tagBDSMNight Knight 04 - Boudoir Bound

Night Knight 04 - Boudoir Bound


The Adventures of Night Knight – The Citysville Sentinel

Episode 4: Bound by Bettie Boudoir

As told to: SeedeeBeetoo

The warehouse district of the town of Citysville doesn't get much traffic after midnight. The one security guard who makes the rounds is used to it being quiet, lonely, and peaceful. A sudden bright light and deafening noise of an explosion, though, tells tell him that tonight is going to be a little different! That and being blown into a nearby ditch and knocked unconscious. He can't see gaping hole big enough to drive a Batmobile through torn into wall of the Secret Lace ™ lingerie warehouse! He doesn't see an evil-looking stretch Hummer back up to the hole or the sleek female figures, dressed in form-fitting, curve-revealing spandex, who slip out and into the warehouse. Their faces are covered by domino masks but each of them is beautiful – especially their leader who commands into action with a wave of her hand.

Swiftly, and silently, the female forms dart about, gathering up all the boxes of expensive stockings, garters, bras, corsets and panties. With practices ease they move the boxes out of the warehouse and into the Hummer, completing their task in short order. Before they leave, their flame-haired leader tosses an incendiary bomb into the warehouse, which immediately goes up in flames. The stretch Hummer makes a wide right turn and screeches away, as the leader of the dark raiders cackles maniacally.

* * * * *

"I'm afraid there's not much to tell you, Night Knight," explains Lt. Halsey a half hour later. The beautiful police detective crosses her arms in frustration, her long blonde hair mussed by the still blowing wind. Firemen are putting out the last remnants of the incendiary blaze, which has almost completely consumed the once proud warehouse. Behind her, deep in the shadows, stands Night Knight – The Citysville Sentinel.

"I'm sure you'll find the same thing that the Denver police, the L.A. police, the Des Moines police and the Anchorage police, found: nothing," he responds. Night Knight's short cape gently flaps softly behind him. A black spandex uniform accentuates his tightly muscled form and a black leather mask conceals most of features of his smooth dark face. Only the white double shield emblazoned on his chest reflects the light.

"Obviously we're dealing with some madman on a nationwide lingerie crime spree," says Lt. Halsey.

"Or a madwoman with a lot of time on her hands, Lt. And maybe a grudge against the company. Only their warehouses have been hit. And only the best of the best merchandise and materials has been stolen."

"What's going on here, Night Knight?" Lt. Halsey asks. "Secret Lace ™ makes the best panties, bras, tights, leotards, leggings, Cuban heeled stockings, corsets, slips, girdles, camisoles, garter belts, pantyhose, waist cinchers, teddies, robes, silk pajamas, and essential oils in the world! If they go out of business, then where will women and drag queens go to get their unmentionables?"

"And where will superheroes get replacement tights and leotards for their uniforms?" thinks Night Knight as he absently rubs his hand across the expensive spandex covering his arms. "I'd better investigate this," he thinks.

"You've got to stop them, Night Knight! On a my salary I can't afford much but I do like to splurge every once in a while on a nice pair of stockings and a garter belt," Lt. Halsey says and takes a stance that causes the slit in tight black cop skirt to show off her silky stocking tops. She gives Night Knight a shy but inviting smile.

The Citysville Sentinel clears his throat and respectfully looks the other way. "Don't worry, Lt. I'm on the case."

* * * * *

In his secret headquarters – The Knight's Armory – Night Knight sits in front of his ultra-fast super computer, inputting various variables. With amazing ultra-speed, the computer displays a map of the world and the locations of all the previously burgled and burned warehouses.

"Egad!" says the Midnight Marvel. "According to these computations, there's only one remaining Secret Lace ™ warehouse in the whole world! And it's right here in Citysville! To the Knightmobile!"

Minutes later the sleek, rifle bullet-shaped Knightmobile speeds through the city, invisible to all forms of detection due to its ultra-secret Night Cloak.™ Night Knight pulls up to the final Secret Lace ™ warehouse, parks and waits. And waits. And waits. He passes the time by watching his favorite reality TV shows on his dashboard screen via secure link to his Knightevo.™ Just before dawn a huge explosion tears a hole in the side of the warehouse. The menacing-looking stretch Hummer quickly screeches up to the hole and the five mysterious figures leap out, efficiently going about their business of collecting all the best lingerie, undergarments and leg wear. Again the leader silently directs the others in what to take and what to trash.

Suddenly Night Knight's deep voice booms out: "I don't think Secret Lace ™ serves this kind of take out!"

The figures stop and look around. Almost faster than the eye can follow, Night Knight flips through the air, alighting just long enough to knock the boxes out of their hands before any of them can even move.

"I think the good women of Citysville and the world deserve their Secret Lace ™ merchandise, don't you?" Night Knight lands outside the circle of crooks and strikes a heroic pose, his cape gently waving in the breeze coming through the hole in the wall.

"Night Knight!" the red-haired leader shouts. "I was wondering when you'd show up to try to spoil my fun!" Her shiny lips pull back into a angry grimace.

"Well, I'm here, so why don't you tell me who I'm about to send to jail?"

"I am Bettie Boudoir," the beautiful, shapely woman responds, her voice sultry and confident. "And these are my Garter Belts. But you're not sending any of us to jail today! Belt him, girls!"

As one, each Garter reaches down to her right thigh and pulls off a slinky garter belt, which surprisingly lengthens into a bullwhip. They snap the whips at Night Knight, who quickly flips out of the way and attacks the nearest Garter with his with inhuman speed and strength. A quick karate chop and he disarms her.

"This might be too easy," Night Knight thinks. But even before he completes the thought, another Garter snaps her whip – right into his crotch! "Ow! That smarts!" he shouts but he doesn't go down. "That hurt a lot more than it should have! If not for my Knight's Cup (pat. pending) I'd be in real pain," Night Knight thinks. "That must mean...." He takes a look up at the skylight and sees the sun rising. "Damn! Sunrise!" he mentally gasps.

Distracted, Night Knight doesn't see two of the Garters swing their whips at his arms. They snare his wrists and pull his arms apart. The other two do the same to his ankles. He struggles against their combined weight as Bettie Boudoir approaches. She steps in close to Night Knight, smiling in his masked face.

"I've always wanted to have one of you superheroes in this very position." She sniffs the air. "Is that Molecule One you're wearing?"

"That's the smell of justice, Bettie Boudoir," Night Knight responds. "You'd better get used to it."

Bettie Boudoir suddenly knees Night Knight in the crotch and he doubles over (as much as he's able, being stretched out by the bullwhips . "That's the feeling of pain. You'd better get used to it!" She laughs as the Garters pull Night Knight upright again. "I suppose even superheroes are burdened with a man's second weakness. If you're lucky, I'll show you the first."

"I've got to end this now," thinks Midnight Marvel. He marshals his remaining strength and with a supreme effort, he leaps backward, pulling the whips with him and slinging all four Garter Belts into one another. They collide and fall to the floor dazed. Just then the sound of police sirens fill the air. Bettie Boudoir helps her henchwomen up and pushes them towards the Hummer.

"This isn't over, Night Knight!" she shouts, shaking her fist at Night Knight. She jumps into the Hummer and screeches out of the warehouse. Night Knight quickly reaches into his utility belt and pulls out a tiny shield-shaped tracker and tosses it at the retreating vehicle. It magnetically attaches near the wheel well.

* * * * *

Lt. Halsey surveys the damage in the warehouse while Night Knight sifts for more clues.

"Well, at least they didn't burn this one down, or get away with much," Lt. Halsey comments. "Thanks to you, Night Knight."

"Don't thank me yet, Lt. Bettie Boudoir isn't finished. I suspect she's got many more tricks up her satiny sleeves. But, I'll stop her. Don't worry about that." Night Knight turns and rushes out of the building, hops into the Knightmobile and speeds off. Lt. Halsey watches him disappear. She lets out a sigh of longing and returns to her investigation.

Night Knight speeds through the back alleys of Citysville, following the signal from his tracking device. A light flashes on his dashboard and a ultra-secure cell phone rings. "Aren't you supposed to be prepping for your thesis, Babs?" he asks.

The voice of Barbara Denton, his friend and sidekick, Sunset, comes through the speaker. "I heard about the trouble and thought you might need some help, N.K. You know you won't be at full power until tonight."

"Justice doesn't take siestas and Bettie Boudoir has got to be stopped," he replies. "With the portable Night Aura Projector ™ that I just put into my utility belt, I should be able to subdue her without any trouble, though."

Suddenly, the tracker signal gives off a steady tone. "Get back to writing. Night Knight out." He parks in a nearby alley, exits and secures the Knightmobile.

The abandoned building looms in front of him as he searches for an entrance. Using his Knightscope, he locates a secret doorway in the back. Stealthily, he enters and makes his way through the darkened building. He doesn't notice the miniature TV cameras tracking his every movement as he ventures down one empty corridor after another. Suddenly, a voice booms out from hidden speakers.

"Welcome to your doom, Night Knight! You may have found me but I've got you!" Bettie Boudoir crows.

Without warning, the floor beneath the Citysville Sentinel opens up and he falls into a pit but his fall is broken by a deep pile of...

"...stockings!" Night Knight observes. Sure enough, he's in a pit filled with soft, silky stockings. He tries to stand but the stockings are like quicksand and he begins to sink.

"Having trouble getting your footing, hero?" Bettie Boudoir taunts. "My Quickstockings ™ will make sure you stay a while! The more you struggle, the more you'll sink until you're buried alive in their smothering embrace! But by all means give it a good go!"

"I'll get out of here and you'll be going to jail, Bettie!" Night Knight tries to get better footing in the slippery, silky mass but the stockings seem to slide around his legs and waist, pulling him down. Soon he's up to his chest. The deeper he goes, though, the tighter the Quickstockings ™ seem to pack around and slide against him. The Citysville Sentinel struggles against the insidious trap but suddenly a peculiar feeling comes over him and he stops. Immediately he sinks another few inches into the stockings.

"Feel strange." he thinks. "Something weird going on here."

"I'm sure you've started to notice my special little surprise by now, Night Knight! Quickstockings ™ are specially designed to interact with spandex to create some interesting feelings in, shall we say, some interesting places?"

Bettie Boudoir's cackling laughter echoes in Night Knight's ears as he realizes she's right. The feeling of the stocking texture against the texture of his spandex uniform is erotically stimulating and he feels his "little squire" get hard and his nipples tingle beneath his shield emblem. His sexual excitement causes him to struggle more which made him sink deeper, which causes the stockings to interact with the spandex more, which excites him more. Soon he's up to his neck in Quickstockings ™ "What a perilous predicament!" the hero thinks. "Got to get out of this before it overcomes me and I drown in these stockings!"

Valiantly, Night Knight reaches down to his utility belt and pulls out his grappling hook launcher. This effort causes him to sink up to his chin and a gasp of pleasure escapes his heroic lips as the stockings make him even harder. "Now or never!" he says and fires the grapple. The anchor buries itself into the ceiling and the automatic wench pulls the Citysville Sentinel free of the deadly embrace of the Quickstockings ™. On solid ground again, Night Knight breathes a sigh of relief, regains his composure and continues on. "I'm not so easily overcome, Bettie Boudoir!" he shouts defiantly. "You'll have to do better than that!"

"Don't worry," the villainess' voice echoes. "I will!"

Night Knight continues searching the building and soon finds himself in the center of a room with four doors. I'd better be careful, he cautions himself. He activates the Night Aura Projector in his utility belt and feels new power surge through his muscles – just as the Garters enter the room, each through a different door. He's surrounded by the evil henchwomen. Each of the Garters wields a double-barreled slingshot and they immediately begin firing projectiles at the Citysville Sentinel! With sensational speed, Night Knight dodges all the projectiles and knocks out two of the Garters with one somersault back flip.

One of the Garters switches to a new weapon, a pantyhose bola. Night Knight pulls his Telescoping Knight's Lance out of his utility belt and incapacitates a third Garter but the fourth manages to snare his spandex-sheathed legs in the bola, just as he knocks her out. Immediately, though, he feels the erotic tingling begin, as the specially treated nylon of the pantyhose interacts with his costume. His legs become shaky and he begins to feel the same arousal as he did in the Quickstockings™ pit. Summoning his stupendous will power and his enhanced strength, Night Knight frees himself from the bola, breaking the surprisingly strong material with a bit of effort. His arousal begins to fade.

"All right, Bettie Boudoir!" he challenges. "I've snapped your Garter Belts and now it's your turn!"

"Yes, it's my turn all right!" Bettie Boudoir steps out of the shadows, wearing an exquisite lingerie outfit: a black satin bra that enhances her deep cleavage, a black silk teddy, sheer black vintage Cuban heel stockings held up with a six strap garter belt, and open-toe patent leather mules on her slender feet. She's an arousing sight and Night Knight hesitates for a crucial second, stunned by her presence. Bettie Boudoir whips a strange-looking gun from behind her back and points it at Night Knight. "I've got the drop on you. Now it's time for you to drop."

Night Knight smirks and strikes a heroic pose. "You think a gun is going to stop me?"

"No, but this will!" Bettie Boudoir pulls the trigger. Instead of a bullet, a strange projectile speeds towards Night Knight.

Before the hero can dodge, the projectile expands into a pair of silk panties – size XL! The panties engulf his head, the gusset settling over his nose then they suddenly shrink to ultra petite size, tightly enveloping his head and face. Night Knight pulls at the panties with all his strength but he can't get them off. The silky material blurs his vision and a sensual and arousing aroma assaults his nose.

"What..." Night Knight utters, confused.

"Now that, dear Night Knight, is the smell of success! Bye now." Bettie Boudoir pushes a button on the gun and puff of gas from the panty gusset explodes in Night Knight's face.

"Chloroform!" Night Knight gasps. "Must...not...pass...out...." He fights the effects of the gas but it's a losing battle. Soon he falls to the floor, knocked out by the erotically scented drug.

"Prepare him!" Bettie Boudoir instructs her newly recovered Garters.

* * * * *

Consciousness returns slowly to Night Knight. His vision is blurry but soon clears up.

"Ugh! My head! I'll never mix carrot juice and radish juice again!" He tries to rise but realizes he's restrained. Tight spandex straps hold him at the wrists and ankles in a spread-eagle position on a four-poster bed. More straps hold his thighs and chest immobile. "At least my mask is still on and those awful panties are off my face," he thinks with relief. Trying to figure out where he is, he looks up and sees himself reflected in the mirrors on the ceiling. He gasps at the sight that greets him. He's wearing his proudly heroic costume but with a couple of changes: 1) a black waist cincher circles his waist instead of his utility belt and 2) instead of his red spandex superhero trunks, a pair of red satiny panties covers his crotch – and a thong runs tightly between his butt cheeks!

"What that...?" Night Knight struggles to free himself but an intense vibration at his crotch causes him to stop. The vibration begins to excite his manhood, which somehow causes the thong to wedge itself more tightly between his butt cheeks. Simultaneously the waist cincher tightens a little, causing him to gasp.

"It's a wonderful little trap, don't you think, Night Knight?" Bettie Boudoir reappears, this time in a beautiful vintage ecru bra and panty girdle, set off by a brown dressing gown and sheer stockings. "You see, I was going to use this to torture Citysville's most wealthy debutantes into giving me their fortunes but I think it'll work just as well on nosey – but hot – superheroes!"

"What have you done to me you flame-haired fiendess?!?"

"Well, for starters, I've removed your annoying utility belt so you won't be able to use any of your tricks to get away from my Boudoir of Bondage©. And as for the alterations to your superhero uniform, let's just say that I'm improving your fashion sense!" Bettie Boudoir cackles hysterically!

"This woman is out of her poorly balanced mind!" thinks Night Knight. "If I can keep her talking, I might find a way out of this mess."

Bettie Boudoir picks up a control box from the nearby nightstand and shows it to Night Knight. "With this control unit, I'll be able to get rid of you once and for all and all the high end lingerie in the world will by mine! Let me explain: inside the Control Cock Panties ™ you're wearing are ultra-sensitive sensors and ultra-miniaturized mechanisms that allow me to gauge sexual arousal and control the tightness of the panties. For example..." She places her foot on Night Knight's crotch and gently rubs her nylons against him. The now familiar erotic tingling assaults Night Knight and a whispered moan escapes his lips as he becomes aroused.

"Now this..." Bettie Boudoir says as she pushes a button. The Control Cock Panties ™ tighten around Night Knight's cock, outlining its erect form – and driving the thong deeper into his butt. And the waist cincher tightens a little more causing him to gasp. "You've noticed that the waist cincher is contracting?"

"What do you think, you vile villainess?!?"

"I'll take that as a yes. The sensors in the Control Cock Panties ™ are connected to sensors and gears in the cincher. The more aroused you become, the tighter the cincher constricts your waist. Soon you'll be unable to breathe and you'll die. Or if you last long enough, the cincher will squeeze you right in half! Either way I win!"

Sweat begins to dampen the inside of Night Knight's mask. "I've got to concentrate," he thinks. "I've got to use my superior will to keep from getting aroused."

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