No More Sex

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Husband and wife decide that sex isn't right for them.
3.5k words
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Author's note:

This story is meant to be a fantasy. As such, many points of reality are put to the side, such as safety and pregnancy, as well as others.

Additionally, this story will cover a wide range of sexual activities. I will try to cover them in the intro, but please be aware. All characters are at least 18 years of age.

Following comments that I have gotten previously; Everything here is meant for the purpose of telling a story and titillating the reader and is not meant as a portrait of reality. I love hearing from readers, but if you comment that it wouldn't happen that way in real life, well, that's why it's a fantasy.

Topics: MF, oral, anal, rimming, pegging


It has been 342 days, 7 hours, and 34 minutes since I last had sex with my wife. If it seems odd that I know it that exactly, it's because I set a stopwatch at my wife's request. I could replay in my mind the exact conversation. I had just just rolled off from on top of her, breathing hard after having just cum inside of her.

"I think that this was probably the last time we are having sex for a while, ok?" She asked me, leaning on her side to look at me. I nodded. "I mean maybe for a really long time."

"I know," I responded between breaths. "It makes sense."

"The last time wasn't planned. Do you know how long it was?" She asked. I shook my head. "Maybe we should set a stopwatch. See how long it actually is this time."

I set it, and it is still going. That is not to say that my wife and I aren't intimate. We are. Regularly, in fact. We just don't have sex. I have loved eating my wife out since the first time we had sex after our fifth date. I love the taste of her and I love getting her off, seeing and hearing her orgasms. There is nothing quite like tasting that burst of her juices in my mouth as she cried out in pleasure. When we were first married, I would often eat her to two or three orgasms before we would have sex, which we both enjoyed.

It is hard to put my finger on exactly when things started to change. Not my love of going down on my wife, or her enjoyment of it, but rather enjoying the sex afterwards. I remember feeling that she seemed disconnected during sex at a certain point. I asked her about it and she seemed a bit embarrassed, but said that it really didn't do it for her anymore. She told me that she loved me going down on her, and that she didn't mind the sex afterwards, but it didn't really do anything for her at all. I was a bit hurt, but I knew that she wasn't saying it to be mean, and that she hadn't said anything for exactly that reason.

We tried a bunch of different things, everything from having sex without oral foreplay to different positions, but it seemed like her body had just decided to stop responding to having my penis in her vagina. My wife had never been such a fan of blowjobs, and especially not me cumming in her mouth, and we had tried anal a couple of times, but it was never pleasant for her. At a loss for what to do, we went back to me eating her out until she was done and then me using her pussy as a living fleshlight. Neither of us were satisfied with the situation, but it was what we had. The one positive that came out of the whole thing was that we found out that we both loved it when she sat on my face, and even more surprising was that she liked it when I licked her asshole.

A few months after we had more or less given up and returned to old habits, my wife came home with a package.

"I was reading something the other day, and I want to try it out," She informed me.

"Ok," I said warily. "What does it entail and where did you read it?"

"I was reading an article online and it said that a lot of guys like anal."

"If you want to try again, I'm not going to say no, but it has never worked for us until now. I barely get inside before it hurts you too much, even with preparation."

"That's not what I meant. I meant that guys like receiving anal."

"I am not gay."

"I'm not saying you are. And I'm not suggesting finding a guy to fuck you. You are all mine. That's why I got this," she said, opening the package. Inside was a realistic looking dildo and a set of straps. "It's called a strapon, and when I use it on you it's called pegging." My wife could see that I was still hesitant. "Either way, nothing is happening tonight. But are you willing to at least try? Maybe try the buttplug?"

I sighed and nodded. It would be hypocritical of me to say no, when I had asked the same exact thing of her. After dinner I found myself bending over with my pants down as my wife pushed the smallest plug into my ass. I was surprised at how easily it went in. I pulled my pants back up and we went to watch TV for a bit. It was weird having something inside my butt and between my cheeks, but once we sat down and started watching, I forgot it was there. It was only as I stood back up did I remember and froze for a second as I felt it shift inside of me. It wasn't unpleasant, just odd.

My wife seemed extra horny as she actively rode my face to three consecutive orgasms, completely drenching my face in her juices. When she was finally done, she collapsed and rolled over into bed beside me. That was my cue that it was my turn. Fucking my wife with the plug in was an interesting experience. It shifted every time I thrust and pulled back, and when I finally came, I could feel my ass clamping down on it.

The next night, my wife pulled me into the bedroom as soon as I got home. Without any discussion, she had my pants down and me bent over. Only once the plug was in my ass did she ask me how my day had been. The rest of the week was the same, except for the fact that two days later, the plug my wife pushed into my ass was bigger. I felt the stretch as it entered me and I couldn't ignore that it was there. When I started cumming inside my wife's pussy, my eyes went wide as my ass clamped down on the larger intruder.

I wore the plug for most of the weekend and on Sunday night, she switched it for the biggest of the set we owned. I groaned audibly as it stretched my ass wide, especially the widest part of it. As it slid all the way in I moaned as it hit something inside of me that the other plugs hadn't, and a jolt of pleasure shot through my body.

"I think that maybe you might end up liking things in your butt," my wife joked.

I flushed with embarrassment. Standing up caused another noise to escape my throat as the large plug shifted around inside of me, pressing against different parts of my body that had never been touched before. The fact that my cock was fully erect wasn't lost on either my wife or myself. I turned red at seeing the glimmer in her eyes. Bending down to pull up my underwear and pants required a few deep breaths. Looking up at my wife, I could see her biting her lip as she watched me. I gave up on my pants and dropped to my knees instead. In seconds her panties were off and my head was beneath her skirt as I licked at her dripping cunt. Her hands held my head tightly as she thrust her crotch against my face. Her first orgasm came within thirty seconds. The second took off the edge enough that she let me breathe for a minute. After the third she had me take her from behind, which was a rare occurrence, but given that I only lasted long enough to get inside of her before my eyes went wide as one of the most intense orgasms of my life hit me, I didn't really get to fully experience it.

Completely spent, I collapsed into bed. My wife crawled into bed with me.

"That was so fucking hot," she said to me. "I can't wait to actually fuck your ass. God, I'm still so horny!" She looked over at me. "Do you mind if I......?"

"Go for it."

"Oh thank god!" She exclaimed as she scrambled up until she was straddling my face.

It wasn't the first time I had eaten her out right after we had sex, but it wasn't super common. I didn't mind, but I generally preferred her taste undiluted with my cum. That didn't stop me from licking everywhere even as my cum leaked out of her and into my mouth. Orgasm four of the night was a screamer. After cumming, she shifted so that I could lick her ass. I happily lapped at her dark star, licking and probing until she had a gentle fifth orgasm of the night. At five she was finally done, and she laid down with a heavy sigh.

"That was incredible!" She said with a sleepy sigh.

I laid in bed next to her as she drifted off to sleep, the large buttplug still inside of me. I kept replaying the events of the evening over and over. I couldn't deny that having my ass stuffed and my prostate stimulated did it for me. The evidence was clear enough in that regard. It also seemed to do it for my wife as well, which I didn't understand. My mind warred with itself over whether or not it was going to accept the facts or continue to deny them. I finally gave up the struggle and got out of bed. Even if I could fall asleep right then, I wasn't going to with the plug in my butt. Getting the widest part of the plug out almost had me cumming again. I couldn't understand how it could feel so wrong and so good all at the same time. Without consciously realizing I was doing it, I found myself pushing the plug back in. Unable to look at myself in the mirror, I closed my eyes as I bent over the bathroom counter and fucked my own ass. I whimpered as my cum splattered on the cabinet doors. After cleaning up my mess, I climbed into bed, ashamed at what I had done, but I couldn't deny that, as my wife had said earlier, I liked having things in my butt.

It took a couple of days to be able to wear the big plug and still move around. I still had a raging erection, but at least I could pull up my pants and walk around the house. That was apparently enough of a sign for my wife.

"Tomorrow," She said, wrapping her arms around me from behind and whispering in my ear. "Tomorrow I'm going to fuck your ass."

I shivered slightly, and even I wasn't sure if it was in trepidation or excitement.

The next night my wife rode my face to only one orgasm.

"While I love your tongue," she said, climbing off my drenched face, "I need to make sure that I have enough energy to do you justice."

I watched as she pulled out the strapon she had bought a week before. I hadn't seen it since, but based on how easily she put it on, my wife had probably practiced.

Positioning herself between my legs she said, "are you ready?"

"I honestly don't know, but I guess we are going to find out."

"We can stop if you don't want to do this."

"I don't know what I want. But we should just do it and see what happens."

My wife lifted my legs into the air and had me hold them there, spread wide. She positioned the dildo at my backdoor. I felt the cold, wet sensation of a lubricated object pressing against my anus. Then I felt myself stretching to accommodate the intruder. I groaned loudly as my wife penetrated me. She went slowly, but at the same time without hesitation. Her strapon was wider than the last plug, and it wasn't tapered, so it was filling me in a way nothing ever had before, making me gasp as every inch worked its way deeper inside of me. It was only with the silicon facsimile of a dick fully inside of me with the balls pressing against the top of my crack did I realize that I was harder than I had ever been in my life.

"Are you doing ok?" My wife asked, leaning over me.

I could barely talk, the feeling was so intense. "Uh huh," I mumbled.

"Are you ready for more?" She asked with a grin.

I couldn't imagine any more, but nodded a quick shake of my head.

"Here we go!"

If I had thought that having her inside of me was intense, the feeling of her moving in and out was mind-blowing. After a few minutes I couldn't think straight, and by the time that I came, with my cum spraying all over my stomach and chest, I almost passed out. A few minutes later I found myself laying in bed with my wife holding me, my ass feeling empty.

"That was the hottest thing I have ever seen," She whispered in my ear. "You came so hard your eyes rolled into the back of your head!"

From that point on, pegging became a regular part of our sex life. We still had sex, but it was mainly when I had eaten her to enough orgasms that she was too wiped to stand up, let alone put on the strapon and fuck me. I still vividly remember when things changed again. To this day I have no idea what possessed her to do this. It might have been internationally, and it might have been her changing her mind, but one night, a couple of months in, my wife put on her strapon and then sat on my face. Licking her cunt with it bobbing in front of my face was a novel experience. Looking up at her, past the silicon dick, to where she played with her nipples as she threw her head back as she rode my tongue to her first orgasm of the night, was an incredible tableau to behold. I didn't want to stop as I felt my mouth full with her juices.

I held her thighs and continued licking. She collapsed shaking after her third, falling to the bed next to me. This was normally the point in which I would have sex with her. I got up, my face glistening with her cum and went to get between her legs. Then I stopped. Sticking straight up in the air was the object of my pleasure, that had been bouncing on front of my eyes for the last half hour. As crazy as it might sound, until now, aside from the one shameful incident with the plug, I had never played with my own ass. My wife had fucked it in many different positions, but it was always her doing it. I knew that if I climbed on, it would take things to the next level. It was only as I mounted her and fully impaled myself in cowgirl that I was able to admit to myself that I preferred having my ass filled over having my dick inside of her pussy.

"That's right, ride my cock," My wife encouraged me as I bounced up and down.

I blushed even as I went faster, my own cock bouncing with each motion. When my orgasm finally hit, it was hard enough that my cum hit my wife in the face and tits.

"Well, it seems like somebody really enjoyed that," My wife commented with a smile.

A month later I realized that I hadn't been inside of my wife since she started wearing the strapon from the beginning of our play. The first time she mounted my face with it glistening, straight from my ass was an experience. So was eating her pussy and ass from behind while it hung down between her legs.

It was another month before we reached another tipping point. It was one weekend in which we had decided to have a lazy day at home. Jokingly, my wife had put on the strapon when she got dressed in the morning, saying that it was just in case she got horny so that she could just pull my pants down and fuck me. I laughed, but the way the large phallus showed as a bulge through her leggings was both obscene and incredibly sexy. By the afternoon she had already bent me over the side of the couch once and had me riding her lap as we watched a movie.

After dinner she took me again, bent over the table with the dishes from our meal still sitting there. By the time I came my ass was sore. Not that I minded, but it was enough for the day. What surprised me was that later that night in bed, after eating my wife to exhaustion, I found myself horny and hard again. My ass protested at the thought of me riding her silicon shaft once more today. They say that sex is like riding a bike, but in the more than two months since we last had sex, and with the silicon shaft trapped between our bodies, something felt off. It took me a while to get off and I eventually laid next to her, short of breath and feeling oddly sad.

"Did last night feel weird to you?" My wife asked the next morning at breakfast.

"It did," I said with a frown. "I want," I started to say at the same time that my wife started to say something. We both stopped and she gestured for me to continue. "I want to try to have normal sex again. To see if we can make it work."

She sighed. "Ok."

Later that night, after another disappointing round of sex, in which both of us were left wishing we had done something else, I started the stopwatch.

That brought me back to the present. 342 days, 7 hours and 34 minutes on the stopwatch, as my wife entered me from behind on the hotel balcony overlooking the beach during our anniversary vacation. It was doubtful they anyone could see us, given how high we were and how dark it was out, but the thought of being watched as my wife fucked my ass intensified my pleasure and I had to stiffle the loud moan that tried to escape when I came.

Years later, my wife wanted to do something special for our tenth anniversary. Not wedding, that had passed years before. But we had started celebrating each time the watch ticked off another year since we had committed to our new places in our marriage. We were partners in everything and our marriage was stronger than ever. We both took the day off and after a slow nothing together went for massages. Following that we returned home and my wife sent me to relax while she made dinner. She made all of my favorites and nailed each and every one of them. I was blushing like a nervous bride as she led me to our bedroom. She stripped me down lovingly, kissing up and down my body as she did, before getting naked herself. Her dress had been loose enough to hide the strapon that bounced free as she pulled her dress over her head.

I dropped to my knees as she tossed the dress to the side, taking hold of the massive dildo. This wasn't the same one she had bought teen years ago. That one we had worn out ages ago and had replaced, twice. This one was brand new, and was bigger than even the upgraded size she got the last time. I lovingly took it into my mouth and she gently fucked my face, something that we had started doing during the last ten years. We didn't do often, but when the mood called for it, my mouth serviced her cock add well as her cunt. She entered my ass just as we hit the ten year mark, her new toy stretching me even more than I was used to, making it feel like a first time all over again. As we cuddled in the past coital bliss, I doubted that we were ever going to turn the stopwatch off, and I couldn't have been happier.

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AnonymousAnonymousabout 1 month ago

Enjoyed this one

DragonologistDragonologistabout 1 month ago

This is a great story and one close to our own lives. Maybe that's why I think it's so great. Wish we had started a stopwatch! Hope you do more stories along the same lines.

Templars34Templars347 months ago

That was beautiful

pegfanpegfan7 months ago

Great beginning for a long story arc I hope. Maybe culminating with a MMF ending. I agree that it could use more details though.

AnonymousAnonymous7 months ago

Great story ,I wish it was me!

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