tagNovels and NovellasNina Part Four

Nina Part Four


All the while, I was hotly aware of her cunt, which was naked and open just inches before my face. It was a pretty thing, soft, with delicate lips. The dark entrance glistened slightly. But what held my eye fast was her clitoris. I had never seen such a large one! It really was like a perfect model of a penis, with a large, dark-skinned glans, and smooth stalk which stood out from within the folds of her labia. I was so fascinated by it that when I next picked up the bottle, I spilled an even greater measure into my hands. Deepthroat felt the oil run down her thighs as I applied it to the soft, cool skin at the top of her legs, close to her groin.

"My god, girl," she whispered hoarsely. "Be careful! That stuff costs more for the ounce than you'll earn in a lifetime." Her hands settled on the back of my head, gripping my hair. "And besides, I'm wet enough there already. Take a look..."

And with that she pushed my face to her pussy.

Now, I've admitted I was more or less ready for something to happen. But a girl likes to be asked. There was nothing subtle about Deepthroat's invitation, any more than there had been about the various assaults to which I had been subjected since my arrival, from Grope's tit-fucks, through the undignified wank session with the priest, to the unbidden loss of my virginity on the Library floor. Now, without a by-your-leave, I was supposed to suck the Princess' exquisite cunt.

I actually resisted for a moment, but only a moment. I had to remember I was a servant now, and my duty was to obey. So, with Deepthroat's hand gripping my head tightly, and thrusting my mouth onto her mound, I began exploring what she had to offer. There was an exotic perfume to her quim which was perfectly matched by the scent from the oil I had administered. The overall effect of the concoction was to make it difficult for me to breathe without becoming dizzy with lust.

My lips and tongue homed it at once on that fascinating stalk at the front of her cunt. I licked her fantastic woman-cock, and slid my tongue down around her labia. She was pushing forward hard, grinding her pelvis into my face as I finally stuck my tongue into her hot hole.

"Yessssss!!!" she moaned. I pushed forward even more ardently, my tongue straining at the root as I sought out the depths of her cunt. She cried again, louder and more shrill, and fell back onto the bed, whooping with delight. I kept on lapping at her cunt for a few moments longer, but then I felt her grip on my hair lessen, and withdrew my tongue from her sodden hole. I placed a few kisses on her thighs. She shivered, and gave another small, contented cry.

"That was lovely!" she gasped, fighting to get her breath back. "Take your clothes off! Come to bed" There didn't seem much I could say to deny her, not that I had any right or desire to. This woman could be a very important ally, or a most dangerous enemy, and I didn't want to do anything that tilted the balance the wrong way. However, such calculations were only a minor motivation. What I really wanted was a fucking good cum, and I hoped the imbalance of our social relationships would not prevent the Princess from giving me one.

So, flicking it from my shoulders, I stepped out of the tunic, my tits bouncing as I freed my feet. Kicking my slippers to one side, I slid onto the divan beside Deepthroat, who had moved back, partially under the sheet. She opened her arms, and I crawled up alongside her. Her mouth was open for a kiss, and I did not hesitate again. Our tongues slithered across each other as we joined our mouths. We both uttered the same satisfied grunt, and our arms folded around each other's bodies.

Our breasts were squashed closely together, her warm peach flesh crushed against my own slightly paler body. It was very arousing. She ran her fingers though the short tufts of my hair, and I touched her thighs. The kiss was unbroken for several moments, and we were both whimpering with growing desire. I could feel her hair everywhere about me, slightly damp, silky smooth. Finally, we parted. Deepthroat wriggled around, turning her back to me. She pushed her pert bottom into my lap, and swayed her hips to rub my belly and cunt with her buttocks. She turned her head back so that we could continue to kiss, and her free hand Ð the other was trapped under her body Ð ran along my forearm, guiding my hand down to fondle her hips and thighs.

I began stroking her silky smooth buttocks, and this gave her great pleasure. She broke off our kiss again, so that she could bend her waist, and push her bottom into my grasp, wriggling it faster. I adjusted my own position, so that I lay more on my side. This gave me a better view of her body, and more access to its intimate spaces. My right arm was trapped under her torso along with hers, and she lifted herself up quickly, so that she could free both. She pulled my right hand up to her breasts, which I squeezed gently. But her most urgent need was at the other end of her body, and her left hand was guiding mine between her buttocks.

She bent her left leg up, which greatly exposed her gleaming wet cunt. My hands were being guided in their labours, but I knew Ð or so I thought Ð what I was expected to do. My only concern was that I prayed she would do something to ease my frustrations afterwards!

I began stroking her sex with my fingers, and she cooed like a baby. She shifted a couple of times to accommodate more of my fingers' length, and gripped my other hand tightly to her breast. It was beautiful to stroke this lovely woman. Her flesh was cool and silky smooth on the outside, but her sex was hot. She squeezed my fingers with her muscles.

"Use some more of the oil," she whispered. I did what I was told, soaking my hand in the basalm, and plunging it back into her hot cave. She groaned louder than ever, and thrust herself harder onto my fingers. Her hand gripped me again, and she seemed to be guiding my thumb against the hard muscle of her other entrance. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but I let myself be guided. She thrust herself back again, and impaled her anus on my thumb.

"Aaaah!" she gasped, then she choked out "That's it!" Penetrated above and below, she became quite fiercely ardent, bucking her hips. I ran my lips along her backbone, and she screamed encouragement. Soon, my head lay close to the base of her spine, and I could see where she was penetrated deeply in both places. It was quite beautiful. Her cunt-flesh was flushed deep pink, and was soaked with oil and musk. Her bum-hole gulped at my thumb, dilating widely as it did so, but gripping the intruder tightly.

"Yes..." she hissed. She stroked my hair, pulling my head down. I knew what that meant! Or rather, I thought I did, until she slid my thumb from her arse, while still guiding me down. My Gods! She wanted me to suck her there!

The shock of this realisation almost made me stop. However, I knew I had little choice. Deepthroat was far too turned on to listen to my banal objections. In the end, I was a servant, and she was a lady Ð though how much of a lady she looked with my hand buried deep in her cunt and my mouth being guided to her arse, I leave you to judge.

I placed some small kisses on her bottom, and she began heaving harder, moaning, and gripping my right hand so tightly I thought I must hurt her delicate breast. Perhaps, I thought, she was close enough to orgasm that the merest touch would send her off. And so I placed a delicate kiss on the dark ring of her anus. Deepthroat orgasmed at once, squirming backwards. I knew she was seeking my tongue as the final push over the brink, so I licked her hole, just briefly. She howled, a deep ringing shout of pleasure, and then her cum broke through, and she thrashed on the bed for a few more moments, until she fell quite still.

We lay close together on the rumpled, soaking sheets. I could feel her heart hammering through my trapped palm. My own heart was beating fast too Ð I could not believe what I had done! I had been gripping my thighs together tightly, trying to find some relief. Just how did a maid go about getting her mistress to give her a thorough wanking?

Deepthroat turned around at last, and kissed my cheeks. I lay tangled in her hair. She smelled divine. I was ready to beg...

"That was wonderful," she confided, softly. "I've never been taken so... so softly!" She smiled, and stroked my face, then ran her hand down to my neck. "When the men round here know you like the little one to be loved as much as your cunt, they lose all control. All they can do is poke you like they were stabbing at meat on a plate. All except Bator, of course. I wouldn't dare take him that way."

I tried to smile back, but I was hot with embarrassment and need.

"You don't need to be coy with me, Nina," she sighed. "I'm just like you Ð I love it any way I can get it. I especially like it up my arse Ð provided I've been given a more conventional fucking first, of course!"

She frotted my nipples while she spoke, and played with them until they were quite rigid. I was faint with need, but I was also very curious and amazed at what she had just said.

"You mean... my lady... you would let a man do that to you? With his thing??"

Leela laughed, and I was a little hurt by her mockery.

"Of course!! Of course! You mean you've never?" I shook my head. "My heavens! From everything I've seen and heard about you... from the way you took me... I thought you were... well, I never thought you were a little innocent."

If, I thought, I had been innocent before I came here, I was certainly wasn't now.

"Every woman should know that pleasure, as well as the other kind," insisted Leela. "And men adore it! Of course, you have to have the right man. Not too thick, you understand. A nice length, but not too much girth." She giggled again, falling onto her back. For a moment I thought she had forgotten me, and I felt that deep sense of frustration grow even tighter in my cunt. Then she came back up from the pillows, and kissed my eyes and mouth.

"Let me tell you about the first time. It was a couple of years ago. My lover then was the Duke of Shagg'it, a wealthy foreigner from beyond the Gates of Vulva, who was spending time at my father's court as an ambassador. The Duke was a very robust man Ð hairy all over! Ð and an energetic lover. Late that summer, his nephew came to live with us, his own parents having been killed in an accident. The Duke returned to his own lands to sort out his brother's estates, and to arrange a marriage at home for his nephew.

"As I have said, the Duke was a very passionate man, and very ardent for me. I hadn't been a virgin when we were introduced, and he had quickly seduced me, teaching me to accommodate all his needs. I knew I would miss him terribly! I was used to being fucked three or four times a night, and my appetites were hard to control. The Duke made it quite clear that he would not be happy to find that I had taken other lovers while he was gone, and set his nephew on me as a spy.

"I was only seventeen, and very naive. My lover's nephew, Rodgeri, was a year or two my senior, and had behaved very respectfully towards me for as long as the Duke was at here at the Palace. But, once he had gone, Rodgeri became most insolent and forward. I was minded to ignore him, for I could not prevail on my father to send him away, but Rodgeri made it quite clear that he would make up fanciful stories of my infidelities if I did not allow him to remain as my close companion.

"He insisted that we spend the nights together Ð most innocently at first. Then, one night, he professed his passion for me, and brought his cock out of his britches. I was shocked at first, but my lord the Duke had been gone several weeks, and I was unbearably horny! Apart from anything else, it was a very lovely cock, all hard and veiny. It was wonderful just to hold a man's penis again after such a long intermission! That night I masturbated him, then sucked him with my mouth. Soon, though, we were actually fucking every night, and I was very happy. Though he did not have my husband's size, nor his skills in bed, he was even more virile, and could cum eight or nine times in a night, each as liquidly as the last!

"The autumn passed deliciously, and my new lover became ever more bold. Then, one morning, I woke from a dreamy sleep, feeling Rodgeri's hands on my tits and cunt, and his cock hard against my buttocks. We had fucked several times that night, but he was always ready for another bout in the first hour of the day, and so, as I awoke, I tried to turn around so that he could have access to my cunt. But that was not his desire! ÔLay still!' he commanded. I supposed he wanted to have me from behind, which suited me, so I pushed back with my bottom, bending one of my legs forward so that I would be open to him. I waited to feel him pressing into my cunt, which was still dribbling with his last cum. He cuddled up close to me, and grasping his cock in one hand, took careful aim.

"You can imagine how I jumped when I realised he was pushing urgently at my behind! I knew at once what his game was. ÔNot there!' I gasped! ÔYou're in the wrong place!' He smiled and pushed harder. I felt the muscle yield, and the young rascal was up me. I gasped and wriggled on his spear, but I could not dislodge him. ÔWhat are you doing?!' I cried. ÔWhy, I'm buggering you,' he replied, and with that he thrust himself in deep, and set about fucking me with his usual vigour.

"How he pleasured himself in my behind! I could do nothing to protect myself as he shoved his poker up me, deeper and deeper. It hurt a little, and I felt more full of him than I had ever known, but my arse was as wet as my cunt after all the fucking we had done that night. I had never objected to having my anus fingered by my lovers, and I was perfectly lubricated for the task. Rodgeri was in heaven! He rolled me onto my belly, and thrust harder. I was screaming loud enough to wake the dead Ð never mind the servants Ð but still he did not desist. ÔI'm going to cum!' he cried. ÔYes!' I replied, my voice trembling. ÔCum now! Cum deep in my bum!' He pumped even harder, showing no mercy in his desire to fuck me. Only when he had filled my arse with seed did he relent, and by then there were servants hammering on the door fearing for my life. But I lived, though I was sore for days after. Truth is, I had never had an orgasm like it."

Throughout this tale, which I had not interrupted, Deepthroat had been gently frotting my nipples, which were standing out like small buttons. She bent her head to lick one, and I shuddered with pleasure. I was aching with need.

"What... of Rodgeri?" I inquired, breathily.

"He scampered out of the bed and hid in the linen closet. I told the servants I had seen a mouse!" She laughed fulsomely. "They looked high and low for it Ð behind the chests and under the bed! I didn't tell them that the pest had been much closer to me than that! Sadly, some time after that he was called back to his homeland. I never saw him or the Duke again."

Deepthroat was very amused at the story, but I could sense that her mood was also warming to the idea of another bout of love-making. Since she had cum twice in but a few minutes, I hoped devoutly that she would pay attention to my own urgent wants. Our lips met, and she squeezed my breast tenderly.

"We shall have to get you to be fucked that way soon. I'll arrange everything! I can't wait to watch your face when you have your first bum-fuck. I bet if I put out the word that the new servant was still a virgin there, we'd have a queue all the way round the Palace! We could have the men forced to perform favours to win the right to be the first in your behind." It was starting to sound like the auction my mum had arranged, and I felt a momentary pang of homesickness. However, I didn't have long to forget where I was.

Deepthroat, you will have already judged, is a very direct woman when it comes to sex. As she finished speaking, her hand thrust straight to my cunt, and I moaned as her fingers went straight up me. She broke off the kiss, and looked into my eyes with a slow smile playing across her full lips.

"You're very wet", she said accusingly. She ducked her head at once, whilst pushing me back onto the divan. Her long, sinuous tongue touched my private parts, probing deeply. She pressed her mouth against my cunt, and her hot breath almost melted me. "Do you want to cum, Nina? Are you hungry for me? For what I can give you?"

"Please..." I whimpered. I was burning with desire. Deepthroat lifted her head and chuckled mischievously. "Wait here. There's someone I want you to meet." She sat up, and tiptoed away from the bed. I was almost desperate enough to cry out for her to come back, but I remembered the nature of our relationship just in time. The Princess crossed to one of the walls, and took a plaster phallus in her hand. Twisting it dexterously Ð I can feel several of the men reading these words almost fainting Ð she opened up a small panel in the wall. Through stepped a tall, lithe figure, dressed in a hooded cape. I could see from the feet that it was a woman, but the cloak hid all else. Deepthroat closed the panel, and skipped back to the bed. I looked at her, silently questioning.

"A surprise, Nina! A third partner for our love games." She took hold of me from behind, cupping my tits, and rubbing her teeth across my shoulder. I lay back in her arms, frozen. The caped woman reached up, and drew back the hood. "Hello, Nina," she said, with a deep, patronising voice.

She let the cape fall to the ground, exposing her long, hard body. She stepped towards the bed with languid strides, her eyes boring into me. Deepthroat held me fast. "I believe you have already met Titania," the Princess whispered. "And believe me, she has been greatly looking forward to seeing you again..."


I was both terrified and exhilarated at the same time. I had very confused emotions about Princess Deepthroat, knowing that one word from her would have me banished from the Palace (which was the worst punishment I could think of at the time). With what I suspected Ð or hoped! Ð about Bator, that danger was going to have to be faced at some point. The prospects were alarming. On the other hand, she was gorgeous, and sexy, and I had just felt her fingers and tongue deep in my sex. I find it very hard to mistrust or hate anyone who can turn me on so easily. Which you can shorten to mean I find it very hard to mistrust anyone.

With Titania present, my confusion was even greater. Everything I felt about Deepthroat, I had already experienced with regard to the Captain of the Rough Riders. It was now very clear to me what that emotion had been that I had felt when I first saw her outside the Palace. I wanted her to fuck me. When she bathed me in the Riders' barracks, I had been ready to surrender everything just to have her satisfy the ache I felt inside. However, Titania had shown little regard for me, other than a graphic lust, and I was sure she was quite ready to see me pay for the deep humiliation she had suffered after our kiss.

So, there I was, with two women who both wanted to fuck me, with two women who both might do me harm. I was powerless. It made me even randier.

My self-control wasn't helped by the fact that we were all three utterly naked, and that Deepthroat and Titania were two of the most sexually appealing women ever created, however different. Deepthroat was small, lithe and delicate, though she possessed a hidden strength that went beyond muscles and tendons. Her tiny waist exaggerated her small size, but her tits and arse were wonderfully curved, and looked superb on her tiny frame. Her black hair was like a long head-dress, sweeping around her shoulders like a cloak woven from the night sky.

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