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No Limit Kelly


Kelly was getting dressed. She was excited about the thought of Eric's friends coming over to play poker. She had always had sexual fantasies about this group of guys, but never done anything about it. She was feeling horny, naughty and a little frustrated these days. So Kelly decided to put on her shortest demin skirt and a tight white shirt that tied in the front. She figured that the attention would feel good. She paused for a minute, and decided not to wear a bra tonight. She reached into her underwear draw, grabbed a pair of white cotton panties. She thought better of it and reached for a red thong instead. She slid the thong on and stood there looking at herself in the mirror. Then Kelly bent over and quickly pulled the thong off and decided to wear nothing. She turned to see her ass from behind in the mirror, and see if anything was showing from underneath the very short skirt. It wasn't – as long as she stood up straight. Kelly was actually almost disappointed that her ass cheeks weren't showing. She was a little more bold and determined tonight. And she made a mental note to herself to go buy a short skirt next week.

"This ought to be interesting," she thought to herself. "It will be fun to let them try all night to see my nipples through my white shirt, or try to see up my skirt and catch a glimpse of my cunt".

She grabbed her black 4 inch stiletto high heels, put them on and made her way to the kitchen to finish making snacks.

Kelly walked into the kitchen to see Eric standing there with Jay and Mark, two buddies of his. Mark is in the movie business and she has always had a crush on him. Mark is about 5' 10" with brown eyes and is in great shape. Jay is about 6 foot, with blue eyes and stays in shape by running marathons and trekking all over the world.

"Damn, Kelly!" Mark said. "You like hot!"

"Kelly always looks hot," Eric replied.

Kelly just smiled at them. As the guys were leaving the kitchen to head to the card table, Kelly leaned over to check the oven. Mark thought he thought for a moment that he saw her ass. He was trying, but just couldn't get the right angle. It happen so fast, and he didn't want to get caught looking.

"Surely not," He thought to himself. "Surely I didn't just see what I thought I did."

The men continued to play cards, with Kelly serving them beer and food for a couple of hours. Soon they were all feeling a little buzzed and relaxed. Eric wiped everyone out and won the first pot. As the guys were talking about what the next buy-in would be, Eric suggested that they up the stakes a bit.

Eric said, "How about this, Kelly is looking great tonight. How about the winner of the next hand gets to see Kelly's pussy". Jay and Mark just stared silently at Eric, not sure of what to say and to see if he was joking. No one moved. Then Jay and Mark quickly looked at Kelly to see what her reaction would be.

Kelly just stood there staring at Eric to see if he would say: "just kidding". He didn't.

She called his bluff and said, "OK".

"Holy shit!" said Jay.

He quickly grabbed the deck and dealt out three cards, one to each man, then stopped and put the deck down.

Mark just laughed, "Dude, why did you stop"?

"Fuck that!" said Jay. "High card wins. Lets go NOW!"

Jay flipped over a 10. Eric had a 6. Mark turned over a 9. Kelly stood there staring at the three cards laying face up on the table. She waited silent to see if Eric would chicken out. He didn't. He just sat quietly and watched her reaction. Kelly felt a sudden rush of different things, all at once. She felt a little dirty that her husband had just put her up as the prize in a card game. She also felt really sexy at being that prize. She felt her pussy get a little wet at the thought of spreading her legs and flashing some guy, even if it was one of Eric's friends. She felt horny and even more turned on than she had before.

Eric never said anything, so she decided to, reward the winner of the bet. Kelly walked over by Jay, kept her knees together and crawled up on the table. She moved liked a cat. Kelly lay down on the table, keeping her skirt held down with her hand and her legs together so no one could see. She put her feet on the arm rests of Jay's chair, took a deep breath, and spread her legs. Jay just looked at her smooth hairless twat and smiled. He could feel his erection growing in his pants and did his best to cover it up.

"Daaaaamn!" He said, as if he had never seen a woman's pussy before.

Kelly felt very sexy and was turned on by the whole idea of flashing her pussy to Jay. She wanted to reach down and masturbate right there, give him a show. But she figured that Eric would get jealous. She closed her legs back and jumped off the table just a quickly as she had climbed up there. Kelly was fucking horny and dying by this point. She really wanted to get off, but wasn't sure what to do next.

"Lets play again!" Said Mark. " Do you realize that I am now the only person here that hasn't seen Kelly's pussy. I want another chance."

Eric was also very turned on. His wife was walking around the house like a little whore, with no panties on. The thought of it made him want to fuck her right then.

"Alright," Eric said. "We will play one more." Eric continued, "Winner gets to...."

"The winner gets a blowjob." Kelly blurted out, without really thinking about what she was saying.

The comment even surprised Kelly a bit. Jay looked at Eric. He didn't protest, so Jay began to deal out three more cards. Everyone was waiting for someone else to call off the dare. But no one did. Jay turned over a 10. Mark turned over a Jack and looked quickly at Eric. Eric looked at his card, and then looked at Mark.

Eric left his card faced down and said to Mark, "you win."

They all turned to Kelly to see what she would do next. Kelly didn't hesitate for a second. She got on her knees and crawled under the table. She ran her hand up Mark's leg to feel his cock was already hard. By now her pussy was soaking wet. She was 100% committed to sucking the dick of Eric's friend. She had no intention of stopping, nor was she hoping that Eric would intervene.

Kelly unzipped Marks fly to see his cock pop out and stand erect. Mark's dick stood a full 8 inches. She quickly pulled down his jeans and underwear to his knees ankles. Kelly had always loved sucking dicks, and but she had never done anything like this before. Kelly wrapped her lips around Mark's cock and began to suck him off. She licked up and down his rock hard shaft, letting her tongue run over the tight veins bulging out from it. She pulled him out of her mouth and leaned back. When she did a string of pre-cum connected the head of Mark's dick to her lips. Kelly loved the taste of cum. Her pussy was so wet. She felt like such a whore and it turned her on. Here she was, on her knees under the table sucking the dick of one of her husband's friends while her husband just sat there. She took her hand and wrapped it around Mark's cock, then took her other hand and began playing with her clit.

Kelly had Mark's dick all the way down her throat, sucking it and pumping it, with two fingers shoved up her hot cunt, when suddenly the doorbell rang.

Jay, Eric and Mark sat silent. They could hear Kelly slurping and sucking in Mark's cock. Mark just tilted his head back and enjoy the ride as his friend's wife swallow his pole. Eric and Jay were turned on, but were too afraid to try to look under the table. So all they could do was sit there and listen. The sound of Mark's moaning, the sound of Kelly's moaning, the sound of Kelly sucking and licking Mark's pole.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Eric got up and went to the door. He opened it and was astonished to see Mark's wife.

"I'm sorry. I left my purse here when I dropped Mark off earlier." She said as she walked right by Eric.

She walked in to where they were playing cards to get her purse, which was sitting on the floor in the corner where she had left it. Kelly heard her friend talking, but never stopped her blowjob. She stayed in her knees under the table with Mark's dick in her mouth. She could feel he was about to cum and she didn't want to spill any.

"Where is Kelly?" Mark's wife asked to the no one in particular.

Now one answered, especially not Mark.

"Uh, she went down... to the basement," stammered Jay.

They all looked at Mark's wife to see if she would purse the matter further. Instead, she changed the subject.

"Are you alright?" She asked Mark.

His dick was in his Kelly's mouth, he was about to cum, his wife was trying to talk to him, and all he could muster was, "fine, Hun".

Mark's wife stood there for brief moment. No one said anything. Kelly continued to lick Mark's balls. And with that Mark's wife said goodbye and turned and walked out the door. Eric followed her to close the door behind her.

Kelly crawled out from under the table, laughing her ass off. Her lipstick was a little smudged. They all just kind of looked at each other, not sure of where this was going to happen next... except Mark. He was about to cum all over himself.

"Hey, what about my blowjob," Mark insisted. "I won the bet."

Eric decided to take control of the situation. "I have a better idea. Kelly is going to fuck you instead." Eric said. "Kelly is going to fuck all of us. Aren't you sweetheart".

Kelly felt a sudden rush of excitement and lust. She was going to get gangbanged by 3 guys. They were going to use her snatch. She looked Mark straight in the eyes and said, "Yes hun."

With that, she walked to the middle of the living room. She took off her skirt and top, but left her heels of on course, just like a good little fuck-whore. She got on her knees in front of them and started to play with her clit. She closed her eyes and masturbated, putting on a show for the guys, waiting patiently to be taken by them.

Eric asked, "Who would like to fuck my little slut first?"

With that, Mark pulled his clothes completely off. He walked around behind Kelly, got her on all fours, and began to rub her cunt. She was wet and ready to get fucked. He slid his already hard cock up in her cunt, all the way to the hilt. As Kelley's pussy was split open by Mark's shaft and she left out a sigh. It felt so good to have his hard cock inside of her, finally. She had mentioned to Eric a few times about how she had always wanted to fuck Mark. Now she was. Mark grabbed her hips with both hands and began to thrust inside of her with a steady, forceful rhythm.

Jay had always had a thing for Kelly. He always thought she was a very sexy women. He wasn't going to waste this opportunity. With that, he took off his clothes and knelt in front of Kelly. While being fucked by Mark, she opened her eyes to see Jay's hard dick in her face. Jay rubbed his penis head on her lips and she gladly opened her mouth to take him in. Kelley was getting fucked like a dog by Mark, while sucking Jay at the same time. She felt like such a dirty little girl, and the thought thrilled her. Eric just sat back on the couch and watched the show. Jay continued to pump his dick in an out of Kelley's mouth while Mark rammed her from behind.

"You like that cock, don't you Kelly" Eric said. "Yeah, you are a little cock whore aren't you!"

With that, Mark began to ram her harder from behind. Mark' balls slapped against Kelley wet clit as he pumped his penis in and out of her. Kelly moaned and shuddered as she felt her climax coming on. She came hard and her pussy clenched on Mark's cock.

"That it, cum for me," Mark urged. "That's it. Fuck me hard".

With that, Mark's balls tighten and he began to pump his cum up Eric's wife's swollen pussy.

"Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh." Mark moaned and he continued to pump hairless fuck-hole.

Meanwhile, Jay began to push his dick a little deeper down Kelly's throat. Kelly could taste his cum starting to flow. She felt Jay's cock swell in her mouth and cum began to run down her throat and out of her mouth. His dick twitched and jumped as it pumped sperm into her mouth. She swallowed as much cum as she could, loving the taste and wanting to satisfy him. Jay emptied his balls into Kelly's mouth.

"That's it baby. Suck my fucking cock like a pro," Jay said. "That's it. Milk my balls dry with your lips".

Jay continued to pump his cum into her throat until he was spent.

Both men sat back for a minute, but Kelley stayed on her hands and knees. She had a look on her face like she was no where near finished being used. She was not yet satisfied.

Eric got up, took of his clothes, and stood over his whore wife. She had just fucked and sucked two of his friends and it turned him on to watch her enjoy it. They played a game and she was the prize. Eric's cock was so hard and he was going to fuck the shit out of his little whore wife, just like she needed.

Eric got on his knees behind Kelly. She kind of pushed her hips back, wanting him inside her, but he was too far away. She groaned and whimpered, making sounds that were equally part lustful animal, and part pouty child. Eric looked closely at Kelly's fresh-fucked cunt. She was dripping a mixture of her own juices and Mark's cum. The smell of sex turned him on to no end. He could hardly wait to fuck her and get inside her slutty, sloppy seconds.

"I am going to fuck you know Kelly," Eric said.

"Yes," was all that Kelly could muster.

"You have a used cunt back here," Eric said.

"Oh yes," Kelly replied.

Eric took command, as the ring master of this circus, "Kelley, I want you to taste what I am about to stick my dick into. Mark, please kneel in front of Kelley so that she can lick you clean and taste your cum".

With that, Mark walked over and knelt in front of Kelley. She looked at his glistening cock. It was covered in fuck juice. She quickly grabbed it and put it in her mouth. Mark closed his eyes as his friend's wife once again began to suck him. She was licking and sucking and stroking his hard dick in her mouth.

Eric watched with sexy show. Finally he could hold back no longer and he shoved his cock into her dripping twat, balls deep. Kelly let out a muffled moan. She almost gagged on the Mark's dick. But it felt so good to feel the next dick beginning to fuck her. Mark's cum was pushed out of her, onto the carpet and running down Eric's cock to his balls. He furiously began to fuck Kelley, pounding her as hard and fast as he could.

Kelley stopped sucking Mark's dick long enough to breath and cum all over her self, "aaaahhhggggg". She moaned as she came.

Her husband was giving her the fucking she needed, the fucking she deserved. She looked back, saw the look in Eric's eyes and just smiled. Kelley's pussy twitched and clinched and rode spasm after spasm.

As Kelly was on her hands-and-knees, with a hard dick sliding in and out of her mouth, and another using her pussy, Jay walked over, his dick returning to ridged hardness. Mark's dick was still in her mouth, so he knelt near her, stroking his cock in her face.

Mark began to cum once again. Kelly's cock sucking mouth felt so good, so perfect. His dick head pushed down her throat and he tilted his head back as he came once again. Kelly swallowed what she could of his goo, and the rest ran down her chin. Jay continued to jack off, turned on by seeing Kelly and how much fun she was having servicing these men. Once Mark had finished getting his balls sucked dry by Kelly, Mark pulled his dick out of her mouth and moved out the way. Jay shot his load all over her face, with cum landing in her hair, across her cheek, and on her lips. Kelly felt the hot ropes of cum hit her face. Too feel and taste so much cum on her face and mouth, made her cum again. Kelly pushed back into Eric's hips.

Eric's cum covered balls slapped against Kelly cunt. He fucked his wife as he watched Mark cum in her mouth. Eric watched as she swallowed his cum. Eric continued to pound her pussy as Mark moved out of the way and made room for Jay. Jay gave his wife a facial and she licked her lips to try and get it all. The site of this made Eric so horny. He down-shifted and pumped his wife even harder and faster. Finally, dick jumped and pumped and Eric shot his load into Kelly. He had fucked his wife many times, but he had never added his cum to the guy that had just fucked her before him. Kelly's pussy felt hotter and wetter that he had ever felt. As Eric came, he never stopped pounding Kelly. She came with him and both cried out together. Cum poured out of Kelly's cunt and onto the carpet as it just couldn't hold any more.

Kelly collapsed on the floor and laid there. She had the taste of cum in her mouth. Her pussy ached and oozed cum. The guys just laid there a minute, smiling to each other.

Kelly looked at Eric and smiled, "next time," she said, "we need more players."

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