Nola walked down the torch-lit halls towards her owner's bed chambers, yawning. It was late and she was tired. She'd rather have some sleep, but Old Gooma had woken her up and told her that The Master wanted her company. Disobedience wasn't an option, not in the house of prince Shar. Not if you wanted to keep all the limbs you were born with. Nola was his bed slave, and as such it was her job to come to her Master's bed whenever he wanted, and do whatever he asked her to do there. Nola opened the door to The Master's bed chambers. The room was dark. The Master was obviously already in bed, waiting for her. Well, she didn't need any lights to know where the bed was, seeing as she'd gone to it thousands of times already. Actually, she was glad that the darkness would hide his ugly, fat body and his cold, dead eyes. She'd just do her job, pretend that she was with one of the young handsome slaves from the stables, so she could master up some enthusiasm for the job (that usually made him come much faster), and then she'd be allowed to go back to sleep.

She closed the door behind her and took a few steps towards the bed. Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind and pushed her up against the wall. She gasped, partly from the surprise, partly because she got the air knocked out of her. Someone pressed her flat up against the wall, and pulled up her skirt. So, the dirty old pig wanted to play his favorite game again? She swallowed a sigh before it left her lips. She was too tired to play games! Oh, well. She better play along then, that usually aroused him more and made him come quicker.

She whined and made vague attempts to break free, but without putting any real effort in it. She suspected she probably could break free if she wanted, but The Master liked to think that he was stronger than her and had the power to force a woman to do what he wanted. Rumor had it that he had enjoyed doing this for real when he was still young and healthy...

Obeying the rules for bed slaves, she wasn't wearing any underwear. He pushed her legs apart, and she felt him fumble to get his short little dick inside her. He grunted with irritation when this proved harder than he thought. Nola pretended to want to escape; she whined and pretended to be afraid, and pushed herself away from the wall so that her ass stuck out against the master's crotch. This angle was better. He pressed himself into her pussy, and held her in a firm grip so she wouldn't get away. With his free hand, he began groping her tits. They swayed for each of his thrusts, slipping out of his hand. He moved his hand to her clit instead - well, to what he THOUGHT was her clit, anyway - and rubbed violently. Nola played along, whining and cooing and playing the role of a raped girl who was getting aroused against her will.

The old bastard was breathing heavier, and his thrusts were fast and shallow. He grunted and wheezed, and Nola felt his seed flow into her pussy. He pulled out, and the sticky fluid ran down her legs. He grunted again, and Nola turned around, knowing from experience what was expected from her. She kneeled in front of The Master, took his limp dick, and licked it clean. She helped him to bed and put the fresh linen sheets over him like she'd been taught, and left the room without saying anything. She heard him sigh contently before she closed the door. She leaned against it and lifted up her skirt.

Her fingers found the right place, and she moved her fingers in small, quick circles, imagining that she could be taken by a handsome young man instead of that disgusting old creep. A young man with nice features, a strong, slim build, and a thick, long dick... A strong man... A gentle man... One that knew how to tickle a girl's clit..! She bit her lip not to scream when she came. She took a deep breath that grew into a yawn. Her own bed was calling for her. She walked back to the slave girls' sleeping quarters. She hoped Old Gooma would be understanding and let her sleep in tomorrow.

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