Nikki Submits


Stephen noticed her the minute she walked into the coffee shop. Her Reubenesque, shapely, curvy frame outlined by the soft pink sweater she wore that hugged her delicious 40D breasts close to her body. Her matching above the knee skirt conformed her round and shapely butt, which jiggled as she made her ways towards the counter to order her coffee. He knew then, he had to have this black, beautiful, caramel skinned woman as his own.

He noticed the way she had her hair: jet black, curly, and shoulder length. He wanted to run his fingers through her hair and pull at it, bringing her mouth to his. "I better play my cool, " he said to himself as he got up from his table, and stood close behind the voluptuous black woman.

Nicola Cassidy knew that everywhere she went, she drew attention. She was always commented on her exotic looks. Her father's mother was of English and American Indian heritage, and her father's father was pure African American heritage. Nicola took straight after her father's mother in features but in a brown version. The straight nose, small but pouty, high cheekbones, very white features for a black person. Her body. That was a different story. True African American heritage all the way! At 5'7," 170 pounds, 40D breasts, round black butt, 36 inch waist, very shapely, curvy. She was always labeled either being voluptuous or Reubenesque. Nicola always drew attention from the males who checked her out everywhere she went. She knew that there were a lot of men who were into "big beautiful women" but, she just didn't know how much so!

Nicola was proud of the fact that she was single, independent, direct and straight to the point. She had no time for games with men. The ones that she knew "rapped" to her order for them to get into bed with her, which never worked to their advantage.

Sensing that there was someone behind her in line, Nicola's almond-shaped, brown eyes glanced behind to lock with a pair of blue eyes. "Hi" the tall, 6'3," 215-pound Caucasian male said to the striking black female. She noticed immediately, his eyes, and his friendly smile. Smiling back at him, Nicola answered back with a hesitant smile of her own. She turned her head back around when it came for turn to order at the counter.

"Okay, he's cute for a white man. But, Nicola you should know better!" she scolded herself. She had never dated outside her race and nor, was she looking to start. She always felt that there were strong black men out there for women of color. She couldn't help but notice his cute smile, full lips; small but straight white teeth that gleamed when he smiled at her. Shaking her head in frustration, Nicola cleared away her thoughts as she waited for her coffee coolata to be made.

Stephen could feel his heart beat faster as soon as she had spoken to him. "Yes, she is going to be mine!" he told himself as he watched her take her order and head towards the exit door of the coffee shop. He noticed her sexy, black, curvy ass swing back and forth and just imagined his long, thick, white penis entering her tight hole.

Immediately, left his place in line and quickly ran after her to follow her out the door. He watched as she carried her coffee to her Honda accord, which was parked next to his. He watches as she placed the cup on the top of her roof and started to search through her black bag.

"Do you need help?" Nicola was startled and she dropped her black handbag to the ground beside her feet. She quickly looked up to the guy who said hi to her inside the coffee shop. Taking a step back, she could feel her back up against the car door. " am fine but thanks"; she muffled as she dismissed the stranger before her. She bent down to pick up the bag and when she got back up to look behind her, he was still there staring at her.

"Are you sure?" Stephen could feel her nearness and smell of her perfume. His heart started beating faster and he was surprised that she couldn't hear it. He could feel his palms getting sweaty, and on top of that, his dick getting hard in his pants. "Damn it! She probably knows that my dick is raging hard over here," he told himself as he watched her leaf through her purse for her car keys.

"Okay, I have to get her into bed but how!" he asked himself as she continued to ignore him. He was getting frustrated with himself that he didn't have game plan. Finally after coming to a conclusion, he quickly covered her mouth his hand and held her near him.

"What in the hell is this guy doing?" Nicola all of a sudden felt a large, strong hand cover her mouth. She could feel his bulge in pants pressed up against her butt. Struggling, she tried to step on his feet, but he kept on dodging his feet out of the way. "Be still, I am not going to hurt you, my pretty black friend," was whispered softly in her ear. " What I want you to do is to continue to search for you car keys and get them out, and give them to me. Pronto," she also heard.

Nicola stopped struggling with her attacker. She figured that she get the keys out and drop them, and make an attempt to run away from him in the already deserted parking lot where the coffee place stood. Pulling her purse closer to her, she opened her bag and took out the key.

Stephen, noticing this, took his free hand and grabbed the purse from her. Throwing the black bag to the ground at his feet, he then snatched the keys away from the woman's hand. "Very good, darling. You and I have a date of destiny together," was all that Nicola heard for she felt a hard blow on her head before blacking out.

* Chapter 2: Stephen teaches Nicola who is boss *

She opened her brown eyes to unfamiliar surroundings. The first thing that she noticed was the room was light by candles for there wasn't a bright light in the room. Nicola was lying on a queen-sized bed with her arms strapped above her head and her legs strapped below her to the footboard. She was in a big room, which boasted of pretty floral colors on the walls. She noticed a long dresser table with a pile of white-lit candles that made the room have a soft glow. In the background, she can hear soft classical music playing but she knew it wasn't coming from the same room.

"Hello! Is someone here? Please, I am trapped here!" She started screaming at the top of her lungs. "Someone please find me!" she cried openly, as she searched the room with her eyes noticing that not a soul was with her in the room. Glancing at her body, Nicola noticed that her clothes were off and she lay there completely nude. She suddenly noticed that she had red marks on her arms, waist, and breasts and though someone didn't take the time to casually undo her clothes. She immediately knew that her clothes were ripped right from her.

"Hi, Nikki," came a deep voice from the doorway. Turning her head to the right of her, Nicola noticed the guy at the coffee shop. The one who held his hand over her mouth. "Look, you faggot! When I get out of here, I am going to report you to the cops. There are people out there who know that I am missing!" she stammered at the guy in the doorway. "I will make sure that you suffer for this!" Nicola struggled violently but, to no avail for the man had the ropes that binded her, tight.

Stephen made his way towards the beautiful; black female who lay tied up on his bed. He noticed how caramel her beautiful skin was. He was already enamored on how her beautiful tits with the dark nipples laid before him. He knew that at some moment that night, he would have those tits in his mouth causing her much pleasure than pain. For now, all he wanted to do was to stare at the beauty before him. He could feel his pulse race as he neared the bed.

"Hush my darling, by the time this night is over, you will be mine. You will know that you were meant for me and me only. No other man will ever have you, again. But, you will need to calm down first." He calmly told her as he towered over the lifeform in his bed. "You and I have belonged together from the start. I will make love to you all night long and by the morning, you will want me to be yours as well".

"You are one deranged lunatic! I want out now. Stop this game and let me go!" was not the answer that Stephen expected out of his "Nikki". Bending over, Stephen slapped Nicola hard on the face. He watched as her eyes began to tear up and her beautiful face developed a scared look. "See what you made me do?" Stephen whispered to her as his face neared hers. "I can do what I want to you, but you don't want me to get mad at you, Nikki". He whispered more to her. His eyes lowered to her small, but pouty lips and he knew that he wanted to kiss her more than ever.

"Please just don't hurt me." Nicola begged and pleaded as his lips sought hers. Kissing her lips, Stephen could feel the woman's hesitation as his lips calmly covered hers. He forced her mouth open with his tongue, lashing out at her for not responding back to him, the way he wanted. "She tastes like honey," he said to himself as he kneaded his lips upon her own. He could feel her breath and he could smell the faint scent of her perfume upon him. Drowning him under.

Nicola felt his lips upon hers and she wanted to cry out in fear! "What in the hell is going on here! How can this lunatic do this to me!" she cried in her thoughts. She closed her eyes and just wished that he would kiss her and is the end of it. She could feel his hands touching her face, then slowly driving a path down her neck. While the kiss was continuing on, she suddenly felt his hands stopping an inch above her bared breasts. All of a sudden, her eyes opened with shock. Breaking the kiss, she started crying in fear.

"Oh baby, I will not hurt you, that I do promise." Stephen again whispered to her. Sitting beside the laying form on his bed, he took sudden noticed how hard her dark nipples were. "Oh my. You are hard for me, darling. You body is betraying your own self," His right hand gently covered her ripe nipple. He could feel how sensitive it was to his touch. Bending over, he took the nipple in his mouth and began to caress it with his tongue, which caused Nicola to moan in frustration. "Frustration in what?" he asked himself while making circular motions with his tongue on her already hard nipple. "Is she frustrated at being pleasured or with me holding her against her will?" Stephen asked himself, as he took his other hand and played with the other bosom.

Nicola couldn't understand why her body was betraying her! Here she was, laying on some man's bed that she didn't know, all tied up! All she wanted to do was to go home and wash every single pore that this man had touched. As soon as he started touching her nipple, she could feel it harden. The sensations were too much for her that she felt that she was drifting in and out with pleasure.

Stephen took his mouth from her nipple and laid his glaze upon Nicola's face. He noticed that her look had changed. He noticed that her eyes became softer with pleasure from his mouth being upon her caramel, ripened breast. "God! How I want this woman forever and ever!" he kept on saying to himself over and over in his mind. What he wanted most of all that present moment, was to please this beautiful ebony queen like no other man has ever done before.

Taking his hands away from her breasts, Stephen began to glare into her deep brown eyes. " Darling Nikki, I want you like no other since I seen you come into the coffee shop. I really feel like I love you. Totally. Please be patient with me tonight, my angel. I have not loved another in a long time like I am going to love you, tonight." He told her gently and with conviction. Yes, he did sense that she was scared about being with him. For, he was a stranger after all! But, in good time, she will grow to love him as he loves her now, he felt within his heart.

Glancing at her maiden form, Stephen took his hand and glided it in between her neatly shaved pussy. He felt the glistening that was beginning to take place there. "Oh my, yes! This is what I want from you" he moaned as his finger gently probed her inner being. He could feel her tighten her pussy as he entered her tight hole. "Damn, I need to get into her and plant my seed," was all he could muster out of himself and he began to stroke his forefinger into her hole.

Nicola felt his finger probe into her tight, brown pussy. She felt the sensation, which caused her clit to become hard up against his finger. "Omigosh, I can't believe my body is reacting to him!" she screamed in her mind. She was frustrated beyond control that this lunatic could make her body react like this. All she wanted to was to be untied and be able to go safely home.

Stephen couldn't take it anymore. He had to have himself in her tight pussy! He stopped probing her hole and he got up away from the bed and he began to strip off his clothes. He knew that he dick was hard and was ready to enclose itself inside her.

"Please-! What are you doing?" Nicola began to struggle again against her bonds. Her eyes began to tear up. She knew immediately, that she was going to be invaded by this crazy man! She didn't think that she would be able to live through it. She saw as he was taking off his clothes with his blue eyes never taken off her brown ones. She took in how he was tall, pale, but with a handsome face. His straight brown hair was short in the front but a bit longer in the back just below his ears. Suddenly, Nicola began to feel herself moisten below.

After shedding his clothes, he started walking over towards the naked woman on his bed. Climbing in between her legs, Stephen slowly lowered himself upon Nicola's naked form. "Yes, feel me inside you" he murmured as he entered her.

"Oh my. feels good!" Stephen exclaimed with ecstasy as soon as he entered Nicola's pussy. He noticed a look of immediate pleasure on her beautiful face. Her eyes were partly closed and he knew that she was feeling that exquisite feeling as much as he was. He lowered his head to taste her cherry lips, which were parted.

"YES! YES! YES!" Nicola couldn't help but feel the pleasure that was coming from him going in and out of her. She could feel his balls slap up against her. It has been so long since she had sex that she had almost forgot what it felt like! Her breath came out ragged with each jolt that he gave her of his cock. All of a sudden, she felt her insides tighten and she knew that any minute, this man was going to make her cum. She knew at that moment, that she could not deny pleasure anymore.

Stephen all of a sudden could feel his balls tighten. He knew that any moment; he was going to shoot his load in her. He began kissing her face passionately. He also knew that once he cum in her, she might get pregnant. This didn't worry him for that was the goal. He wanted her to have his baby. "She would make a wonderful mother for our child" he thought, as his pumping into her pussy was hard and faster by the moment.

Closing her eyes, Nicola could feel her orgasm start up. At first, she felt like she wanted to black out, the pleasure was intense. But she knew that she wouldn't. She began to kiss Stephen back passionately, confirming that it indeed felt good to her. All of a sudden, she felt that orgasm and it nearly weakened her state of mind. Her mouth opened and she began t o scream with pleasure. Her body began to quiver with pleasure.

Stephen felt himself deposit his sperm into her brown belly. His once hard balls were now soft. He could feel the sweat drip down from his forehead onto her face. For just a minute, he could not move but lay there stiff. He looked deep into her brown eyes and lowered his mouth onto hers. He knew then, that his "Nikki" submitted to him and would be his forever.

Nicola looked up into his blue eyes. Her eyes moved all around his handsome face, and she suddenly realized that he had her where he wanted her. Feeling tired, her eyes closed and she blacked out after.

* The next morning *

Her head felt groggy and she went to turn over. Opening her eyes, she noticed that she was lying in her own bed! She could move her arms and legs. Bolting up, Nicola shook her head in awe. "How did I get home?" Was this a dream?" "Where was that man at" jumping out of bed, she ran to her bathroom and looked in the mirror. Her face still had a certain look to it. A look that she had been fucked recently. Nearly collapsing against the sink, she had to steady herself as she turned the sink facet on and began to wet her face with cold water to air out the confusion that she felt. "Maybe it was a dream after all" she muttered to herself as she turned the faucet off and went to turn on her shower.

Stepping into the shower, she began to wash traces of him off her, just in case it wasn't a dream, she reasoned with herself. Soaping her body, she suddenly felt the back of her skin prickly. She knew then, that he was still with her. But inside her body.

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