tagErotic HorrorNocturnal Lustings Ch. 04

Nocturnal Lustings Ch. 04


Chapter 4 : Dracula ~ Elisabeta Ch. 1

A toy. That's all she is. That's all she ever could be. Lucy is no Elisabeta. She is but a shadow compared to my love.

From the moment I saw her face, I knew Elisabeta was the one I would love until the end of time. Her dark eyes, so full of life and love. The way her soft lips parted as she moaned my name as we made love on those long dark nights. Her body melting against mine. Completing me so totally. She was the part of my soul that was missing, but now found. We would never be parted. She was meant to be mine forever.

I remember the way she came to me on our wedding night, so long ago now, yet it seems but a instant ago. Her eyes, full of fear, but at the same time, longing. I remember the pureness of her gown. Her raven hair nestling against the white silk, framing her face as she looked up into my eyes with such love. I can still recall the smell of her, of her hair, as I lifted it up off her shoulders and held it to my nose, inhaling the aroma. Such long tresses. So soft to touch. I held it in my hands, still inhaling it, as I moved around behind her. I remember how she trembled as my lips brushed softly against her neck. Her soft moan as my tongue licked at her pulse. The taste of her skin, so exquisite, as my lips moved over her neck. She took my hands and entwined her fingers around mine. I could hear her breathing growing shallow as desire overtook her. She was panting, almost gasping for breath. Her hands slowly moved up over her body, guiding mine till we were both caressing her body. Such shameless wantoness from my sweet virgin bride. It excited me more. My whole being screamed for her.

I had waited so long, since the moment I first saw her. Her innocence was like a beacon in the darkness, shining through her, drawing my eyes to her like a moth to a flame. I could feel my blood surge through my body. Feel the desire burn in my veins. I had never wanted anyone as much as I wanted her. And she knew it.

Her flirting smiles, soft whispers, taunting my desires, flaming my passions. She knew what she was doing to me, and she loved every minute of it. I loved it too. She set out to trap me, and she succeeded. Now she was mine, forever.

Slowly, I turned her around to face me. She kept her face turned downward, afraid to look at me. I moved a hand up to cup her face and lifted it up so her eyes could meet mine. I close my eyes and can still see the love mixed with fear in their dark depths. I asked what she was so afraid of, and her whispered reply made me smile. She was afraid she wouldn't please me. I fell in love with her all over again. Gently, I kissed her, reassuring her that I loved her, no matter what. I could feel her body relax as it pressed against mine. Our lips found each other's and all our pent up passion exploded into that one, soft kiss.

She didn't protest as my hands pulled up her gown and slipped it over her head. Her body glowed like alabaster in the candlelight. She stood proudly, daring me with her eyes to find her body displeasing. As if I could. Her body was like her face...perfect. Those small, firm breasts with nipples already hardening, begging for my lips. Her slender waist, flat stomach leading down to the soft tangle of curl nestled at the top of her thighs. She was so beautiful, she took my breath away.

Without a word, she took my hand in hers and lead me to our bed. I stood and watched in silence as she sat on the edge, watching me. Slowly I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor. Her eyes grew wide as she dragged them over my chest. She stood and followed her eyes with her fingers, gently tracing each scar that marked my body. I threw back my head as those delicate fingers were followed by her soft lips. My fingers tangled in her hair, holding her face against me. I can still feel those lips moving over my chest as her fingers moved down to unlace my breeches and gently ease them down. Her small hand brushed against me and I heard her frightened gasp.

I knew she would have had some marital instruction. Although what she had been told and how much she actually knew, I could only guess. I knew she was afraid, but fear was to be expected. Elisabeta was my love, my life. I would never do anything to hurt her or cause her pain.

I scooped her up into my arms as if she were nothing more than a child and carried her back to our bed. Gently I lay her down on the soft coverings. She looked up at me with the fear back in her eyes. I lay beside her and took her in my arms, holding her tight as I whispered words of love, promises of the many tomorrows we would share. My lips found hers again and we kissed, slowly, deeply. I took her hands in mine and caressed her fingers as my lips moved from her mouth to her ear. Her soft gasp as I sucked her lobe told me she was mine.

I don't know how long we lay like that, just kissing and caressing in the candlelight, and I didn't care then as I don't care now. All I wanted was to ease all her fears and show her how much I loved her.

Her skin felt so soft under my hand as I slowly let it slide up her leg. She put hers down to stop it as it reached her inner thigh. She was so innocent and pure. I knew no-one had ever touched her in this way before, nor would again. From this moment on, she would be mine. Only mine.

I continued to whisper to her, reassuring her of my love and how much I adored her, and slowly, her hand withdrew allowing mine freedom again.

Her soft gasp as my fingers gently brushed over the damp patch of curls covering her cunt made the blood pump furiously through my veins. It felt like molten lava burning through my body. She was already wet to my touch. My fingers stroked over her, touching places I doubted she'd even touched. I was shocked by her reaction when my finger finally found her clit and rubbed it. Her whole body shot up against mine. Her eyes were wide with longing and she was whimpering for more.

I kissed her one more time and slid down the bed till I lay between her spread thighs. She was shocked feeling my breath touching her where my fingers still stroked. I remember placing them up to her lips and telling her to trust me. She then shocked me by taking my fingers into her mouth and sucking them. Her tiny tongue flicked over them, her teeth bit into them.

Gingerly, so as not to alarm her, I kissed that tiny bud I had been caressing. Her body shook and her protests stopped. I curled my tongue around it, sucking it gently, now caressing it with my mouth. My fingers moved lower, stroking over the entrance to her body, which was now so wet and ready for me. But I wanted her to beg for me. I wanted her whole body to ache for mine. I wanted it perfect. Her hips arched higher up off the bed and she was grinding herself against my face. I could hear her gasps, so loud, so wanton. Flicking my tongue against her clit again, I gently pushed one finger inside her cunt. It was so tight, gripping my finger, squeezing around it.

Her gasps turned to screams as she begged for more. Her whole body was shuddering as she moved her hips against me harder. My tongue traced around her clit, licking it softly, then biting it gently as my finger pumped in and out of her cunt. Her screams grew louder, her fingers twisting in my hair as I licked, sucked and fucked her with only my tongue and that one finger. I was surprised by the violence of her orgasm.

Her whole body arched up off our bed. Her screams must have been heard throughout the castle, but what did we care? Her first orgasm. All these centuries later I can still hear her screams, still feel how her cunt clenched around my finger and how she tasted.

She was ready.

I withdrew my finger so slowly her body shook again. My body moved up hers, covering her. I took her face gently in my hands and kissed her so deeply as I gently eased my cock into her. I could see the pain shoot across her face for an instant before it was replaced by pleasure as I slowly began pumping inside her. My body pressing against hers, my hands finding hers and holding them up over her head as our bodies moved together. Her cunt clenching so tightly around my cock as my hips thrust against hers, making short, quick thrusts, driving her crazy before changing tempo and making long, slow, deep ones.

I watched her her face. Her eyes were closed, but her lips were parted to let her soft moans out. Each one of my thrusts made her face contort with passion and ecstasy before she would gasp my name.

I remember everything from the moans she made to the way she felt in my arms. The way her body arched up beneath mine, thrusting back against me...I remember everything.

But what I remember most clearly is the way she looked up into my eyes and whispered softly..."Fuck me please baby."

Was my bride not the virgin I believed her to be, I thought to myself as I slowed my strokes. I can close my eyes and see hers full of hurt as she looked up at me, hear her soft voice asking if she had done something wrong. My heart was breaking as I looked back into her eyes. My virgin bride had been used by another before me. How could I have been fooled this way? What use was she to me now? How would it look for me to have an impure wife? She would have to be dealt with, even though the thought of living without her was killing me.

Slowly, I slid from her body and lay down beside her. She pulled the covers over her body and burst into to tears. For a scheming, lying whore, she was acting the virgin bride part well. I was outraged as I stood and ripped the covers from her. I was furious with her perceived deception. The fight we had was awful now I look back on it. Thats my only regret from my time with my Beta.

I grabbed her by her long raven hair, slapped her face and called her a whore. I still hear her screams of protest in my head. Then I dragged her from the bed and turned her around. After throwing her back onto the bed on her stomach, I pushed back into her again and this time, I was rougher with her. My hands pulled her head back by her hair as I muttered obscenties in her ear. I called her all the names I had used on the whores in the villages around the castle as my cock plunged into her over and over. I no longer cared about her pleasure, just my own. She wasn't what I thought she was. She was no better than all the other women I'd fucked and I treated her as such.

She screamed with delight as I pounded against her, pulled her hair harder and moaned names any 'proper' lady should never hear in her ear. She shocked me by begging for more, screaming for more.

I lost control and my hands were suddenly around her slender neck, squeezing as I ground my cock inside her. Her body arched back, her hands clawed at mine as her air supply was slowly shut off. The feel of her body thrashing against mine drove me crazy. Her cunt was so tight around me and I loved it. I couldn't stop myself. I drove harder and harder into her body as she tried to pull my hands from her neck, to breathe again.

Then I saw it. The small patch of blood staining the pure white linen of the bed sheets. Everything suddenly stopped, except the roaring in my head.

I fell from her and again, lay on the bed beside her as she gasped for breath. It took me forever to be able to bring myself to look her in the eyes. My bride was a virgin and I had made her a whore. How could she ever forgive me?

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