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Night Pleasure


"Hi, I'm Tits. Actually, I'm Madison's tits. I'm always nice and perky, and I try to keep my nipples hard so we can be seen and admired. I like it when I'm the first things to get aroused and played with."

"That's cause you're up front but I get as much attention as you do," Ass said.

"That's because you're anal, among other things."

"Only when I'm spanked a nice rosy red." Ass replied with a sigh. "I so love a good spanking. I haven't had one in so long."

"Be careful before you wake..." Tits started to say.

"Oh yes, a spanking would be a nice start," Pussy whimpered.

"Now we've done it, we woke up that bitch Pussy," Ass said angrily. "You know how she likes to hog all the good stuff."

"Is Dick around again?" Pussy asked expectantly.

"No, he's not here." Tits replied.

"Wee Willy, is more like it." Ass complained.

"He liked to be called Richard," Pussy said pouting.

"He wasn't that big a deal." Ass pointed out. "Two of Mistress's fingers were bigger."

"I thought he was nice." Pussy replied.

"He never played with me enough." Tits pitched in and then sighed wistfully. "That Mark guy was a tit man."

"Oh no, don't even go there. That guy nearly tore me a new one," Ass said and then cringed.

"He was yummy and so filling." Pussy drooled.

Madison shivered and tossed in her sleep.

"Oh now we've done it. We got her dreaming," Tits whispered.

Pussy giggled and whispered, "Oh goody, she'll be stuffing fingers in me in a little while."

"You are such a slut," Ass said, "I wish she would finger me more often."

With hardening nipples, Tits sighed. "I'll get caressed, teased, and even pinched a little. I like that best as long as she doesn't get carried away with it like last time. I was bruised for a week."

"She had three fingers stuffed in my mouth," Pussy whispered and then shivered. "It felt so good."

"What are you three morons up to?" Clit asked as she peeked out of her hood.

"Oh shit, here's little miss know it all," Ass said sarcastically.

"You'd know all about shit wouldn't you?" Clit said in the same sarcastic tone.

"Hey it's a job and someone has to do it. If I don't then Mistress gets grouchy and bloated. It's almost as bad as when Pussy pulls her monthly shit." Ass replied defensively.

"Hey, that's not my fault," Pussy whispered, "It's mother nature and how she designed things."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it still gets old after a while." Ass told her.

Madison moaned softly and rolled over on her back.

"You guys be quiet so she can sleep," Tits said.

"It's to late for that," Clit whispered, "Once I pop my head up, you know what's going to happen next."

Tits ached with longing to be touched. "Oh yes, I hope so," she whispered softly.

Ass clenched hard and then relaxed. "I can only pray and dream that it's my turn. Pussy and Clit get all the attention down this way."

Clit swelled up with pride and blood. "I'm the one that gets her there, what else can be said."

Pussy just drooled and sighed, She could feel her insides itching and tingling.

"Stupid bitch, will you quit drooling all over me," Ass said sharply.

"Hey, don't complain. If Mistress wants to play with you, you'll at least have lube. I'll get a dry finger to start, I always do," Clit said with a quiver.

"Oh hell yes!" Tits said as one of Madison's hands slid up over her belly and gave Tits right half a gentle squeeze. "Now we're talking!" she added as Madison's other hand caressed her left nipple.

Clit quivered, Pussy and Ass clenched up as waves of pleasure coursed along Madison's body to pool around them. It had been a long week since they had last had any action. They split the tingling itchy feeling between them and all vied for attention.

Tits was in heaven as Mistress caressed one side and lightly pinched the nipple on the other half. When Madison rolled the nipple back and forth firmly, Tits arched up in please as Pussy spasmed and drooled even heavier. Clit expanded and quivered even harder.

The hand that had been caressing left Tits and headed south. Tits hardly noticed as the rolling, pinching sensation on her nipple held her full attention. She only realized it when the sudden jolt from Clit made the whole body jerk and shiver.

Pussy bite and snapped at the fingertip that was suddenly teasing her mouth. She wanted to grab and hold it before it could get away and go back up to Clit. She didn't succeed but she did get it all wet and slippery.

When the slippery fingertip touched and rolled Clit, shivery waves of pleasure ran throughout the whole body and Madison groaned softly. Clit grew larger and more swollen as electric tingles shot outward. Pussy clamped down and wished for something to hold tightly.

Ass tightened and relaxed with the surges of pleasure from Clit and pussy and waited to get into the game. As usual, she was last, bringing up the rear. Maybe that Mark guy hadn't been that bad, he sure liked to tease and play with her. Anyway, a little pain was fun sometimes.

Tits gave a jerk as the pinching roll became too hard. Madison switched to the other nipple. Oh yes, that was much better. Tits thrust upward again in pleasure. The abandoned nipple now tingled and throbbed.

Clit was going crazy now. That fingertip, which had been slippery and nice, was now getting rough but it felt so damned good. Pussy was clenching so hard now that Clit could feel her pulling each time she tightened up. It wouldn't be long now.

Madison dipped her finger back in her pussy and then hesitated as she started to return it to her clit. Thoughts of Mark in her ass made her move the finger that way.

"Oh hell yes!" Ass almost yelled as the slippery finger teased her so deliciously. The end of a fingernail flicked back and forth over the tight ring at her opening. "Shove it in!" Ass yelled. The finger probed the tightness and ass lifted up completely off the bed as it entered ever so slightly.

Madison gasped and then moaned loudly as she shoved the finger deeper. It felt so good.

Now it was Ass's turn to be in heaven as the finger worked deeper and then moved slowly in and out. It wasn't a dick but after all this time, it was heavenly. Ass radiated all the pleasure she was feeling out into the body.

Pussy wasn't happy about Ass getting her finger because once a finger went in Ass it did not go in Pussy. Pussy was grabbing and clenching but didn't have anything to get a grip on. Then the middle finger slipped into Pussy and all hell broke loose.

Ass and Pussy both were raising and flexing the hips now. When a thumb brushed Clit, fireworks went off all over the body. This was the only time the four parts of Madison were in total agreement and happy. An orgasm has that effect.


A while later, Madison sighed and took her fingers out of her ass and pussy. That had been one hell of a dream and one hell of an orgasm, she thought as she lay there in the afterglow. As relaxation seeped in, she dozed back off to sleep.


Tits sighed sleepily as she moved up and down more rhythmically. Earlier, she had been bobbing all around with Mistress's hard fast breathing. The attention and the orgasm had both more than made up for it.

Ass once again snuggled up on the bed and sighed dreamily. That finger had been the highlight of.... Well, it had been a long time in any case. Ass didn't worry much about time and all that. She sighed even deeper and belched.

Pussy tightened up and asked, "Ewww, what's that smell?"

"Its just Ass adjusting the pressures." Clit answered sleepily.

"I hope Mistress turns over soon," Pussy whispered.

"Then you'll drool on me," Clit replied.

"I thought you liked that," Pussy said.

Clit just mumbled in her sleep.

Pussy flexed her muscles and sighed. She'd had a finger but it had not been nearly enough. Thoughts of Mark filling her so completely crossed her mind and she felt Madison quiver. After a nap, maybe she could get Mistress wound up again. Thoughts of Mark always brought plenty of fingers, deep fingers at that.

With a sigh, Pussy drifted of to sleep to dream of Mark.

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