tagIncest/TabooNiece's Naughty Wedding Night Ch. 01

Niece's Naughty Wedding Night Ch. 01

byGeorge VI©

This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over 18.

I find wedding ceremonies excruciatingly boring. About the only thing that helps pass the time is checking out the women, particularly the bride and bridesmaids. So when I turned towards the back of the church to watch my niece, Carol, walk up the aisle, my cock started to tingle. I love low-cut wedding dresses. And Carol's dress scooped way down her tan chest, practically down to her tits.

Carol is a beautiful, slender young blonde. At twenty-two, she was almost exactly half of my age. But neither the age difference nor the fact that she was my sister's daughter kept me from silently lusting for her as she stood at the altar. I just stared at her chest, and wondered if the minister was checking out her cleavage as she knelt in front of him.

What is it with low-cut wedding gowns? A woman's wedding is supposed to be so formal, and the bride is up there supposedly so virginal and dressed in a long formal gown, white being the symbol of virginity. And she's parading around exposing her young chest to everyone in church! Did someone start this fashion just to give the uncles and ministers and other horny guys in attendance something to look at? And the bridesmaids' dresses are worse! Carol's four bridesmaids, her two teenaged sisters and two cousins in their early twenties, were wearing identical red dresses. The long gowns were off their shoulders, plunging down right down between their tits. As they stood facing the altar with their backs to the congregation, I stared at their dresses that exposed half of their backs. Were they wearing any underwear under there? Yes, I could see the back of Nancy's white bra peeking out of her dress. All four bridesmaids must be wearing strapless bras. Front-hook or back, I wondered.

Looking back at Carol, I wondered if her bra was strapless. Her gown was pretty far off her shoulders. God, I hope I get to see her leaning over later at the reception. Her dress pulled tight at the waist accentuated the way her tits stuck out. B-cup bra, I'm guessing. Nice tits, but not huge. I'd heard family rumors that Carol was no virgin. In fact, it sounded like she may have slept around quite a bit in her college days before meeting Shawn. I started singing to my self, "I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll." I wish I HAD known Carol better when she used to rock and roll. I didn't see her too often, but when I did, she had a flirty kind of attitude sometimes. A physical flirt, she was the kind that would press her shoulder into you while looking at family photos, or press her knee against yours when you sat next to her on the couch.

I sat back in my pew, with my wife on my left and my kids on my right, and looked around the congregation. How many other guys were thinking impure thoughts about the bride? It certainly wasn't a subject I was going to bring up with anyone. I looked at my Uncle Bud, who looked like he was about to nod off. And my cousins, Teddy and Mitch, with their families. At least they seemed to be looking in the direction of the altar. Were any of them mentally undressing their niece?

At the end of the ceremony, the wedding party formed a line at the back of the church to greet the departing guests. I congratulated Carol's parents, met Shawn's parents, and got quick hellos from the bridesmaids. Then came my favorite part. When Carol turned towards me, I put my arms around her low on her slender waist, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I wish it had been on the lips, but at least I got my arms around her, smelled her perfume, and got to put my lips on her lovely young face.

My wife and I had a room at the same hotel where the reception was taking place. I rested in the room briefly, waiting for the cocktail hour to start. As I walked into the reception hall, I saw Uncle Bud, Mitch, and Teddy sipping beers near the bar. At the reception, I helped my kids with their meals, and again checked out the wedding party sitting at tables on risers facing us. They looked like they were knocking down quite a few bottles of Champaign. Carol's sisters, Pamela and Nancy, weren't even old enough to drink, and they were pouring multiple glasses of bubbly.

After the dinner and the usual toasts, the bar re-opened and the dancing began. I spent some time with my wife and kids mingling with relatives. Eventually my kids found cousins their age to sit with, and my wife sat with my parents. I ambled over to a round table on the aisle near the bar where Uncle Bud, Teddy, and Mitch were sitting, and sat next to Mitch as they continued an ongoing conversation.

"See if you can get her over here," said Teddy to Uncle Bud. "Pretend you're hard of hearing and get her to lean way over."

"You call her over here, and I'll get her to lean over," replied Uncle Bud. All three were looking in Carol's direction.

Carol was mingling with guests at a nearby table, a Champaign glass in her hand. When she turned away and walked by our table, Teddy grabbed her arm. Carol said "hi," and stood between Uncle Bud and Teddy's chairs.

Teddy grabbed a Champaign bottle off the table. "You're empty," he told Carol, and when he held the bottle up, Carol held out her empty glass and leaned over to accept the beverage. I glanced around, and Bud's, Teddy's, and Mitch's eyes all peered down at Carol's chest as she leaned forward. So did mine.

Straps. The white bra had straps, clearly visible as she leaned forward. I could see the tops of her young tits hanging out of her lacy cups.

When Teddy finished pouring her drink, Uncle Bud said something to Carol that I couldn't hear above the music. She replied back, but Bud indicated that he couldn't hear her. Carol leaned over and repeated herself. Uncle Bud grabbed her elbow and pulled her down closer to his ear. Carol was now bent forward, her lips near Bud's ear. I could see Uncle Bud glimpse into the bride's gown at her chest. Teddy was also leaning in from the other side, quite obvious in his effort to look down his niece's dress. Mitch was practically standing up to get a better look. And I also stared down her gown.

I could see her lacy bra cups hanging, and most of her tits came into view. Beyond her tan line, her pale, smooth tits hung down. She put her glass down on the table and crouched down, her chest at table level, as Bud and Teddy continued looking inside her gown. From my angle I could see the full shape of her tits, almost to her nipple, as her bra hung open. I wondered if Teddy or Bud could see her nipple.

Uncle Bud said something to Carol about her dress. I heard the word "cleavage." Carol looked down at her dress hanging open, and then at her Uncle Bud and Uncle Teddy leering at her chest. "Uncle Bud!" she said, but said it with an embarrassed smile, and pretended to hit him on the shoulder. But she made no attempt to cover her exposed cleavage.

When another relative got Carol's attention and led her away, the other three uncles grinned at each other. "Pink," a grinning Teddy said. "Very light pink, small areola, eraser-sized nipple, not erect."

"I didn't see 'em," replied Uncle Bud. "But I wanted to lean over and put one in my mouth." I couldn't believe these dirty old men were openly talking about their niece that way. Uncle Bud was about sixty-eight. Teddy was maybe fifty-two, Mitch fifty. "I'd love to be Shawn tonight in the bridal suite, banging the hell out of that."

Uncle Bud, Teddy, and Mitch continued commenting on their niece's body and what they'd like to do to her as the evening wore on. When they weren't watching Carol, they were looking at the bridesmaids and other young girls on the dance floor.

My wife and kids eventually got bored and tired and went back to the hotel room, as did Uncle Bud's wife, and Teddy and Mitch's families. I decided to stay a while longer. Usually I'm one of the first to bug out of a wedding reception, but I was enjoying the free booze, the view of the young girls dancing, and listening to my uncle and cousins' frank and crude comments on the girls.

Late in the evening, I could tell that Carol and Shawn were pretty drunk. Their dancing was sloppy, and Shawn fell down once. Uncle Bud managed to snag Carol and get in a slow dance. He was holding her pretty tight, leaning his head down and whispering something. Uncle Bud was a big guy; well over six feet tall, with combed back hair that was partially brown but mostly gray. He danced in the far corner in semi-darkness. When he returned to the table, Mitch asked him, "Did you get in any good feels?"

"I got a little side action on her tits," replied Bud. "Brought my hand up under her arm and squeezed the side of her bra."

"What was her reaction?" asked Teddy.

"I think she moaned," said Teddy. "She's pretty drunk." Here I was worried that someone would see me staring at my niece, and Uncle Bud is bragging about taking advantage of his drunken niece and copping a feel of her tit.

A fast song was playing, and I was watching Carol dance. Her left shoulder strap kept falling off her shoulder, exposing her bra strap. Carol repeatedly pulled it back up, but eventually gave up and let it fall. Now the top half of her bra cup was exposed to all of her guests. Her tits jiggled in and out of her bra as she jumped around. On the higher jumps, I could see the exposure of her tit south of her tan line, her white puppies popping out. Finally, her left nipple popped out several times. It was hard to see from this distance, but it did appear to be a very light pink, almost invisible. There was a relative from the other family with a camcorder taping Carol as she danced. I wondered if he caught her nipple popping out.

Carol was dancing with her equally drunk bridesmaids, who were also exposing the tops of their bras. They were dancing wildly in an ever-widening circle, to the song "Shout." There's the part where everyone lays on their backs and kicks their feet up in the air like dying bugs. Carol was facing us when she went down on her back. As she kicked her legs up into the air, her bridal gown and petticoats slid down her legs. Carol's legs were spread wide, her knees bent. I could see her white stockings over her curvy calves, and the white garters that held them. I could also see her bare thighs beyond her stockings, and a glimpse of her white panties at her crotch.

When she got up, Uncle Bud pointed to the guy videotaping and laughed, "I wonder if he'll sell me a copy of that video!"

The bride and groom disappeared from the banquet hall for a while, and the hall started thinning out. The four of us decided to call it a night, and all headed for the hallway bathroom to drain our bladders. When we exited the bathroom, Carol was standing alone in the nearly empty hallway.

"Can you guys help me?" she asked. She led us around the corner to a lounge area. Her groom Shawn was passed out on a couch. "I can't wake him up," said Carol. Bud and Mitch attempted to pull Shawn upright, but Shawn slumped back down. "Can you help me get him back to our room?" the helpless bride asked.

Mitch and Teddy, both big guys at well over six feet, picked Shawn up under his arms half-led, half-dragged Shawn down the hallway. Uncle Bud and I helped in case the dead weight fell, but mostly I trailed behind, as Carol lead the way to the bridal suite.


Arriving at the bridal suite, Carol struggled with her key, and finally got the door open and the light on. My big cousins dragged Shawn through the suite's outer room, followed Carol into the bedroom, and dropped Shawn on the bed.

"Oh, I hope he's alright," fretted the bride.

"He's ok, but it looks like he'll be out for the rest of the night," said Uncle Bud, while the rest of us got Shawn's jacket, tie and shoes off, and rolled him over onto his stomach. When there was nothing else to do with him, I wandered out into the suite, along with Carol. My niece spotted a bottle of Champaign in ice by the wet bar.

"Do you guys want to have a drink with me? I'm not ready to go to sleep, and I'd hate to waste the Champaign. It's my wedding night, and I don't want to be all alone."

"Sure," said Teddy and Mitch. Carol found two water glasses to go with the two Champaign glasses, and poured us a drink. Carol swigged right out of the bottle.

Carol looked at me with her dreamy drunken eyes, and said, "Uncle Jim, you didn't dance with me."

"I don't dance," I said, staring at her youthful face.

"Oh, you can't say no to the bride, c'mon," Carol said, and grabbed my hands. We started slow dancing in place to imaginary music, while the others drank and talked. Without anyone else's eyes on us but my dirty cousins and uncle, I felt freer to let my hands wander and take advantage of Carol's drunkenness. First I put my hands under her head veil and on her bare back, and then on her slender waist. She was average sized for her age, but I'd forgotten how slender and petite that young girls were. She felt almost fragile in my arms. I wanted to pick her up.

Carol laid her head on my shoulders. I lowered my hands down further, to her tailbone. When I heard no objection, I lowered them further, over her butt cheeks. I could just barely make out the shape of her ass globes through all of the layers of material. Carol in turn slid her hands down my back, and squeezed my ass. I pressed up against her, my hardon sliding against her tummy.

I tried Uncle Bud's handed-down trick, and ran my right hand up her side, under her arm. I moved my hand over the side of her bra, and pressed it against her tit. Carol emitted a pleasurable moan. So I moved my hand fully over my niece's tit, and squeezed it over her silky dress.

That was as far as I dared take it, especially with witnesses. I slowly released Carol, and grabbed my Champaign glass. Carol gave me a dirty smile and swigged her bottle. Then I stood back and watched her dance with Teddy and Mitch, and witnessed them getting their feels in.

Uncle Bud and I sat on each end of a small couch, and Carol squeezed in between us. Her full dress fell over my legs, her left arm pressing against my right shoulder.

Carol leaned forward to set her bottle on the coffee table. She stayed leaning forward as she talked to us. "Well, I guess Shawn and I won't be consummating the wedding tonight," Carol said straightforwardly.

"What a waste!" said Teddy while looking down at Carol. She giggled, her gown falling off of her left shoulder again. Uncle Bud put his arm around Carol, his meaty hand on her bare left shoulder. Her dress gapped open, and Bud and I got to stare down into her bra again. I could see right between her tits all the way down to the lower band of her bra. Carol crossed her legs and pulled up on her dress to get comfortable, bunching it up on her lap and exposing her knees. She put her right hand on Uncle Bud's thigh, and her left hand on my right thigh.

"I used to have crushes on all of you," blurted the intoxicated bride. "When I was real young." I put my right hand on my niece's leg, just above her knee, letting it hide under her dress. Carol moved her hand higher up on my thigh. I subtly rotated my palm over her thigh, feeling the coarse stocking. While talking, Carol uncrossed her legs, momentarily removed her hand from my thigh, and gently pushed my hand up higher on her thigh. I was now feeling the top of her stocking, and touched her garter belt.

Carol placed her hand way up on my thigh, near my crotch. Her other hand was near Uncle Bud's crotch. I slid my hand up higher, and felt her bare, smooth, warm thigh above her stocking. My hand was hidden under her bunched-up dress, but any of the other three could figure out where it was if they looked. Carol took another swig from her bottle, and then placed her hand directly over my hard cock, which was lying along my right thigh. She gently wiggled her fingers over it. I moved my hand higher, and grazed my little pinky over her silky panty. Carol responded by spreading her thighs wider and pressing her crotch forward. My heart pounded as my fingers slid up and down my niece's silk-covered pussy mound.

Teddy, the most drunk of us four men, said, "There's something I've always wanted to do to a woman in a wedding dress."

"What?" asked Carol.

"This." Teddy got on his knees in front of Carol between her legs. He lifted her dress up, and burrowed his head under the layers of material. I got my hand out of there, and Carol flinched and opened her eyes wide, but she didn't scream or push Teddy away.

Bud and Mitch and I laughed at the site of the large, drunken, fifty-something-year-old man with his head under the bride's wedding dress. Carol emitted a little squeal, and said, "Uncle Teddy, you're naughty!" I couldn't see exactly what Teddy was doing under there, but with his head up by her crotch, and Carol emitting little gasps and giggles, I had some idea.

Uncle Bud's arm was still wrapped around Carol, but under her arm now, his hand completely wrapped around her left side, and he was cupping her left tit over her gown, subtly squeezing it and stroking it with his fingers.

Carol attempted to converse like nothing was amiss. "Shawn's not even going to get to see me in the sexy underwear I bought for him. I'm wearing all these expensive undies under here just for him, and no one's going to see them."

"Well, why don't you show us, then?" asked Uncle Bud.

"Oh, Uncle Bud!" said Carol to a man that was born about forty-six years before her, that just asked to see her underwear.

"Shawn's not going to wake up. We'll tell you what we think of your lingerie."

Teddy came out from under her dress and said, "Yea, c'mon, Carol."

"Sure, no one's going to know," chimed in Mitch.

To my own surprise, I turned to my niece and said, "We'd all like to see your underwear."

The others continued coaxing their drunken niece to take off her dress for them. A dirty little smile formed on Carol's young mouth as she looked at us. Slowly she stood up. She reached back and tried to unclasp the back of her dress. Mitch was quick to get behind her and help her with the clasps. After he got a few undone, Carol climbed up on top of the coffee table in her high heels.

Carol faced the couch where Bud and I were sitting. Mitch now stood behind the couch, and Teddy was sitting in a chair to our left. Carol had dreamy eyelids that told me she was quite drunk. She started to slowly dance to some music in her head. She slowly swayed from side to side, sometimes humming something. She got a dirty smirk on her face as she dropped her gown off of her left shoulder again. She teased us with the right shoulder, pulling it up and down, wiggling her shoulder in our direction. Finally, she let the dress fall from her shoulders.

The drunken newlywed stood dancing above her four uncles as she pulled down the front of her dress. She tugged it down her waist, and exposed all of her lacy white bra. She worked at a few more buttons in the back as she danced, while we stared at her bare, tanned midriff, and bra. Then she tugged at the sides, and pulled it off of her hips. She bent over as she pushed the jumble of white silk and lace down her legs. As she leaned over, the top of her tits spilled over her bra cups.

I looked at my niece in her white hose, white garters and belt, skimpy white panties, white bra, veil, and white high-heeled shoes. She almost fell over stepping out of the dress, and then stood before us in her underwear, half- posing and half-dancing. I inspected her panties closely. They appeared to be silk, and very skimpy. They were tight over her crotch and flat stomach, and quite low, scooping down a little from the thin straps at the side. They were cut so low that I looked for pubic hair sticking out the top, but didn't see any. Her bra cups were cut real low, barely covering where I guessed her nipples would be. They were pushing her tits up, which is why they appeared to be ready to fall right out of her bra.

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