"No Boundaries" Water Canoe Area


Jake held his mother for survival, but his cock still began to swell with the knowledge their naked skin was pressed together.

Amber felt her son's growing enthusiasm harden against the bottom of her ass. Everything was cold, except that glorious warm erection. Amber turned in her son's arms to face him.

"Kiss me," she told her son.

Ice cold lips met and bit by bit massaged warmth into their companion. Tongues twirled, exploring the forbidden mouth of the would-be lover. Slowly the illicit lust pushed out the cold until a raging forbidden fire grew inside the mother for her son and the son for his mother. Amber felt her son's heated breath, wanted his fire inside her.

A near death experience does better than alcohol at relieving inhibitions, and both mother and son knew the reality of their perilous situation.

Amber rolled on top of her son straddling him. Slowly and deliberately she began to grind her pussy on her son's swollen cock, coating it with her wet arousal. Jake's hands explored her naked body, firmly grasping her ass, pulling her into him. Up and down his shaft she slowly slid her opening wetness, preparing it to accept the thick snake.

Jake's mom reached down and grasped his cock in her hand, raising it into the air then lowering the wanting mouth of her aching pussy. Her son felt the heat of his mother's desire as his thick cock slowly parted her and inch by inch she took him inside.

The pressure of her son's cock splitting her was incredible. Very carefully, at first, Amber impaled her wet pussy repeatedly onto her son's pole, each time letting it reach deeper inside her.

Jake looked up at his mother who was sitting on top of his shaft, letting it slide in and out of her warm, dripping pussy. Her face was focused and distant, biting down on her lower lip. He watched his mom's heavy cantaloupe breasts bounce with every joyful thrust. Reaching up he felt their great weight in his hands and the silk like skin beneath his fingers. Jake quickly found his mother's hard pink nipples poking into the cold air and rolled them gently between his fingers.

Amber moaned at his touch.

His mother's noises encouraged Jake's fingers to pull and twist more fervently at his mother's pink buds. The more he tugged, the louder his mom moaned.

Amber started to feel the hint of an orgasm from somewhere deep inside her and each pull on her sensitive nipples sent erotic flames between her legs.

Jake watched his cock sliding in an out of his mother's pussy, saw it coated with his mother's juices. Above her pussy he admired the triangular patch of curly blond hair which now seemed to point at her opening. He could feel an orgasm building and knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Amber sensed her son getting closer to his climax and wanted to share the moment with her son so she started really attacking his cock with her pussy, slamming down hard on top of it each time moaning when it touched her deepest parts.

"I'm cumming!" she heard her son yell beneath her and then felt the warm spurts of their forbidden lust shower against the wet walls of her pussy. She was close to her own orgasm and continued her aggressive fucking of her only son.

"I can't," yelled Jake beneath her, grabbing her hips and stopping her from moving.

"I'm sorry, just too sensitive, I can't handle it," he continued.

"It's okay honey," Amber whispered before laying down on her son's chest.

Amber felt her son's cock slowly shrinking from her warmth, felt the combined liquid lust dribble out of her wetness. Then, she felt Jake's cock slip out of her. She was still hot with lust and thought about reaching between her legs to bring about her own climax, then about sucking her son's dick back to life.

Jake may have finished a bit too early, but before his mother could decide how to finish her own orgasm, she felt his cock begin to grow beneath her. "Young resiliency is impressive," she thought.

In a single movement Jake rolled his mother onto her back and knelt between her thighs. In a second movement he pushed his cock into the wet mix of their incest and began pumping it in and out of his mother like a jack hammer.

Amber was astounded by her son's stamina and rhythm. She felt trickles of sex in her extremities pool then form small streams, all being drawn deeper inside her soul. The streams became raging rivers violently rushing toward her now aching pussy.

"Harder, fuck me harder," Amber yelled at her son, lustful eyes demanding sexual fulfillment.

She fought hard to contain her building orgasm knowing that the longer she could hold back its force, the better her release. Every muscle in her body was straining, holding back the inevitable.

"Fuck me boy, make mommy cum!" she finally screamed as the orgasm hit. Beneath her son her body rocked with shudders of spastic pleasure, moaning and screaming uncontrollably.

Jake watched his mother shaking with ecstasy, breasts bouncing wildly beneath him.

Amber nearly lost consciousness, but Jake continued to ram his cock into his mother's pussy. Amber wasn't able to hold back her second orgasm, which gently rippled through her body like an aftershock to an intense earthquake.

Jake saw his mother shudder for a second time just before his second orgasm forced more hot sex from his balls into her. When he had emptied his reserves, Jake rolled off his mother and lay beside her.

Outside the wind was still howling and the rain was still pouring down, but inside the tent mother and son were warm, protected from the cold by their forbidden and heated hunger for each other. Jake gently stroked his mother's soft skin.

Amber knew they had crossed a line. There was no going back, but she didn't want to. Thinking of her son's thick cock immediately caused sparks of lust to tickle the lips of her pussy. Instead of hoping for an end to the storm, she began to wonder how many times her son's cock would bring her back to orgasm before the storm ended. She was hoping for a long day.

Jake watched his mother lift up and bring her mouth to his. They kissed passionately until he watched her kiss down his chest and stomach then suck his still soft dick into her warm mouth.

Jake's mom savored the flavor of their shared forbidden desire in her mouth and coaxed her son's cock back to life, feeling it grow in her mouth. Jake's hands gripped the hair on his mother's head and used it to guide her movements, fucking her face with his hardening shaft.

By the time the rain stopped, Ambers pussy was stretched, quivering with exhaustion and her talented mouth was no longer able to revive her son's cock. Amber was already fearing Jake's departure for college, it was only 2 weeks away. Rather than dwell on the coming loss, Amber chose to fantasize about the 2 more nights on this trip and then the 2 on their travel back home. She was sure that those nights would last her at least until Jake came back for Thanksgiving break.

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Nice 5 stars

Did he get her bred?

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