tagNovels and NovellasNo Controlling Legal Authority Ch. 17

No Controlling Legal Authority Ch. 17


Above her, mounting her like the vast stallion he had become, Archie took possession of Imogene's body and mind, heart and soul, and became one with her in the frenzied pursuit of ecstasy. His passion rose to a crescendo, and he stared at his cock, enthralled, as it vanished and reappeared, slick and shiny, dripping with the woman's juices. Shaking with the eager energy of his lust, he licked the spittle from his lips, and his thumbs dug into the crevice between her cheeks. He pulled her cheeks apart, exposing the wrinkled, brown opening of her anus, which winked an acknowledgement as each of his thrusts slammed home. Torrid images crackled in his dim brain as his eyes focused on that tiny, bobbing hole.

"Whooooeeee, mamma," he called out excitedly. "She looks just like one of them Florida butterfly ballots, and I'm punchin the ticket for the second hole down."

"That'd be Pat Buchanan, Junior," his mother replied, amused.

"Darn, I thought so," the boy huffed in disappointment, then, having pondered the matter for a second or two, he continued brightly, "Can I fuck her in the ass, then? I wanna vote for Bush, mamma."

"Well, I guess so, son. I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't. Can you?" She often encouraged him to think things through for himself.

"I dunno. She might be a Republican, you know. Maybe you don't want me fucking no Republican in the ass, since it'd probably mess her up some."

No kidding, Nancy observed wryly to herself, but she humored him and replied, "What makes you think she's a Republican, son?"

"`Cause, first thing ole Rufus done when he got to Hardwick was to put ketchup on the menu as a vegetable. He'd put two bottles on every table, and when they gave us hamburgers and fries, he'd report it to the Department of Education as a meat and three lunch, and they'd send more money on account of him being so generous and feedin' us so good. You told me that'as a Republican trick to get by with fudgin' on the school lunch program for poor kids, so I figured Rufus and the missus, here, was Republicans."

"Why Archie, you do amaze me sometimes with the way you figure things out," Nancy gushed in surprise.

"I'm right, then, aren't I?" he crowed proudly.

"You sure are," she answered. Her voice was tinged with pride for the boy and nostalgia for a time long past. "It was Ronnie, that did that, Archie; Ronald Reagan. He was the master ass fucker of all time, boy. Why, like you said, he even fucked millions of little kids outa a nutritious lunch by calling ketchup a vegetable, so he could cut corners on the school lunch program and help pay for the tax cut he gave your daddy and me. My God, when I think of all those no-a-count little shits that he fucked outta their lunch, and the heat he took for it, just to help out folks like us, I could hug his neck or, you know, give him a blowjob or somethin to show my appreciation, but I guess it's too late now, since he probably wouldn't remember what I was doin it for."

"You want me to fuck Ronald Reagan, then?" the boy cackled a little incredulously, because he hadn't entirely followed his mothers drift, but he dutifully began to scan Imogene's crack for another suitable hole to lodge a vote for the ex-president his mother revered so much.

"I don't think that'll be possible, son; you'll have to settle for Imogene today."

"But, if she's a Republican..." the boy answered in a worried tone.

"Hell, son, that don't matter. We're Republicans, too. I've told you a thousand times, Republicans assfuck any body, even each other, when they want to."

"You mean, I can fuck her in the ass, then, right now?" the boy squealed eagerly, and to test the waters so to speak, he plunged his thumb into Imogene's anus to the first knuckle.

"Iiiieeeee, that hurts," Imogene screamed loudly and writhed on the boy's thumb like a speared piglet.

"It doesn't much look like it, son. From the sounds of things, she's so tight back there, I am afraid you wouldn't much more than dimple her chad. You wouldn't want that, would you? Your ballot not punched clear through, and your vote thrown out and not counted."

"Naw, I guess not," Archie replied reluctantly, but just to be certain, he poked his thumb in to the next knuckle and produced another, louder, howl.

Imogene writhed in agony as the boy's stubby thumb probed the nearly dry sheath of her rectum. Her hands clawed the couch desperately, as she tried to crawl away from the awful double penetration, but her pussy clung to the boy's cock so tightly that she couldn't dislodge him. Like a spitted pig over a barbecue pit, she hung from his massive cock, arms and legs dangling helplessly toward the couch, while he toyed with her butthole and the fragile shell of her composure. She snatched up a pillow and sank her teeth into the tasseled fabric, shaking her head like a dog tearing meat off a bone to divert her mind from this unexpected and horrifying onslaught.

"Noooo, Archie, please, don't, you'll hurt me," she moaned into the pillow covering her face.

He laughed and for response wiggled his thumb deeper into her tight rectum, as though testing the depth of her conviction. Instantly, her pussy convulsed in an uncontrollable spasm that clutched his cock like a pair of hands climbing a rope and telegraphed her depraved desires as clearly as if she had begged him to shove his huge cock up her ass.

"Whooeee, mama," he bellowed when he felt her reaction to his probing. "This'un likes it in the ass."

To demonstrate his discovery for the cameras, the boy withdrew his thumb to the nail and, then, looking up toward the cameras with a grin, he squealed, "See!" and drove his thumb into the helpless girl's trembling hole till his palm was wedged in her crack.

"Don't, please," Imogene yelped, trying her best to sound disgusted, but her pussy massaged his cock with another betraying convulsion of approval, so she wrapped her arms around the pillow and buried her face to hide her shame. She felt his cock move inside her, and she chewed the pillow to silence the outrageous voices screaming in her head. Words poured out of her mouth, muffled and incoherent, in a torrent of vile babble into the pillow. "Oh God, yessss, pull your cock out of my pussy and shove it up my ass. Yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass, you bastard; fuck it with your giant cock. I don't care if it splits me open and I bleed to death. I want it, baby. I want to feel your cock filling my asshole, fucking me, shooting cum up my ass. Do it, do it, oh God, do it to me, now!"

Archie was confused, of course, and so he mistook her shaking shoulders and her smothered cries for sobbing. For an instant, an uncharacteristic twinge of conscience vied with rampaging lust for his attention and, withdrawing his thumb a little, he glanced upward for guidance.

"Oh, Archie, don't..." Imogene moaned through the side of her mouth, when she sensed the boy was changing course, but she had already lost his attention. He only glanced at her, before turning his face toward the sound of his mother's voice.

"Better not, Archie," Nancy cautioned. "At least not this time. Why don't you just flip her over on her back, so you can vote for Bush all you want?"

"Huh? Yeah. Right. Uh, OK," the boy stammered uncertainly, as he struggled mentally to invert his wriggling "Florida ballot." Forgetting Imogene, he yanked his thumb out of her bottom and scratched his head as he attempted to sort out the details of his mother's suggestion.

"Archieeee," Imogene wailed, protesting the abandonment.

"Shut up a minute, I'm trying to think," he snapped back impatiently, and he pumped his hips a time or two to mollify her.

"Archie, Archie," Nancy interrupted with the patience of a mother confronting a five year old, who hadn't quite mastered the intricacies of potty training. "Roll her onto her back and her pussy'll be the hole on top."

"Duh!" he snorted, only slightly self-consciously, when the concept finally jelled, and he returned his full attention to Imogene.

She turned her head, looking back over her shoulder at the boy and started to speak, to give voice to depravity, but he was too quick. In one smooth but sudden motion, he jerked his prick out of her pussy, and, gripping her hips with both hands, he easily lifted her off the couch and flipped her onto her back.

Imogene, dazed by desire and the abrupt turn of events, flopped on the couch like a rag doll. Her arms lay, where they landed, outstretched above her head, while looks of dismay, disappointment and desire rippled in successive waves across the tormented features of her face. Archie pushed her legs apart and stepped between her thighs, pointing himself toward the weeping, red gash of her pussy, and snickered, "Look out, Dubya, here I come."

Her tattered, pouting lips still circled the memory of his presence, and, between them, the dark void of her being beckoned to be reclaimed. He moved closer, and the head of his cock slipped easily into her warm sheath. She sighed and blinked and reached for him, but he brushed her hands away, and, hooking his arms behind her knees, he lifted her to him and entered her in one long, gliding thrust.

"Ohhhh," she moaned as he filled her, and she felt a hard knot in her throat, like she was choking, but she wasn't, because she could still breathe, so she gulped air and felt the steam of his hot iron smoothing the folds and wrinkles of her vagina. He held her up with his arms cradling her legs and pumped his prick into her in a flurry of quick, short plunges. Her lips clung to him like second skin and drug back and forth caressing her clit with each thrust. Her senses, again, crackled in conflagration like dry twigs tossed on hot coals, and she arched her back to engage him fully.

"Oooo, baby, fuck me," she mouthed at him, but he needed no encouragement and slammed his thickness into her with the fury of a man possessed by demons. Her passion surged and swept her toward the glowing abyss. She imagined him as being "Pan," of the cloven hooves and spike-horned head, with his tiny flute and tree-trunk prick, dancing and piping between her legs for her pleasure and the throbbing cock within her made her feel like a pagan Goddess of Fucking.

He dropped her legs and his hands encircled her narrow waist. His thumbs pressed into her belly, about where she judged his depth to be, and he squeezed her roughly each time his groin smacked against hers. She put her legs around his hips, locking them at the ankles, and added her power to his lunges with well timed jerks of her feet. He loomed above her, forging into her yielding softness with heavy, deep, relentless thrusts that plunged into the very core of her sanity. Her nerve endings blazed with consuming fire, and her fingers sought out the taut tips of her nipples. She rolled her flesh between thumb and forefinger, and the hot lava of her passion scorched her hands.

"Yes, yes, yes," she intoned wantonly. "Give it to me. Yes, like that, oh, yes. God, it's so big. You're filling me up with your cock, baby. Deeper, ooooh, deeper, yes, like that. Oooo, God, you're so deep. Ohhhh, baby, that's... Oohhhh, ooohhh, uuugh. Higher, oh, please. Yes, higher, like that, baby," she begged, and she shifted under him to adjust the angle of his attack and sought his prick with her G-spot. "There, right there," she gasped, when the rim of his head scraped the swollen patch of her "spot."

"Yes, yes, sweet, fucking Jesus, yes," she babbled irreverently, when he, like a coital savant, caught on to what she wanted and shortened his stroke to rub her with the hard edge of his cock.

"Oh, fuck, baby, you're good," she cried encouragingly, and she reached to encircle his exposed flesh with her fingers to prevent him from abandoning her sweet spot and seeking her depths too soon. He trembled and shook as he fucked, and she felt him as she would a heavy trout on a tight line, transmitting every twitch and tingle up to her sensitive fingertips.

His tongue played across his tightly stretched lips. Lust enveloped him like the tentacles of an octopus, squeezing him, crushing his chest and driving the very breath of life from his lungs. He entertained the notion to rip her hand away and plunge into her completely, but her wanton words and the nearly constant stream of shivers his short strokes were producing encouraged restraint. He held his breath and prayed for her to release him, but she just panted and gasped and wriggled around on the tip of his prick, teasing herself with a tiny taste of him like some kind of demented virgin. Her hips bounced in shortened little circles allowing her sheath to slip on him only an inch or, at most, two, and he felt the bile of frustration collecting in the back of his mouth.

Archie's weak brain struggled for a means of retribution for this maddening delay in the attainment of his satisfaction. Tha bitch's just using me, he grumbled to himself, when, once again, he found her hand blocking his way.

"Leggo, dammit, I want to fuck," he demanded, nearly screaming, and with amazing strength, he lifted the partially impaled woman bodily from the couch and held her in front of him a little above eye level. Shocked, her fingers released him and, she grabbed his shoulders. Her legs were tight around his waist, clinging to him to maintain position, and she looked like a lumberjack shinnying up a tree. He moved his hands under her haunches to hold her better, and grinned with grim satisfaction, when her eyes widened as she felt him begin to slowly reclaim her pussy.

He let gravity do most of the work and studied her face as she slid onto his pole. He took possession of her again, inch by agonizing inch, slowed only by his desire to prolong his pleasure, because she was wet and open and yielded easily to his penetration.

"Oh, baby," she sighed as his well-greased pole arched up to meet her descent. Her arms flew around his neck, and she buried her face in his shoulder. Her vibrant nipples, twin cherries of inflamed passion, traced smoldering lines of desire down his chest as she slipped lower and lower onto his cock. He hunched his hips, sending his cock coursing into her depths, and her brain short-circuited in a shower of white-hot sparks. Her legs tightened reflexively, and her clit was smeared against the rocky washboard of his tense abdomen.

Her soft tunnel expanded and accepted him, and sweet waves of pleasure swept over her like the warm surf of Cancun. Her descent ground to a sloppy halt, when her thighs caught on his hips, and she clung to him for a moment taking deep breaths to still the quaking in her loins. Then, she relaxed her legs enough to let them slip off his hips, and she settled completely on the rising shaft of his manhood. His hands cupped and lightly lifted the smooth cheeks of her ass, but her weight was carried in the main by the huge cock arching up into her diaphragm. She shuddered as he burrowed into her, and her vagina again convulsed in unrestrained reception.

"Ohhhhh, Archie," she wailed excitedly, her breath whistling through clenched teeth.

His fingers slid easily over her slippery haunches and stroked the narrow cleft of her ass. "I know what you like, don't I, Mrs. Justice?" he whispered. His lips moved caressingly against the shell of her ear, and she shivered.

"Archie," she breathed heavily against his neck, now much too engaged to mount even the pretext of a protest.

Her crease was wetted and slick with her juices, and her cheeks had been spread by the huge cock in her pussy. She felt his finger circling her anus like a hawk preparing to pounce on a mouse and held her breath. Her pussy clutched him, squeezing and milking him frantically, while she anticipated him. Teasingly, he widened the circle, and his fingertip slithered out of her crease and across her buttock, tracing a wet heart-shaped line onto her skin.

"Archie?" she whined when his finger left her.

"You want your ass fucked, don't you?"

"Archie, I..." she moaned, nearly gagging on her words, but she felt his finger return to swirl around the tight, gathered opening of her anus, and she pressed her lips against his shoulder in silent submission to his desires.

"What you'd like is to have your tight little ass stuffed full of hot, hard cock, wouldn't you?"

As he spoke, whispering conspiratorially to her, he pressed against her opening till just the tip of his finger entered her. His finger felt huge back there, and he moved it in tiny circles, stretching her, loosening the tightly clenching ring of her asshole. His cock probed into the very depths of her soul, inflaming her passion beyond endurance and her thighs, belly and buttocks tingled and burned with the bright, hot flames of her arousal. Every nerve ending, every fiber of her being from her throat to her feet was alive and aflame with her all consuming lust. She could deny him nothing. She could deny herself nothing.

He teased her sadistically with his fingertip barely touching her seething hot skin, with the insufficient, shallow probing of her throbbing hole, and she lifted her knees in an unsuccessful attempt to slide down onto his upturned finger.

"Cock up your ass, Mrs. Justice, just like this," he whispered evilly and gouged his finger into her asshole.

"Oooh, Archie," she moaned, raising her legs even higher to open herself to his probing finger. She was nearing helplessness, approaching the point of total capitulation and was beyond caring. Her brain was being stretched on the rack of her passion like never before and any commitment to decorum, honor and self-respect succumbed to the straining cords of her lust.

The boy's rigid finger plunged through the puckered ring of Imogene's sphincter, probing her hot rectum, and he felt her soft lips passionately sucking his neck.

"That's what you really want, isn't it, Gene? To feel what it's like to take my cock up your ass and feel it jerking and squirting and filling your asshole up with hot cum?"

"Archieeeeeeee," she mouthed against his wet skin. The penetration of his finger doubled, no, quadrupled the pleasure of his cock in her pussy, and she fluttered like a flag on a pole in a stiff gale.

"Say it, Gene. Tell me what you want me to do to you." The boy whispered, coaxing her with unexpected sexual cunning, while he suggested the answer to her by wantonly fingerfucking her anus.

Hot words proved too much to resist. In that instant, the fiery comet of her lust, it's tail a boiling caldron of white-hot emotion, reached apogee and exploded with the blinding flash of a thousand bursting suns.

"Yes, yes, you bastard," she screamed, abandoning herself to her lust, "fuck my ass. Shove your cock up my butt. I want it, I want it."

She arched her back, embracing the star-burst shell detonating in her loins, and he felt the shivering quake of her orgasm as she shook in his arms. The woman's pussy convulsed along the length of his prick as she climaxed, and the erotic massage brought him instantly to the edge of his own sexual insanity.

"Unk, ass fuck," he groaned as his cock swelled with an onrushing flood of cum.

"Yesssss, fuck my ass, baby," she warbled to him as the sweet tremors of completion coursed through her limbs and the dark curtain of unconsciousness began closing on her mind.

He thrust into her, ramming her with his cock, and grimaced with the effort of standing with a river of cum rushing up his prick. The floodwaters gathered speed, and she milked him reflexively with the spasming walls of her pussy.

"There, there, there," he chanted as thick streams of his cum spewed into her vagina.

"Oh God," she gasped, blinking in amazement; it felt like douching with a garden hose she thought, and she slipped into a dead faint, while the boy's fabulous cock jerked and spewed inside her.

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