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No Business Like Show Business


Every day it was like a record stuck on repeat … get up, go to work, come home, play mommy, and go to bed alone. Normally it didn’t register, Cindy just did it. Other days, it bothered her. She didn’t regret one moment the decision she finally made to end things with her ex-husband. Pretending day after day to have a living breathing relationship just for the sake of their daughter wasn’t doing anything but teaching her that this was what love was supposed to be about. These thoughts brought a soft sigh, shifting the huge truck into 5th gear as blue eyes darted over the lessening traffic as she moved further north of Dallas. The huge super duty Ford pick-up was smooth on the road despite its size and engulfed the petite red-head in the driver’s seat. Wavy ponytail peeking out from beneath the ball cap adorning her head, glancing furtively at the diminishing traffic as she pulled off the highway and headed towards the small farm that beckoned her home. Far enough from the city to be at peace in the country, but not so far that civilization couldn’t be reached when needed.

This was the beginning of a much needed vacation and Cindy was looking forward to it. But before she could really get started, there was one minor business arrangement that had to be complete. She was looking into purchasing one more mare to add to her rapidly growing herd of Arabians and its owner was coming down to look over her ranch before the deal was sealed. Just a bit curious as she turned off Interstate 75 and headed that last leg of her journey home, as she had never met the owner as of yet … her only dealings so far had been with his accountant. All she knew about him was that he was some hotshot from New York with a knack for good horseflesh. She wasn’t looking forward to rubbing elbows with some stuck-up wannabe from up north but knew plenty of folks that had come from that way that weren’t half bad and grinned to herself, knowing they would take those “fighting words” to heart as she rolled down the window as open fields and blue skies quickly replaced busy highways and building-strewn horizons.

Finally turning into the long drive that led to her small ranch, Cindy visibly relaxed, a brilliant smile crossing berry-stained lips as she caught one of her prize geldings racing towards the fence at the sound of her truck only to turn and run alongside as she waved out the truck window to him. Whistling to him and making baby talk as she slowed the final curve that took her home, she grinned at the beautiful bay Arabian and then turned her eyes towards the log cabin up ahead, eyebrows furrowing to find a rental car parked in her spot, a frown creasing the beautiful lines of her face. “Great,” she thought, pulling the huge white truck up behind and settling into park, long legs unfolding out and dropping to the ground, followed by her bag, purse and a slight frown that this New Yorker was already here.

Waving to the hired hand that worked three times a week and hauling together her work-strewn bag, Cindy headed toward the back of the two-story frame house that looked out over her back pasture, sapphire blue gaze searching for Mr. Mortensen in hopes of getting the niceties out of the way so she could get on with the purchase of the mare she was interested in and start her long holiday weekend. Stepping onto the long wraparound porch and heading towards the back end, she spied her original chestnut mare grazing in the back pasture and smiled. Selective was always one for eating and today wasn’t stopping her any and then as she turned the corner to head to the back door, she almost tripped over a pair of crossed legs stretched out before her, stumbling as her purse tipped crazily and spilled out onto the cement floor, a curse slipping from berry-stained lips. Without even glancing upwards, Cindy melted downwards to quickly pick up the strewns of her purse, trying to keep her temper in check even as strong hands reached out to help her, a distinctly familiar voice caressing her ear … “Here, let me help you with that.”

Puzzled that she recognized the voice, Cindy glanced up even as she stuffed her cell phone back into her purse, her hand freezing midair as her eyes drank in the unbelievable sight of who exactly her business acquaintance turned out to be. “Oh shit,” she heard herself say, half beneath her breath, the other half reaching his ears as Mr. Mortensen turned out to be Hollywood megastar Viggo Mortensen. At the sight of his now infamous grin as his hands continued picking up strewn items and helping her stuff them back into her purse, Cindy shook her head slightly trying to get rid of the image of Aragorn and Lord of the Rings visions that suddenly swam before her eyes. “What a klutz I am,” she continued, half through a laugh.

“Sorry to have startled you, not to mention the welcome home trip I supplied,” he said, offering a hand as he started to stand. Cindy’s own delicate own slowly slipped into his as they stood together and she hauled her purse back onto her now trembling shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it,” she added, with a wry grin and slipped her hand out before he realized how just that simple touch was affecting her. Talk about feeling like a school girl! She moved past him, a simple glance back at him invitation enough to follow and unlocked the back door to step inside. Hanging her purse and bag on the hooks just inside the door, one free hand sweeping back errant curls of fire that softly framed her features; she cast a sideways glance at him as he stepped in behind her to shut the door and moved into the kitchen, swinging open the fridge. “Cold beer?”

Viggo moved in behind Cindy, his unwavering gaze taking her in as she stood before the open door of the fridge, hardened nipples undeniable beneath the tank top just under her open cotton shirt, a wry grin crossing his face as he saw that she noticed him looking, unflinching in her offer of the beer. “Would love one,” he offered in that distinct drawl that sent her heart pitter-pattering.

Reaching in for two just inside the door, a ring of frost covering their sides, Cindy stepped aside to let the door shut and faced him, handing one out for him to take. A soft smile undeniable to him as he took the beer and she twisted the top off, taking a drink of the ice-cold brew as she moved past him back out of the kitchen, enticing sway of rounded hips beckoning him to follow as she moved into the cozy den decorated with a stone fireplace, hardwood floors and exposed beams. Plopping onto the worn leather couch, she smiled as he took the seat just opposite her, taking a swig of beer, those penetrating blue eyes boring into her own. They both sat there for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes, neither one relenting as the room became smaller, a bit stuffy as the heat began to become apparent between the two.

As he took another swig of beer, Cindy took a deep breath as she tried to control the wild beating of her heart, knowing that if he kept looking at her that way that she was going to wind up throwing herself at him, business aside. Clearing her throat a bit and taking another drink of the cold brew, she said, “Did you get a chance to look around and see if you want to get involved with me?”

Viggo couldn’t help but grin at her question and quickly turned the direction of conversation towards what he had more in mind at the moment. “Oh, I definitely want to get involved.” Cindy swallowed hard, a nervous smile appearing as she caught on to exactly what he was saying, her eyes blatant in the hunger that she could feel quivering inside, watching him as he set down his beer and rose to cross the short distance between them, confidently reaching out to take her beer and setting it beside his. She struggled for the words that wouldn’t come and instead, gave in to the feelings that were overwhelming her, her hand slipping into his as he offered it and felt herself being pulled upwards before him, feeling dwarfed within the sexual magnitude that radiated from him.

Reflexively she steps closer, as if drawn to him like a moth to a flame, her fingers reaching out to him as he wraps a strong arm around her, drawing her against his hard body. Viggo’s free hand strokes her face with a gentle but strong hand and Cindy can feel her heart racing, her knees weakening at his simple touch. Staring up at him, blue eyes clouding with the desperate need she has to be lost in his embrace, the brandishing taste of his lips, her head tilting slightly to the side as his head dips to her neck, his tongue brushing against her heated flesh. Cindy’s soft whimpers spur him onward as dusky lashes flutter downwards over sapphire gaze, her slender fingers tightening into the strength of his upper arms. She shivers as his warm mouth traverses from her neck to her ear, his distinctive voice a drawl in her ear as he whispers, “I want you.”

A soft moan is her answer as it reflexively slips past slightly parted lips and she is rewarded by the feel of his hands sliding into the loose cotton shirt, moving deliberately slow over the curve of her breasts, his thumbs brushing over the hardened peaks that ache for more and then pushes the material down off her shoulders to pool on the floor at her feet. Cupping her ass into his hands, pulling her against him as his tongue plays with her earlobe, drawing it into his hot mouth, her own hands moving along his back to pull his shirt out from well-pressed jeans that cling to his body like a velvet glove. Cindy moans softly, feeling his hard flesh quiver beneath her touch, their mouths meeting, and tongues clashing as his strong hands pull her tank top from her cotton pants. She shivers beneath his touch as he pulls upwards and she steps back momentarily only to lift slender arms above her head as he removes the restricting garment and tosses it onto the couch.

Words still do not come as she gazes at him, trembling as she feels him fingers expertly undo her pants and slides his hands into them, pushing downwards as her own fingers quickly grasp the edge of his shirt and pulls upwards. Viggo steps back only long enough to help her remove his shirt until his massive sculpted chest is exposed to her view. Cindy can not help but lean in, velveteen tongue dipping out to taste him, swirling around one of his exposed nipples as she steps out of her pants, clad only in skimpy v-string panties and a lacey bra, her full breasts threatening to spill out as he moans beneath her tongue’s tutelage. Her fingers quickly tug on his jeans, almost desperate to be against him, flesh to flesh as their mouths meet once again, his tongue searching for hers as if he knows the pleasures that it can bring, gripping her hips tightly as his jeans slide downwards to kick them aside. Cindy’s fingers reach out again, clinging desperately as her own tongue duals with his hungrily. She can feel his hands slide up her back, causing it to arch, pushing her breasts into his bared chest and with a skilled hand, her releases her breasts from their bonds, walking her back slowly until the back of her knees hit the couch and she suddenly sits, a soft moan released as he tosses aside her bra, gazing hungrily down at her exposed breasts like a man denied bread for too long.

“You’re beautiful …” His words are so sincere, simple and to the point as he removes his own briefs. Cindy’s mouth goes dry as he exposes himself fully to her; hard erect cock jutting out proudly from a surprising small growth of hair that houses his aching balls. Licking her lips, eyeing his cock like a delicious dessert, she gazes up at him as he steps closer, one knee lifted to the couch between her parted legs and gently pushes her down on her back, his hands expertly roaming her flesh. His fingers capture a swollen nipple, rolling it slowly and then pinching as she squirms beneath him. Her own fingers peruse his hips and thighs almost in a loving, awed caress … moving back to squeeze his tight ass, gazing up at him, almost wishing his hair was still the length it had been in the LotR series but then gets lost in his gaze, in those penetrating eyes that bring forth a moan of desire, arching her back as if in a silent plea for him to take her.

Viggo’s fingers curl into the low front of her panties and tug downward, a strong hand moving her leg to the side so that he can remove them and toss them aside, his gaze drawn to her moist sex blatantly inviting the kiss of his tongue. His hand slides effortlessly between her legs, feeling the heat of her cunt, a groan released as his fingers curl back and slide within her hot, wet folds. Her silken thighs part reflexively wider, one knee bending for leverage as her hips move upwards, meeting his fingers as they thrust into willing flesh, her own moving to capture his throbbing cock, feeling its velveteen smoothness as it hardens to a steel pulsing rod. Viggo smiles, seeing her reaction as his fingers widen her labia, his middle finger moving to rub and press against her engorged clit, sending a shiver a delicious need down her bared spine. He can’t seem to tear his gaze away from her wet swollen sex and the sight of his fingers pumping in and out of her, watching the way she writhes beneath him on the couch, begging with her body for him to fill her completely.

He pulls his strong fingers from her as he senses her need to cum, smiling as she cries out in frustration, her hips blatantly pumping the air and grips her hips in his strong grasp to still her and positions his huge cock at her entrance. Grinning as her fingers curl around his wrists, nails digging in as her back arches reflexively in her need, Viggo rubs his swollen cock head between her swollen lips, lubricating it even more with the precum oozing out onto her clit, watching as her hips rise again and again, willing him to plunge deep into her wet and tight cunt. Cindy’s moans and whimpers begin to fill the room, begging him with her movements to end this delicious torture. Small beads of sweat begin to form along his hair line as he fights to control his desire to ravage her completely, feeling his ass muscles tighten and go rigid as his cock pumps full of blood until it is a swollen rod of steel. Leaning forward, capturing her mouth with his and sucking her tongue deep into his mouth, pulls his hips back and then with all his strength surges forward, ripping into her cunt, opening it up like never before, her screams of pleasure lost in the recesses of his mouth. He can’t help but ram forward to her cervix, pushing and pushing, knowing her walls are collapsing around his huge thickness.

Cindy can’t stop from crying out at his huge and thick invasion, her walls shuddering and spasming around him, unable to stop the overwhelming power of her orgasm. Long fingernails grasp and pull at the pillows of the couch, feeling the sting of silver tears that slip down flushed cheeks at his size and strength, crying out again as he pushes her over the edge. She feels her whole world spiraling as she falls into that deep abyss as he bucks into her, knowing that she is loving it, that she craves it as much as he does. Viggo feels like his whole body is on fire, strong hands sliding under her back to run up to her shoulders to grip them hard. His cock rams into her willing hot flesh time and time again, sensing this is how she longs to be fucked, feeling her own passion rising to meet his head on. She can’t stop the spiraling, the undeniable need she has for him to take her like this even as silver-hued tears intermingle with unbridled passion, feeling her walls collapse around him again and again as she covers his stabbing rod with hot cum.

Viggo can’t help but fuck her harder and faster, ramming his huge length into her relentlessly, forcing her to accept his size, feeling his balls begin to swell, knowing he is close. Steeling himself, propping himself up on rigid arms as he glances down, watching his thick cock slam into her again and again as she writhes beneath him, the intense feeling of her walls milking him as she cums uncontrollably over his full length, pulls out completely only to rip open her cunt again and again. His fingers grip around her front thighs, pulling him back onto his spearing rod as it is driven home, like a stallion to his mare, filling her with his swollen manhood. Her whimpers mirror her uncontrollable trembling form as she tosses back her head, thrusting up against him, burying his burning cock into her completely, gripping the couch pillows tightly beneath clenched fists as she grits her teeth, arching up to meet each one of his powerful thrusts, opening her passion-glazed eyes as she holds his gaze with her own.

Viggo has never felt this way with a woman before, so powerful and out of control. He leans down, claiming her lips forcibly, drawing blood from her swollen lips as he rapes her mouth with his tongue and then pulling out, turns her quickly onto her belly, his strong hands pulling her ass back, moving between her open thighs and before she can respond, slaps her ass with one free hand as he pulls her back to impale her once more on his pulsing fuck pole. Cindy can’t help but cry out, her head thrashing as he takes her from behind. His movements come harder and faster as he fucks her, driving home again and again, this time deeper, more forcibly as her walls shatter around him once again. His drilling cock ravages her g-spot, sending her spiraling out of control, screams of pleasure filling the house as he pounds into her until he can feel his own cum begin to rise. Growling low, Viggo pulls out and sinks between her open thighs, hearing her cry of surprise as his mouth quickly finds her clit and sucks it into his mouth, biting down, causing her to cum all over his nose and mouth until it drips down his chin. He groans into her open cunt, her screams driving him insane as he buries his face into her quivering quim, tongue fucking her as his need to cum builds.

Cindy’s mind long gone, her body alone responding as she shudders around his tongue, trembling at the strength of her own climax and just as she thinks it might be over, his assault on her willing flesh to an end, he rises and slams his cock into her once again, pushing it to its limit. His voice a ragged cry as he spurts ropes of thick hot cum into her cunt apex, again and again as he sheds his load into her, pumping for all his worth to fill her completely, streaming into her as his sacs empty. He can feel her shudder and tremble beneath him, gripping tightly to the couch pillows, whimpering and pressing her damp face into their softness and then her body going limp within his arms. He groans, snatching her long beautiful auburn hair into his strong hand, her cry of surprise heard as another load empties into her, taking him by surprise at the magnitude of sexual prowness that she had brought out in him. He shudders as each throbbing pulse sends ropes of thick cum into her sweet hole, unable to wonder if it will ever cease, knowing at that moment that he will never tire of her.

Cindy’s chin is forced back at the strength of his hand in her hair, luscious lips parting beneath the moan that is erupted beneath his will upon her body, gasping at his strength and stamina as her hips grind reflexively back against his hips. She can feel him shudder as he releases his grip on her hair, slumping to the couch beneath him and then feeling his strong arms, encircle her and lift as he lies beside her, pulling her close to the rise and fall of his chest. She can feel his cock still jerk slightly as it finds a resting spot between her legs. Viggo can’t help but reach out and stroke her back as his lips tenderly kiss her trembling mouth and then smiles as Cindy clings to him, unsure if her heart will ever resume its normal beating rate as she tries desperately to return his reassuring kisses. Inhaling deeply, the scent of this girl embedded in his memory, he pulls her close into his arms as the sound of their deep breathing draw his gaze to the clock. “Oh shit, the time …”

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