tagNovels and NovellasNo Future Ch. 60

No Future Ch. 60


Sinners, Poor and Wretched

This wasn't Karen's first time, but she wasn't sure the same could be said for Olga. The young woman seemed rather nervous however obviously she was someone whose sexual experiences already extended well beyond the vanilla. Karen also had doubts about the nature of Olga's relationship with Oscar. Karen and Kevin had been an item for well over a year now, but it was hard to imagine Olga being the kind of woman Oscar would normally associate with.

Karen disposed of her clothes almost as soon as she'd arrived at Oscar's West London apartment. So while Olga was still struggling out of her cheap tacky outfit in the living room, she sidled up to her host who was fussing around with a crate of whiskey bottles in the kitchen. He was still wearing his boxer shorts.

"She's a bit young, isn't she?" said Karen.

Oscar leaned to one side and kissed her on the lips. Karen was gratified to see that lecherous anticipation had already stiffened his cock. "You don't have to fuck her, you know," he said. "I know you're not the type to munch the rug even when, as in Olga's case, there's no hair between her legs."

"That's even worse, Oscar," said Karen good-humouredly. "I don't want to be known as a cradle-snatcher. She isn't your girlfriend, is she? I can't see a company director like you going arm-in-arm with a girl like Olga..."

"And what's a girl like Olga like then?"

Karen struggled to find the right words to describe the woman, but decided that since she was with a good friend and one who'd fucked her many times before she could safely use the word that was at the tip of her tongue. "She's a bit common, don't you think? I don't think she's been to university or any kind of further education. Is she a prostitute?"

"Is that what you think she is?" said Oscar with a teasing smile. "Have you got anything against prostitution?"

"Not per se," Karen replied. "But if we're having sex together, the four of us, I'm not sure I was expecting to have to share you with a prostitute."

"Relax," said Oscar. "Olga's not a prostitute."

"So, is she your girlfriend?"

"Sort of," said Oscar. "But she's not the only one. And I suspect that she's not after me for my looks alone..."

Karen nodded. Oscar had a bit of a paunch. It wasn't enormous but it was slightly off-putting. And, like Kevin, it was a long time since he'd sported a full head of hair. Just a glance around the apartment revealed enough reason for why Olga might be attracted to him. The Vietnamese biotech company for which he was London director made sure he was well remunerated.

"Kevin will like his pussy to be a bit fresher for a change," Karen admitted.

"It'll do him no end of good," said Oscar. He nodded towards a series of chopped-up lines of white powder on the kitchen table by a freshly uncorked bottle of red wine. "Fancy a hit?"

"Not quite my scene, Oscar."

"Well, it most certainly is Olga's," said Oscar. "I don't think she even comes to life until her nose is well and truly stuffed with chalk." He poked his head round the corner of the door to the living room. "I've got some choice Columbian, sweetheart."

"I was wondering when you'd offer any," said Olga ungraciously. She leapt out of her seat and scampered into the kitchen. She was a thin woman, although not exactly malnourished. She bowed her head over the kitchen table and used the crisp fifty dollar bill that was rolled up like a straw to hoover up a line. The almost worthless US currency was typical of Oscar's ironic sense of humour.

Karen noticed the tell-tale signs of recent motherhood on Olga's hips and bosom. "Do you have any children, dear?" she asked sympathetically.

"So fucking what if I have," said Olga aggressively. "What business is it of yours?"

Karen was rather put out by Olga's response. Most mothers loved to talk about their children. All she'd wanted to do was find an area of mutual interest. How should she respond? "I'm a teacher," she said at last. "I'm always interested in children."

"Well you won't have seen Olive much at school," said Olga. "She can't be fucked to go and I can't be fucked to make her. She's a lazy cunt."

"So your daughter's called Olive," said Karen who was already regretting the turn this conversation was taking. "How old is she?"

"I'll be fucked if I know," said Olga. "Guess she must be four or five or something. She's already a fucking tearaway. It's all I can do to keep her out of my hair."

Karen reflected that at such a young age the child was also too young to make rational or informed decisions about the need for education. She took an immediate dislike to a mother with such an irresponsible attitude, but charitable as always, she guessed she should also make allowances for Olga's consumption of coke and whatever else she might use.

At the same pace as Oscar strolled towards Olga and grasped her bare buttock in his large palm and tenderly peppered her face with cheeks, Karen withdrew from the kitchen with the bottle of red wine. She returned to the living room where Kevin was sitting on the sofa, also in his boxer shorts, while watching a television news story about failed cities in the southern United States. Karen poured Kevin a glass of red wine and handed it to him.

"Here y'are," she said.

"What do you think about Olga?" said Kevin, who'd clearly been thinking about other things than the plight of Mexican immigrants.

Karen poured herself a glass and discreetly placed the bottle on the living room table just beside Oscar's e-book reader which was still bookmarked on the business pages of the Financial Times.

"I'm sure she'll be the perfect fuck," she said diplomatically.

"Do you think that's the only thing that matters?" Kevin asked.

"In a sense and for tonight only, yes I do. I can't see her as a lifelong friend but if she's like what I think she is she'll be one of the best women you'll ever have had sex with in your life..."

"Better than you?"

"I'm getting on a bit now, Kevin, in case you hadn't noticed."

"You're not the only one," said Kevin sadly.

"Do you need some medical assistance?" asked Karen who directed her eyes towards her handbag and the little blue pills they both knew she kept there.

"Let's hope not," said Kevin. "Anyway, if I can't it up with Olga, I'm sure you'll be able to do your usual magic on the old boy."

"Well, let's see your cock then," Karen commanded. "You let me and Olga walk round in the nude but you guys keep your assets hidden. There'll be no fun at all tonight unless they get some fresh air."

Kevin nodded and obediently pulled down his boxers to show a penis that was still somewhat shrivelled.

"Fuck!" said Karen with genuine disappointment. "You've got to do better than that."

She knelt down in front of her boyfriend and colleague so that his cock was at tongue-height. She knelt forward and took his penis between her lips and run her tongue up and down its length. She repeated this slowly and methodically and steadily brought it back to life. Karen sometimes thought this job was like pumping up an air pillow except that inflation wasn't always guaranteed. This time, Kevin didn't spring to life quite as rapidly as he sometimes did. Karen let Kevin's cock slip out of her mouth.

"Let me have a go," said Olga softly who proceeded to kneel beside the couple and take Kevin's penis in her hand.

"Sure," said Karen who leaned back but kept a reassuring hand on Kevin's thigh. It was always instructive to see someone else at work.

One thing was for sure. Olga knew what she was doing. She'd obviously done this many times before. Even though Karen thought she was well experienced in the art of making love, she recognised that there were others who were just born natural. They just had an innate understanding of what to do with a man's cock and they lacked any sense of inhibition. Olga was slobbery and energetic, but she did wonders to Kevin's cock which was soon bursting at the seams and ready to go.

Then Olga placed a finger firmly somewhere between his testicles and his anus. She glanced at Karen with a smile. "You or me?" she asked.

Karen nodded. "You've done the hard work," she said. "It's you who deserves it most."

"You know," said Olga whose smile broadened with anticipation, "I think you're fucking right."

Karen backed off as Olga took sole control of the situation and became aware that Oscar had entered the living room now totally naked and with his cock twitching madly. She strode over to him, while also watching Olga slowly impale herself on her boyfriend's cock.

"Do you wanna fuck?" she asked Oscar affectionately.

"In a moment," said Oscar as his arm embraced Karen's waist. "Let's first watch Olga in action."

"She's like a porn star," said Karen approvingly as she observed Olga pump herself up and down on Kevin's penis while she supported her body on his thighs and coaxed yet more life out of it whilst also judging exactly the right time to press firmly on the sweet spot she knew so well would forestall premature ejaculation.

"I think she's dabbled in it," said Oscar. "I don't think it would ever be the sex that would be the problem for her. I think it's the acting she couldn't handle."

"Acting?" wondered Karen who'd never watched enough of any one porno movie to appreciate the stars' acting skills.

"Everyone wants to get into porn these days," said Oscar. "Being able to fuck without embarrassment just isn't enough these days."

"So what do you want me to do?" wondered Karen who stroked Oscar's penis while Kevin was pistoning back and forth into Olga. The girl had spread her legs apart and helped Kevin's thrusts with occasional nudges from behind his arse with her entwined heels. "Should I join my boyfriend or should you and I get busy?"

"Don't be in such a hurry, sweetheart," said Oscar. "We've got all evening."

"Just a quick poke," pleaded Karen who was feeling that her needs were being rather neglected as she watched Kevin's cock thrust in and out of Olga's mouth who meanwhile had thrust several fingers into his surprisingly pliable anus.

"All right, sweetheart," said Oscar whose cock was clearly more than ready and which, as Karen guessed, would retain its vigour for rather longer during the hours to come than nature had ever intended. "Just lie back and relax."

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