tagNovels and NovellasNo Controlling Legal Authority Ch. 22

No Controlling Legal Authority Ch. 22


"Oh, mercy, Caleb Montcastle, you do know how to get a girl's motor running," she murmured, but his lips were occupied and he didn't respond at once, so she squeezed his hand again with her thighs and snaked her hand between his legs.

"Oooo, you're still hard for me, baby," she cooed happily when she found him to be rigid and tense, and her fingers closed around him.

"Diane?" he groaned defensively at her touch. The memory of her mouth teasing him through his pants burned in his mind, and he feared the torment of another ruse.

"Shhhhhh. Don't talk, sweet boy; you made me cum, and now it's your turn."

She held him in her hand while she spoke, and squeezed him with her fingers. She moved her hand, sliding it upward and pushed the stiff cloth of his jeans along the shaft of his cock. He moaned quietly and tried to keep her breast in his mouth with the thought that the connection might inspire her to keep her promise, but her fingers consumed his attention and he lost her. He shivered in the boiling heat as she provoked his passion with deft, knowing caresses.

"Roll over," she said softly, pushing his shoulder with her free hand.

He allowed her to roll him onto his back without resistance, and she followed him with her hand clinging to his cock. She snuggled into the crook of his arm and laid her head on his shoulder with her breasts pressing against his ribs. Her arm lay across his belly; her fingers toyed with him. He was hot and sweating, and she could feel with her cheek the heavy thump of his heart as it raced in his chest. She looked down, across the broad expanse of the boy's wide, hairless chest and his flat belly to the bulge lifting his pants at the crotch. She stroked him with the tips of her fingers, and felt the urgent quake of his desire. He stared straight up, memorizing the random arrangement of the holes in the roof, his body nearly as rigid as his dick, while she tugged to release his belt buckle. She had only one free hand to work with and the going was slow, but she persisted, and, after a minute or two of awkward fumbling, she had loosened his belt and was unzipping his pants. As she opened his pants, his cock sprang up through the opening under the cover of his thin cotton briefs. She freed him of his jeans as best she could without asking for help and succeeded in pushing the front, at least, down to the tops of his thighs.

"Help me get your jeans down," she said, and he raised his hips for her and held them up while she pushed and maneuvered his pants down to his knees.

The bleached white of his jockey shorts seemed to gleam in the half-light of the loft like one of the great pyramids bathed in the faint glow of a crescent moon. His manhood lifted, straining the cloth, and pointed toward her like a tent-pole under a sheet. She touched him through the fabric with the tip of a single finger, stroking lightly, tracing the outline of him with her nail, and she could feel the pulsing eagerness of him. Her tantalizing fingers trailed across his sheltered flesh, and wherever she moved them, exquisite sensations blossomed in their wake. She stroked the length of him, taking sweet time to complete the journey, and felt his cock lurch upward seeking the rapture of her embrace.

He groaned again in agitation, and clacked the toes of his boots together like a clumsy cowboy at a high school dance.

"You like that, don't you," she mouthed with her lips pressing lightly against his nipple and her fingers tickling his rigid shaft through his shorts.

"Uhuh," the boy gasped.

"You like this better, though, don't you?" she breathed against his hot skin as her fingers and thumb closed around him and squeezed.

"Yes, yes," he whispered eagerly.

"And this?" she said suggestively pumping his flesh within the circle of her fingers.

"Oh, God," he gulped, and she teased him by relaxing her grip and letting her fingers slip up and down the soft fabric in a loose circle producing almost no friction.

She released him and heard him whimper softly in dismay as her hand slid to the firm surface of his belly. She rubbed him there, letting her palm ride the tensed ridges of his abdomen, dipping her fingers into his navel and teasing him by occasionally brushing, as if accidentally, just the tip of a finger under the tight waistband of his shorts. She lifted her head and stretched to put her lips on his while her hand described lazy "S's" on his damp skin. She pressed her lips upon his mouth and sought to entice him with her tongue, but his lips were slack and his tongue was nearly inert, and she knew that he had raced ahead of her and was lost in the thickening mists of his arousal.

His feet shifted restlessly, and his knees jerked spastically against the restraint of his pants as she prolonged the exquisite torture of his frustration. Her fingers advanced and retreated without really touching him where he wanted her most, promising relief, then denying it, and his hips bounced with hopeful little hops whenever she touched his shorts. He moaned her name again and again, remembering how she had spurred him by calling out his name, and she responded by licking and sucking his nipple and reaching down to stroke the tops of his bare thighs.

"Diane?" he whined in disappointment when her fingers passed across his shorts without making contact with him and settled on his leg.

"Shhhh, baby, I know what I'm doing," she mouthed against his wet nipple to quiet his protests.

Indeed, she did know exactly what she was doing, she thought, congratulating herself albeit somewhat prematurely. She knew how to please boys; how to make them pant and shake with adoration for her until they begged her for the salve to cure their frustrations. She knew, had always known, by intuition or by self-instruction, or both, she knew exactly how to hone the blade of a man's passion, hour by hour, until it reached that level of razor sharpness beyond which only dulling could be achieved, and she knew that, for the moment, Caleb's sword had reached the limits of its ability to hold an edge.

Diane brushed his thigh with listless fingers for an agonizing minute longer, and then, she plucked his waistband off his belly and raised the tent flap to peek inside. His cock was ablaze, flaming like a Ku Klux Klan cross on a share-croppers lawn at midnight on Jubilee Day, and the hot air of the loft rushing in through the raised flap of his shorts felt like the icy blast of a Blue norther to the boy.

"Ugh," he gurgled mindlessly when the cooling sensation wormed its way into his consciousness.

She paused, her eyes lingering on the pale, pristine protuberance of the boy's turgid manhood, and her heart swelled with emotion. He was new and pure and unsullied, and he was exposed to her in all his blushing virginity. Her eyes swept his length and breadth, discovering the untried veins and vessels, the rigid, untested shaft and the unruly, untouched head, and a surge of excited privilege coursed through her limbs. She was the first, the first woman to see him as a woman sees a man with his arousal on display and his ardor thrusting toward her like the point of a saber. No woman before her had touched him as he was then, none had felt the thick, throbbing heft of his erection or the wild, surging power of his sexual excitement. No one, ever, had given him the gift of rapturous bliss that only a woman can give to a man. He twitched and shivered under her gaze, and she licked her lips hungrily for him. Her pussy burned with a nearly irresistible yearning to take the measure of him, but she quelled her passion with the assurance that she would go to him in her time, that she would receive him then and that the postponement of that moment would serve only to magnify the pleasure of their union.

Her fingers ached with the desire to touch him, feel him, to stroke his quivering flesh. She lifted the edge of his shorts and freed him from the clinging restraint of the fabric. He moaned and threw his arm across his eyes, shielding himself from the embarrassment of his exposure. She inched his shorts off his hips till they were below his crotch, brushing his bobbing manhood with her arm deliberately as she worked, and she could feel the boy gulping and gasping with every touch.

"My God, your cock is beautiful," she murmured with a soft note of awe that was calculated to allay the discomfort of exposure.

He groaned and gritted his teeth to fortify his patience, and she felt the growing rigidity of his muscles against her body.

"May I touch it, Caleb? Will you let me feel your cock?"

The boy made a gurgling sound in his throat that would have sounded like the death rattle of a dying man to her had she any experience in such matters, and he mashed his forehead with the crook of his arm.

She reached for him, her fingers dancing across his chest and belly, brushing away the thin strands of pubic hair adorning his groin, burning him, touching him, teasing him to the point that his world compressed into nothing but the movement of her fingers toward a heavenly rendezvous with his prick. She touched him, barely, with her fingertips just brushing the surface of his cock, and she felt him jerk beside her.

"Ohhh gosh, it's so hard," she gasped approvingly as her fingers pressed into him to test the power of his excitement.

He moaned, and she stroked him lightly, casually, almost as though she was ignoring the immediacy of his passion, and his cock lurched upward seeking the solace of her fingers' embrace.

"I know you want to fuck me, Caleb," she whispered, lifting her face and turning toward him, "I want you to fuck me, too, and you can, just like I promised. Tonight, after everybody's gone to bed, I'll put in my diaphragm and come to your room if you want me to, and we can do it then, as much as you want, but right now, I just want to jack you off. I want to rub your cock and stroke it with my fingers and jack you off till you squirt out your cum for me. I want my fingers to feel your cum rushing through your hard, throbbing cock, and I want to see your cum shooting out, spurting everywhere. I love doing that, Caleb, I love feeling a cock in my hand shooting cum and watching it squirt. I'm good at it, too; I know how to do it and make it feel really good, even better than when you do it yourself, a lot better. Will you let me do that, Caleb? Can I jack you off now and let you fuck me tonight?"

She, of course, had not the slightest doubt about his acquiescence, and, before she had extended the offer to come to his room, her fingers circled the quivering boy's hot flesh and began a gentle, slow masturbation. His breathing was heavy and raspy, and his chest was already heaving with excitement when she laid her head on him facing her fingers so she could watch the effects of her stimulation.

He's so cute, she thought to herself, sliding her fist to the base of his cock to get a better look, and, pausing there, exposed the shaft and head, which protruded a couple of inches above the circle of her thumb and pointer finger. Her hand encircled him fully, despite his tumescence, and formed a perfectly fitted sheath for his erection. The head was swollen and red and was nearly half again as big around as the shaft, and she thought it was just adorable with its circumcised helmeted shape and the slit in the crown. She lifted her hand toward the tip, letting him slip through her loose grip till the head was enclosed and only the very tip remained above the circle of her fingers. She tilted him toward her, squeezing the head till the slit gaped open and she could see the deep crimson lining of the orifice. The skin of the head was indescribably smooth and soft, and as her fingers pressed his skin, she foresaw the sublime sensations that skin would produce when she rubbed it on her clit.

The boy gagged, choking on his spit in his excitement, and she spoke to him soothingly, "Your cock feels so good in my hand, Caleb; it's just wonderful. It's so big and strong, and it's so hard, I know it's going to fill my little pussy up and stretch it like it's never been stretched before when you fuck me tonight."

Her hand moved on him while her lustful words spilled off her lips, and she replicated the act of coitus to near perfection with her fingers as she spoke to him of fucking her in the approaching night.

He squirmed and groaned, and the heels of his boots kicked up little clouds of straw from the bale beneath his feet, as she maneuvered him with devilish expertise through conflicting emotional currents toward the thunder of his Niagara.

"Ooooo, baby, it's getting harder; you're really close, I can tell. You like that, don't you, Caleb; you like me to use my fingers to rub your dick and make it hard. It feels good, doesn't it, just laying there, not having to do anything but feel my fingers jacking you off. Doesn't that feel good for you? All you have to do is let yourself go, baby; just feel my fingers playing with your cock and let your cum go for me."

"Diane," he moaned, whispering her name again, only, this time, it was an involuntary utterance snatched from his lips by the divine wind of his passion, and he lifted his arm so he could witness the magical feats she was performing.

She quickened her movements, and her fingers flashed like dervishes on his throbbing skin. She altered her grip, taking him just below the head between her thumb and her curling forefinger and jerked him with rapid little strokes that brushed her finger across the head. She heard him gurgle and felt his hips rise to her caress as she rubbed him, and she increased the tempo a beat or two.

"You like that better, don't you, baby; just my thumb and finger touching you right there and rubbing the underside like that."

"Unhuh," he gulped.

"Is that how you do it when you jack off? Is that how you hold your cock?"

"Diane?" he whispered in a pleading tone.

"Show me how you do it, Caleb. Show me what you do, so I can make you feel good."

"Oh God," he groaned in desperation; his mind was caught between the hedgerows of unbearable shame and irresistible lust, and he lurched there indecisively for a split second before he took her hand in his and repositioned her fingers on his cock.

"Like that?" she questioned to confirm his demonstration as she made a "C" with her thumb and forefinger and curled her three remaining fingers into her palm, before slipping the "C" onto his cock and pressing the lower fingers lightly against the side. It was a firm grip and secure, because it held the shaft on three sides, and she had used it many times with pleasing, sometimes spectacular, results.

"Yesss," he breathed hoarsely as she tested the configuration with a couple of bobs of her hand.

"Is that how you do it to make it cum good?" she asked picking up the pace of her dancing fingers.

"Unhuh," he answered in a barely audible whisper.

Her senses were alive and awake, and her body hummed with the awareness of the trajectory of the boy's passion. Sensory knowledge flowed from his trembling cock through her flying fingers and into her heart, and she coaxed him dexterously up the stairway to the stars. Her fingers quickened and beat his responsive flesh like she was whisking egg whites in a bowl, and she pressed her body against him to better feel the awesome rumble as the tectonic plates of his climax ground against each other in the depths of his loins. He throbbed between the pincers of her fingers, and she could feel the adamant pulse of his orgasm beating in the throat of his cock.

"Cum for me, Caleb," she crooned watching the tip of his cock for a telltale ooze of precum.

"Ooooh, Diane," he gasped.

The continuous friction of her fingers heated his cock to the verge of combustion. Nothing he had ever done to himself down there even approximated the wildly soaring, exhilarating sensations her hand produced as it moved on his body. She said that she could do it better, and she was right, he thought in awed amazement. His hips seemed to float upward of their own volition, thrusting the head of his cock into the halo of her fingers and her touch consumed him. His legs jerked against the shackles of his pants and his feet twitched as his lust took command of his limbs. He shuddered and bit his lip and thrashed on the hay while she stroked his flesh, until her words returned to him.

"Let it go, Caleb; let your cum go for me, baby," she repeated her earlier admonition with impeccable timing.

"Oh God!" he yelped when the first surge of his orgasm ignited a tingling spasm in his loins.

His hands were restless, like anxious birds in the leading edge of an approaching storm; one flopped at his side, jerking reflexively, and the other wandered like a lost child along her side from her ribcage to her hip and back. She stroked him eagerly, building his lust with her fingers and he opened himself to her. His cock pulsed in her hand and the tiny slit gaped at her. He pulsed again, with a gasp, and a thick, shimmering stream of clear fluid drooled through the slit, down the head and onto her thumb.

"Cum, baby, cum for me; I want to see it shoot," she mouthed triumphantly.

She felt the instantaneous, spreading rigor in his limbs as he tensed for the coming eruption. She expertly swept her hand over the head of his prick, scooping up his lubrication with her palm and fingers, and then, she wrapped her thumb and fingers around his dick and squeezed him tightly. Her hand pumped him, lubricating his shaft with his juices. The head of his cock retreated into the tight tunnel of her fist, reappeared, then retreated again as her hand manipulated him.

"That's what a pussy feels like when you're fucking, Caleb."

Her pace quickened; her hand blurred with the speed of her movements. She sheathed him with her hand and her fingers kneaded his tense flesh like the rippling walls of an orgasmic vagina.

"Oh, Diane, Diane, Diane, Diane."

Her name dribbled off his fevered lips in an unbroken stream of interlocking syllables. His cock-head swelled, thickening, and turned deep purple. His hand slid up the rise of her hip and drifted, wobbling, to the rounded cheek of her ass, and jerked in little twitching movements that signaled his desire with sympathetic vibration.

"That's what my pussy will feel like tonight when you put this cock inside me," she mouthed as she squeezed him suggestively.

"Oh, God, Diane!" he shrieked as his body lurched under her.

"Cum, baby; shoot it for me," she commanded him although she knew he was well into the process of carrying out the order.

She lowered her hand, uncovering the head of his cock, and shortened her stroke, confining her caress to the space just below the rim. The purple head swelled like a fat man holding his breath, and he throbbed in her hand. She felt a deep pulse that coursed up the length his cock, through her fingers, and echoed in a shiver in his limbs. He pulsed again and a thick stream of cum shot from the tip and splattered on his belly in front of her face.

"Oh, God, oh God," he chanted as his cock throbbed again.

"Oh, you sweet boy, cum for me," she urged, and her hand pumped his cock to express another squirt.

Passion seized his mind, closing in from all sides, until his vision was compressed to a narrow tunnel and at the end of that tunnel, in the hot glare of his orgasm, all he could see were her fingers fucking his spewing cock. He clutched at her, groping for a handhold to steady himself in the churning sea of his climax. His hand fell and he grasped the nearest life ring he could find. His hand dropped to her butt and clutched the higher of her cheeks. He kneaded her flesh, while she coaxed him to spew, and instinctively his fingers followed the crease of her butt to the sopping entrance to her pussy.

"Caleb!" she hissed passionately when she felt his fingers probing in her wetness, and she moaned, "You missed," when a fresh jet of cum spattered on her chin and throat.

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