tagLesbian SexNight Before Wedding

Night Before Wedding


"Honestly Steve, I think we've gone beyond this jealousy thing, don't you?" I'm scornfully staring at Kirby's husband to be after he suggested that I couldn't be trusted alone with her on the night before the wedding.

"Yeah, well we all know how things were with you two before."

"You mean, all three of us!" I retort and Steve goes red. "Forget it pal, Kirby is my best friend, I'm her maid-of-honour. You know we haven't screwed around on you. Relax. We're just going to open a bottle of wine, watch a tear-jerking movie and get some sleep. You better get some sleep too, big day tomorrow." The whole time I'm spinning him around and pushing him out the door. I can tell his resistance is playful now.

"Just be there on time!" calls Kirby from the sanctuary of their apartment. Steve is staying overnight at his parents.

"I'll be there snookem, honey bunny, cutsie wootsie…"

"Oh for fuck sake, get the hell out before you turn my stomach!" and I give his ass a tweak as I push him out the door.

Kirby and I set our pasta dinner out on the table, filled our wineglasses up and toasted to her forthcoming marriage. We laughed and joked about our history together. We made promises for the future, to be friends forever.

We finally cleaned off the table, washed the dishes and topped our glasses up. While I set the movie up, Kirby pulled out two wonderful silk negligees and asked my opinion which one she should wear tomorrow night. Kirby has long silky straight blonde hair and I chose the shimmering gold number for her wedding night. Kirby came back wearing the white satin and lace one. She twirled for me, striking various poses, pushing her hair up onto her head. I whistled and applauded until she collapsed beside me on the sofa laughing. I slipped into the bedroom and pulled out my pj's too. I had brought two with me: cotton pant suite and a silk burgundy camisole and panty set. Seeing what Kirby had on, I chose the camisole.

Kirby gave me the same treatment as I danced for her. I jumped onto the sofa on top of her, laughing and giving her a playful kiss.

"So what shall it be? Stepmom or Embrace of the Vampire?" I asked.

Kirby smiled, her lips curling up and taking my breath away.

"Well, let's see. We can sit here, possible with tears in our eyes, or we can get all hot and bothered watching Alyssa? Hmmm, tough touch. Oh hell, go with the slutty bitch!"

Embrace of the vampire is my favourite soft porn movie, not only because it has a touch of gothic horror, not only because Alyssa gets wonderfully naked, but also because it's a story of transition from Miss Goody Two Shoes to whore. I love it.

Our wine was almost gone when Kirby's hand slid along my leg, her nails dragging just a little.

"Shannon…" she whispered, her voice just a little hoarse. Her eyes were pleading, her lips slightly parted. "Will…"

I stopped her speaking with a finger on her pouting lips. "You don't have to ask."

And we came together, softly, slowly, touching, holding, kissing, breath in ear, lips on neck, teeth on shoulder, hands gliding on legs, over silk, across erect nipples.

We are stumbling, fumbling, and becoming more urgent. We are off the couch, dancing across the room, the TV screen ignored. We're through the doorframe, onto the bed; the only clothes left on either one of us was my panty. They disappeared quickly enough. We fought for control, to be in charge.

"Shannon..Shannon, stop…stop."

I stared into her eyes, questioning.

"Shannon, this is our last night in a long time. I want…I want…"

"What is it Kirby?"

"I want to fuck you. I want to be your mistress. I want to use you like Steve will use me the rest of our life together. I want to consume you, all of you> I want you to die from being made love to."

I was speechless. Kirby never talked like this. Slowly I nodded yes.

Kirby slipped off the bed. She knelt beside the bed and pulled a small box out from under the frame. She came up holding cuffs; shiny silver cuffs which she fastened upon my wrists and pulled my arms up to either corner of the metal bedframe. She went back for more. A ball gag and blindfold.

I felt ropes being tied around my ankles and my legs spread apart. Kirby slid over my secured body, nipping and sucking my flesh. I was her Maid-of-Honour tomorrow but tonight, I was slut, her toy. Her fingers slid over my pussy and I jumped. Fingers probed me, pushing my lips and walls apart. My clit was rubbed until it was hard and no doubt bright pink. Her lips were over my right nipple, teasing and nibbling it. And Kirby was down between my legs, not being gentle, she suckled my cunt lips, probed my hole with her tongue and tried to give my small clit a blowjob.

What was both exciting and weird was the language coming out of her sweet mouth. She said such things as "You fucking slut! You want to be my whore, you want me to fuck you. You're such a bitch. You want anybody to fuck you. Jesus, I bet you'd take a dog into your cunt, wouldn't you?'

Kirby slid off the bed and I heard her dig into the box again. I screamed into the ballgag when my right nipple was suddenly pinched and stayed pinched. Another yell when my left tit received the same continuos treatment. Shit, she must have put clamps on them. I hadn't been treated like this since Renee. There was another pause and then I felt Kirby crawl back up onto the bed. My back arched when she twisted the clamps. And while I was coming down from the sudden pain, she shoved something up my snatch, fast and hard.

Kirby had a strapon dildo shoved up my cunt, and she began to fuck me, hard and fast. The bed rocked and pounded with her violent thrusts and I moaned and whimpered behind the gag. She played with the clamps some more and I thrashed under her. She slid a hand down to where we joined and she rubbed my swollen clit.

"Yeah baby, you like this, I can tell. You're leaking cunt juice all over my cock. You like cock, don't you. You like to suck cock, eat cock, fuck cock. Well fuck me baby, fuck me!"

I exploded, cuming on her fake cock, my body quivering and shaking and still she fucked me. The clamps came off my tits and the renewed blood flow hurt almost as much as the clamps did. Kirby had her mouth over my gag, slobbering and kissing it. She pushed the blindfold off and stared into my eyes. Hers were wild and hungry.

"Cum again bitch, cum again for me." She whispered, her tongue sliding over my jaw line. She was humping slower but hard now, grinding the base of the cock against her own crotch. "Cum for me whore, cum for me, hurry, I want to fill your sweet hole with my spunk, make it burn in there."

Damn, the girl knew how to talk to me and I came again, arching my body against her and crashing back down onto the mattress.

"Good girl, sweet girl, my darling whore."

I whimpered when Kirby withdrew her hard cock from my humming snatch. She crawled over my body, turning and then settling down over my face. She didn't hesitate, simply trust her wet cunt onto my mouth, pushing and rocking.

"Fuck me whore, fuck me with your tongue. Make me cum, I want to squirt my spunk all over your chest."

Her fingers dug into my mammary, kneading and squeezing. Her hips rock back and forth, forcing down onto my mouth, chin and nose. At times, I could hardly breath. It's a sin I couldn't see her yanking on her fake cock as if she was going to make it explode. I could barely hear her cry out my name, repeating yes over and over again until my face was covered in her abundant sex flow.

"Oh baby, yes, yes yes…" slower now she rocked, angling her hips up now so that I could suck the cunt lips and small clit. Kirby trembled again, a smaller climax racing through her. She stayed there for awhile, sometimes rising up so I couldn't touch her, taking a break, and then lowering down on me again.

When she regained control, she slid off me again, unfastened the left wrist and brought it around to join the right. "Get on your knees bitch, I haven't cum yet inside you."

It wasn't easy twisting around with my arms stretched out above me like that. Kirby moved me around until she was happy and in between my legs from behind. When the cock entered me again from behind, it was my turn to talk.

"Yes, Mistress fuck me please, fuck your slut, make me cum again, please cum inside me."

Kirby reached over my back and grabbed my hair, pulling my head sharply back till I cried out. "Oh, I'm going to fuck you bitch, but not in here."

I shivered knowing what she meant. Kirby had at sometime retrieved a small tube, and she now squirted some onto my back side, between my cheeks and she began to work the cool jell around and into my anus.

"Beg me not to fuck you in the ass Shannon."

"Please Kirby, please don't do it. I'm too tight down there, it doesn't feel good. You'll hurt me."

"Shutup slut!"

"Please Kirby, don't fuck my ass, please."

"Shutup or I'll gag you again!" I felt the dildo leave my cunt and begin pushing at my anal muscles. Yes, it has been some time since Jim fucked my ass and my muscles were a little tight but the jell helped and suddenly Kirby was in.

"Oh yes, oh yes, so fucking tight. Oh baby, you have such a nice ass. Firm but full, plenty to grab onto me."

Kirby demonstrated by grabbing the side of each cheek and hauling herself into me, deep! I cried out.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you? Want more?"

"Yes…yes… please fuck me."

Kirby was rocking back and forth and I tried to match her rhythm. Her nails dragged across my backside, keeping low so that no marks would show in the lowback dress tomorrow. She was chanting now: "Fuck, fuck, fuck." As if she was trying hard not to cum. She would reach around and stroke my clit, rub a finger over it, squeeze it. When she was deep in my ass, she would lay across my back and squeeze my swaying breasts. I even surprised myself when I suddenly felt the familiar rush.

"Oh fuck, Kirby, here I cum again, oh fuck, oh fuck!"

I came as Kirby slapped each ass cheek over and over again. I was barely calming down when she pulled free from me, making me gasp.

"Hurry Shannon, make me cum, hurry."

It was Kirby's voice now, sweet Kirby begging me to help her. She unfastened the cuffs at the post, refastened them together but simply through herself backward onto the bed. I lay between her splayed legs and ate her dripping cunt, suck her swollen cunt lips, and teased her tiny clit. I worked three fingers into her snatch when she began to buck wildly, bouncing and shoving her hips down at me. I peered up and saw one of her hands squeezing a breast, the other stroking the dildo again. It was a great turn on and I imagined the head of the cock suddenly squirting jism.

"God damn it Shannon, hurry, oh fuck, oh fuck, come baby, that's it, hurry….OH FUCK!"

I crawled up on top of her and we lay tangled for the longest time, me still with my wrists cuffed. Kirby actually fell asleep on my chest and it was awhile before she stirred, opened her eyes, and smiled at me.

"My sweet whore, I love you." She whispered, kissing my nose.

"I love you too…um, can you get these off, I have to go pee."

We cleaned up, slipped our sleepwear back on and curled up under the blankets this time. We had to get some sleep; hair appointments were at 9am. My macho Kirby was now the usual delicate self again, curled up against me, head on my shoulder. She must have had that pent up inside her for some time; glad I was able to help. I drifted off to sleep, Kirby's gentle breathing on my chest.

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