Night Flight


Hey Sweetheart,

I'm on the plane typing this, so I'll have to email it to you once I get to my hotel room tonight. I loved talking with you this afternoon while waiting for my flight. It was so sweet of you to call me. I'm glad the kids were at school so we could have a chance to visit, at least on the phone, before my flight. Just the sound of your voice really brightened my day. Once on the plane, we sat on the tarmac for almost 15 minutes before taking off and I must have dosed off for a few minutes. I'm glad no one was sitting next to me, as I must have been dreaming of our conversation. When the plane stated to move again, I woke up to a very solid erection. Again, I was glad no was sitting next to me, unless of course, it had been you. I'm not a member of the mile high club and there is no one I'd like to take me through the initiation more than you. Once airborne, we could have slipped out of our seat belts, thrown a blanket over my lap and then waited for your cool hands to start their loving caress.

Just typing this and thinking of you has Big Tex standing tall and proud all over again. You'd first rest your head on my shoulder as we'd both pretend to be resting. Once the plane quieted down, you'd slide your hand under the blanket and rest it on my lap. Realizing that you had my total attention you'd first start to rub slowly up and down. Very slowly at first, but soon your hand would gently pull at my zipper with every pass of your hand. Very slowly but surely you'd work my zipper down and run your cool gently hands into my pants. Big Tex would be throbbing, but you'd stroke and smooth him with your soft touch. First with your hand over my boxers, but in no time at all, your fingers would find my fly and your soft sweet fingers tips would be touching my bare skin.

I would be rather uncomfortable in my seat, so I would slide as much to the side as possible; raising as little suspicion as possible from the other passengers. You would remove your hand and skillfully unbuckle my belt. You wouldn't be able to push my pants down very far, without me lifting my butt; however you are able to skillfully free Big Tex as much as possible considering the circumstances. Your hand, no longer cool, but still very soft to the touch, moves south again.

Running your hand into my boxer shorts, you softly cradle both the twins. Rolling them very tenderly and lovingly in your open hand. My breath quickens as my right hand slides down your back and into your panties. I slowly massage first one butt cheek and then the over. Finally firmly taking both in one hand with my long fingers. My index finger between the two cheeks and slowly feeling for and finding your feminine sweetness.

You move your hand back up my rock hard shaft. Stopping at the tip to wet your finger with a drop of pre-cum that has emerged. You slowly take the wet finger to your lips and savor the taste. The cabin lights of the plane are low and most of the passengers are either a sleep or are deep into the latest book they just bought at the airport newsstand.

Not being able to wait any longer, you rest your head in my lap. First on top of the blanket, and slowly move under it. I place a pillow over your shoulders and pretend to be asleep. Your right hand is still slowly stroking Big Tex's length and breath. Your lips touch his head and you taste my pre-cum directly from the source. Your head is still as you slowly draw Tex into your mouth. Your hand goes back to work, but oh so softly and slowly. My breath quickens and your hold me tight. You know I'm just seconds from exploding in your mouth, but you want to savor every moment. My breath slows and you return to running your fingers tips up and down. Your head doesn't move, but your tongue dances across Big Tex's throbbing head. First licking the crack of my penis, and then rolling and then circling the head around and around. First one direction and then back the other way. Your finger tips softly touching and stroking me all the while.

My breath quickens again and my body tightens. I'm about to explode in your mouth. You stop your hand and tongue, trying to hold me right at the edge. But sweetheart, this time it's too late. I try to hold back myself, but I can't. Your lips, though not moving, hold my manhood so softly, so tenderly, and so completely; I can't help but let go. Your hand moves down to softly cradle the twins and your head moves down slowly engulfing almost half of Big Tex's total length. My face is flush, my breath fast and shallow and my grip on you tightens. My right hand clinches your cute little ass as my middle finger finds its way into you. My left hand grabs your shoulder and holds you tightly into my lap. My left forearm holds tight against your neck and head as wave after wave of total release passes over and through my body.

You lay motionless as I slowly release my grip. I try to catch my breath without drawing attention to us. I look around and no one seems the wiser. Or if they are, they're enjoying the moment in there own quiet way. You lay still and never move your head until every drop is gone. With your tongue to quickly and efficiently gave Big Tex a nice licking and tuck him back to bed. I move your head back to the outside of the blanket and we both slowly relax.

With you still laying your head in my lap, I pull my right hand from your panties and wrap it around your chest. I'm on the outside of the blanket, but I still cradle your breast in my hand. With my left hand I softly and lovingly caress your hair. We both fall asleep and remain in this position for the rest of the flight.

Once we get home, you know what's in store for you as we race for the bedroom. I may have just earned membership in the mile high club, but you're the sweetest angle on earth, and you have just earned your wings.

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