tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNo Ordinary Love Ch. 06

No Ordinary Love Ch. 06


After Linda and her…, well you know, she pretty much slept for about an hour, and we just made it on the turnpike south. I really don't get the traffic here. One day you can go in and out of the city, within ten minutes, the next day it take two hours. But, that's what makes New York, New York.

"Hey." I taped Linda on the shoulder, to wake he up.

"You want me to stop for food, you haven't ate anything today."

"Sure!" she said in a sleepy voice. "So were are we staying in Philly?"

"I'm staying at the grooms place, you're staying with at my Grandmothers."

"Why can't we stay together?"

"Well, I just didn't want my family to see that we, you know…"


"Well, to put it bluntly, yes!"

"Fucking is wrong? I thought if two people loved each other, it was ok to fuck."

I looked at her and shook my head.

"You act like your ashamed that we live together, and fuck."

"I'm not ashamed, it's just that I don't want to be blatant with my life style. And could you not use that word?"

"What? Fuck? What's wrong with the word fuck? I fuck, you fuck every body likes to fuck, fuck. If our parents didn't fuck, then we wouldn't be here to fuck, I wouldn't like you fucking me."

She leaned behind her seat to look for her purse.

"All fuck. I left my fucking purse at home. Fuck! It matched my fucking outfit for tomorrow. Fuck! Were are you going to stop for some fucking food?"

I ignored her.

"Why are you fucking ignoring me? Am I making you fucking mad? It's fucking cold outside. I wonder what the fucking temperature is?"



"Stop the cursing!"

"Don't get all fucking holier than thou, on me! You're acting like you don't use the word."

"Not in everyday conversation! The only time I use that word is when,… we…"


I laughed. "Yeah! When we make love."

"Now you know, we don't make love!"

"Yes we do! It's just, we do it differently."

"We fuck!"

"Not all the time, that.."


"Yeah, that is mainly, bang, bang, bang, bang. What we do is more, bang, caress, kiss, kiss, kiss, bang, bang."

"I see, the difference." She said in a sarcastic tone of voice. "So what we did before we left, was?"


"Sticking you dick in and out of my ass, and coming in my mouth is love?"

"Well, I mean, I didn't force you."

"You had me pinned to the floor, and you held my face in your crotch, and then made me swallow your semen."

"Am I domineering? I'm that bad?"

My heart dropped. I knew I was wrong in doing those things. My conscience was stabbing me all over. The conscience I thought was dead. My face showed how I felt. Linda looked over at me and smiled.

"I'm just fucking with you Jay. I know our love making is different from others. Our love is not ordinary. This is no ordinary love."

"Ok Sade!"

"Besides, if we did things normal, I would problem leave you."

"What about love? I thought the way I showed my love to you was different."

"It is, and one of the big part of love and relationship, is sex. My sex drive is different from anyone you know. So I need to be fucked, or made loved to, differently. So the way you express your love to me, a girl with a different sex drive is not the way you would express your love to a girl that is a good God fearing woman. She would expect, to be kissed and caressed all the time, and held. I expect that, but I want to be fucked while you kiss me and caress me."

"I disagree."

"If you married Monica, would you do the things we do?"



"Because! She,… I wouldn't expect her too."

"So why do you do them to me? A woman,…THE, woman you love."

"I guess, because…"

"Do you expect me to suck your dick? Do you expect me, to let you cum in my mouth? Do you expect me to allow you to fuck me like you do?"


"I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I'm just trying to make you see, that, were different. I am what I am, sexually. And you fulfill MY sexual needs, by fulfilling YOUR sexual fantasies, so we both give each other what we need and want. Fifty, fifty. And believe it or not, that's love."

"I… never looked at it that way."

"You have what it takes to make a woman in the porn industry sexually satisfied. For a guy to do that and not fuck for a living,… is a damn good accomplishment!"

Wow! I thought to myself. I, just never knew. My eyes have seen so many new things. My mind, has been opened to so many new ideas and ways. I still felt, uneasy though. I mean, hell! I was a virgin until I met her. It takes time I guess to get over the things in life, you thought was just, wrong.

I have know so many guys and girls, who have been married and yet they just don't know what the other wants sexually. Most of them, don't know How. I didn't think I would know how. But, I think from the way I saw other couples made me try harder. It made think deeper on different ways to satisfy a woman. I just never knew, that my thinking was so, deeply perverted.

"Are we perverts?" I asked.

She thought for about a minute, and said, "Yeah,… sort of… well, I don't think…Yes!"

"So, are we?"

"Like I explained before, we… just express our sexuality different. Others may see it as perverted, but if we keep it between us, no one will know."

"So if we don't discuss it with others, than we're not, because in our eyes and mind, it's love."

"Something like that."

We stopped at some rest stop half way between, NY and Philly. We ate some Roy Rogers and pretty much ate and ran.

"Can I ask you a question?"


"What the hell were you thinking of back there?"

"I was hungry, so I ordered a hamburger and chicken. What's wrong with that?"

"Not there! I'm talking about, that thing you did on the stick shift."

She shrugged her shoulders.

"What possessed you, to do something like that?"

"It disturbed you that much?"

"Pretty much."

"I'm stressed."

"Bout what?"

"I…,I'll tell you later."

"No! Tell me now! I want to know what stressed you out so much to make you stick a steel and leather stick up you!"

"Promise you won't get made at me.?"

"Linda, what?"

"I was offered a steady job."

"Really! A normal job? What's bad about that?"

"It's not really normal."

"Oh God! What is it?"

"In addition to my show, Playboy asked me to co-host night calls with Chrystal."

"Wow! Cool. You know, you and Chystal are the only women in the world I truly love?"

"Why didn't you ask Chrystal out?"

"I don't know. I mean, she is just as funny and nice and kind as you. But, I wanted to met you."

"Would you fuck her?"

I looked over at her and frowned.

"No. Unless,… No!"

"Unless what?"


"No! I want to know, Unless what? I won't get mad."

"Unless, you gave me permission, or you were there."


"Was that permission?"

"No. I just know not to leave you two alone."

"Have a little more faith in me. I do have self-control."


We arrived in Philly around eight thirty. I dropped her off at my grand- mothers and I headed to Jermaine's place. As I drove there, I was so nervous about Linda being with my family alone. It's not like they would ask her probing questions, like how often we make love or if we lived together. But, I just, wanted her to accepted.

"YO! What's up man!" Jermaine asked as I walked up to the lawn of his house.


"You just making it here?"

"Yeah, traffic out of New York was horrible. But I'm here."

"You’re here, or we're here?"

"We're here."

"Were is she?"

"At my Grand-Mothers."

"You know, you are by far the luckiest bastard in the world!"


"Why? He asks… Your Girl-friend, is Tera Patrick."

"Yeah so." I tried to play stupid, but I started to grin.

"You do know, what she does for a living?"

"Yeah, she's a nurse."

He looked at me like I had no idea.

"Come inside."

We walked inside the house, and there was around ten of fifteen guys, standing watching a video, one of Tera's. Virtual sex, with Tera Patrick. All of them were fighting about who would be next to fuck her. I just shrugged it off.

"Do you think these guys will recognize her tomorrow? I asked.

"I don't know."

"Some bachelor party, beer and a virtual sex video."

"My father-in law to be would kill me if her found out I had a stripper here."

"Hey guys! She's my girl-friend. I make love to her every night."

All of them looked at me and laughed.

"No really!"

YEAH RIGHT! They all said at the same time.

"Jay! I've know you for a very long time, you would not have the guts to walk up to her. It took you what, two years to ask Monica out." Rob said. Another one of my closest child-hood friends.

"All damn! Why you gotta bring up that Bitch?" I said.

"Pretty hard language." Jermaine said.

"Well, you just don't know what she did to me."

"Yes I do!"

"No! You don't know what she did to me." I looked at him, with a very angry look.

"Maybe I don't. She'll be at the wedding."


"I want to see her reaction when she sees you and Tera."

"Linda. Her name is Linda."

"Wow! You got her real name. Things must be serious."

"Yeah, I guess." I said sighing.

"You act like that's bad. You go home to Tera Patrick. This is the woman that all these guys in this room fantasize about. And your like Ho Hum about it."

"I, just really want to settle down, and maybe even have a family. I can't with her."

"Have you talk to her about it?"

"No. I promised myself, I would not say anything about her career."

"Do you love her?"


"Does she love you?"

"She says she does."

"Well then, why not just talk it over with her, and take it from there."

"It all sounds so easy."

I walked out side and sat on the step and just thought for a few minutes. Thought about the future. Did I really want to have children, and have them to find out some time later in life that their mother was… I don't even want to think about it. When your single, children, marriage, is such a far goal to have. Well at least when you are enjoying your singleness. But when you have someone you really, deeply and truly love, the only natural thing to think of is life, love, family and happiness.

"YO Jay!" Rob said as he walked out of the front door.


"What's up?"


"Remember growing up, we could never lie to our parents, because the way we answered them? The way we said things. It just gave us away, so the way you said "nothing" tells me that something is up. So what is it?"

"I really don't want to talk about it, Rob."

"Women. What's her name?"

I looked at him and smiled, "Linda."

"Do I know her?"

"Sort of."

"From where?"

"You don't want to know."

"Tell me. It must be serious, it looks like you have the whole world on your shoulders. Talk, unload some of those burdens."

"Linda, you know her as…"

"You must be kidding! Tera Patrick? You were serious, she is your girlfriend. Damn! Do your parents know?"

"They know, who she is I mean they've met her. But they don't know what she does for a living."

"Wow! Do you guys live together?" I looked at him, then put my head in my hands and said,

"If judgement day came right now,… I'd be dead! It's just, I fell so in love with her, my heart is so, is so hers, it's,…I'm in love."

"I mean Jay, I was raised differently than you. If it was me, hell I'd be the proudest Mother Fucker there is. But YOU! People would not expect you, to have a woman like that in your life. Hey! You got the best! You love her, she loves you, so…that's what counts."


"Wow! You are my hero! Where did you met her?"

"At the hotel."

"Damn! Something told me to get into the hotel business. Will she be there tomorrow?"

"Yeah! She's at my Grand Mothers."

"YOUR GRAND MOTHERS! Why did you put a woman like Tera Patrick in your Grand Mothers house? Your Grand Mother, is like the most righteous woman I know. Jesus probable stays there when he's in town."

I looked at him with a frowned face.

"Just kidding. But you know what I mean. Well, your Grand Mother can put the fear of God in her."

"I didn't put her there for that."

"Why did you?"

"She's the woman I love. And whether my family likes it or not, she is apart of my life now, which means she is apart of their family now."

"Can I tell the guys you were serious about her being your girl?"

"Don't. I don't want the undue attention."

"Jason. Half those guys in there, including me, have just about every movie and magazine Tera has been in, they WILL recognize her tomorrow."

"I thought those guys were married."

"They are, but they all come over to my house and watch the videos and read the books and magazines, and talk about how miserable their marriages are."

"That bad?"

"It's bad. But that's what they get for marring those young dumb girls. They got the body, but don't know how to use it."

My best Friends Wedding

I woke up around nine am the next morning. I think this was the first time in six months I actually woke up before twelve noon. The morning was bright and crisp. A perfect day to have a November Wedding. I was the only one up in the house, so I thought. I walked into the living room and saw Jermaine sitting on the couch, just looking into air.


"A little."

"Are you ready?"

"For this? Or for life?"


"Yes and no. Yes, I'm ready for life, but… I don't think I'm ready for marriage."

"It's a little too late to come to that conclusion don't you think."


"Your not calling it of?"

"No. I am responsible. I have to live with my decision."

"Do you love her?"


My heart stopped. I didn't know what to say. What do you say to a guy that is about to marry a woman he does not love? Head for the hills? Run?


"She's pregnant, with my child. I don't love her, but my unborn child, I love very much. I want to do my best to make that child's life good. I want to raise him or her in a family atmosphere."

"So your going to go through life, pretending to love a woman you don't?"


"I don't know what to say."

"Nothing. Don't mention this to anyone."

~Ring, ring. I stood at the door of my Grand Mothers house, waiting for someone to open the door. My cousin came and opened it.

"Hey Jay!" I leaned down and picked her up, and gave her a kiss.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing, you should see Linda, she's beautiful."

"I bet she is."

I sat in the front room almost in tears, because one of my closest friends, was about to, basically start a fouled up life. And there was nothing I could say, or do. I heard someone walking down the steps, I looked over and say my love gracefully, walking towards me. describing her would be like, describing a Picaso to a blind man,… you can't. There were no words.

"You’re a walking simile."


I stood up and walked over to her and put my arms around her waist.

"You are a walking simile. Every time I see you, It's Like. I describe you in my head to the finest and most beautiful things know to man."

She closed her eyes and opened them back up slowly.

"Where do you come up with these lines?"

"You like them."

"Yeah! What girl wouldn't. Every time her man says something to her, the words make her so weak… What's wrong? Your eyes are red, like you've been crying."

"I'll tell you later."

"You look very handsome."


She wore a long black wrap around dress, and a black matching jacket. I moved the double breasted jacket to the side and viewed her naked chest. I then kissed her on the lips, and lightly grabbed her ass.

"Something is wrong." She said.

"Yeah, a lot."

"Tell me later."

I shook my head. We got to the church, and I sat Linda near the back. I put on a plastic smile, and greeted the guest as they arrived. One of the guys at the party last night, looked over at Linda and stared at her, long and very eerie, like her wanted to do something sadistic. Being with Linda, I was able to pick up, those looks, like I know you, I love you, I lust for you, I want to fuck you, and I will stalk you. This guy had basically all those looks, but I knew of him and I knew he wouldn't dare say anything because his wife ruled him. I walked over to Linda and leaned down and kissed her on the neck. She looked up at me and smiled.

A few minutes later a couple sat next to her and started to talk. She was the best, because she just was so warm and personable. If you got past her intimidating beauty, you would actually see, she is a wonderful woman.

The crowed settled down, and the procession came in. About ten minutes later, the bride walked in, I looked and just shook my head.

After the wedding discourse, we we're told that those who were invited to go to the reception hall, at the Marriott Hotel in down town Philly. Linda and I, were among some of the first to get there, we sat down at a table that had our names on them, Jason and Tera.

"Tera, you didn't tell him my name."

"Yes I did it was just after the fact."

"The wedding was very beautiful. Jay, do you think we will see this day together?"

I looked at her and smiled. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, and held her hand.

"Yes. I just see one obstacle though."


"Finding a black wedding dress for you."

"Fuck you!" she said laughingly.

I took a deep breath in and shut my eyes, for a second.

"What's wrong jay?"

"This whole thing, this day,… is one big lie."

"Why do you say that?"

"He told me, he doesn't love her."

"Wow, that's pretty serious. So why did he marry her?"

"She's pregnant."

"Now I see why your so upset."

The reception eventually started and the new couple seemed to be happy, smiling and taking pictures, thanking every one for coming out to support them, etc.

"Jay, why is that girl two tables over keep staring at us?"

I looked over and identified who it was.

"That's Monica."

"That's Monica? Wow she pretty. I'm going over there to talk to her."

I shrugged my shoulders. I got up and walked over to sit by rob and talked to him, for a bit. I realized that after twenty five year, he was the same old horny guy. The announcement came that the couple would have their first dance together and the MC instructed everyone to take their seat. Linda came back to the table and held my hand.

"she's funny." She whispered.



"yeah, I know that's why I liked her. We had the same sense of humor."

"no, jay! She's funny as in loco, crazy, fucked up in the head funny. Her husband screwed her up… I got to go to the bath room."

She left the table and walked o the bath room. I looked over at Monica, and saw there was a seat next to her. The dance was over so I walked over to her and sat down.

"I was wondering if and when you were going to come over."

I just looked at her.

"Your still mad I see."

"You think."

"It's been almost five years. I was hoping that you would get over it and move on. I was hoping you would give me another chance, but I see, you have moved on in relationship, but not in feelings.

"You know, you were perhaps the only person in the world that I whole heatedly Hated."

"Is that what you came over here for, to tell me you hate me."

"I said I hated you, past tense. But now, I see you got what you paid for. A broken marriage, two kids, a junkie husband and a fucked up life. So, to tell you the truth,… I'm happy."

My cell phone that was in my jacket pocket rang. I let it ring about three times before I picked it up.


"Met me by the elevators."

It was Linda, I didn't know what she wanted. It felt kind of good, closing a chapter in my life, but, Monica still was there in it,… the next chapter. No matter how hard I tried, I could not completely get over her. I walked out of the banquet hall and headed to the elevators. Standing to the side was Linda, she looked at me while I walked to her. I got to her and pulled her to me and kissed her long and hard.

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