tagGroup SexNicole's Dark Night

Nicole's Dark Night


Nicole knew this was a crazy idea. But, she ventured in anyway. She could always just look around and leave if she felt uncomfortable. She had been to this particular adult shop several times before with her exboyfriend, an older man eighteen years her senior. They had started dating or really just fucking, when she was just 18 and he was 41. Roger had exposed and unleashed the sexual creature in Nicole. Their role play scenarios were dirty, and oh so hot. They had ranged from incest laced father/daughter scenarios to the wicked school girl confessing her naughty sins to an undersexed, albeit horny priest. But the culmination might have been the last time he brought her to this adult store. They had gone into the back where the semi private viewing areas were. Unlike the enclosed booths, reknown for glory holes, these booths were cozy and yet open, with no doors at all. Soft comfortable wrap around couches and bench seating were provided. Roger had gotten Nicole so turned on with his dirty and suggestive talk that she, as usual, didn't even think about not doing exactly what he told her to.

She had eagerly taken his big cock into her hot mouth as soon as he hauled it out of his suit pants. She liked the idea of others watching. And they did. First one, and then several men stood cramped into the psuedo doorway watching the sexy little young woman worshipping a big throbbing cock. This live entertainment was better than anything that might be found on the video screens throughout the dark, back area. She loved how they talked about and to her. Their crude langauge urging her on. None of them touched her, but Roger later got her so turned on as he related how he'd have loved to see them groping her, rubbing and forcing their strange cocks on his sexy little fuck toy.

Tonight, however, she was alone. She wandered around the store idly looking at the various sex toys and movies. She could feel her pussy tingling. Every step she took seemed to reverberate a decadent sensation in her cunt.

She was the only female in the store. Six or seven men, mostly older business types milled around mostly looking over the movie selection. But, more so, each took special notice of the sexy young brunette. Nicole could feel them eyeing her hungrily. It excited her. She had dressed for the occasion. Not overly slutty, but definitively sexy. She wore a short denim skirt that came barely below her ass cheeks and accentuated her tan, athletic legs. A thin, white cotton thong – Roger always loved his young slut in white cotton – and a tight spaghetti straped tank top that hugged her big, ripe young breasts perfectly and made a bra unnecessary. A clear hint of nipple could easily been seen. And now that they were excited, they were even more evident.

She imagined the thoughts that must have been going through the men's minds as they looked at her. She felt exposed, almost nude, on display for them. She wondered if this is what a stripper felt like. It excited her, and yet gave her a sense of nervousness.

Finally, she had decided it was time. Inhaling deeply, she sighed and strutted up to the cashier. The man behind the counter had barely taken his eyes off of her since she had walked in. He was a big man. He had that dirty, blue collar look about him. A full beard and strong hairy arms. 'A big bear.' Nicole thought to herself as she approached.

"Hi, uh, could I get, um, could I get some tokens?" Nicole asked as she slid a ten dollar bill onto the counter towards the big man.

"Sure thing, honey. " He smiled knowingly. Taking the ten, he return a handfull of gold medallions to Nicole and winked. "Enjoy yourself." His hand seemed to linger on hers as he dumped the coins into her hand.

"Thank you." She almost whispered.

Behind the counter, he reached down and adjusted his thickening cock. 'What a hot little bitch." He thought and shook his head as he watched her walk towards the doorway that led to the video booths.

She hadn't noticed it in the carpeted main area of the store, but as soon as she stepped through the door way, it was clear. Her heels seemed to click with each step, annoucning her presence. She had selected a red, patented leather 5" heel for today. Roger had bought them for her, and she always felt sexy and immediately horny when she put them on. Today was no exception.

The area was dark as she had remembered. It was designed almost like maze. A catacomb of different booths. As Nicole walked through, she saw them. Men were in booths watching all varities of dirty porn movies. The sound was low, but there was a constant hum of obscenities and moaning that permeated the entire area. Each time she passed a booth, the man inside would divert his attention to the sound of the heels and to the young woman. Most would nod casually towards her as she walked by.

When she found an open booth, she walked in and dropped her purse on the padded bench seat. Standing before the video monitor, she inserted her tokens and began to scan through the channels at the different movie genres. Finally she found the one. It showed a sexy young, big titted slut on he knees between two hung men. They were rubbing their cocks all over her spit covered face. Nicole imagined what it would be like to be that girl. Having two thick, throbbing cocks filling her hands, her mouth, her holes. She turned and sat back on the bench. She stretched her legs out as she leaned back against the wall. Her legs were spread slightly and she could feel the cool air waft under her short skirt tickling her warm flesh. Her panties were so damp, she could feel them sticking to her sex. Her nipples were thickening. Growing in length and firmness as she watched the girl on the screen and thought about how exposed she felt like this.

Almost unconsciously Nicole reached up and ran her fingertips over her full left breast as she continued watching the video. Closing her eyes briefly, she moaned and squeezed her tit flesh roughly. She loved her big tits played with. She slid her hand over the cotton covered meat and let her fingers locate her swollen nipple. She gasped at the touch. Rolling it between her thumb and forefinger she gripped it tightly and pulled on it, twisting it and feeling it swell with excitement. It brought a further rush of excitement. Without thinking she shifted slightly on the bench turning and wedging her body into the corner. As she did, she brought her left leg up, planting her heel on the bench beside her. Her tiny little skirt slid up her thighs exposing her sheer thong.

Nicole licked her lips. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she dragged her fingers over her saturated panties, feeling the hungry pussy beneath. When she opened her eyes to return to the screen she noticed a presence standing in her doorway. It was one of the men from the main store area. He had followed her back to the booths. He was an older man. Nicole thought he looked to be in his mid fifties, but he was handsome with distinguished features and thick salt and pepper hair. He looked like a successful business man she thought. He was dressed in suit pants, a white button down and striped tie. He stood there looking at her without shame. His left hand was lewdly rubbing a thick bulge through his pants.

"You are certainly a naughty girl, aren't you?" He whispered to her hoarsely.

His words and his tone hit Nicole and she could feel her pussy tighten. She looked directly at the older gentleman and moaned. "Mmmm, uh huh. I am."

"You like showing off your sexy little body, don't you angel? It gets you so hot doesn't it?" He continued as he groped at his growing cock through his pants.

"God yesssss." Nicole hissed back at him.

"Such a sexy little girl. You like knowing how turned on you make men don't you. How big and thick their cocks get for you."

Nicoles eyes were locked on the man's hand. She watched as he gripped and massaged what seemed like a very formidable cock right in front of her. She noticed the wedding band on his finger and briefly thought about his wife and his kids knowing he was here looking at her like this, and talking so dirty to her as he rubbed his big horny cock. The thought sent a spasm to her drooling cunt. Her fingers continued to tease over the cotton.

He sneered down at her. "You want to see it don't you, baby? You want to see how big and thick you make this man's cock? Say it." He demanded.

Nicole was nodding as she stared at his bulge, at his hand and at his ring. "Yesssss, I want to... I want to see it."

He winked at her. Nicole watched inrapt as he deftly pulled his zipper down. Her eyes never blinked as he reached in through the fly and with a little bit of a stuggle he hauled it out. She breathed heavily as she watched it being unveiled. Her fingers slid up and down over the agitated lips of her cunt through the flimsy cotton. Immediately she could see it was big. It was thick, god it was thick. Even in his large masculine hand it looked enormous. The head was flared and seemed much larger than the shaft. His hand slid up and then down the big fleshy stalk pumping it momentarily. Then he took his hand away and let it stand up, swaying slightly, but powerfully as it reared up out of his fly.

"You like this big 'ol cock don't you, honey? Yeah, look at it. See how big and hard you've got it." He arrogantly flaunted his oversized cock at the young woman.

"Oh my God." Nicole breathed. "It's huge."

Uncerimoniously he adjusted his pants and reached in further, pulling two full, hairy balls from his suit. With one hand he reached down and cupped them, caressing them with his palm and fingers as his towering cock seemed to stretch even further upward. Nicole had seen big cocks before but mostly in pornos and in her dirtiest fantasies. This one was inches from her. It had to be at least nine inches long and she couldn't even fathom its girth. It looked so strong. So thick and so fucking hard. It looked like flesh covered iron.

The man slid his hand up off of his balls and wrapped his fingers around the base. He squeezed it sending a surge of blood to the bloated head. It swelled obscenely. Nicole stared in awe.

"Oh yeah," He whispered. "I think you like seeing Daddy's big meat." He took a small step forward. He released his cock, letting it bob over the young woman's face. Nicole stared up at it. Without asking he rubbed his palm over the fullness of her breasts through her tight top. He groped at them, squeezing them roughly. "Mmmm... big fucking young tits!"

Nicole moaned as the man used her fleshy tits. Her eyes opened and closed as she panted. She felt paralyzed, but her nipples throbbed. Her cunt sizzled.

"Touch it. You know you want to, go on. Feel how hard Daddy is for you, baby. Go on..."

Mindlessly Nicole reached up. First lightly her fingers explored the giant prick. He nudged closer, now completely in the booth with her, his mighty cock was directly over her face. His big hairy balls hovered barely two inches from her nose. She could smell him. It was a strong, musky scent. It filled her nostrils and seemed to spur on her excitement. As her fingers encircled the thick fuck cylinder she realized just how big it was. Her fingers did not come close to meeting. She could feel it throbbing. It felt alive.

"Yessssss, that's a good girl. Stroke that big fucker you sexy little bitch." He commanded her. Nicole responded by pumping her tiny fist up and down the giant pole.

At first the other man had been watching and listening from the doorway of his own booth, but now he had moved into the door of Nicole's booth. He watched the "suit" with the sexy young woman. He already had his own cock out and in his fist when he appeared in the in. Nicole moaned when she saw him. Her fist continued to slide up and down the big cock. The new man was a little creepy looking. The kind of man one would expect to see lurking in a porn shop. He was casually dressed and had a bit of a beer belly, but his cock looked sturdy and horny. Not as big as the one in her hand it was however, really thick with a big helmet that was drooling out a stream of precum .

"Goddamn. Fuck, yeah, pump on that big cock." He stepped into the booth with the other two. His hand slid over his hard cock repeatedly. The suit smirked to the new man. His cock was being worshipped and he loved it.

The creep sat down on the bench next to Nicole, he lifted up her leg off the bench to make room then pulled it back onto his lap. His beefy hand slid all over her smooth leg. She looked at him, her mouth open as she moaned. He massaged her young thigh and then down to her muscular calf. He kneaded it in his strong hand and then began to rub his hard cock over her skin leaving a trail of precum on her silky flesh. The sensation sent a wave of lust over her.

The suit continued to grope and feel up her big tits through the tank top. The creep, watching wanted more. He reached over and pulled the two thin straps down off Nicole's shoulders abruptly pulling her top down. Her large, perky tits sprung free. Her nipples were pink with quarter sized areolas. Her nipples were extra long and they seemed to reach out for someone to touch.

Nicole gasped out loud. Her body jerked as the men attacked her bare tits. Each pawing them roughly, rolling and pinching her sensitive nipples. As she moved, her nose brushed the suit's hairy sac. "Yeah, baby, nuzzle those big balls." He hissed at her as he twisted her hot tit in his hand. Nicole obeyed and began to move her head back and forth under his swollen nuts, her nose tickled by his coarse pubic hair. Her fist moved up and down his giant cock with a determined rhythm.

Two more men were in the door way watching the live show. One looked like a trucker or a construction type. In his 40s he looked well built and had a rough blue collar look about him. His cock and balls were out of his dirty jeans. His cock looked to be a solid eight inches long and powerfully hard. He stroked it slowly, enjoying the hot scene before him. The other man looked like the guy next door. 'Someone's loving husband or boyfriend', Nicole mused silently. He pumped a smaller, yet still, impressive cock more urgently. His eyes were glued to the sexy little white thong. He could make out the dark "V" of the girls neatly trimmed bush. He groaned, licking his lips. "Mmmm, look at those sexy little panties."

"Oh yeah." The trucker added. "Little slut dressed up for us."

"Little Princess here likes the attention, don't ya baby?" The suit queried.

Nicole moaned in the affirmative as she continued to rub her face all over his hairy nuts. Her tongue darted out and bathed the big orbs in stringy saliva.

The creep continued to rub her heeled foot all over his fat cock as he leaned down and greedily sucked and licked all over her left tit, saturating it with his spit.

The neighborly looking man, fell to his knees in front of the bench and inhaled sharply. "Sweet young cunt." His hands pressed against her inner thighs, forcing them wider. "Rub it baby, rub that sexy little cunt for me." His face was right there. He could smell her excitement.

The trucker stepped in next to the suit and grabbed the hand that was pumping the suit's big rod. "Here you go, honey. Another big cock for those hot little hands."

Nicole's fingers gripped it hungrily. Sizing it up with her thin fingers as her tongue snaked up and over the suit's steely shaft. She pumped on the truckers thick meat fast and hard. The neighbor began to run his fingers over Nicole's hand that was rubbing her crotch, guiding her. Then without warning he pulled her hand away and rubbed his fingers against the damp cotton.

"Jesus, Christ." He exclaimed. "You're fucking soaked, you little slut. I can feel your hot little cunt drooling fuck juice through your panties."

"Soooo hot." Nicole whimpered as the men toyed with her. Her tongue slathered spit all over the suit's monstrous cock as she fisted the trucker. Behind him, more men were in the doorway, peeking in at the young sex star. She felt euphoric. Her whole body tingled. It was surreal. Hands were touching her everywhere. She was licking a huge cock while pumping on an equally big one.

The trucker grabbed Nicole's hand in his rough one and pulled it from his big dick. She looked at him her tongue still out, but paused on the suits thick knob. "Lick it!" He commanded. "Lick it, you little slut. Lick my big fucking cock."

The suit gripped his own meat, pumping it as he watched the pretty young girl move her face to the trucker's thick pole. She flicked at the tip. A string of saliva hung from her tongue as she swirled it over the flared crown. The trucker groaned. "Fuck yessss, that's it baby. Get it good and wet."

The neighbor was rubbing his face against the tiny strip of cotton that covered Nicole's pussy. He felt intoxicated by the hot aroma of her young cunt. His tongue lashed at her panties coating them in a thick film of saliva. "Sweet little girl cunt." He croaked. Unable to hold off, he dug his fingers into the leg band and jerked the thong to the side, exposing her sexy and perfectly trimmed young pussy. Her lips were red and swollen. Her juices could be seen glistening on her labia. The lips were completely exposed and shaved clean. Right above her clit hood was a tiny triangle of brown pubes. After a split second of admiration, the man drove his face against her sex. His tongue lapped at her like a dog. Nicole was moaning uncontrollably.

The trucker grabbed her head and held it firm in his strong hands. "Look up at me, you little bitch."

Nicole tilted her head back slightly, her doe like brown eyes opened fully as she looked up the veined cock to the man's face.

He sneered. "That's it baby, look at me while you suck on that big cock."

The creep was nursing on her big tit as he watched. He pulled his face back and slapped her breast meat with his fingers. "Sexy bitch. Sexy little slutty, bitch." He continued as he spanked her tits with his fingers.

The suit turned slightly and began rubbing the head of his giant cock all over Nicole's face as she licked all over the trucker. His still wet cock left a trail of spit all over her. He slapped her with it again and again. Punishing her with a billy club of dick. Then he dragged it over her nose to her lips which were filled with the trucker's swollen knob. Both men tensed at the sensation of their cocks touching. Inspired, the suit began to slide his thick fuck meat along and over the trucker's log as Nicole bobbed on the man's throbbing cock.

The trucker groaned. Bucking his hips at Nicole, he reveled in the sensation of the businessman's big cock against his. Nicole watched the two cocks slide together like two pythons. She pulled her head back off of the trucker and watched for a moment.

"Dirty little bitch. You like that, baby? Like seeing these two big cocks sliding on one another?" The suit asked as he rubbed his fat knob all over the trucker's rock hard erection.

"God yes!" Nicole exclaimed. "That is sooo fucking hot!"

The trucker got into it too. He gripped the base of his big prick and slapped it against the suit's. Both men moaned and loved the dirty nature of their action.

Nicole reached up with both hands and grabbed each cock. She began to rub the heads together. Then she slid the hot meat of one all over the other. Back and forth she teased to the two men with the other's hot cock. Her tongue occasionally flicked out at their crowns.

The suit's cock had never been harder. It felt like an iron rod. It stood straight up. "Oh you dirty little girl. You have Daddy's big cock so fucking hard. "

Nicole was moaning like a whore. The neighbor was driving his tongue in and out of her sloppy cunt as he massaged her clit bud with his thumb. She ground her mound into his face. Humping her pussy onto his tongue. Men in the doorway and peeking in from the hall were groaning as they pumped their cocks watching. Obscenities were hissed and moaned at the group in the booth. "Suck those big cocks you little whore." "Look at that sexy bitch." "Young slut".

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