tagLoving WivesNikki Receives the Perfect Gift

Nikki Receives the Perfect Gift


Nikki loves sex, always has. She married Tom seven years ago. They have enjoyed a compatible loving relationship. However, she did not marry Tom for his skills in bed; on the contrary, she married him for everything else, and in spite of his mediocre love making.

Nikki always had that look. Men know the look. It's that glimmer in the eye and body posture that says I know I've got what you want. I doubt you need the reminder, but Nikki loves sex, and she found nearly every man attractive in one way or another. She was good at connecting with them, and it rarely took long before she struck an easy friendship with any man she would meet.

In addition to the pretty face and sexy eyes, Nikki had a body built for sin. Curvy, feminine, and a set of beautiful breasts that she presented ever so subtly with her choice of clothing. Her tops typically plunged just enough to attract attention, but never so much that your eyes became uncontrollably locked on. Her brown hair fell to mid back, and she had hips that just begged for hands to grip them.

There's an event here, and I will get to it, but we need a little more foundation. Man-eater isn't really too strong a label here, but Nikki enjoyed feast without reputation. She somehow stayed under the radar, probably because all the men she fucked genuinely liked her as a person.

From the age of 16 on, Nikki saw the backseats and living room sofas of countless boys, and she was never shy about going the distance. Long weekends up at the lake cabin always yielded encounters with boys from other towns, and Nikki took full advantage of the anonymous nature of these situations. Afternoons at the beach frequently finished with Nikki fucking two or three guys. She loved taking more than one at a time, and through practice, developed some expertise at deep throat cock sucking, and loved getting pounded from behind while multitasking with her mouth.

In her first year at the University, she focused on her studies with good result, but still hooked up at closing time with all the hot guys on campus. Her favorite experience was the gangbang at the fraternity house, but that's a story all to its own. Things changed in her second year at the U. She met Tom. He was kind and handsome, got great grades, and for the first time made her look at a man as marriage material. It wasn't long before they were connected at the hip, and Nikki's extracurriculars ended. This came naturally, as if she simply changed lenses and viewed the world differently. She didn't feel a sense of sacrifice.

Following graduation, their careers took off and they enjoyed the new house, cars, and travel that success provide. Domestically, all they could manage was a low maintenance cat, but it was a happy home, and life was good. Tom and Nikki had a healthy sex life. It lacked creativity, but was generally satisfying. Nikki never saw stars the way she used to when the studs on campus slammed her, but she was okay.

A few years passed before Nikki's curiosity returned. It started when a girlfriend told her about a great sex toy she had purchased. It wasn't long before Nikki owned "The Elephant". It wasn't long after that when Tom walked in on Nikki with the elephant buried deep in her pussy. She was convulsing in orgasm and couldn't stop. He stood and watched.

It was a turning point in their relationship. When she finished, he walked up and asked her to suck his throbbing cock. She eagerly complied. As she was sucking, he started asking questions. They had never discussed each other's sexual history, as hard as that may be to believe, but when they met, it was as if nothing in the past really mattered, and only the future they would create was of any consequence. The questions were simple, but grew more and more probing as Nikki's responses not only surprised Tom, but ignited Nikki's libido in a way she hadn't felt in years.

From this things escalated. Phone calls and text messages prompted lunchtime rendezvous at home where the questions and answers would fly. Nikki found herself expressing her secret desire for wilder sexual experiences. Tom observed Nikki's transformation from loving wife to this insatiable vixen. He loved the new Nikki, but some insecurities crept in. He knew he was a lover of modest means, and he could sense that "Mr. E" wasn't going to be the end-all of supplements to their sex life, so he went online. It didn't take long for him to discover the endless resources available to the experimenting couple. Website, clubs, and groups with real, like-minded people were everywhere. Tom started to see the possibilities.

Through all of this, he and Nikki continued their torrid role playing. He would ask her about the men she saw that day while he fucked her. She would confess to wanting them, and imagining their bodies dominating hers. At baseball games and golf outings, she would whisper in Tom's ear her fantasies as they popped into her head. Nikki grew more daring and started sucking Tom off in the car on the way home from these public events.

One day, in the heat of the moment, Nikki told Tom about her fraternity gangbang. Tom was shocked, but to a degree, could see it coming. The woman he thought he married was very different from the one he really had. He had fantasized about seeing her with other men, but never entertained the thought of it really happening. Suddenly, he was obsessed with making it happen. This is when he sent the email to the moderator of a local metro gangbang club. This is where the story shifts from a couple sharing secret fantasies, to one that makes those fantasies a reality.

It happens on the day of their 7th anniversary. Tom and Nikki have reservations at their favorite restaurant. Quiet conversation and delicious food is something they are quick to agree on, so they both dress up and head downtown. Nikki imagines they will come home after dinner for some conventional love making with a side of dirty talk, or maybe even an erotic film, but Tom has bigger plans for her tonight.

While Tom and Nikki dine, his home is serving host to about seven men from Metro GB Crew, and they are getting warmed up. They've arrived and let themselves in as per Tom's instruction. He's welcomed them to anything behind the bar or in the fridge, and a few of the guys brought their girlfriends over to join in the fun. Back at the restaurant, Tom adds the gratuity and closes the book on dinner.

As they drive for home, Tom starts laying the foundation for the rest of the night. It starts with a hand on her knee as they start the car. He coaxes her closer and she responds by placing her hand on his thigh. He turns smiles and slides his hand up her soft smooth thigh. She moves her hand up over the contour of his cock now swelling inside his slacks. As she unzips his pants, he whispers in her ear, "I bet you've done this in the back seat of a few cars in your day."

Nikki answers between slurps, "You have no idea."

"Tell me." Tom pleads.

"You want to hear about the two guys I sucked and fucked in the backseat of their car at the drive-in theatre?" she teases.

"Yes" Tom groans.

"Or would you rather hear about the time the store clerk fucked me in the changing room?"

"You slut, you never told me those stories." Tom gasps while Nikki takes his cock down her throat.

"I have lots of stories I could tell," Nikki confesses "but I'm ready to relive them now."

"That will be happening sooner than you think." Tom announces at this perfect moment.

"I've invited some friends over to celebrate our anniversary, and I couldn't think of a better gift to give my beautiful wife"

Nikki is stunned when they pull up to the house. The cars parked on the street are clearly strong evidence that Tom was not kidding. They enter the house through the garage and pass through the kitchen. Tom stands close behind Nikki as they push open the swinging door that connects the kitchen to the living room. A quick scan of the living room reveals a party already underway.

The sofa against the far wall plays host to three naked men, a woman facing away from them is on her knees bobbing up and down on the cock of the man in the middle. Her left and right hands stroke the cocks of the men on either side. Two of the men stand near the bar pouring a little scotch over ice. "Happy Anniversary!" they say in unison. The other two men stand next to the fireplace where a naked blonde woman alternates sucking their cocks to attention.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my wife Nikki. Let's show her a good time." And with this announcement, Tom takes a seat at the bar and watches as the two men with freshly poured drinks approach Nikki. The rest of the story plays out as if it were in dream sequence:

Nikki is surrounded by hard cocks and they are taking turns putting their cocks inside her. She turns and tells the guy fucking her that she wants to suck him off. She takes his cock in her mouth, sucks it and strokes it till his cum fills her mouth. Just as he cums, Nikki feels another cock enter her from behind. She doesn't even know who it is, and she doesn't care.

"You like watching your slut get gangfucked, don't you?" she growls at Tom. She has a cock in each hand and another inside her from behind. Her mouth bobs back and forth between cocks.

"Is this what you like to see your slut doing?"Nikki teases while Tom's cock grows rock hard. He stands a few feet away stroking it with his hand. "Watch this" Nikki says as she positions one of the men onto his back.

She looks Tom in the eye and groans as she lowers her pussy onto the cock. She begins riding up and down, then grinding her clit at the bottom of the stroke.

"Oh Gawd, that cock feels good" Nikki says to Tom. "Bring me another cock" she orders to no one in particular. She leans forward while another cock mounts her from behind. She feels the pressure of the rubbery head on her asshole, it stretches, it hurts, then slides in slowly. She feels the two cocks filling her up; she slowly begins to rock back and forth on them, building up a rhythm. She feels four hands on her hips and cocks plunging deeper and deeper inside her.

A third cock presents itself at her mouth, but she doesn't see it right away as her eyes are forced shut by the thunderous orgasm rolling through her body. It touches her lips and she opens her mouth without opening her eyes. Her pussy is gushing wet from the orgasm plus the load of cum that was just deposited inside her. Another cock takes its place Nikki's tongue swirls around the cock in her mouth, fingers pinch and tug a nipple while the hand of a fourth man cups the other breast. She feels six strong hands on her now.

Tom steps forward Nikki takes his cock into her mouth just as his load explodes from it. She strokes it to extract every last drop into her mouth before swallowing it down. The man fucking her from behind decides he needs more attention, so he grabs her hair and pulls her head back, she feels him pounding her harder and harder, deeper and deeper into her ass.

"That's right" she says to him "Give me all you've got, I want it harder!"

Unable to hold off another second, his cum blasts inside her ass. Her gorgeous tits jut out from between her elbows as another cock enters her cum oozing ass. Cum splatters on her tits from the cock she is sucking. It drips off her glistening hard nipples onto the floor. After four more men take turns on her pussy and ass, she rolls over onto her back exhausted. Two men then approach Nikki from either side and stroke their cocks until their cum spurts down onto her tits. Nikki squeezes them together. She cups her breasts up to her mouth and licks her nipples, then scoops the cum up to her mouth and enjoys its salty taste.

Nikki glances over towards the bar where Tom is now playing host to the two women in attendance. They are both on their knees in front of him. He tilts his head back and closes his eyes in ecstasy while the ladies take turns sucking his cock.

"Happy Anniversary Honey" he responds when he realizes Nikki is watching.

"Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband who always has the perfect gift to give his wife on special occasions."

"Not sure how I am going to top it next year."

"Do we have to wait till next year? You know Flag day is coming up next week. Might be cause for another party, don't you think?"

"Whatever it takes to keep my beautiful bride happy."

The End

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