tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNight of Abuse for Ann and Lisa

Night of Abuse for Ann and Lisa



Frank was content as he finished his shift at the hotel and started out for home. It had been a long day with multiple maintenance issues from guests that were mostly spoiled. He was looking forward to a great dinner with his wife Ann. Frank and Ann had been married for thirty years and Ann, even at age 55, was still attractive. Most people guessed she was much younger. She was about 5 feet six inches tall with short bleach blond hair. Her best feature was her 44D breasts which were still full and perky without a single shred of sagging or drooping. Frank loved Ann's breasts. Their love life was still active and Ann was the best at giving blow jobs although she was a "spitter," she could suck the chrome from a trailer hitch. Frank's only regret was she was not very adventurous. He wanted to try anal sex and Ann always resisted. They were able to have anal sex one time after several drinks of coke and rum and lots of lubricant, but Ann claimed it was too painful and never allowed Frank to backdoor her again. This was okay with Frank, just thinking about Ann and those huge breasts always gave him a hard-on. They had one daughter, Lisa, who was now 34 years old and single. Lisa looked a lot like her Mother, blond hair, blue eyes, and breasts that were at least 44D if not bigger and a little over five feet six inches. Lisa was divorced and had not really dated so she came to visit frequently. As was the case this night, Lisa was home visiting and would be there when Frank arrived for dinner.

As Frank walked home he thought about Ann and Lisa and smiled and realized how good life was for him. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the screams of a woman. Frank looked up and there was an elderly woman desperately holding on to her purse while two young men were trying to take it from her. Frank was about fifty yards away and quickly took out his cell phone and dialed 911 and reported what was occurring to the police. He knew the police would not get there in time so he broke into a run toward the two young men shouting for them to stop. The young men looked at Frank and ignored him turning their attention to the elderly woman and trying to take the purse. Frank never stopped running and tackled the smaller of the two men knocking him to the ground. The other young man took off running as Frank held his partner down. The elderly woman got into her car and sped away. The young man pushed Frank away and jumped up, shouting some profanities as he ran off in another direction. Frank stood, checked himself out and noted he was none the worse for wear and headed on his way home without another thought about the event. The police never arrived.

"Typical," Frank thought and continued down the sidewalk toward home.

Ann was waiting inside with a big smile and kissed Frank welcoming him home. Frank never mentioned the incident and sat down for supper with Ann and Lisa. After supper Lisa went upstairs to shower while Ann and Frank settled down for a night of television. Both had just gotten comfortable when there was a knock at the door.

"Who in the world," Frank thought as he opened the door.

Frank was not prepared for the young men that rushed into his house one pushing him up against the wall with a gun under his chin.

"Move and your dead," the young man shouted.

Before Ann could jump up, two other men pushed her back into the couch and told her to sit still and shut up and one waved a gun in her face for emphasis. Frank quickly surveyed the situation. There were at least eight men and one woman. They had guns and looked to be all in their twenties.

"What's going on?" Frank demanded.

"Shut up old man" the person with the gun replied, "you cost us some money tonight and we plan to get it back."

Frank recognized one of them as the young man who had attacked the elderly woman.

"What do you want?" Frank asked again.

"You messed with the Blades, now you have to pay" the man holding the gun at Frank's chin spat.

Frank recognized the name "Blades." They were the gang that hung around the hotel and harassed the customers. The police had not been able to do anything about them because they could never find anyone to testify against them. Frank suddenly realized that he and his family were in big trouble. About that time Lisa came to the top of the stairs.

"What's going on down here," she asked and then saw the men standing in the living room.

"Slim, Stevie, get that bitch," the man holding Frank shouted.

Lisa turned and ran back into the upstairs with the two men in quick pursuit. Frank heard the door slam and then heard the door knocked in. He could here Lisa screaming, and then silence. Lisa appeared at the top of the stairs with Slim and Stevie holding each of her arms. She was in her robe and her hair was still wet from the shower. They forced her downstairs and ordered her to sit by her Mother on the couch.

Two of the other men came from the kitchen with the woman carrying a chair. They placed the chair in the living room where Ann and Lisa sat on the couch.

"What now, Jimmy?" one of them said to the man holding Frank.

Jimmy motioned for Frank to walk to the chair and he indicated that Frank should sit down. Another man produced a roll of duck tape and they quickly taped Frank's hands to the arms of the chair and his legs to the legs of the chair. Frank struggled a little but could not move. Ann and Lisa were holding each other.

"Now," Jimmy started, "we need at least $500.00 that we were cheated out of today."

Ann spoke, "we don't have that kind of money."

All nine of the gang members were standing in the room now. Ann and Lisa were surrounded by at least four of them. The woman came to Jimmy and stood beside him. One of the men began stroking Lisa's hair.

"Hey Jimmy, how about a party," the man said as Lisa jerked her head away.

"Not a bad idea, Stevie, how about it Frank?" Jimmy asked.

"Please, just leave us alone, I'll get the money," Frank pleaded.

It was too late, the other men, all except Jimmy and the girl grabbed Frank's wife and daughter and pulled them to their feet.

"Let's get the party started,' Jimmy yelled.

The others began pawing and grabbing at Ann and Lisa. Lisa's robe was pulled open and she tried to close it again. Jimmy threw the ducktape to Stevie who pulled Lisa's arms behind her and quickly bound them. Her robe was open. Her 44D breasts heaved as she began to cry. Stevie pulled the robe open further and whistle as Lisa's cunt came into few. Frank closed his eyes at his daughter's nakedness. Lisa kept her bush trimmed in a thin line. With her hands bound behind her she was helpless to cover herself. Stevie barked an order at Slim who jerked Lisa's robe down around her arms. Within a flash, a knife was out and the robe was in tapers on the floor. Lisa stood naked, hands behind her back, crying as four of the men began pushing her to the floor onto her knees.

Ann was not faring any better. Jimmy called to the three others. Frank heard the names, "Mickey, Slash, and Johnny." They pushed Ann back on the couch and yank her jeans and panties off revealing her cunt and full bush. Ann began to fight back and Mickey punched her hard in the stomach while Slash yanked her top and bra off and then quickly taped her hands behind her back. Ann was now naked too. The men whistle at the size of Ann's breast and her nipples. Ann's nipples hardened at the cool air and looked huge against her large, dark areolas surrounding them.

Jimmy put the gun at Frank's head and explained to Ann and Lisa that if they did not cooperate that a bullet would be put in Frank's head and they would do what they wanted anyway. Lisa was already on her knees with Stevie unzipping his pants. Lisa was crying as Stevie took his cock out and pushed it against Lisa's lips.

"Now cooperate," Stevie laughed.

Lisa slowly opened her mouth and Stevie shoved his eight inches of cock to the back of her throat and grabbed Lisa's head. Lisa gagged and tried to get away as Stevie sawed his cock in and out of her over stretched lips. Another man, they called "Dirt," was reaching around and kneading Lisa's breasts with both hands. Frank closed his eyes tightly at his daughter's abuse.

"Oh no, you keep those eyes open," Jimmy ordered and pushed the gun into Frank's temple.

Frank opened his eyes and looked at Ann's fate. Another man had joined the group around Ann. Jimmy called him "Blackie." Frank thought he looked half black-half white. Ann was also on her knees, but her knees were spread wide and Blackie from behind was fingering her cunt. Ann was moaning with Mickey's cock buried in her mouth. Slash and Johnny were each sucking Ann's tits and biting and pulling her nipples from her breast. Frank could see the tears in Ann's eyes. Blackie arched his back and announced he was cumming. Ann tried to pull her head from his cock, but Blackie held it tight against him. He refused to allow Ann to pull away and Frank watched as Ann's throat moved up and down swallowing the load Blackie dumped in her mouth. Blackie removed his semi-hard cock and cum dripped from Ann's mouth onto the floor.

Frank looked away from Ann to see Lisa just as Stevie shot his load all over her tits. The three stood her up and Dirt stripped off his clothes and lay down on his back with his hard cock standing straight up. Slim and Stevie forced Lisa to straddle Dirt and pushed her shoulders downward. Dirt lined his cock with Lisa's cunt and as Slim and Stevie pushed her downward Dirt's cock parted her cunt lips.

"She's dry as a bone," Dirt explained as Lisa finally came to rest with her ass on Dirt's lower torso.

Lisa was sobbing hysterically at the pain in her cunt with Dirt's cock. She sat motionless, afraid to move. Stevie pulled his belt from his pants and Frank wanted to shout a warning to Lisa but darned not.

"Move that ass," Stevie ordered as he slapped Lisa across her ass with his belt.

A red welt appeared as Lisa cried out and began to bounce up and down slowly on Dirt's cock. Dirt reached up and took both of Lisa's tits in his hands and used them to pull her up and down.

"Faster," Stevie yelled and slapped Lisa's ass several more times with the belt.

Lisa was crying even harder. She was jumping up and down on Dirt's cock as fast as she could, her tits flopping up and down with her. Slim had stripped his clothes off and came around in front of Lisa and shoved his cock into her mouth while Dirt fucked her cunt. Slim held Lisa head against his cock and rammed it in and out of Lisa's mouth. She could feel his balls slapping against her chin. Stevie was now stripped and hard again. Dirt screamed and pumped hard into Lisa's cunt as he shot his load deep inside her. Almost at the same time, Slim pulled his hard cock from Lisa's mouth and ordered her to keep her mouth opened. He stroked the length of his cock quickly and shot his load into Lisa's mouth.

"Swallow, bitch," Slim commanded.

Frank heard Ann moaning and looked to find her on her knees with her shoulders on the floor, ass sticking high in the air. Mickey was slamming his cock in and out of her cunt viciously. With each thrust, Ann would slide across the floor, her breast dangling beneath her swaying back and forth with Mickey's action. Slash and Johnny were both naked and standing over Ann stroking their cocks. Frank saw that Ann was biting her lip and the look of pain in her face with each thrust Mickey slammed into her.

"Look," the woman with Jimmy said pointing at Frank's crotch.

"Looks like Daddy likes seeing his wife and daughter fucked," Jimmy said.

To Frank's horror, he looked at his own dick was bulging at the zipper of his pants.

"Give the poor man some relief Sara," Jimmy said with a grin.

Sara knelt down between Frank's legs and unbuckled, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down to his knees. His hard, erect cock sprung free. Frank was embarrassed at his state. Sara slowly lowered her head down and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.

"Show the bitches their Daddy," Jimmy shouted to the others.

Mickey reached down and turned Ann's face toward Frank as Slash pounded into her wet, sloppy hole. Frank could see Ann's face streak with tears, dried cum on her cheeks and her hair matted to her head from sweat. She was grunting with each thrust and her eyes became large as Ann saw Frank's cock being sucked by the young girl. Frank turned his head away and saw Lisa lying on her back, arms painfully pinned behind her. Slim was holding Lisa's tits together while he slid his cock back and forth titty fucking her. Lisa's face was covered with cum still wet and dripping down the sides into her ears. Dirt had his fist inside Lisa's cunt dragging it in and out fist-fucking her. Lisa appeared to be unconscious until Stevie jerk her head around toward her Father. Lisa just moaned and closed her eyes. Sara was pulling and deep-throating Frank's cock and he was fighting the urge to cum in this young girl's mouth.

"Don't let him cum," Jimmy directed Sara and she stopped leaving Frank with his balls swollen and painful.

"My turn," Jimmy said to the others.

Jimmy directed that Lisa be placed on her stomach with her ass in the air pointed at Frank. Mickey and Slash turned Ann around the same way. Frank was staring at his wife's ass and wide-opened cunt. Cum dripping down the sides of Ann's legs and her hole staying open from the abuse. Lisa's cunt was red and swollen, her ass with large welts from Stevie's belt. Jimmy unzipped his pants and Frank saw the largest cock he could imagined. It had to be over a foot long and three inches thick. It was hard as a rock.

"I want 'Daddy' to see this," Jimmy said as he walked toward Ann's ass.

Jimmy reached into Ann's cunt and pulled the cum from her hole and smeared it into her ass. Ann whimpered as Jimmy sawed a singled finger in and out of her puckered asshole. Jimmy lined his cock up with Ann's rectum and slowly began to push forward. Ann, weak from the vicious fuckings, whined a weak protest and her tight ring expanded allowing Jimmy's cock to enter her asshole. Lisa's fate was the same as Stevie was hard again and taking a cue from his leader, had begun to slowly work his cock into Lisa's ass. Lisa only sobbed as her tight ring parted and allowed Stevie's cock to slide in until his balls smacked her cunt. Jimmy was still slowly driving his cock into Ann's ass. Frank could not believe Ann would not be hurt. Jimmy's huge cock was only half-way inside of Ann's ass and her asshole was stretch the side of a coke bottle. Ann just continued to whimper until Jimmy was buried completely inside her ass. Jimmy then reached around and took both of Ann's tits in his hands and pulled Ann upward arching her back painfully. Ann did not resist and Frank watched in horror as his wife's asshole was stretched wider as Jimmy dragged his thick, long pole in and out of her asshole. Stevie had finished with Lisa and Dirt had been quick to drive his cock into Lisa's ass. After being stretched by Stevie, Lisa's asshole now offered little friction and Dirt slid easily in. Jimmy had increased his rhythm, still pulling Ann backwards by her tits, now just with the nipples. Ann was biting her lower lip and grunting with each of Jimmy's thrust. Slash came around to the front of Ann. Arched backwards by Jimmy, her mouth was at the perfect height. Hard again, Slash wanted relief and patted Ann on the side of the face and Ann, defeated, simply opened her mouth and took Slash's hard cock inside. Jimmy and Slash pounded in rhythm Jimmy abusing Ann's asshole and Slash frequently choking Ann by plowing so deep into her throat.

Frank heard a groan from Lisa and saw that she was finally left alone. Cum was dripping from her asshole and down her legs, and Frank saw that her asshole had not closed after the brutal assault. Lisa continued to lay with her shoulders on the floor and ass high in the air while those who assaulted her began dressing.

"I'm cumming," Jimmy yelled.

Frank turned his attention back to Ann just as Jimmy drove deep into her asshole and clinched his buttocks together exploding in orgasm. Slash was already cumming as Frank could see Ann swallowing hard to take the load all down. Slash pulled from her mouth first and the Jimmy released Ann who fell forward onto her shoulders. Jimmy removed his semi-hard cock from her ass. Frank stared at the size of Ann asshole, once a tight, small ring, now a hole so large he could easily put a hand up inside her rectum. Ann also lay still only a few feet from Lisa. Both of the women's asses were still high in the air and ready for additional assaults. Neither woman fighting or moving, just sobbing silently in the position they had been forced with hands still taped behind their backs.

The men were all dressed and Jimmy walked over the Frank. Frank was sitting still taped in the chair, cock hard as a rock with his pants down around his ankles. Jimmy ordered Mickey and Slim to untape Frank. Frank was stood up and his hands taped again behind his back. Jimmy took another piece of tape and covered Frank's eyes completely. Frank was blind and could see nothing. His fear was rising as he had no idea what Jimmy was planning.

"Let's play 'Pin the tail on the Donkey,'" and proceeded to spin Frank around in a circle several times.

Frank was disoriented and had no idea what Jimmy meant. He was pushed forward and walked in short, shuffling steps due to his pants being around his ankles. His dick still hard, he suddenly left warmth at the head of his cock.

"Oh my God," Frank thought, "they are going to make me fuck either my wife or my daughter and I have no idea which one."

"Assholes ready," Jimmy chuckled and then Frank felt a shoe on his ass and was pushed forward.

Frank's cock easily slid into one of the women's assholes. This was his fantasy with his wife, but not like this and if it was his daughter he would never forgive himself.

"Get busy," Jimmy ordered, "you better fuck her hard till you cum or it will be the last thing you and your pretty women ever do."

Terrified of being killed more so than who he was fucking, Frank began to moving his hips as fast as he could slamming his cock into the unknown asshole. Within minutes he exploded in a massive orgasm and collapsed on the back on the unknown woman.

Frank did not know how long he lay on the woman's back. He felt a hand on his shoulder and the voice of his daughter telling him the men were gone. Frank removed his now limp cock from the asshole and fell onto the floor. Someone removed his blindfold and Frank breathed a sigh of relief to see it was his daughter Lisa. She had somehow managed to get out of the tape around her arms and free herself. Frank began to sob as he saw Ann still lying with her ass high in the air. Apparently Ann had passed out. She was covered in dry cum, in her face, hair, her breast, and all up and down her back. Frank saw that her asshole was still gaping open and through his sobs breathed a sigh of relief that he had been forced to fuck his wife and not his daughter. Frank pulled his pants up and told Lisa to find something to cover herself. As she walked away Frank saw the purple and red streaks across Lisa's ass from the whipping Stevie had given her.

Frank released Ann and with some prodding Ann slowly began to arouse.

"Is it over," Ann asked quietly.

Frank nodded that it was and the two held each other and cried both from the experience and from the realization that their family had survived and not been killed.

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