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All my stories are either actual events or fantasies of friends of mine. I'll leave you to work out which is which ...

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They say that University is the best time in your life to experiment and push the boundaries. I left Uni earlier this year and can safely say that I made the most of that experimentation. Of course, learning about life isn't just about sex, but to neglect that aspect would have been a missed opportunity.

Having now left, I realise that I have changed and take a different view of my relationships, but during that time I was fairly wild, if not a little promiscuous, although that's for others to judge perhaps. Whilst there, I discovered that I rather liked being in front of a camera and had some stunning erotic photos taken of me by both male and female friends. In fact, I more than liked it, I was seriously turned on by being in front of a camera and mentioned to John, one of the photographers, that I'd like to try porn.

He knew someone who could arrange it if I really wanted to, and my mind went into overdrive and my body responded with all those natural signals that shout yes, god yes please! I was really horny at the thought and I just couldn't wait.

I was contacted by John's friend and a date and location were all set up. I was very nervous when it came to it, and had a few secret drinks to calm me down and take the edge off my nerves.

The location was a large house in the country with a pool, and inside there was a room set up just like any film set you've seen before. It seemed professional to me but as I'd never done anything like this before, I just had to assume it was all ok.

Before we started, I had to show them my medical for std's, and I could check over theirs. Clearly condoms were not to be part of this movie.

I had the impression that they were all regulars in this kind of work. In other words, for them, it was a case of 'get in, do the job, get paid and get out.' For me, it was all a new world, scary but exciting. My mind was telling me to run, but my pussy was aching for attention.

Anyway, they put me at ease and told me that it's best just to get on with it rather than hang around and worry. At this point I noticed that they both had electric penis pumps which was slightly disappointing as I had hoped that my body would be enough on its own to get them going. I guess if you do this every day, a hot Uni student is just not enough.

I'm beginning to get the impression you've read enough background and want to get to the porn. Fair enough. Here goes.

There were two scenes for me although the whole movie had several more; the first of mine was where a wife catches me having sex with her husband, and the second where the husband is tied up for not paying his debts. The characters in my bits were:


Becks, Paul's wife

Me, the other woman

and in scene two:


Me, his wife!

Simon, a debt collector

The two scenes were ffm and fmm

So, lights, camera, action!

The first scene:

This is what they call an all sex movie, so very little background story, just straight in there. I'm was with Paul in his house and I started by kneeling down and taking out his cock (which, by the way was a nice size), and started to suck it. He responded well to my expert ministration and like all good porn, after a while we swapped round and he licked my pussy for a bit and then started to fuck me. I remember thinking that although his was an average length, he was very thick and I really felt him going in. I was enjoying this.

He fucked me for a few minutes when Becks, his wife comes in. I suppose it was meant to be a moment of tension for the viewer as to which way she would jump, but the sex comes first in these things, so she stripped off and joined in. She started by licking my arse, and as I am bisexual, this was a delicious addition to Paul who had stepped up the pace and really started to fuck me fast and hard.

Becks had clearly done this before. She moved from my arse and alternated between licking Paul's balls as they swung with the motion of his fucking, and then licking my clit. Wow! It felt great, I was getting into this.

Paul withdrew from me, even though I hadn't cum, and started to fuck Becks in the arse while I licked her pussy. I could feel and hear her building up to something special, and after what seemed like an age where she held her breath, Becks came, and how. She let out a yowl and her body-wracking orgasm was accompanied by a gush of cum from her pussy, soaking me in the process - it was amazing and I loved it. So not all female orgasms in porn are simulated.

Paul, the inveterate professional, came on cue, jetting his cum all over Beck's tits and I finished the scene by massaging his cum into her tits as she came down to earth.

The second scene:

Oh my, this was going to be challenge, even for me. I nearly bottled out at this point as it was quite extreme and I took a lot of persuading.

Simon was great and took me to one side and we talked about the scene. At this point, to avoid panic in front of the camera, he showed me his cock. I've seen bbc before, but this was really big and billed as a 9‑incher. OK, only nine inches I hear you say, but it was the thickness. Wow! Rephrase that, Ow!

They gave me some lube and for obvious reasons, I used loads. Back to the story.

Paul (now my husband!) was tied to a chair because he owed money. Simon was the debt collector. The scene started with a little dialogue to give it context where I called Paul an arsehole for getting into debt.

Simon told me to take Paul's trousers off and expose his cock, one I was by now very familiar with, and suck it till it was hard (remember the guys used a pump so they were nearly always hard anyway). Simon told me to suck him till he was about to cum and then stop. Then I went over to Simon and took out his cock which was by now rock hard and ginormous.

At this point, I had to suck Simon's cock which was easier said than done. His thickness was so great that it was only the head that I could get into my mouth.

Simon then told me to strip. I was wearing a short blue dress which I unzipped and let fall to the ground. Underneath I was wearing black stockings, a thong and bra. He told me to get my knickers off, lie on the bed and open my legs wide.

He started to lick my pussy and as he had an amazing tongue, it was then that I realised that I wasn't going to have to fake anything. Perhaps I liked extreme after all. I was very aware of the camera, but felt totally comfortable with the whole set-up.

Simon then asked me what I wanted and the script, such as it was, told me to say that I wanted his big black cock, but by then, I really meant it. He teased Paul about paying off the debt, and then slowly pushed his enormity into what, at that moment, felt like a very small pussy.

It was a little painful at first and he didn't give me much time to adjust before fucking me hard and fast. I pushed back on his chest in the hope that he would get the signal to slow down, which he did ... a little.

Simon then flipped me over like a doll so I was now on all fours facing Paul whose cock was standing straight up showing the viewer that he was really enjoying watching his pretty wife's wet cunt getting nailed by this big stud. Following instructions, I sucked Paul while Simon continued to fuck me from behind. This was great. I had a decent cock in my mouth, a massive cock in my dripping cunt, and several cameras filming the action.

I could feel it building.

Suddenly, with a shudder and a moan I came over Simon's cock and lost all track of place and time, forgetting completely what I was supposed to say or do next. In the distance, I heard Simon say to Paul, "Now," and Paul nodded.

Somehow Paul was released from his chair and they put me down on my back and wanked over me. Paul knelt over my face and I sucked his balls. He yelled, "Yes," and then came all over my tits, face and hair. Simon followed swiftly after, and the first spurt hit my belly and for a moment I thought 'that's it,' but with another groan from Simon, I got another dousing of his cum all over my tits.


I realised later, of course, that the boys had a whole week of filming and my bit was only one day so it was no wonder they needed penis pumps. I had to hang around all week and it was quite an eye-opener and very sexy watching live porn being filmed. Despite the hanging around, I was able to watch Becks in a scene where both Simon and Paul fucked her at the same time with Simon in her pussy and Paul in her arse. I remember thinking at the time that it would have to be quite some arse to take Simon there. The boys also had a scene together which was amazing to watch. Quite a week.

Looking back, it was all pretty crazy and I doubt I will ever do it again, but I don't regret it. Another notch in the bedpost of life I guess.

What was really strange was how intense it was for me, but how everyday it seemed to the others. When it was over, we showered, dressed and had tea and biscuits while the boys talked football.

There was a long gap between filming and the finished product, and in fact I'd left Uni and gone home. I had a phone call from John saying there was a screening and although I watched it, I didn't particularly enjoy it.

So, no regrets but I've moved on.

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