee."

Asterix wiped his yellow moustache and bent in to tongue the damp folds of her pink slot.

As he lapped as ordered Nicole curled her toes and bucked under him, encouraging the barbarian warrior him to delve deeper inside her honey pot.

Her voluptuous body twisted to and fro as one soft flick after another speared her pussy entrance with acute concentration.

"Attend to my tits."

Obelix obeyed and her caramel coloured boobs were pawed with enthusiasm by the gentle giant.

His face rubbed on the quivering globes and his whiskers scratched her skin with a curious sensation.

His teeth grazed her left nipple and then the right and she gasped with the double delight of her cunt and tits being ravished.

Her whole left boob was smothered by a warm mouth which feasted on the succulent flesh with relish.

Asterix rose up and licked her right tit and she mewed like a kitten from the debauched attention her massive breasts were given.

Audible slurps and slobbers drowned out her whimpers as her pussy leaked her love juices down the crack of her divine ass.

"By Isis! One of you fuck me, I implore you!"

Nicole was in a high state of arousal, her thick raven hair damp and mussed, and her ebony body moist with sweat glistened under the candlelight.

Asterix looked at Obelix who nodded to the elder of the two and graciously moved aside.

The proud warrior could hardly believe his good fortune as he laid atop Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile.

He reached between their sweaty loins and moved the tip of his rock hard cock once and slid inside as her breath whistled through her teeth.

"Aaah, that feels good."

The fair haired Gaul jiggled his hips as inch by inch he slipped his length in until their stomachs touched.

Nicole gasped at the sublime penetration and lifted her big bod up from the round bed.

As she spread her arms above her head she was humped with a few shallow strokes which let her savour the rippling flesh of his shaft as it scraped her inner walls.

"Mmmmm." She smiled and closed her eyes.

Asterix grabbed her ankles and pulled her sleek legs up and placed them at his shoulders.

Then he leaned forward and pushed them back to her hefty boobs and propelled himself into her with force.

She bucked up faster, wanting the man to fuck her harder and her lower body lifted clear off the bed as his thrusting grew ever rapid.

Her slick cunt welcomed his big rod which slammed in and out with dizzying speed.

Consumed by a wanton madness Asterix fucked her into the bed with furious plunges and the unabashed woman wrapped her dusky legs around his waist.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She muttered as her muff foamed and bubbled.

Nicole could feel her juices flow thick around his swollen cock as she worked her hips up and down, pulling him in deeply.

His knees dug into the bed as he thrust up and his thighs became taut with the effort.

Aware of the hulking red haired one with the prodigious erection, Nicole eyed the big pole of Obelix which stood proud like a column from his mass of ginger pubes with a strong yearning.

"Lie here, stallion of Gaul, Pharaoh wishes to be your mare."

Nicole was helped by strong hands that shifted her curvy frame onto his lap.

Obelix caressed the smooth flesh of her caramel cheeks as his cock sprang up into her quim with ease.

She rotated her hips as she sank onto him with a shiver of delight as his prick took her breath away.

When his enormous member was fully inserted his balls settled in the crack of her beautiful buttocks.

"It is mighty big!" She exclaimed as her pussy adjusted to the generous girth.

The brazen hussy enveloped him like a snug glove as she began to ride to and fro with measured strokes of her hips, squealing with glee as his balls bounced gently on the gorgeous curvature of her dark buns.

Her hands palmed his chest as she leaned forward and she fucked the large barbarian with high rises of her rump which meant his huge length moved in and out with lewd squelches.

She glanced at Asterix who rubbed his aching cock jealously as Cleopatra plunged up and down on the thick wedge of his best friend.

Obelix held her black body as she bounced on him with hoarse moans that emanated from deep within.

"Fuck my ass!" She commanded and Asterix gulped as his cock twitched.

This day was turning out to be quite something as he stepped up and knelt behind the ebony minx.

She paused with the big cock in her pussy and raised up slightly to help Asterix find her forbidden asshole.

With a dry mouth he spat on his knob and aimed directly at her anus and bumped the tip at it several times.

Once the pressure on her puckered hole succeeded the resistance melted away and he was in.

"In the name of Ra, that is incredible."

Asterix could feel the huge cock of Obelix on the other side of the thin membrane that separated her two holes and all three shifted together.

They equally experienced the amazing sensation as they moved, Nicole sandwiched between two muscular and virile men.

The fair haired one put his hands on her hips as he sank in deeper and Nicole cried out as she enjoyed the double penetration.

"'Tis wondrous!"

With her dreamy big tits crammed against the barrel chest of Obelix Nicole was pushed hard from behind as Asterix forced his cock in deeper, wedging them both inside the sexy babe.

They became a mass of sweaty bodies as the Gallic men pumped her cunt and ass in alternate motions.

Nicole cooed in delight as the obscene squelching of both her stuffed holes filled their ears.

The feeling was indescribable as the two men could feel each other slide in and out.

She looked around behind her and grinned at Asterix whose yellow moustache had wilted some.

As they moved, her tits slid along the chest of Obelix and her bouncy bubble butt slammed against Asterix.

"I want the pair of you to cum in my face."

Asterix slipped from her anus with an audible pop and she swung her left leg off Obelix and let his nine inch cock out of her steamy cunt.

Nicole sat up on the edge of the round bed and waved her hands for the men to approach.

They stood over her as she took hold of their slick cocks and looked up at the both of them.

Nicole squirmed on her ass as she sucked Asterix first, her hot tongue licking all around the purple head.

She felt his legs shake and held his balls in her left hand and squeezed hard as he sent a big gush of cum out of his bell end.

With a happy humming Pharaoh gobbled up his cream down her throat eagerly, welcoming the sensation of it sliding down.


As she sucked the twitching cock dry Obelix grunted and Nicole just managed to open her mouth as he came, his great hose spurted long arcs of cum over her lips and chin.

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