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No Way Back


Diane looked down and smiled to herself. Although it was far from small, Clive's hand looked almost tiny as it massaged the vast expanse of her boob, and compared to her pale skin it looked even darker than it really was. Ever since her first sexual awakening she had always had fantasies about black men, wondering if they were really as well endowed as she had heard. Now she hoped she was about to find out.

Eighteen months ago her marriage had broken down, and because her husband was the only man she had ever been with, in fact her only boyfriend, she had been struggling to find her way back into the social scene, when a friend casually mentioned an over thirties singles bar she had heard about. Diane hadn't been too keen on the idea, after all she wasn't exactly desperate, but she was fed up sitting at home on her own, so she figured it wouldn't hurt to check it out. The first thing that struck her when she walked through the door, was that there was nothing really remarkable about anyone there. She didn't know what she had expected, if anything, but ordinariness was not it. The fact was that most of the people looked just as drab and overweight as she felt herself to be, and she heaved a small sigh of relief that she wouldn't stand out from the crowd. Finding a corner table, she ordered a drink from a waitress, and when it came she sat watching the other patrons as she sipped. As the bar became more crowded, groups formed and the atmosphere became more relaxed.

After a while it became clear that many of the clientele were there for more than merely a social drink. Her eyes widened as she saw a grinning woman thrust her hand into the pants pocket of a man standing beside her. It was obvious from his expression that she wasn't seeking loose change, and she laughed as another member of her group briefly cupped her breasts. Feeling uncomfortably like a reluctant voyeur, Diane drained her glass and signalled to the waitress for a refill. Unlike some of the people here sex was the last thing on her mind - all she wanted was company - but she'd gone to the trouble of coming here so she may as well enjoy a few drinks and head home. She was halfway through her third drink, and deciding to call it a night when she spotted a trio of black people, two men and a woman standing near the bar. The woman was around her own age and quite attractive, and although Diane didn't know her, there was something vaguely familiar about one of the men. It was a few moments before she realised she'd seen him several times in her local shopping centre, but hadn't taken much notice other than that he was one of the few black men she'd seen there. The three chatted for a few minutes as they surveyed the bar, then the woman kissed one of the men on the cheek and left with the third.

Almost as though he sensed Diane's eyes on him, the remaining man turned to look in her direction then casually strolled towards her table, and without speaking he set his drink on the table and took a seat facing her.

Now that they were finally face to face she studied him as frankly as he was studying her. He took a sip from his glass before he spoke, and when he did she was surprised at the mellowness of his voice.

"I've seen you in the supermarket." It was a statement rather than a question, and she nodded. There was an uncomfortable silence for some minutes, and then he spoke again. "This is the first time I've been here. My friend and his wife persuaded me to give it a try."

She nodded her head again in understanding. "I know what you mean. A friend told me about the place too. I only came to have some company other than myself."

Now that the ice had been broken, he introduced himself as Clarence, grimacing almost apologetically as he said the name and they both seemed to visibly relax. The conversation began to flow more easily, and despite her original reservations she slowly found herself warming to him, really enjoying his company, so it was with genuine reluctance that after a while she pointed out the time, and said she should look for a cab before the late rush started. When he suggested that since they were both going to the same area maybe they could share a cab, it made perfect sense so she readily agreed. It took several attempts before a cab finally stopped for them, and there had been nothing about his demeanour that rang any alarm bells with her, so she gave it little thought when he put his arm around her waist as he helped her into the back seat before taking his place beside her.

Halfway through the trip another car emerged without warning from a parking space, causing their cab to swerve suddenly and throwing her against him. As he raised his arms reflexively her breast pressed against his palm and they both froze. Pulling a face to cover her embarrassment she pulled away and settled back into her seat. The remainder of the cab ride passed in an awkward silence. She knew it had been a pure accident, but she couldn't take her mind off how his hand had felt. It had been years since a stranger had touched her there, and although it had been unintentional she couldn't stop wondering how it would feel to have his hand inside her bra. To cover her confusion she fumbled in her purse for her share of the cab fare, but he put his hand over hers in refusal. As she turned to insist she realised his face was closer to hers than she thought, and before she could draw back his lips met hers. The kiss was brief, but his full lips were so soft and warm that as he broke off she responded without thinking, and moved closer.

At that moment the cab stopped outside her house, and her companion sighed softly. "Thank you for a very nice evening," he said quietly. "I'll walk you to your door before I head home if it's OK?"

She couldn't trust herself to say anything, so he took her silence as agreement, climbing out of the car and moving around to open her door. The unexpected chivalry surprised her, and as he helped her out she grasped his hand firmly. She opened her mouth to thank him, but the words that came out stunned them both. "Why don't you pay the driver and come in for a coffee or something?" Even as she said it she knew how it must have sounded, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to care. Without speaking Clarence paid the fare, and as the cab drove away he accompanied Diane to the door. Her hands were trembling as she fumbled with her keys, finally finding the right one and turning it in the lock.

The moment they were inside she stood quietly, suddenly apprehensive. As much as she'd imagined him feeling her boobs, and if she was honest with herself, anything else he wanted to feel, she was afraid. What if he took one look at them and was turned off? After all she'd really put on weight over the years, and whilst her breasts had always been large even as a teenager, now the only word for them was enormous and they were definitely losing the fight with gravity. It hadn't bothered her much with her husband because he hadn't exactly stayed in shape either, but this was different. Her thoughts were interrupted when he put his fingers under her chin, tilting her face up to his. This time the kiss was deliberate and searching, and she moaned softly as his hand found her breast, squeezing and kneading, reawakening almost forgotten sensations. Thankful that he was showing a confidence she was far from feeling, she allowed him to lead her to the living room where she stood acquiescent as he unfastened her blouse and slipped it down her arms. When he reached for her bra fastening she closed her eyes, not wanting to see the disappointment in his face, but as the cups fell free he whistled softly.

"Holy fuck, they're superb!" He hefted her boobs in his hands, lifting and pushing them together before lowering his head and sucking her nipple deep into his mouth. Without disengaging his lips he eased her onto the couch, and for several minutes he sucked and squeezed her magnificent mounds. Finally opening her eyes she looked down, seeing the stark contrast of his dark hand as he fondled her soft white flesh. His hands were strong and work roughened, but the roughness only added to her pleasure as he stroked and massaged her pliant tit flesh. After a year and a half of celibacy, she once more knew the caress of a man's hands. Her breathing quickened and she offered no resistance as he pulled up the hem of her skirt and slowly slid his hand into the waistband of her panties, down over the swell of her belly. She drew in a sharp breath when his fingers touched her clit, and she reached across to free his tool from his pants. A pleased smile lit up her face as she saw that, at least in this case, the claims about black men were justified, and she lowered her head to take it eagerly into her mouth.

Although she enjoyed sucking cock she had never liked the taste or feel of cum in her mouth, and had learned to recognise the signs so she was able to pull her head back at the last instant. This time however she was determined not to stop until she had swallowed every last drop of Clarence's creamy fluid. With his fingers working their magic on her clit and nipples she bobbed her head faster, licking and sucking the huge black bone, urging him to fill her mouth with his sticky jism. His glorious cock began to twitch in the familiar prelude to ejaculation, and she increased her efforts, but he suddenly pulled it from her mouth.

"No, babe," he panted. "I want it in your pussy."

Kneeling between her thighs he eased her panties over her hips and down her legs, then sat back on his heels admiring the pouting lower lips, neatly divided by an inviting slit with just the hint of a protruding clit. Relieved that her skirt concealed her expanded waistline, she opened her legs wide and sighed with pleasure as his mouth covered her pussy. Probing her puffy slit with his tongue, he licked up one side and down the other before pinching her clit between his lips. She gasped and raised her hips and he responded by thrusting a finger deep into her wetness, and sucking hard on her love button. Her excitement started to build and she held his head tight, working her pelvis to increase the contact. With a low moan her climax burst from her trembling loins, and rising to his feet he helped her from the couch and led her to the bedroom.

Quickly stripping off her skirt, he gazed appreciatively at her nude form before divesting himself of his own clothes. He made to move closer to her, but she put her hands against his chest, tracing the muscles as she studied his body. Wishing hers was as flat, she ran her palm over his hard stomach wrapping her fingers round his rigid organ, and began to stroke slowly and gently. During their twenty years together she had been faithful and had always enjoyed her husband's cock. Despite the fact that he had never given her a real climax she had still liked it whenever he fucked her, but now she realised that part of the reason for the breakdown of their marriage was that, much as she had enjoyed his tool, she had never really wanted it the way she wanted this one. Tightening her grasp she edged backwards until she felt the backs of her knees against the bed and then pulled him down, desperate to feel him inside her, plundering and ravaging her depths.

He lay down beside her and resumed worshipping her massive breasts, his roughened palms scraping across her stiffened nipples and raising her need to unimagined heights. Just as she thought she would go crazy with frustration, he moved between her widespread thighs and watched the bulbous head of his huge black cock push between her plump pussy lips and bury itself to the hilt in her eager slot. With each powerful inward thrust she felt her hole stretch to accommodate his girth, and she raised her hips in an attempt to draw him deeper. This was more than just a fuck, it was a whole new sensory experience as his glorious love muscle probed places even her favourite sex toy had never been able to reach. His mouth on her tits as he fucked her took her into one long drawn out orgasm, and her juices were flowing like a river as he shuddered, pouring a stream of hot cum into the deepest recesses of her clutching tunnel.

As his spent rod relaxed inside her, she was delighted to find that even in repose the magnificent weapon still plugged her hole most satisfactorily, and her mind began to picture the wonderful fuck sessions that lay ahead, provided of course that Clarence was willing. For now though there was still some unfinished business to take care of. As he rolled off her she leaned over him, taking his softened cock into her mouth and savouring their combined juices. She knew it could take some time, but as far as she was concerned they had all night, so she contented herself with licking from tip to balls and back again, occasionally taking as much as she could into her mouth before returning to licking and nibbling. After a while her efforts bore fruit, and wrapping her lips around his stiffening tool she sucked greedily until she was rewarded with a torrent of thick cream flooding her mouth. With a satisfied grin she let it slide down her throat, and licking her lips she let out a mischievous chuckle.

"Well that's supper taken care of, any suggestions for breakfast?"

It hadn't occurred to her that he might refuse such a blatant invitation, so she was stunned when he reached for his clothes.

"Sorry babe," he told her, "it's tempting, but I have to work tomorrow and all my work gear is at home." He saw her stricken expression, and he took her in his arms. "If it's OK with you I'd like to stop by after work tomorrow?"

She nodded listlessly. She should have seen it coming. He'd had his one night stand with a bonus blowjob for good measure, and now he couldn't wait to escape. The offer to return meant nothing and they both knew it. It had only been a conscience gesture to make her feel better, so she wouldn't feel used, although in all honesty she had to admit that she had used his impressive cock just as eagerly as he had used her pussy and tits. Perhaps more, because never in her wildest dreams had she imagined being fucked and filled so thoroughly, so she certainly had no reason to complain. Even having him cum in her mouth had been more pleasant than she had expected. By no means had it miraculously converted her into a born again cum lover, but it had been appropriate to the occasion so she had enjoyed it.

After he had left she rinsed out the aftertaste with a glass of cola, then took a shower to rid herself of the pungent scent of sex before climbing into bed, where she lay tossing restlessly until finally she fell into an uneasy sleep. It was still dark when she woke, and she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but when she closed her eyes fragments of a dream kept popping into her mind, all coming together to form a clear picture. She had been lying on a bed in a huge room, surrounded by every man she had ever met socially. One by one they had unfastened their pants to reveal immense black cocks, which swayed hypnotically as they approached and drove in and out of her unresisting pussy. As she had awakened, although she knew it had only been a dream, she could still almost feel this endless stream of impossibly massive tools penetrating her, filling her with their floods of scalding fluids. Try as she might she couldn't get the erotic images out of her head, and with a sigh of resignation she reached into her bedside drawer for her vibrator, desperate to still the insistent burning in her loins. It took several minutes of frantic thrusting to bring her the much needed relief, enabling her to drift off again.

It was late morning before she woke again, and after setting the coffee to brew she went to change the bed sheets which were stained from her nocturnal exertions. Sitting naked on a kitchen chair, she sipped her coffee and went over in her mind what had happened last night. It had certainly been the most memorable sex she ever had, so perhaps it was as well that Clarence wouldn't be back. It was hard to imagine reaching those peaks again, so a repeat could be a disappointing anticlimax. Draining her cup, she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, then stood before the mirror critically studying her reflection. It hadn't seemed important during her marriage, but now for the first time she was seeing herself as she imagined a man would see her. The huge pendulous breasts which hung almost to her waist, and the sagging belly that all but concealed her slit. It was no wonder that Clarence had made a fast getaway. He hadn't wanted her. He'd simply been horny and all he'd wanted was a willing cunt to stick his oversize prick into. Well he had certainly found that hadn't he?

Dismissing it from her mind, she stepped under the shower and leaned against the wall, enjoying the warm spray. She wasn't sure how long she stood there, but suddenly the water ran cold, and she turned off the taps and wrapped herself in a huge shapeless robe that concealed her form. Making herself a sandwich and a fresh coffee, she sat watching television for a while, and after she had eaten her light lunch she rinsed the empty cup and plate. Just as she was putting them away her doorbell rang, and pulling her robe tight around her she went to answer. Her jaw dropped with surprise to see Clarence, still in his work clothes.

"Hello, I thought you were working today?"

He smiled and shrugged. "I was, but then it started raining. Can't lay bricks in the rain, so I thought I'd drop by and thank you for last night."

Standing aside to let him enter, she looked at him. "I didn't think I'd see you again. I didn't think you'd want to."

"Why would you think that?" he asked, tugging at the tie of her robe. "How could I not want to see a body like this? You're magnificent."

He said it so simply that there could be no doubting his sincerity, and she stood unmoving as he removed her robe and ran his hands over her. She could see the want in his eyes. Not lust. Not need. Not even desire. Just want. He wanted her, not just her tits and pussy. Her. The complete package. Despite all her imperfections he wanted her. She couldn't remember ever being looked at the way he was looking at her, and she liked the feeling. Taking his hand she pressed it between her thighs, wanting him to feel the sudden wetness. Wanting him, and wanting him to know she wanted him.

She couldn't find the words for what she wanted him to know, so she just looked into his face for several moments and then dropped her gaze. It seemed as though he knew what was going through her mind, because he took her hand and led her into the bedroom, where he quickly undressed. Her eyes glazed with need at the sight of his rigid tool, and knowing instinctively there would be no need for foreplay, he turned her around and leaned her forward until her palms were flat against the bed. Moving behind her he spread her legs, and speared his cock between the pouting lips of her chubby pussy. She slumped forward with her head on her hands as she felt his hard length fill her completely, and she pushed back to meet his thrusts. A loud moan tore from her throat when he grasped her dangling breasts, squeezing and twisting the hard nipples as he pulled her against him. Her orgasm began immediately, her juices flowing down her trembling, suddenly weak legs as he fucked her with what she could only describe as a gentle force. She knew it seemed a contradiction, but it was the only way she could think of it. There was power in his thrusts, but there was a gentle quality about the way he fucked her, almost as though he was afraid she'd break.

When she had woken up she had thought it impossible to reach the same peaks as last night but now he was taking her even higher. She was too horny to want tenderness, and she pushed back savagely as she begged him to fuck her harder. In response he dug his fingers into her tits and rammed his enormous black cock in and out of the pink folds of her dripping snatch. She had thought that her climax couldn't be more intense, but now her entire body seemed to be one huge quivering orgasm. Pressing her face into the mattress, she gave out a long muffled scream as his plunging tool erupted, flooding her fuckhole with a torrent of hot cum. He continued to fuck her until his cock stopped pumping his juices, then as he withdrew, her trembling legs finally gave way and she collapsed, sobbing with totally sated passion.

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