tagMind ControlNormal Ch. 10-12

Normal Ch. 10-12


Chapter 10

If she hadn't had other ideas, I'm not sure I ever would have gone back to Ms. Miller. I'm not a sadist- um. Ok, that sounds way more judgmental than I meant, and I know I'm the last person who can talk about how other people get off. Stones and glass McMansions and all that. I just mean that hurting my partner didn't do anything for me personally. The pain I'd see her in bothered me a lot, and I figured I'd give her at least a week before I came back. Or maybe two, or a month to be safe. Right. And I hadn't realized that my instructions to her, when I'd eased her concerns, might have unanticipated side effects.

So I was unprepared when two days later, she ambushed me in that stairwell where she'd caught Amanda and I that first time.

* * *

I'd put Ms. Miller out of my mind and focused back on Amanda. That flash of disappointment I thought I saw was intriguing, and so I experimented with it. The past two days, I'd again only fucked Amanda once in the morning. This morning I hadn't even cum in her - I'd just worked her to an orgasm, and then left with an absentminded kiss. But I then went and masturbated furiously to the look of frustration that crossed her face when she realized it was over. I did feel a little bad about toying with her, but it was hard for me to muster much guilt about fucking her less, compared to everything else. So it was easy to put it out of my mind and spend my days imagining Amanda getting horny for my cock. The downside, of course, was that I wasn't getting as much either, but I thought the payoff would be worth it.

So when I was walking along not paying attention and someone grabbed my arm, pulled me into that little nook, and kissed me fiercely, I assumed at first that it was Amanda. But then my body became aware of the height, the feel, and the, well, lack of a fairly obvious belly. So when it ended I pulled back and said incredulously, "Judy? What are you-" she interrupted me with another kiss, her hands all over me. I felt dazed, and disconnected from reality - things were just happening to me. She broke it off and moved down, nibbling on my neck while her hands worked my breasts, and I realized that I was the one that was moaning. The part of me that likes control was trying to object, but the rest of me was saying Hell Yes and I just went with the flow.

She finally broke off from my neck (leaving, I found later, a very solid hickey) and her hands moved down and she was pulling down my pants and then my underwear. My cock sprung free, already hard, and she planted a kiss right above it before looking up at me. She breathed out, "I need to taste you.", and started kissing her way around my junk. I couldn't believe it - I'd never have imagined she would do this to me, in public, or that she'd be interested in blowing me. My breathing was harsh and fast, and I stared down at her. I wondered if she'd be able to deep throat me, and I had a second of regret that I didn't have my phone ready to take a picture. She moved down, brushing my balls, but then confused me by going down further. What... oh. Oh. Oh, my.

I had made Nancy and Amanda play with my pussy a bit while blowing me. But I'd always liked girls, and since I had a cock my thinking on the area had always been pretty phallic-centric. So I was completely surprised when Ms. Miller went under my balls and buried her face and tongue in my snatch, and started eating me out.

It was totally different from a blowjob. And I could tell it was something she'd done before - she licked, tongued, nibbled, and drove me wild. Hell, she just breathed on me right and it made me moan and squirm. It was like a wave, she'd build me up and let me down, then do it over again, and each time I got a little closer, a little higher. And then her hand came up, she slipped two fingers in and just stroked me right and I came. I could feel myself convulsing around her fingers with her breath hot on my clit.

In my experience, when you cum with a cock it's generally a distinct event. I can stay hard between orgasms, but I still need a while between them to build back up. With my pussy though, it wasn't like that. I came down from the wave of my orgasm, and I had just enough time to realize that she wasn't stopping. I bucked my hips slightly and said "Judy! ..." and then there were three fingers and her tongue and sucking and god. And I was off again.

I don't remember a lot of details after that. She made me come over and over, probably 6-7 times before I was through. I do remember hearing someone making these really hot helpless horny noises, and then realizing it was me. And I remember the shame of being taken. Ms. Miller utterly owned me and dominated me, and she did it in public. It was the other side of the equation between myself and Amanda, and I hated it because I wanted to be on the other side with her, and loved it because it felt so good.

She finished up, eased me to the ground as my legs turned to jelly, and gave me a long, sensual kiss with my pussy fresh on her lips. And then she left me a hot sticky mess, cock still hard, sitting in my own juices with my pants still around my ankles. With a smile and a parting comment as she walked away:

"Your turn."

Chapter 11

I thought about my superpower. About people ignoring public sex, and loud orgasms. About Nancy and Amanda walking around with my cum on their face, and Lauren not cleaning up her stained blouse. Instructing Nancy and Amanda in how to suck me off. And I thought about when I'd taken Ms. Miller, and about how she'd just taken me.

You can't get in trouble for having sex for me.

I'd turned off Ms. Miller's inhibitions.

My initial reaction was familiar - guilt. But I was tired of feeling bad for having sex, and I couldn't see how this actually hurt her. It was like getting her past our student/teacher status - if I'd removed her inhibitions in general, it would be bad. But nothing she did with me would come back on her, my superpower would prevent it. Which meant all I'd really done was free her to do what she wanted. And apparently she wanted to eat me out in public.

Your turn.

I started planning.

* * *

It took me a day to come up with something, because I was pretty sure Ms. Miller was still hurting from our first fuck. Not a lot, but when I watched her walk I thought I could see a little hesitancy, a little hitch in her step. So sex was out. And as enjoyable it would be to blow my load down her throat and over her, it almost felt... pedestrian. Old. Ms. Miller had challenged me, and I wanted to come up with something new for her. But I finally came up with a plan that I liked, and took the weekend to do a bit of shopping and some research.

The next Monday, after I finished with Amanda, I changed. And ten minutes later I walked into Ms. Miller's first period class wearing a sheer white dress, panties, and nothing else. She was talking with another student, and it took her a second to see me, but I was gratified to see her jaw draw as she took me in. I smiled at her and put a strut in my step, hips swaying, channeling every sexy walk I'd ever seen in a TV or a movie, and headed toward the back of the room. I was sure I looked ridiculous, but I was committed now so I threw myself into it. And my confidence got a boost when I looked over my shoulder and caught her staring at my ass.

I'd checked yesterday, and was gratified that the seat in the back I'd picked out was still empty. I picked it up and moved it back against the wall, and over slightly so Ms. Miller would have the best possible view of me. And then I sat and waited for the bell to ring. I made sure to avoid looking at her directly, but watched her out of the corner of my eye. She kept sneaking glances at me, but when the bell rang and everyone settled down she made an effort to ignore me and teach the class. I was mindful of my resolution to not abuse my power and interfere with my lover's lives, so I didn't interrupt her as she gave out instructions to her class. But I'd cheated, and I knew today would mostly be classwork and not just her lecturing.

I set up, my breath fast, my cock getting excited. Almost time... she sat down in her chair, behind the teacher's desk, and couldn't keep herself from looking over at me in the corner. And I started. I met her eyes - direct, challenging. I brought my finger up, slowly, and sucked on it. I was at the back of the room, so I made it obvious - I figured subtle seduction wasn't going to work from back here, so I went for brazen hussy. I took my wet finger and traced my breasts, almost visible through the dress, and let myself close my eyes and moan (I kept it below my breath, I didn't want to attract anyone else's attention). I wasn't totally acting here - it did feel good - but I exaggerated as much as I thought I could. I opened my eyes, and her eyes were locked onto my chest. I gave her a slow smile, and then gave it all I had.

I kept it up for the entire hour, and I made sure she could tell. I played with my tits, hands both in and out of my dress. I played with my pussy and my cock, and I used full arm motion and not just my wrist. And I worked my fingers into my mouth, bit my lip, and tried to show as much pleasure as I could. And I kept my eyes are on her the full time. I wasn't entirely sure how to smolder, but I lost myself in my arousal and let myself imagine what I wanted to do to her, and then I tried to put that desire, that knowledge of the acts I wanted to perform on her, into my gaze. The only time I stopped was when she had to get up and talk to her class, and even then I made sure to continue staring, taking in her body, making sure she could feel the weight of my eyes on her body.

I could see the effect I was having on her, and I loved it. It's hard to tell with her skin tone, but she was flushed with arousal, and I could see her surreptitiously trying to pleasure herself. One time she got going - working her thighs - and I waited until she looked back at me to shake my finger at her. I reveled in the look of frustration that crossed her face, but she stopped. And I continued. I would be especially brazen when she started to get up, and one time I caught her for nearly a minute as I worked my tits and sucked three fingers into my mouth. She finally shook her head, and her voice was trembling slightly when she went to the front and spoke.

She was looking desperate when the bell rang and the class walked out, but I wasn't done. I stood up and walked to the front, putting my strut back on. She stared at me, frozen, as I approached. I put my hands over my head, linked together, and stretched, knowing that my breasts would be pressed outward and would be visible, and I heard her swallow. My heart was hammering at this next step - I hadn't been sure of it, but we had only a minute or so alone before second hour, so I acted. My hands hooked under the dress, and I pulled my panties off with one motion. I think Ms. Miller might have stopped breathing. I reached over the desk, as she watched me like a trapped animal. I gently unbuttoned her blouse - just the first two buttons - and stuffed my panties into her cleavage so that they were just peaking out. I stood up and tried to be casual at going commando. "Hold on to those for me, please? Oh, and I'm a bit thirsty. Do you think you could go get me a cup of water?" I gave her what I hoped was a winsome smile.

Her eyes were wide and her voice was unsteady. "S-sure. And uh. I'll be right back." She swallowed hard. "With your water." I wondered, idly, what she thought I was going to do with the cup. From her reaction, it was more interesting than what I had planned, but I decided to stick with it. It was a minute's work for her to come back with the drink, and by that time a couple of other students had arrived, but I ignored them. I took the cup with a smile, and then a deep breath. Here goes.

I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, and slowly poured the water all over my face and down the front of my dress. Ms. Miller made a sort of strangled "hrnk" sound, and when I opened my eyes I confirmed that the water had done its job - my dress was white, remember? But Ms. Miller appeared to be enjoying the view. I gently reached over and pulled her head up. Her eyes left my chest and went wide as she realized what I intended, but I was too quick for her. I kissed her quickly, and mostly on the cheek - I just barely caught her lips, and she gave a little moan as I dragged my teeth across them. I ran one hand slowly down her neck, then tapped my panties where they were just peeking out of her shirt. My voice was soft, but I tried to put as much promise and my arousal into it as I could. "One more hour, Judy." And then I turned and strutted back to my chair at the back, relishing the look of shock and desire on her face.

For that next hour, I turned things up. Instead of just motioning, I actually played with myself - pulling out my cock and slowly working my hand up and down my shaft. Dipping my fingers into my pussy, letting her see what I was doing, and then slowly licking them off. Rubbing and groping my breasts. I took every dirty porn, every movie, everything I'd read, and poured it into my performance, all focused on her.

She let out class 20 minutes early.

As before I was up and strutting toward the front, but as the last student left her class she was out of her chair, and she met me just in front of it. We melded together with an embrace, and our kiss was wild and frantic. It felt like she was trying to breath me in. I caught her hands as she tried to move them over my body, and she made a frustrated noise into my mouth. I grinned, and she broke the kiss. Her eyes were wide. "Sally, what-"

I interrupted her with a quick kiss, then released her hands. This next step would have to be quick. I cupped her ass, and in the same motion lifted her against me. She yelped and threw her hands around my neck, and her legs wrapped around my waist. I could feel her pussy pushing against my cock, her pants and panties slick with her fluids, and for a second I was tempted to just fuck her again. But that pain in her step... No. I'd be patient. I tottered a step forward (hey, she might be 90 pounds soaking wet, but I'm almost not the most athletic girl in the world. She was heavy), and set her down on her desk. In the same motion I kissed her again (I wanted her arms to stay put) and I reached down and started unbuttoning her pants. A moment later I commanded her - "Lift" - and she tightened her arms around my neck, lifting her ass off the desk, and I pulled her pants and panties off and stepped back. I loved seeing her like this - naked from the waist down, legs spread, totally disheveled, and lust in her eyes.

I couldn't have stopped myself. I didn't want to. I stepped forward and pulled her in for a long kiss, and now it was my turn to devour her. She moaned into my mouth, surrendering, and her legs came back around me. She started humping my cock with her bare pussy, only my dress in between us. I realized with a start that she was trying to push my dress off, and it took all of my willpower to break away. She stared at me, still incredibly tousled and hot, and now the lust warred with confusion. It took me a second, but I remembered the plan, and smiled at her. "My turn." And then I took her pants and folded them as a cushion, and kneeled in front of her.

I saw understanding blossom in her eyes, but I had a new target and I put all of my attention to it. The desk was about the perfect height. I leaned forward and started licking her.

Now, I'm not great at cunnilingus. I'm certainly not in Ms. Miller's league. But I took what she'd done to me, and all the lesbian porn I'd watched this weekend, and put all my effort to making her cum. And I knew she liked gentle, subtle touches elsewhere, and I applied that here as well.

I used my breath, and the tip of my tongue. I started on the outside, on her thighs, and worked my way in. I nibbled oh so gently, and grazed her flesh with my teeth, just a hint of not-quite-pain. I sucked gently, and I explored her pussy. I tried to be super careful - I only used one finger, and even then I just barely penetrated her - and took my time learning her pussy.

Ms. Miller had taken me to, I think, 7 orgasms in barely 10 minutes. I worked her to 4 in 20, but I think it was a good job for my first serious try. Her last one she came screaming my name, her hands on the back of my head as she pulled my face into her pussy, grinding against me. The bell had just rung, and I wondered dimly how many people had just heard her, then decided I didn't care. Finally her arms relaxed, and she collapsed back onto her desk, panting for breath. I grabbed some tissues and cleaned us up, pulled my panties out of her cleavage and put them on, then carefully helped her back into her pants. Her eyes had finally started to clear, and as she tried to help me I saw her forehead crease. "Sally, you forgot my panties... oh."

I smiled, holding them up, and then tucked them into my cleavage. I posed like a model. "They really tie the outfit together, don't you think, Judy? I love the color." I pulled her over to me and gave her another slow, sensual kiss, and then released her. I whispered in her ear, "You're it." and then walked off, letting my strut from earlier come back as I left the room. I knew - I just knew - that she'd be staring at my ass again. I felt like a million bucks, wearing her panties displayed for the world to see, advertising my conquest.

I changed before I went home, though. It was nearly December - I'm not that crazy. But I kept the panties.

Chapter 12

I was on top of the world. The feel of victory, that I was ahead in our game, was almost tangible. But my win was with a blunt instrument of lust and sex - I had hammered Ms. Miller into submission. I mean, not like Nathan Fillian - the hammer was not my penis - but you get my point. Um. Anyway.

That feeling lasted three days, at which point Ms. Miller demonstrated to me the value of subtlety.

* * *

She started on me the very next day, but I didn't recognize it at the time. It was just glimpses. I would see her walking through the hall, and she would glance at me and smile, but keep going. Or I'd see her talking with someone, and she would lean over, apparently casually, but I would always get a good view of her ass. Or her chest. Nothing blatant, but an extra button undone. She stretched when I watched, and I would just get a flash of her breasts outlined against her shirt. It took me three days to realize it was on purpose, that it was slowly starting to happen more often.

I was, of course, fucking Amanda on a regular basis. Our morning sex had evolved into something sweet and loving. I can't describe Amanda's breasts adequately as they swelled with her pregnancy. They were an epic experience, something you have to see and feel in person to understand, and I would spend as much time as I could just playing with them and pressing myself up against her. I even loved her belly, knowing it was my child, that I had put it there. We would make love, joke, laugh - we were even talking to each other. She still bitched, although not a lot about me, but by now it was almost a familiar friend and I just let it go. It was good. But it was also... predictable.

It was like having vanilla ice cream for dessert every day. I liked it, and I had no real complaints. But occasionally I wanted something different. Something darker. And every time I saw Ms. Miller, and she teased me and kept going, it helped whet my appetite. After a week, I realized I was in trouble.

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