tagGay MaleNoah's Starship Ch. 15

Noah's Starship Ch. 15


Sorry for the silence... life got crazy.


+++ Noah +++

"You can't go home tomorrow. The news says Iran is dangerous," I urged Mr. Naseri. There had been an article about some nuclear deal going on and some people saying it was going to get us killed.

"Noah! My home is not dangerous. It will be just fine," Mr. Naseri laughed.

"I'm serious... it could be dangerous. I would be heartbroken if anything happened," I reached over and put my hand on his, I rubbed the back of his hand with one finger and looked down at the table.

"You really are worried, aren't you?" Mr. Naseri observed. He took both of my hands and held them in his.

"I don't want you to get hurt," I said as his warmth flowed through my hands.

"Our countries don't tell the truth about each other," he said and held my hands tightly. We were having our last morning together before they went home.

We'd developed a little routine of walking to the coffee place while Navid was off on business and Mrs. Naseri was preparing food or off with Navid. Mr. Naseri loved trying all the varieties, the weird flavors of America that they didn't have back home. He liked how specialized he could get his drink.

"But it's from the newspaper. Why would they do that?" I said and took a sip of my green tea.

"That's a very good question. Our countries used to be friends. When I was young, Iran was emulating much about your country. Some of us felt that we had gone too far though and were in danger of losing our culture. Things got ugly pretty quickly, but now we are hopeful that peace is in sight," he explained as he rubbed my shoulder.

"Oh... but maybe you should stay an extra few weeks just to make sure... you could just stay here if you wanted to. We have room for you both," I said. Although I really wanted things back to normal with Navid, I would miss his parents when they left.

"I have a job and children back in Iran. If it is dangerous then I must go home and protect them," Mr. Naseri chuckled at my offer.

"I know... I just... I like having family here. I'm going to miss this," I said.

Mr. Naseri nodded and hugged me to his side. He assured me that we would be together again before too long. He sounded so confident about it like he never thought we could be adversaries. Maybe he would think differently if he knew what I was to his son, what I lusted after.

I'm not sure how, but the conversation turned to gender roles. He noted a couple in the coffee shop where the "husband" went to sit at the table while the "wife" went to the counter and engaged the male cashier to get the drinks. He thought the man should have done that and shouldn't have let her pay or talk with other men. He gave a look of shock to a guy who walked in with quarter-sized ear spacers stretching his earlobes wide. He said that would never be done in his country. We talked about how different it was here.

And then I asked something without thinking. I couldn't stop myself. I rambled foolishly. I asked what they did when men didn't want to be like that with women or didn't want to be with women. He looked at me strangely, I never ventured into topics of controversy like that.

"I shouldn't ask that," I said after I asked it. "You probably don't want to talk about that."

"No," Mr. Naseri straightened up and shook his head. "It's ok, Noah. It's ok to ask questions. You're a very inquisitive boy, that's not a bad thing. Was there a reason for you to ask this?"

My pulse started to thump against my brain. Was he asking me if I had asked because I like boys? Did he know?

"No... no sir, I was just... curious," I shrugged with a dismissive chuckle and desperately tried to backpedal out of this.

I felt my heart pounding just thinking about how he might answer, or how Navid would react when he found out I'd asked that of his father. But Mr. Naseri smiled and rubbed my shoulder in that fatherly way he had.

"In my country one belongs to his family. There is a responsibility to each other as part of a group. We support each other and help when there is need. We are always there for each other. It is different here as it is in Britain. Did that answer your question?" he asked and cocked his head to the side.

It didn't... not at all.

"Yes sir... That's really... great families. Wow,," I said wanting this to end quickly. He smiled and nodded.

"If you are worried about becoming a man, Noah, you shouldn't. You're still young and small. You have much growing to do and have many days ahead of you. There is no reason to rush it," he said.

"I hope I can be as good of a man as Navid is," I said.

"I hope so too. Navid is severely strict with you. He doesn't allow you much room to grow. I've spoken to him about it, but he feels it is necessary because of your upbringing. If you don't push back against him, he will not give you enough room to spread your wings. You have to let him know when to back away. I can see how badly you want his approval, but he's a loyal father to you. He won't abandon you. He is learning how to be a father, how to support as I did but yet still give you room to grow," Mr. Naseri said.

"You gave him room to grow?" I asked.

"I gave all my children room to make mistakes. It is how we learn. My children always know that I am there for whatever they need, but I step aside when their need is to learn on their own. Navid doesn't have that part of it. He wants everything to be easy and simple for you... too simple. He needs more pushback to figure it out...ok?" Mr. Naseri asked.

I nodded and his smile returned. I couldn't tell him that saying no to Navid, defying him, made my stomach ache and my chest tighten. Navid fought and worked for every dollar he earned in the struggle to build his business. I wanted him to come home to a happy place where he was king and in complete relaxation.

He eyed me thoughtfully for an awkward minute as if reading the confusion in my head and then went on talking about how much he would love to have a coffee shop like this in his neighborhood. We stayed on light topics as we walked back home. It was the last time we'd do this for the foreseeable future. There was an unspoken sadness between us.

+++ Navid +++

Noah, my beautiful prince, was stretched out on our bed when I got home. I'd been away for nearly five hours to see my parents off on their flight. We had lunch on the way to the airport and then I got their bags checked in at the ticketing counter and sat with them for an hour before they had to go to their gate.

I could tell Noah had been busy in my absence. The house was cleaned and everything in our bedroom was put back to the way it was before my parents' visit. He had changed the sheets and bedspread back to the ones we used. I took off my shoes and sat next to him on the bed. I already knew that our clothes would be back in our drawers, everything back to how it had been before my parents' visit. He always worked so hard to make sure I came home to an impeccable, perfect place.

I leaned over his sleeping frame and pushed back his light blonde hair. He had it grown out on top and shaved close on the sides. His eyes looked a little puffy and I could see the bits of salt down the side of his cheek that told me he had been crying. He had bonded so quickly and deeply with my parents.

I understood it. Noah longed for two parents who were stable and the large family he never had. He was fascinated to hear my parents' stories of the foolish or funny things I had done as a child with my brothers and sisters. He wanted that connection; to lose himself in the safety of a large tribe. My parents so readily welcomed him and Noah was somewhat devastated when I told him it wasn't easy for Americans to visit Iran.

I rubbed down Noah's chest and felt his stomach rumble when my hand passed it. He probably hadn't eaten since my mother's breakfast this morning. He never ate when he got too busy or upset. Though I was desperate to slide off his clothes and be inside my boy, I knew I would have to remedy this soon. Noah needed a bit of coercion to take care of himself sometimes. He needed a protector.

The final two hours at the airport with my parents was wasted trying to work up the nerve to confess everything to them. My father had pressed a wad of bills into my hand before he left. He said it was money he forgot to exchange, but I knew he was leaving it for me to spend because I hadn't needed their financial support.

"Take it back to Iran and deposit it there," I said knowing the banks in Tehran liked to have US cash. My father insisted the government regulation prohibited this, but we both knew the banks would circumvent it and want the cash as a service for their higher-income clients.

"Use it for something, a gift for Noah. He rarely spends your money. Use it for his tuition or shoes or whatever the boy likes. You are too strict with him! Think of this as payment for putting up with you," my father laughed but he wasn't entirely joking.

"He has all that he needs, but... I don't wish to argue about this, father," I shoved the cash in my pocket without counting it.

I wanted so desperately to tell them what Noah meant to me, to explain to them what was right in front of their eyes. He was my perfect boy, I would never find better. No one was more suited to my heart, my soul, my world.

They already loved him. If he had been female they would have insisted that I marry him on the spot. He fit with them, respected them, cared for them as if he were their own child. My father would have immediately contacted Noah's and made arrangements.

He checked off every box on my mother's list. Noah was kind and gentle, soft-spoken and supportive. He wanted her guidance in the kitchen, the home... If he spoke our language, he would want her guidance in life as well. She saw how he was wise with my money, this is important for Persians. The wife controls most of the home budget, and my mother watched every coin that was spent on food, clothing, entertainment.

She saw how Noah prefered a homecooked meal, how he shook his head no when I tried to buy him a pair of shoes I saw him eye with desire when we went to the mall. She could clearly see that he had reduced my wasteful extravagance. Even with a place of our own and two mouths to feed, I had spent less of my parents' money this past year. She always complained about that with my brothers' wives. She said they were wasteful, ungrateful, unwilling to learn from her.

Why was his gender the defining item to disqualify him as my life partner? How could life be so harsh and inflexible?

I played through the scenarios of what they would do if I told them I planned to marry Noah someday. They wouldn't yell or scream, they would insist that I was wrong, mistaken, confused. Once they were convinced though, my father would go to the ticket counter and trade his in for a ticket in my name.

He would send me home with my mother while he closed up my life here. They would blame America. I was corrupted by its siren of temptations. My father would close my accounts, sell the belongings that couldn't be sent home... and close up my life with Noah.

He wouldn't be harsh with Noah. He couldn't do that to such a kind soul.

He loved the boy and would be convinced that I had somehow corrupted him. It must have been my fault, my evil influence. How could a boy as sweet and innocent as Noah ever do something so perverse with another man. Of course he would blame me for that. He would give Noah money to finish school and help him take whatever he wanted from our home back to his father's apartment. He would tell Noah that I was needed back in Iran, and it was best to move on without me.

My father would save every ounce of his wrath for when he returned to me. I would be married within the month to whatever woman my mother chose; whomever would be ready on short notice. They would press me to get her pregnant quickly, more things to entrap me and solidify that I was a real man.

"Karim," Noah said softly. I woke from my thoughts to find his brilliant, sleepy, sea-green eyes blinking up at me. They were so light and unique, as though they were crafted in an art studio.

"No, baby, it's me," I corrected thinking he was confused on my identity. I rubbed his cheek.

"No, Karim came by. He left a gift for us to open," Noah said with a wide yawn. He pointed to a red, paper bag sitting next to the door. I went to get it and set it on the bed between us as Noah sat up and stretched.

"He let himself in..." Noah started but I interrupted him.

"He found you crying?" I asked.

Noah nodded, "He brought me upstairs to lie down and then held me until I fell asleep... I didn't hear him leave."

That left a knot in my stomach. I didn't want anyone else holding my boy. Karim sometimes felt too comfortable with affection, with injecting himself into our relationship. Sometimes it felt like he wanted to be in control of how I loved Noah. He offered advice, scolded me if he thought I wasn't taking good enough care of him or treating him well.

I know he means well. I went to him because he was my boss and a huge help in getting my career going and my work visa. He thought of himself as another father to me. He had faced many of the obstacles I needed to overcome. He grew his own business from nothing, made his family accept his relationship, and had a partner who was loyal and supportive.

He was the perfect role model and so generous with me. Still, I knew a part of him wanted Noah. He had a certain smile he only used when he saw my boy. It made me uncomfortable sometimes. He would never cross our friendship, but he seemed comfortable pushing the boundary.

But Noah needed the comforting and I wasn't here to give it. Love compelled me to want for his comfort even if it was provided by another's hand. I sighed and forced a smile.

"Do you feel better? You need to eat something," I put a hand to his pale, unblemished cheek.

"I'll be ok. Just sad. Open the gift!" Noah insisted. He pushed the bag towards me and bit his lip in anticipation.

Noah loves a package. Whenever we get one in the mail he always begs me to open it and shows a small look of disappointment if there's nothing in it for him. I make sure that when I order things online there is always something for him. The look on his face is worth it every time.

Inside the bag was a jumble of tissue paper with a small card atop it. I took it out and read it to Noah.

"For you two to enjoy some time together free from family and friends." The handwriting looked suspiciously neat and I guessed that Mike must have written it.

I pulled at the tissue paper until I found a piece of blue elastic. I pulled it out to reveal a shiny blue thong with a yellow mesh pouch in front. The pouch was oversized to indicate it was meant for a well-endowed man.

"I think that's yours," Noah said with an excited laugh.

"I will look ridiculous like this!" I protested and felt my face flush. It looked like something I had seen on a dancer at a club Karim took me to for lunch one day. He wanted to shock me and insisted on calling the dancer over to our table. He had tipped him generously for rubbing up against me and then squatting in Karim's lap once I'd pushed him away gently. I hadn't shared that story with Noah for obvious reasons.

"Please! For me! You have to!" Noah whined.

"Ok, my love. But! If he sends something for you, you must wear for me as well," I offered.

"It's a deal! Try it on before we look at the rest of the bag!" Noah bit his lip with happy excitement.

"You must really want this to pass up seeing what he brings you!" I laughed and went off to the bathroom with the tiny thong. I quickly slid off my clothes and sighed at my naked frame in the mirror. The things I would do for my Noah. I'd skipped a few workouts and enjoyed a little too much of my mother's cooking. Noah still acted as though I were as hot as I'd ever been. He always seemed to overlook my flaws. I noted that my mother's cooking hadn't added a single pound to his lithe frame. I would spend this week getting back to my gym routine and being a good support for his needs.

I pulled up the thong and found that I had to shove my cock and balls inside the mesh pouch. It had a strap that came up under my balls to put my package on full display. My cock instantly fluffed up at the memory of the dancer I'd seen wearing this. He wasn't as handsome as my boy, but he knew how to move, to make his body twist and bend in ways that pleased men.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed back out to the bedroom. Noah had put on dance music, a light thumping bass for me to entertain him.

"I have to dance for you as well?" I laughed and Noah nodded seductively. He laid back against the pillows and folded his arms behind his head.

"Yeah daddy, show me what you got," he said in a low and hungry tone. I get a thump in my chest when he calls me that. I love being his protector, his guide. I blushed a little and then rubbed a hand slowly down my chest and down to the towel to grip my bulge and give a few thrusts of my hips. Noah gave a nervous laugh, but I saw his hand slide down between his thighs. Seeing me hot always made his pussy twitch.

I danced my way over to him while I used one hand to clutch the towel and the other to rub myself as I bounced and dipped. I paused at his side and turned my ass towards him. It was covered with the towel, but he reached to rub it and I gave a few twerks towards him.

"Fuck yeah, you're so good at this," he praised as I rubbed my ass against his arm.

I turned quickly and Noah sat up to try and reach me. I pushed him back against the pillows and knelt up and over his legs to straddle him on the bed. I kept the towel closed, but bounced over him a few times, squatting low to rub my ass against his legs. Noah reached a hand to my knee and slid it up my thigh to grip my package.

"That's huge," he exclaimed as though he hadn't seen it before.

"Yes?" I asked and raised my eyebrows. I let go of the towel and whipped it away to bounce my package in his face. The thong made my cock look like an obscene, floppy fin. My cock was hard and it strained the yellow mesh pouch so my dark brown tool was in full view.

"Best... stripper... ever," Noah gasped and reached to stroke my cock. I gave him a wink and let him stroke me a few times. My cock always felt so big in his smaller hands. He had to use both to get it under control.

I enjoyed it for a few more seconds, but then pushed him away.

"Let's see what else is in the bag!" I suggested and saw a deep look of disappointment overtake his face. He whimpered a few times, but I was already off of him and sat down against the bedspread.

Noah crossed his arms with that little pout he does. I returned his pout with stern eyes and he quickly straightened up and crawled across the bed to my side.

Next in the bag was a plastic pouch with three small vials of different lubricants. Noah read the labels and decided he'd like to try the one that is supposed to tingle. I didn't normally like those things and we certainly didn't need any added excitement, but I'd try it.

I didn't see anything else in the bag, but then Noah put his hand in and scrounged the bottom.

"There's something plasticky down there," he said and pulled out a wrapped flat package. It held some kind of white material and the label brand said "AccessBoy." Noah raised one eyebrow at me and handed it to me.

"What is it?" he asked as I picked at the wrapping.

"I don't know, but it must be yours so you promise to wear!" I laughed uncertainly. I got the package opened and pulled out a sheer pair of white tights like something a woman would wear. Noah looked at me with crazy eyes.

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