tagRomanceNight Wolf Ch. 08

Night Wolf Ch. 08


Disclaimer: I have tried to make sure my historical information is correct and I’d like to think I haven’t offended any Native Americans peoples with the telling of this tale. I am 1/8th Cherokee and am proud of that heritage. I’m not trying to show any Native Americans in a bad light… that is not my intention.

Author’s Note: The English-Cheyenne word translations come from the Cheyenne Language Web Site, one that I’ve found extremely helpful for the telling of this tale.

Nénáasêstse: Come here
Mahpetana'ôtse: Falling Water
Néá’eše: Thank you
Taa'evâho'nehe: Night Wolf
Tósa'e nétao'sêtsêhe'ôhtséme: Where are you going?
Héehe’e: yes
Nóxa’e: Wait here
Né'éstséhnêstse: Come in!
Épéva'e: Good (It’s good)
Nómôheto: Go
Hénová'etse: What is it?
Hová'âháne: No
Néméhotatséme- I love you.
Na-éhame- my husband
Na-méhósené- my love
Móné-me'ó'-he-tonêšé'tovâtse! - I will not harm (lit. do anything) to you!
Héehe’e, nésé'e- Yes, my friend (spoken female to female)
Néséne- my friend (spoken male to male)
Hotóhké'e- Star Woman (Star)
Pêhévevóonä'o- Good Morning
Népévomóhtâhehe- Are you feeling good?
Náheševéhe- my name is
Mátâháá'e: whore

Chapter Eight

Shadows danced upon the walls of the hide lodge, the flickering fire light captured their passionate embraces. Lovingly Night Wolf stroked Ione's body, running his hands down her supple skin, caressing her flared hips before dropping lower to skim across her belly. His fingers skirted the top fringes of her woman's hair then sliding upwards to trace the rounded curves of her breasts. He plucked her nipples, listening to her sharp intake of breath. Slowly he teased her, arousing her until he felt her womanhood blossom under the sensual movements of his fingers.

He nuzzled his cheek against hers, softly whispering sweet words. He covered her body completely, taking her mouth in a passionate kiss. Ione wriggled beneath him, her small body sparking a white hot flame against him. Night Wolf moaned, encouraging her to touch him. She wrapped her arms around him, plunging her fingers into the thickness of his jet black hair.

His mouth moving lower, he burned a trail of heat down her body. She writhed as he nipped her tender nipples. How glorious it felt as he suckled each before moving lower still, seeking her hidden treasure. He molded his hand against her secret patch of heaven, separated her lips then explored, thrusting his fingers into the heated cleft he found within.

As if of their own volition, her hips bucked in time with his probing fingers as she moaned loudly. Capturing her mouth, he kissed her hotly, his tongue snaking in then out as he plundered her moist channel.

Fleetingly as he broke the kiss, he glanced down at her half-closed eyes and pouting lips. His heart soared at the sight. Her flushed appearance served to magnify her beauty. He knew Maheo’o had truly blessed him. Continuing his passionate exploration, he attacked the taut bud of pleasure, nestled within her downy curls, with intense longing. He ravaged her senses, sending wave after wave of pleasure careening through her. Ione cried out, her moans of pleasure bouncing off the lodge walls, creating a cacophony of splendor for the camp to hear. Relentlessly he took her higher, pushing her senses to the limit. He brought her to a heart-stopping climax, reeling over the crescendos of bliss. Ione screamed, raking her nails down his back while her body shook from the aftershocks of passion. A hiss slipped from Night Wolf's lips before he pulled away, rising to his knees.

His manhood swelled, throbbing as it reached full size. Ione opened her eyes then gasped. He murmured soft words in his native tongue, drawing her into a seated position as he cradled her head against the swell of his chest. His member loomed powerfully against her flushed skin. She eyed it curiously as a blush crept into her cheeks. Ione watched as he grasped her hand, guiding it to his throbbing length. It was soft as velvet yet hard as steel, hot to the touch, she demurred as he ran her hand up then down the hard length, allowing her to acquaint herself with it. He tossed his head back, moaning ferally, "Feel what you do to me," he groaned with a strained voice.

Though she couldn't understand what he said there was no mistaking the look of sheer pleasure on his face. Night Wolf drew back the hand that covered hers, letting her explore him. Though hesitant at first, her confidence grew as she listened to the moans slipping from his lips. She fondled him with exquisite care until his body jerked with absolute need of her. He groaned low in his throat, feeling his passion grow. Night Wolf pulled away; coaxing her back upon the blankets then cradled his body between her slick thighs. He touched her, plundering her core until she writhed, exploding a second time.

"Night Wolf, I need you!" Ione exclaimed, her voice raspy, sensuous.

Momentarily ignoring Ione's impassioned plea, Night Wolf sought the sweetness within the juncture of her thighs. He slipped a finger into her secret cove, bringing her to a hip jerking frenzy with his coaxing ministrations. Then he guided his shaft to her quivering sex, pushing into her wetness. Her wet walls clenched around his steely length, caressing exquisitely, as he thrust deep. He stoked the fires of her passion; his long strokes intensifying. His urgency to please her rocketed as he felt her hips move with his… synchronized.

Reaching down, he wrapped her legs around his waist, lowering his hands beneath her bottom, pulling her into his deep, tender strokes. A cry of pleasure shot from her lips. With each thrust, he took her higher, spiraling upward in a heady exodus of soul bonding rapture. Suddenly, her world exploded sending her flying across the heavens as she cried out.

Night Wolf's own cry of release mingled with hers; he collapsed atop her, shuddering as his violent climax battered her channel.

They lay silent for what seemed like an eternity. He cuddled her, shifting to her side as his embrace enveloped her. She sighed softly, snuggling in his warmth. "I love you," she whispered.

"Néméhotatséme," he replied.


The haunting sound of terrified screaming, the twang of bows being fired then the thunderous retort of racing horses fractured the early morning peace of the camp. Night Wolf scrambled from his bed, drawing on his breechcloth. He grabbed his bow, knife, and then picked up his war lance.

"Run for river and hide," he spoke softly, using her English language. "I will find you."

Stunned at first to hear him speak her tongue, she stared as he raced out the hide lodge. Ione shook it off, grabbing her doeskin dress. She pulled it on, slipping her feet into her moccasins. She opened the door flap, sneaking a peak outside. What she saw horrified her. Several hide lodges along the eastern border of the village were in flames. The air was thick with smoke. The shrieks of frightened women and children sounded throughout. Dogs and horses raced indiscriminately in every direction. Broken bodies of the dead and dying littered the fog shrouded ground.

Ione rounded Night Wolf's lodge, heading for the tipi belonging to Sun Bear and Sky Eyes. An arrow whizzed past her head while she weaved her way through the fray.

Unceremoniously Ione hit the ground as an enemy warrior on horseback raced past her. She hissed as pain shot through the palms of her hands. Scrambling to her feet, she continued on, trying not to look at the carnage around her.

She reached her destination, opened the flap then peaked inside, "Sky Eyes," Ione bellowed. The lodge was empty. Sky Eyes must've made her escape. Ione continued on, weaving through the lodges quickly on her way to the river. She caught sight of Tessa and an older woman with graying braids. That had to be Black Horse's mother, she thought. Running faster, away from the epicenter of the battle, she called out to Tessa as loudly as she could.

The noise from the battle drowned Ione's shouting. She ran faster, pumping her legs harder. The sound of her footfall on the hard packed ground roared like thunder in her ears. Suddenly, she skidded to a halt as she encountered an enemy warrior who swung at her with a bloody tomahawk. Ione screamed in terror, dodging as a Cheyenne warrior thrust his war lance between the shoulder blades of her attacker.

She felt herself being lifted from the ground, haphazardly thrown across the lap of her rescuer. She watched; feeling detached from the tragedy surrounding her, like an unwilling spectator to some horrific show. She screamed, flailing, only to feel his quirt strike her bottom. A second scream ripped from her throat while he guided his horse through the maze of lodges.

The warrior spurred his horse on, leaving the village with its burning tipis and the raging battle behind as he raced across the plains. Only when he came to a large stand of trees did he slow the horse, guiding it inside the leafy bower. The warrior dismounted the horse, tethering it to a sturdy sapling then yanked her from its back. He threw her over his shoulder, carrying her kicking and stridently screaming further into the stand of trees.

"Let me down!" Ione bellowed repeatedly as loud as she could muster. She couldn't see her abductor's face, but knew it wasn't Night Wolf. He would never treat her so callously.

She let out a startled shriek when he tossed her to the leaf covered ground. Looming ominously above her was a sneering warrior with eyes as cold as ice. Ione cowered, scooting along the ground in attempt to escape. The warrior stopped her progress as he grabbed a hank of her fiery red hair, delivering a vicious backhand slap to her cheek. Ione screamed as pain exploded through her jaw and cheekbone. Tears gathered, spilling down her cheeks. "What do you want? Who are you?" Her terrified wail split the silence.

"I want you to die, white bitch. You have no place amongst my people," he snarled as near perfect English slipped from his lips. "The Crow will pay handsomely for you."

Ione sobbed brokenly, curling herself in a ball, "Please, no."

"Look at you. You're a pathetic groveling mátâháá'e. Have you no dignity or pride in yourself? You shame your master with your cowardice!" The warrior taunted then scooped a handful of dirt, throwing it at her.

Ione threw her arms up to deflect the biggest part of the debris flying at her. Feeling around, she grabbed a piece of deadfall, a broken limb a few inches in diameter and a foot long. She swung it at the warrior towering over her, smacking it solidly against his thighs. The limb splintered, raining shards of wood all over. The warrior grunted from the surprise and a brief jolt of pain.

He lifted her by her upper arms, slamming her against a tree. She grunted as the air rushed from her lungs. Ione fought to take a breath.

"Stupid mátâháá'e, I can smell your fear. Your display of bravado doesn't impress me. Soon that won't matter. You'll be long gone. Then Night Wolf will forget you. He'll marry my cousin, Prairie Flower. She'll give him Cheyenne children we can all be proud of, not half blooded bastards," he taunted her further.

"You won't get away with this. Night Wolf will find me," Ione retorted as her anger began to override her fear. "You can deride me all you want, but you're worse than I'll ever be. You speak the English tongue. You consort with your people's bitter enemy, just to help your cousin land the husband she wants. You won't get away with this. Night Wolf will come for me. Then you will pay!"

"Night Wolf is too busy being a hero to know you are missing yet. When he realizes you're missing, it will be too late."

"He will find me," Ione repeated adamantly. Then her eyes grew wide as saucers when a second warrior entered the stand. The face paint he wore looked all too hauntingly familiar. His raven black hair fell to his waist. Black and red war paint covered his facial features, but didn't hide the coldness in his eyes. She gasped, eyeing him warily. This warrior was the one who carried Samantha away during the raid on her family's wagons.
Her abductor knelt beside her, "You recognize Black Sun. He's eager to get his hands on you."

Ione trembled, praying for Night Wolf to find her. "Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

Her abductor threw her to Black Sun then he mounted his horse. He nudged the animal's flanks, walking to the edge of the woods. He looked back at Black Sun with Ione at his feet then rode away, galloping back across the prairie.


Black Sun grabbed Ione by the hair, yanking her to her feet. He shoved her toward a horse tethered nearby, making a hand motion to mount up. When Ione defied his order, he motioned a second time more vehemently. She shook her head sternly, dropping to the ground. There she sat glaring up at him.

Black Sun rolled his eyes, yanking her to her feet by her hair. Ione squealed as pain shot through her scalp. Black Sun lifted her off her feet, boosting her into the saddle then mounted behind her. He made a furious hand motion to behave before setting his painted horse in motion.

Ione jostled about from her position of being slung over the withers of the horse. She eyed the ground speculatively, wondering how damaging the horse's hooves would be if she fell beneath them. She wiggled about, attempting to slide backwards, but Black Sun slapped her upturned bottom before wrenching her to an upright position. He flashed a stern expression at her, sneering as she cried out from the pain.

He raced his paint horse across the prairie, turning north when he reached the foothills. Skillfully he guided his horse through a labyrinth of jagged rocks, making sure his mount's hooves did not mar the surface. Then he located a well traveled game trail, mixing his horse's prints in with those of deer, elk, and other horses. As they came to a wide stream, he coaxed the horse into the water, travelling several miles upstream before exiting near of copse of trees. Black Sun dismounted, covering his tracks with deadfall from the nearby trees.

He glanced at Ione slumped over the saddle, her head resting against his horse's withers. The long ride had exhausted her. Remounting, he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her back against his bare chest, allowing her to rest comfortably. Then he continued on. His destination was in sight as he scanned the high bluff to the north. He knew he'd be there soon.


The Cheyenne warriors soon routed the raid on the village, bringing it to an end nearly as quickly as it began. Though the fighting was fierce, the Cheyenne soon had the attackers fleeing across the prairie. Several hide lodges were burnt beyond salvage, which meant the families that lost their homes would take residence with relatives until the necessary goods were gathered to build new homes. Amongst the dead was an elderly man, a mother, her young child, a boy that had been on herd duty, and Night Wolf's youngest sister, Little Sage. The girl who fancied herself a budding warrior with moderate archery skills had managed to plant an arrow into the chest of one invader, but ended up on the business end of a feathered tomahawk.

Soon the fleeing women returned to their homes to assess the damage then help others in need. Tessa along with Winter Bird sorted through their household items, deciding which ones to donate.

Night Wolf frantically searched for Ione, knowing he had not found her amongst the dead. He mourned his sister's loss, slashing his forearms to show his grief. He watched his mother coat her own face with ashes, hacking off her own braids with a knife. She keened brokenly, singing a dirge that would carry her beloved daughter's soul to the afterlife. Witnessing his mother's suffering sent a piercing ache through his heart, but it was nothing compared to the loss he felt that he couldn't find Ione.

He followed the slight indentations made by the moccasins she wore in the soft earth. He tracked her to Sun Bear's lodge then onward when they seemed to vanish. He noted a fresh set of horse prints. From the length of the stride, the horse had been galloping. The depth in the earth suggested it carried more than one rider. His heart sank with the realization she'd been carried off by one of the enemy. He had to find her. Her life depended on it.


Black Sun led his horse up a steep incline on the side of the bluff. When he crested it, he mounted again, turning west. He maneuvered the horse through the maze of boulders until he came to the entrance of a large cave. Then he dismounted, leading the horse inside. The cave interior was deep, spacious, with stalactites hanging from its high ceiling. Ione allowed her eyes to adjust to the darkness, staring in awe at the natural architecture.

When he reached the rear of the cave, he yanked Ione from the horse's back. She landed on her bottom with an 'oomph,' letting out a startled squeal. Black Sun ignored her as he brushed down the horse's lathered flesh. Then he provided it with some grain, tethering it near a shallow pool of water.

Grabbing up Ione, he led her to the opposite side of the cavern, sitting her down near a fire pit. He motioned to her, instructing her to get a fire going. Then he walked away a short distance, pushing a slab of rock aside. From within a shallow crevice, he pulled a beaded parfleche and what looked to be a dirty scrap of humanity. A high pitched cry sounded. At that moment, Ione knew it had to be female. Could it be Samantha? Hope swelled in her heart.

Black Sun shoved the girl to the fire pit, pushing her to the ground. He handed the parfleche to her, making the hand sign to fix food then he returned to the horse. He glared at them before grabbing his bow and quiver of arrows. "Stay put," he growled in stilted English.

Ione spared the warrior a glance before carefully looking over the cowering girl before her. Dirt covered her facial features, stained her greasy looking dress. Hair that had once been pale blonde was now brown from mud. It hung in limp strands around the girl's face. She waited until Black Sun was out of earshot then crept over to the girl. She was sure it was Samantha.

"Samantha," Ione whispered as she reached a hand out to touch her sister's shoulder.

The girl's head snapped up at the sound of a familiar voice. Her eyes grew wide from the surprise of seeing her sister in front of her, "Ione!" They embraced happily as tears coursed down their faces. Samantha broke out in ragged sobs, clutching Ione tightly. "I'm so happy to see you again! You don't know what it's been like since that foul man captured me! How did you get here?"

"I was rescued from the ones who attacked our wagons by a Cheyenne warrior. He took care of me. He took me back to his camp, but it was attacked by Crow. I was captured, traded to the man who took you. We have to escape. I have to find Night Wolf," Ione replied.

"Black Sun will kill us if we try to run away. I've tried to get away from him, but he always catches me. He's done horrible things to me. He violates me every night. I try to fight him off, but he's too strong," Samantha cried, wiping her eyes on her dirty sleeve.

"I ache for you, sister. Night Wolf spared me that horror," Ione replied. "He's probably worried sick because I'm missing."

Samantha's brow furrowed, "Who is Night Wolf?"

Ione smiled despite their precarious predicament. "He's the most wonderful man I've ever met. He's handsome, gallant, and brave. He's the Cheyenne warrior who saved me from the Crow. He's taken care of me. He's been gentle and loving."

"He's one of those red-skinned bastards!" Samantha wailed, shocked at her sister's confession. "No decent white woman would give herself to one of them. How can you sit there, speaking of him like that when our mother and father lay dead somewhere, killed by his kind!?!? Our brothers are dead because of his kind! Thad is dead! They carried Chloe off. What about your shameless friend, Tessa? I bet she couldn't wait to spread her legs for them. She probably thought it would save her worthless hide!"

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