tagGroup SexNight of the Limousine

Night of the Limousine

byMy Erotic Tail©

There I was sitting in a long white Limousine. "This was cool," I thought. My buddy Tom had gotten a bonus check that was gonna set him up for life and guess what? I got to be in on the party of a lifetime.

"Hey you awake over there?" He said as he nudged my shoulder and the limo door opened.

"Yeah," I blurted back. We scampered out of the limo and the driver shut the door as I thanked him.

Straightening up your cloths is an art. You have to look cool when you do it. You know with class that styles. The tug at the vest and the wrenching of the neck and the straightening of the belt. The look on the face when you do this has to be serious with a slight grin.

Low and behold there was a line of women looking at me. Yep all wanting to get at me. The line of women was a half block long at least. Ok, well there was this long line to get into the bar. But any way, "Hey you want to wait in that line for that bar?" I asked Tom. My new boss and old friend.

"What? You want to go some place else?" He asked with his short and stocky bellow.

"Excuse me." I heard over my shoulder. And a smile ran across Tom's face like he had just seen heaven. I knew that straightening the clothes with style would work.

"Is that your limo?" The sound came from a sweet voice. Well, ok maybe it's the limousine. So I turn and there were three women from the planet gorgeous.

"Why yes." Tom answered. All I could do was stand there and probably drooled.

"Oh how cool. This is April and my friend Destiny and I'm Violet." Spoke this heavenly creature that god had put upon this earth, for me.

Just then Tom jumps in there and started his routine. Went right up to Violet the most beautiful women I ever saw. And I walked over to Destiny cause well hey it was my Destiny. Destiny was pretty. She was my height and petite with her hips cocked to the side like a LA. hooker but hey Tom was paying tonight.

April had long legs and long hair and all over Tom like paint on a car. Speaking of car there all getting in the limo. "Oh shit."

I climb in last and sat next to Destiny. As Tom, April and Violet the Angel of beauty sat in the back.

"Y'all want some Champaign?" Tom asked as he popped the top. I mean like why ask if your gonna open it.

"Yes please." One of the angels said. I held up the glasses and Tom poured. We all sipped the nectar of the rich and ever body seem to enjoy its aroma. Couple goggling, I meant giggling girls let out their girlish woos.

That was all Tom needed to start his play. "Have any of you girls ever read (Toms got a limo ). Author (wants to party). Illustrated by

(Would like and can you join him)." He was good at those. And low and behold Destiny says, "I have." And raises her hand and actually hick upped. That's my luck. We all laughed and she did too cause she didn't have a clue what the fuck was going on this limo much less the world. Needing to be reassured she reaches for my leg and nudges in closer. So I relax and stretch out and put my arm around her. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I melted. Or it was the first invasion of intoxication from drinking.

Just then Violet decides to jump up and hang out the sunroof. I could hear her shouting and yelling. All I could see was these two long slender legs staring me in the face. From heel to ass she was all legs and nice ass. I guess it was then that Destiny felt left out and wanted me to focus on her by pulling me into a tongue wrestling match that I swear she was trying to put herself through me. I kissed back but I still had to glance back at that ass of Violets. Before I dove in to destiny like a kamikaze would its target. She pulled her blouse to the side as if marking the spot and I zeroed in on it. Sucked her skin like sucking juice out of a plum. She squealed and I let up, tilted my head so I could see if she had a brand of my bite.

"You're an animal." She giggled out as she dove in on me.

"Just call me tiger." I replied as I crashed my lips into hers.

I looked over and Tom was spit swapping with April. When we all heard Violet yell out. "Pet store?" she lifted a leg up and pulled her panties to the side and shouted. "Any you boys want a kitty?"

Well what could I say, but? "Hell yeah." I yelled and Violet come back down, hair all wind blown and the inside light just behind her head. She looked like a goddess. She leaned towards me with her lips puckered up and I drew to her like a moth to a flame. And just as our lips touched she with drew as if she was at the end of a drop from a bungy cord and was drawn upwards. She reached at me but was to late. Tom had pulled her into His lap and she looked at me and I at her.

Destiny threw her leg over me and sat upon me. She pulled my head up to hers and locked lips as she swung her hips fishing for where it was going to rise. As our tongues rolled around each other I felt it move and I'm guessing she did too cause she focussed her grinding at that spot. Yep it swelled up like a little pond in a heavy down pour. And she was now humping lightly on its bulge. The pain was so stimulating that I pulled away and reached down and unbuttoned my pants and pulled that muscle into some air and breathing room.

Destiny looked down licking her lips. Look me in the eye and said. "I'm gonna charm me a one eyed snake." And went down on me faster than kids on candy after a piniatas broke.

I looked over and Tom and April were locked in on each other while Violet caressed them both. One hand was on Aprils breasts while the other

toiled at Tom's chest.

My attention was drawn to the very warm and wet mouth that had just covered my whole dick. That feeling filled me with sensations of pleasure as she stroked its base and licked my cock's head for 45 minutes. Ok, well more like 4 or 5 but anyway. She engulfed my every being as she bobbed her head up and down upon my love muscle. Sending me straight to ecstasy.

By this time Tom was humping April like a dog in heat. "Bam bam bam slap slap slap." His balls slapping on her ass. All I could think was "Boy that's got to hurt."

I leaned back and let Destiny eat my cockmeat. I saw Violet look at me and lean into me like water to a stream. Laying into my shoulder and look me in the eyes and said. "I've had three serious marriage proposals from my cock sucking abilities." Well that was all I needed to hear.

"Destiny, Tom said he wants some of that fine lip locking." I spurted.

"Oh, ok." She answered and like a canine to its command she fell over into Tom and April. She blended into the flow of their sexual grasps.

Violet leaned in and kissed me as passionate as a pedal falling from a rose and her tongue slid over my lips and down my chin and to my neck and the roll was stopped only for a moment. So that she could wet it more as she put it on my chest and trailed down.

She yanked my shirt apart. Buttons went every where as she zoned in on my tit. Nipped at it with her teeth and licked it with her tongue. I reached up and found instantly her breast and squeezed it. She moaned letting me know that this pleased her. I fumbled around and found the nipple and twisted it and pulled it as she moaned louder. She sucked at my skin like it was

Her favorite flavor.

She stroked her fingers across my dick and it popped up like a soldier at attention. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft like a vine wraps round a tree. And her hair brushed across it like silk. She met it with a kiss. Her tongue rolled around the head of my dick searching for its slit. Once it glided across it and she felt the bump of its contour. She licked it and while she feathered strokes along its base. By now it was hard as a rock and pulsing with pleasure.

She smiled as she opened her beautiful lips and ever so gently leaned into my body and took my cock in her mouth and held it there. I could feel her tongue move, side to side and work around the side of my penis as she slowly pulled back sucking it. I felt her mouth close around it making a vacuum sound as it left her lips and she pulled it about 20 times. Ok 2 times but who's counting.

I exploded and cum went every where as she was quick and ready with her tongue out as the second shot of cum came blowing out. It entered her mouth as she closed her lips around the head and sucked lightly as to trap its nectar. I tried to pull back for the sensitivity was great but she held and eased up yet still graced it with her lips.

She fingered up the cum from her face and neck and put it in her mouth and licked them like an ice cream bar on a hot day. She stroked it a few times and got the shaft firm again as she lapped up the sides and base of any loose drippings.

She bolted up and pulled her panties off and turned to me giggling as she jumped up twirling them. Spun around in a little happy dance and fell to me like an apple to the ground. She kissed me hard and long, deep and wet when I felt her hands wrap around my dick and pull lightly as it regained form and she sat upon me with the ease of a feather to the ground.

I felt her wet pussy lips close around the head of my dick. My cock swelled up like a stump in water as she slid on down and rested for a second. Pulled her hair back and flicked the rest in a seductive swing. She looked into my eyes and leaned forward just millimeters from my nose and licked it. I felt her pussy walls tense up around my shaft as she pulled upwards. The feeling overcome me so I gasped for air. As she made her downward glide, she sank into my neck and started sucking it. Her wet pussy slid up and down on my hot rod. She started getting wetter and then her pace picked up till she was humping and thrusting herself upon me. I grabbed her hips to steady and guide her pumps. And to keep her from flying from my cock.

The sound of wetness was getting louder as the bodys crashing made slapping noises and the moans of us both was orchestrated. When her lips mashed mine and her tongue found my throat I knew she was ready as she started slowing from fatigue. I tightened on her hips and thrusted vigorously and pounded away upward at her pussy. I felt the warm liquid flow from her and down my balls as she grabbed my two jewels and milked them while I came inside her.

She finally came to rest on me. I felt her juices along my ass as it passed and her warmth added to the sensation of my load blowing in a warm pussy. Several blasts pulsed from my cock as she moaned and adjusted herself. Her pussy walls closed around my cock from pleasure. She leaned in and kissed me as I kissed her back.

She rolled off of me and we both looked at Tom, Destiny and April sitting back with their glasses and smoking cigarettes watching the show.

Finally they all clapped and cheered as Violet sat next to me and picked up her panties and stuck them in my mouth and said. "Here's you a memirabilia."

We all took more champagne and toasted to the beginning of a great night. As we sipped the bubbly liquid with smiles and cheers.

The limo came to a stop and the driver opened the door and we all piled out. Ladies first of course as Tom went before me as he gave the thumbs up with a grin wider than a river. The Club was before me as I arose like flower in a field. I jerked my head back and forth and it made crackling noises. As I tugged at my buttonless shirt and laid it across my chest. Then it fell open again. I put Violets panties in my pocket and looked at her ass knowing she didn't have anything on under her dress. Every body adjusted their clothing, as it was obvious that I was the true artist at this garment game. I tried to figure out how to keep my shirt closed with no buttons.

Tom flipped out his wallet as a display. So all could see that he had plenty of cash this night. Destiny even licked her lips like she saw her favorite dish. Violet leaned on me while adjusting her shoes. Perhaps this is a female art form. She smelled terrific.

We all looked up about the same time to see the limo driving off. No lines and the doorman awaited us as a Labrador awaits its cue. I put my arm around violet as a reassurance that she was going to be with. She took my arm as a lady would a gentleman.

Tom paid the doorman as we all walked in to a room deafening from rock and roll music and the small crowd was mostly suits and I was in a shirt with no buttons. Cause I had been ravished in the limo. No one seem to mind, if they did Tom would probably throw them a hundred-dollar bill and say, "No worries mate".

He had his arms around Destiny and April making his way around to a large rounded booth and we all slid in. Violet laid her hand on my leg and used it to settle herself. I swear one more inch and she'd have the head of my dick in hand again.

The waitress came over and the girls ordered Margaritas. Tom of course ordered more Champaign. Tom and April got up to dance and Destiny said she had to go to the ladies room.

"You got to go too, Violet?" Destiny asked.

Violet smiled and said. "No not this time," as she reached up that one-inch more and squeezed my cock. She knew where it was and I pulsed in response to let her know that I felt it and it felt good. She leaned into my neck and put her nose just below the ear and licked there. I swear goose bumps went all over me. She squeezed my cock again and again till now it was rising to the occasion.

I slipped my hand up to her leg and ran it up her dress as she leaned back and spread her legs. I looked her in the eye and she was licking her lips as to show me how to lick it. I dove in on her muff like a bee to honey and yeah with no panties I was there and lapping away in a New York minute. I was just getting to the clit and starting to put a finger in her pussy. When this tap came at my back. I could tell it was Violet but I kept my pursuit and the tap came again only harder. Like a knocking on the door.

I raised up and blurted. " What?" Looking Violet in the eyes as she pointed behind me. I turned to see and there was the waitress. Just standing there and my eyes were right at her belly button. So I had to look up and saw this big Pair of...well shit eating grin and a hand out.

"That'll be 94 dollars please. Do I need to open the bottle for you." She yelled so that she could be heard. I looked at the table and saw the drinks and bottle sitting all around the table. "Damn, how long was I down there at that tasty morsel." I thought. I pulled a hundred from my pants, as I don't carry a wallet and threw the wrinkled bill on her tray.

"Keep the change honey." I said.

"What? Phony money?" The waitress yelled as she looked at the bill to see if it was real.

"No. I said keep the change honey." I yelled.

"Thanks, but we don't have any honey." she replied.

I just smiled as if that was what I said. Turning back to Violet and laid an arm around her as she sipped her margarita. As another tap came at my shoulder. I turned and yelled. "What now? I didn't ask for honey."

There stood Destiny. "Want to dance?" She asked. Her sweet little hips swinging to the beat and her hand out as to be kissed. Her eyes squinted as her nose wrinkled and her grin grew while the other hand run up and down her breast.

"Oh," I replied.

"Oh it's easy. You don't know how? I'll teach you." She shouted.

"No. I know how. I just can't right now. I'm...projecting." I yelled as I leaned back and showed her I was hard. At that time Violet reached over and rubbed it looking at destiny and they both laughed.

"Well scoot over." Destiny shouted as she sat next to me. She laid her hand on my muscle of love. They were rubbing each other's hands more than my dick but it was getting attention. As I reached with both hands to each and felt for their legs. Violets pussy was wet and easy to locate with no panties and Destiny's legs were still closed tight so I rubbed her bush on the outside of her panties.

I had just walked into club heaven when Tom and April returned. When they got seated they realized what we were up to. Tom shouted. "You gonna pop it?" Pointing at the bottle of Champaign.

With a big smile as he always has on his face when women are around. I took the Champaign and peeled the label and aimed up as I pushed and it shot off like I wanted to. "Pop," came loudly. The noise startled Destiny and Violet. I felt it when they both squeezed my cock harder as the sound rang out. The Champaign runs over the table and in my lap. Destiny did a nosedive to Tom's side of the table while Violet took a napkin and started cleaning me as I poured the glasses. Her pats at my crotch made it hard to pour. "But a mans got to do what a mans got to do when he can do it." I thought.

When I sat the bottle down Violet nudged me. I looked at her. She motioned with waving hands that she wanted out of the booth. So I got up and let her out. I sat back down and she laid a hand on my shoulder. I looked up into her moon beam eyes and she said. "You coming." As she reached down and took my hand like a mother does a child with out a leash and pulled me as she took off into the crowd.

I looked back at Tom as he was giving me that thumbs up again. He didn't know I was wet from the bottle. I think he thought I had "Gotten off."

Instead of "Gotten poured on."

We got to the restrooms and there was a line to get into the men's. So I took a place at the end and Violet went on into the women's. In a matter of seconds she was back out and motioned me to come over. So I did. As I got to her she grabbed my tattered shirt and pulled me in the women's restroom.

I went in and I could see it was empty. She just darted into one of the stalls. While I followed behind her. The door hadn't even shut good yet when she spun and locked her lips onto mine. Our tongues went wild on each other.

She wrapped a leg around me while I grabbed it and pulled it up higher.

Her pussy found a spot on my pelvic bone and she moaned as she pushed it into me. Wrapped around each other like ribbons on a present. Her tongue so far down my throat that I felt it tickle my Adams apple. I hope that was her tongue, any way. I reached deeper and grabbed her butt pulling her in more and found that wet spot I wanted. A finger found the slit and I rubbed right there for it was as far as I could reach.

We heard some one come in so we froze. Hearing a stall door shut next to us. Looking at each other, Violet let out a giggle. I heard the water splashing as some one pissed and then flushed.

Violet was running a finger around my tit. I heard the door shut as they left. She laid back into the door as I leaned into her. She pushed me back and laid a hand on my shoulder.

"Now its my turn." She whispered as she gently pushed me down and guided my head to her pussy while the other hand pulled her dress up. I got to it and licked it like a pup laps milk. She pushed into me and hiked a leg up and around me exposing her whole pussy to me. I opened my mouth and put the whole thing in. Licking I felt her body sway in an attempt to fuck my tongue. I hardened my tongue and held it out as she pushed to greet it again and again.

There was wetness everywhere so I licked up the flowing juices. Hardened my tongue again. And drove it in her like a finger in a hot cherry pie. My chin rested just at her asshole and she was thrusting like crazy. Crashing into my face with her sweet ass being the center of attention. Juices flowed as I thought she had cum but she bolted me back and I stood up Her hands undone my pants faster than a long tail cat in a room full of rockers.

My erection popped out as she grabbed it in her hand and pulled to see how hard it was. I guess it was hard enough cause she turned and

pulled her dress up exposing that lovely ass. I put my dick to it as the head of my penis pushed around till it found her slit and in it started. She pushed back into me to greet it.

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