tagIncest/TabooNo Blood No Foul Ch. 3

No Blood No Foul Ch. 3


Life just doesn’t get much better than this. I had everything I needed to keep Amanda Crawford in her place, namely a whole bunch of pictures of her eating pussy. She was now in the shower trying to wash of the shame and embarrassment like I was the day before. I had gotten a huge, almost painful bone watching her and my stepsister go at it and now there was a naked blonde hotty stroking my cock and begging me to fuck her.

Janine was pulling me tighter, chewing on my ear, all the while whispering to me “c’mon big brother, fill me up.” My knees buckled as the head of my cock stroked between her sopping labia, rubbing the head over her engorged clit. All of a sudden she stopped. She pulled back away and looked at me in astonishment. I barely had time to lament my turn of luck when she said “actually, I have a much better idea.” She grabbed me by the hand and led my out of the room.

When we opened the bathroom door we saw Amanda in the shower. Her back was to us and her ass was planted against the frosted glass shower door. Her hand was between her legs and she was masturbating frantically. Obviously her escapade with my stepsister left her more wanting than Janine. Janine turned to me and put her finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet and then pantomimed for me to strip. I was too horny to not follow along.

Janine walked to the shower and threw the door open. Before Amanda could turn around Janine had her by the wrists and flung her hands up around behind her neck. Amanda whimpered with the denial of pleasure but began to moan when Janine’s lips found her neck. Janine spun them both around and leaned back against the shower wall. She wedged her feet in between Amanda’s and forced her legs as far open as they would go as she slid them to the lip of the shower. Amanda’s eyes never opened until Janine leaned into her ear, looked at me and said, “Fuck me.”

Amanda opened her eyes and saw me naked sauntering toward them with a raging erection in my hand. Janine smiled wickedly past her head as I stepped in there with them. Amanda’s lip trembled as she felt the heat from my cock pass her needing pussy to rub between my stepsister’s labia. Janine gasped as the head of my member pierced her nether lips and Amanda squealed as the shaft of my cock slid over her starving cunt. I began to thrust into Janine as the remainder of my rod rubbed against Amanda. Her labia twitched, it felt like they were trying to grab my and pull me in.

“Mmm, it feels sooooo good to get fucked after having my pussy eaten big brother.” Janine was speaking to Amanda as much as to me, rubbing it in good that she was getting tortured, not allowed to cum. She was really hamming it up. “Oh Jesus, it’s so fucking hot,” her head tossing back in the spray of the shower.

Amanda was whimpering. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m so sorry, please fuck me, I can’t take it.” Janine’s pussy was throbbing around the super-sensitive upper portion of my cock and I was building rapidly to orgasm after the show I had earlier. My thrusting became erratic and my breathing heavier.

As my orgasm encroached Janine read the look on my twisting face. “I have a surprise for the both of you,” she hissed through her now familiar wicked grin. Her hands darted to Amanda’s shoulders and pushed down. Amanda dropped quickly to her knees, forcing me out of Janine’s velvet pussy. I was ready to burst as Janine reached down and squeezed Amanda’s generous C-cup tits around my member. I jerked my hips up twice between Amanda’s breasts before I lost it. Amanda looked down in desperation as I began to cum. The first rope of jizm shot out of me and splattered across her face with an audible smack. “Yeah, that’s right piggy, take it all over your face.” Amanda looked up at me with a look of astonishment and disappointment as I continued to cum. My load shot forcibly onto her chin until it slowed to a trickle that dribbled across her tits.

I fell back in a heap on the bathroom floor. Janine began to laugh as she released Amanda and stepped over her. Through my haze I watched as Amanda’s hands flew to her throbbing cunt and she tried to shove as much of it as she could into it. The thumb from her other hand jabbed at her clit as she desperately tried to get herself off. Janine stood over me and pressed my face to her crotch. I leaned my head forward and gave her fragrant slit a kiss eliciting a sigh and a shudder from my stepsister. “When you come back to your senses, meet me in your room so you can finish what you started.”

With that she grabbed a towel and slithered out of the room leaving me to enjoy the show as Amanda ground furiously at her pussy. When she was gone Amanda looked at me, tears streaming from her eyes. “Help me, please,” was all she could choke out through her sobbing. Janine had done a better job torturing her than maybe even she knew. Amanda was a mess; hips bucking on the floor of the shower as the water pelted against her. Her sparse makeup was streaming down her face as her hands flew frantically between her legs.

She looked pathetic. I felt I had to do something despite all the embarrassment she put me through. I looked around the bathroom and saw my robe on the back of the door. I slipped off the belt and walked over to the shower where Amanda was huddled on the floor blindly flailing at her crotch, desperate to cum. I grabbed her wrists as she fought limply against me pulling her hands from her swollen, pulsing pussy. I yanked her to her feet and pinned her against the shower wall. I tied her wrists together with the belt from my rope and then bound her to the showerhead, smiling in her face the whole way.

When she was bound securely I stepped back and took in the image. Amanda Crawford naked and tied to the showerhead in my bathroom. Water flooded over her shoulders, her hair a wild soaking mess. Her flawless breasts heaving on her chest as she verged on hyperventilating. She was twisting and writhing against the terrycloth belt that held her hands helplessly above her. Her thighs pressed together as she tried to get herself off any way she could. She looked in my direction but I doubt she saw anything. Her eyes were glassed over, her jaw hung slack. I moved in and nipped at her ear. “Looks like you could use a hand,” I whispered to her. She whimpered and nodded her head in response. “Would you like me to eat your pussy?” Another nod. “I’m sorry, what was that? I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes,” she croaked.

“Ask nicely,” I said as I stepped in front of her. I placed my hands on her shaved mound and rubbed gentle circles.

“Oh God, please eat my pussy,” Amanda pleaded, “I need to cum so badly.”

“Why is that?” I asked as I slowly dropped to my knees.

“Because your cock made me so horny.” Her voice spasmed into a moan as my tongue flicked over her swollen clit.

“Oh? You mean the same cock you took a picture of me stroking?” I asked with a hint of acid.

“I’m so sorry. Please let me cum. I can’t take this.” I took that as penitential and pulled her labia back between my lips. Her leg lifted and her knee crooked behind my head pulling my face into her crotch. Her pussy was soaked and almost uncomfortably hot against my lips. I stuck my tongue into her pussy briefly before I sucked her clit into my mouth. She was bucking against my face violently. The orgasm came quickly, almost immediately as my tongue flicked the clit I was sucking. The scream that accompanied her orgasm was earsplitting. I continued to lap at her for a moment before I stood. She hung limp and her body weight threatened to pull the showerhead off the wall. I untied her from that and moved her to the shower doorframe and just let her hang.

When I got back to Janine’s room she was laid out on her bed. She looked up at me with a grin. “So, you big softie, how’s Amanda doing?” she asked.

“Oh, she should be fine. How about you?” I asked. She was a bit flushed. She hadn’t cum when we fucked in the shower.

“Come here and find out.” I sauntered over to the bed and flopped down next to her. Her fingers came up to my lips and slid between them. They were covered in her own smooth juices. She tasted just as sweet as she did the night before, I could even taste a hint of Amanda lingering on her fingers as well. “Now, if you can spare the time, I thought you might help me out as well.” Her hand slid down to her crotch and across her wet cunt. Once it was nice and wet it traveled the short distance to my now re-awakening member. I sighed as her slick hand curled around me and stroked gently. Within moments I was rock hard again.

She felt me stiffen in her hand and gripped me much more tightly as she pulled, guiding me toward her. I went with her and climbed on top as she rolled onto her back beneath me. I could feel the warmth of her sex as I encroached. We both gasped as the head of my cock made contact with her slick pussy. She groaned as she rubbed the head of my cock over her clit before I leaned my weight forward and slipped in. The day’s activities must have left her fairly close to orgasm as well; I could feel her pussy grip me tightly as I entered. Her eyes widened as she clamped down on me almost painfully. Her hands locked around the base of my neck, pulling her slightly up off the bed. Her eyes slammed shut as her head flew back. The cute blonde bob was tussled beyond recognition giving my stepsister the look of a wild animal as I slowly slid further and further into her.

When felt my pubic bone butt up against hers at the same moment I felt the hard ring of her cervix against the head of my cock she pulled closer to me and opened her eyes. “Jesus, don’t move. It’s huge, I have to get used to it.” She wriggled her hips for a moment and I felt her pussy settling around my manhood. A smile stretched across her lips as our interlocked bodies fused. I could feel pussy molding itself to my unit and she sighed as we achieved what I can only describe as a perfect fit. Janine slowly began to pull herself up the length of my shaft until only the head remained inside her. She grinned at me wickedly as she swiveled her hips. Her excruciatingly tight pussy swirled around the sensitive head of my cock sending electric charges up my spine. Then she dropped back down, forcefully impaling herself on my cock.

I began to thrust into her slowly and methodically and she started to tremble. We had fucked briefly a few minutes ago and had been rubbing herself since so she was close. “Holy shit, your cock is amazing,” she told me through her panting. “Why didn’t we start doing this sooner?” She pulled hard to the side and quickly flipped us so that she was riding me. I was amazed at how quickly and fluidly this was done, I barely realized what was happening. I felt her already tight pussy begin to contract violently as my stepsister began to cum. Curiously I also felt a warm soft sensation sliding across my balls. I tore my gaze from Janine’s tight rack to look around her and saw that Amanda had freed herself from the shower and come to join us. She was slowly lapping away at my sack as Janey bounced up and down on my manhood.

When her orgasm abated she lowered herself onto me until I was fully ensconced in her glorious box. She ground away slowly on my cock and smiled at me. “How much gas do you have left in the tank big brother?” she asked through her grin, “’cause it looks like Amanda bought a ticket too.” Sure enough the gentle lapping quickly subsided and Amanda’s hands appeared under Janey’s luxurious tits.

“Feel like swapping?” Amanda asked Janine as she swung around in front. She straddled my waist facing my stepsister and they kissed as Janey pulled up and off me. She dropped down and out of view for a moment but I was instantly notified of where she had gone as I felt her tongue trace its way down my shaft to my tight sac. A hand wrapped around my member as Amanda lifted up and prepared to be penetrated by my thick manhood. As soon as the head touched her lips the length of my cock disappeared into her. “Oh my God Janey, how did you not get split in half?”

I heard a wet smack as my stepsister pulled her mouth from my balls. “Yeah, isn’t it great?” She went back to work on my nuts. The sensation was incredible. With my limited (read ‘pretty much non-existent’) experience I was in no way prepared for this. Amanda had an amazing pussy, slick and tight, and she knew how to use it. She was pumping up and down, gripping and releasing my shaft. At the same time Janine’s expert mouth was going to town on my balls. It was almost beyond belief, but even after the sexual rampage I had been on the past two days I was rapidly building to yet another tremendous orgasm. “Oh, you lucky bitch,” Janine hissed at Amanda, who must’ve have been getting close herself as her contractions were becoming more and more random and uncontrolled. She was unable to vocalize a response. “After all that shit you pulled, you’re the one he’s going to cum in.” Her fingers squeezed my balls gently as she paused to lick them. “You should feel how tight his sac is, he’s gonna blow any second.” Janine went back to work licking my nuts and Amanda’s hand came down and helped her out by rubbing them. That was all I could take. I grabbed Amanda by the hips and plunged my whole length into her. My hips pounded into her violently as Janine struggled to keep her lips locked onto my sac. My cock spasmed heavily as I came like a thoroughbred.

Amanda turned her head back and smiled at me as she spoke. “What do you think, better than your hand?” My back arched and my muscles locked as rope after rope of cum shot into her. I was still cumming as she laid back onto my chest, my cock popping out still squirting cum. I looked down to see a thick rope splatter across Janine’s face before she gobbled my unit into her mouth, sucking me dry. When I finally came back to earth Janine traveled the short distance from my crotch to Amanda’s to finish the job off there and sucked hungrily at her sloppy pussy.

I laid there afterward realizing that I had gone from the schools designated loser to the envy of every male student there. I was lying between the two most attractive girls in the school, they were leaning over me as Amanda licked the streak of my cum off my stepsisters face, their hands were wrapped around my spent cock slowly trying to massage it back to life. When Janine’s face was clean, they kissed briefly before she sank down and once more began to gently suckle at my unit. Amanda brought my hand to her breasts and kissed me. I was beginning to lament the fact that no one would ever know about my accomplishment when Amanda said the most startling thing of a very surprising week. “God, wait ‘til the girls at school hear about this. I think you’re going to be very popular.”

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