tagFirst TimeNorman the Nerd's First Times

Norman the Nerd's First Times

byUncle South Loop©

My name's Norman and I'm a nerd. Some people call me a geek. Geek sounds a little better than nerd, but either name describes me.

I figured out what I was when I was twelve. Growing up in a small town wasn't that great for me. There weren't any other nerds my age in town. I didn't have any real friends; only online ones that I found after my folks bought me a computer.

Things didn't change much when I moved on to the consolidated high school. There were more kids drawn from six other small towns around mine. I did find two guys to eat lunch with, but they weren't nerds like me. One was a new kid who'd just moved here from another state and the other was a guy who was always getting in trouble and got expelled junior year.

I went all through high school without ever having a date. I knew from the porn and other adult sites I'd found online that I was straight. I only looked at stuff with naked women, got hard and masturbated.

Like most males, I'd started masturbating when I reached puberty. I did it at least once a day and sometimes more. At 18, when they made us take showers after gym class, I noticed my pecker was bigger than most. The 'norm' guys noticed too. They taunted me about masturbating, calling me 'Naughty Norman'.

Their chiding hurt at first. I got over it, realizing they did it only because their pricks were smaller than mine and they were jealous. I thought some of them did it because they'd been embarrassed by the girls they'd tried having sex with. I never told them what I was thinking, but I started feeling proud of my big pecker. It was not only bigger than theirs, but was as big as the ones I'd see on porn sites. I was sure I could satisfy any woman who wanted to be my first.

I did well enough grade-wise to get into State College. Naturally, because I spent so much time with my computer, I majored in Computer Science. Things got a little better for me at State. I made a couple friends with some other nerds I met there. One of them even fixed me up for my first date. It was a blind date - a complete disaster.

I went on two other blind dates that were even worse than the first one before I gave up. With no real social or sex life, I frequented porn sites and adult chat rooms. I'd masturbate looking at XXXX pictures, videos or when I was able to find somebody with a female name who was wanted cyber-sex.

Word got around campus about how good I was with computers and I started getting calls from other students having problems with their PCs. Even though the callers just wanted me to fix their computers, it was better than getting no calls at all. I helped everyone, solved most problems over the phone. Sometimes, I had to go to their places to do whatever was needed. I'd one call that nearly led to sex with a girl.

Donna lived in my dorm. I'd seen her around, but we'd never been introduced. From what she described and the answers she gave to my questions, it sounded like a file corruption problem. I gathered all the disks I thought needed, went to her room and got her PC running again in about half an hour.

Donna was delighted and, when I was about to leave, thanked me adding, "You're great, Norman. I'm sorry I don't have any money to give you. Is there some other way I can repay you for helping me."

Donna was good looking and her breasts were big, full and nicely shaped. She was wearing a T-shirt and her nipples stuck so far out I was pretty sure she wasn't wearing a bra. I couldn't keep my eyes from bobbing up and down between her face and chest. I stammered, "That's OK...really. I'm just glad...I could help. Ah...if you...ever need any more help...ah...call me."

My faced warmed in blushing knowing she had to notice. Donna giggled making my embarrassment even worse. When I started for the door, she grabbed my arm stopping me, "Don't run away, Norman. I'm sorry I didn't mean to laugh at you for looking at my tits. I don't mind your looking at them. I kinda like it. Hey! If you want to, go ahead and touch them. It'd be my way of paying you back."

"Really? You...ah...don't care...if I..."

"Not at all." She grinned. I dropped my stuff when she grabbed my wrists, lifted my arms and pulled my hands onto her boobs. When I didn't move my hands, she told me, "It's alright Norman. Go ahead and give me a good feel. Squeeze my tits. I like 'em squeezed"

So thrilled to actually feel a woman's breasts for the first time, I didn't immediately react to Donna's offer. I slowly ran my open palms over and around her soft cotton covered twin mounds of flesh before squeezing them. When I saw her nipples swell, I brushed them lightly with my fingertips and muttered, "They're getting bigger."

She giggled again, "Of course they are, Norman. Nipples always do when they get played with, even guys' do. Haven't you ever played with a girl's nipples before?"

"Ah...no...ah...no, I haven't."

"Oh...Norman...I'm sorry. You're a virgin?"

"Ah...yes...it's not that...ah...that I want to be."

"That's OK, Norman. I'm glad being the first girl to let you play with her tits. It'd be more fun for the both of us if I play with yours at the same time." She put her fingertips on my nipples, rubbed them and then squeezed them between her thumb and side of her first finger. I liked it and did the same to hers.

"That feels so good, Norman. I'm like all girls. Having someone squeeze my nipples sends all these wonderful sensations down my body to my pussy. Squeeze 'em a little harder."

I did and she closed her eyes and purred, "Oh yes...that's good, Norman." Her nipples got even harder. With her squeezing mine at the same time, mine did too. Her eyes looked straight into mine in asking, "Is it the same for guys? I mean...does my squeezing your nipples send tingles down to your dick?"

"Ah...I don't feel any...but...ah...my pecker is...ah...getting hard."

"Good, Norman, good. Glad you're having as much fun as I am. Hey! It'd be even more fun if we both took off our shirts. Let's do it."

I followed her lead when she pulled her hands away, grabbed the bottom edges of her T-shirt to pull off and toss it away. My mouth went dry at seeing and being close to a REAL LIVE girl's naked boobs. My hands rose with hers to touch each other's. Her boobs felt smoother and softer than I'd ever imagined. My cock strained in my jeans as the two of us fondled, squeezed and played with each other's bare chests. Donna's eyes closed again and the corners of her mouth tighten in a smile of enjoyment. When I centered in on her nipples, she opened her mouth to draw in more air and erase her smile. A few seconds later, she whispered softly, "Suck my tits."

"Brrrrrriiiiiinnnnnng! Brrrrrriiiiiinnnnnng! " The phone's ringing rattled of the walls, stopped my head's descent before my lips found her right nipple and ended the most fun I'd ever had with a girl.

"Sorry, Norman." Said Donna as she stepped around me to pick up the phone. "Hi, Jan...No, I'm fine. I was down the hall...when I heard the phone ring and ran to get it."..."No!!! Who told you?"..."That son-of-a-bitch!" Her face twisted and reddened with anger. "I'm so pissed I could rip his balls off!"...."Give me a minute, Jan." She covered the mouthpiece with her hand and told me, "Sorry, Norman. I've just learned that fucking boyfriend of mine is cheating on me. You should go."

Donna withdrew her covering hand, "So, everyone knows?"..."Shit!"...Uhhuh...Uhhuh..."

I snatched up my shirt and discs and closed the door on my way out. In the hall, I put my shirt back on but couldn't do anything to hide the bulge in my pants. I raced back to my room, locked the door and furiously jacked myself off Donna and I never talked again after that day. When I saw her on campus a few days later, she was walking with some guy and looked away when I passed. I never had a second chance with her or any other girl at State.

I landed a good job after graduating. My starting salary was high enough for me to get an apartment. With the raises I got the next four years, I bought furniture to replace the second-hand stuff I had and even got a car. I'd more money than I needed because I rarely went out and didn't date.

I'd thought about paying for my first. But, I didn't know where to find a hooker and with me being a virgin, I was too afraid of being embarrassed. Besides, even using a rubber, I might catch something.

Being 26 years old and still a virgin bothered me every day. Worse yet, I hadn't really even kissed a woman. I lost interest in cyber sex and stopped when it left me wanting REAL sex all the more. I tried finding a partner by posting a few personal messages on some free web site bulletin boards. I even paid money to join an adult sex line service. I'd no luck with any of them and had to keep masturbating.

When I got really down about being a virgin, I'd watch a few porn movie samples and feel better seeing most guy's dicks weren't any bigger than mine. Ironically, I found my first partner because I was watching a porn movie sample.

Her name was Becky. She was the daughter of one of the two owners of my company. The summer after her junior year in college, she worked at my office filling in wherever she was needed.

It was a slow day, one when my virginity bothered me worst. As usual, the office cleared out for lunch or so I thought. Thinking the office empty, I went online to my porn sites. I'd set my PC's volume loud enough to hear the audio thorough my speakers in my work cubical but low enough that it wouldn't carry beyond.

I watched several porn samples, enough to make me hard, before discovering a really good set on one porn site. The female star was gorgeous, sexy and very convincing. She looked, moaned and shook like she really liked being fucked.

The babe was so hot; I started to rub my cock bulging in my denim jeans and didn't hear Becky come up behind me. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard her say, "This one's really great, Norman."

I panicked. Trying to stop the movie and get it off my monitor; I reached out to grab my mouse, missed and sent everything on the top of my desk flying. I then realized all I had to do was hit my monitor's power switch and went for it.

"It's OK, Norman. Everything's all right. I'm not going to tell anyone what I saw." Becky's hand grabbed my arm just as I stabbed the button.

"I promise Norman. I won't squeal on you." She continued, leaning in to help pick up all my stuff strewn on my desktop. "I won't tell Daddy or......WOW! Norman. You've got a really big cock." I looked up and saw her staring down at my crotch.

In desperation, I pleaded, "Please...Becky...please don't tell...your Dad...he'll fire...me"

Her eyes darted from my crotch to my face in saying, "I said I won't. If you let me touch your cock maybe you'll believe me."

Still shaken, I mumbled, "Well...ah...I guess...OK."

She reached in and dragged her hand up the underside my full length saying, "Damn, Norman. I never felt a cock as big as yours before, never fucked one like it either." It'd started to shrink but her hand, pressing it through my jeans, made it stop and start swelling again. Reaching my bloated mushroomed dome, she circled my ridge with her fingertips and brushed my head whispering, "Just feeling it is making me wet."

She stopped, pulling her hand back and stood straight up when we heard the voices of some people returning from lunch. She gave me a wink before walking away with, "Later, Norman, for sure."

I didn't get any work done the rest of the day, worrying that I'd be called in and fired. Relieved a little when nothing happened, I left still thinking it was going to and dreading waiting until tomorrow. My hopes grew when the next day, Thursday came and went like any other. I started to believe Becky was really going to keep her silence as promised. In my optimism, I'd an easier time remembering the details of my being discovered.

I thought about Becky in an entirely different way. Before, her being the Boss's daughter, I'd been appropriately friendly and kept our exchanges short trying to give her the impression that I was a good person and a hard worker. That night at home, because of what'd happened, I thought about her differently.

Becky wasn't beautiful but she looked good to me. Remembering her comment when she'd fondled my cock, I gathered there were a several other guys that'd found her attractive too. And, I was sure that if they'd been virgins like me before they met her, they weren't after.

Becky's tits didn't look as big as Donna's, but they weren't small either. Neither skinny nor fat, her body was curvy in the right places. I thought she'd a pretty face with her bright blue eyes. Her hair was long, sort of a light brown with blonde streaks. She was a little shorter than me and, when she'd worn skirts to work, I thought her legs well shaped. To picture her in my mind, I closed my eyes. In thinking about her, I felt my pecker stir and started playing with myself. My erection made me uncomfortable, so I slid off my pants and briefs. I remembered how her hand felt and her saying she'd was wet. Working my meat, I fantasized of what might of happened had those people not come back from lunch. I took slow, easy strokes to get off and shot all over my stomach. I enjoyed it so much, that I did it all over again later in my bed.

Friday being the customary day for people to get fired, I dreaded going in. My fear was unnecessary. I'd forgotten about our client's golf outing. Both the owners and several employees were going leaving the office half-staffed. Dressed real nice, her hair drawn back, wearing lipstick and make-up; Becky came by at eleven, "Hey Norman! It figures you'd be here today. How's it going?"

"Hi Becky. Yep, it's quiet today. Gives me a chance to catch up on some programming."

"You gonna be done by three? Daddy called in and said everybody can leave early."

"He did? I don't know. I got a lot to do and will probably stay until five."

"You work too hard, Norman. You need to have more fun." She replied smiling broadly.

"I know, I know." I said. "But, it's a good day for me to get my programming done. Have a good weekend, Becky."

I turned back towards my desk to get back to work. I was about to pull my chair closer to my desk when she giggled, shoved her arm in front of me, grabbed my limp dick and gave it a little squeeze. Giggling as she let go and backed of, she teased, "Looks like he's a little DOWN today too."

She walked away still giggling. It had happened so fast, I couldn't tell whether she'd done it to laugh at me or with me. Either way, I had to chuckle because it was funny.

Like any programmer, I got totally engrossed in writing my program and didn't stop for lunch. I was still at it when Becky returned a little after three. She broke my concentration by grabbing my arm with both hands and pulled me up saying, "C'mon Norman. Everyone else is gone but us. The front door's locked and the phone system is off. Let's go to Daddy's office and have some fun."

I didn't know what she meant, but went willingly and let her lead me down to her Daddy's big office. She stood me in the middle of the floor, locked the door and came back to throw her arms around my shoulders and kiss me.

Never having been kissed by any one, other than Mom and my aunt before, I didn't know what to do. I stood there with my arms at my sides. She leaned away frowning, "Damn, Norman. Haven't you ever kissed a girl before?"

"Well...ah...yea...I mean...ah...no...except...my Mom and my aunt."

A look of surprise replaced her frown, "Really? Norman, are you a virgin?"

I felt the blood heat my face, "Well...yea...one time...in college...I almost..."

"Gee, Norman. I didn't know. I just naturally assumed..." Her eyes widened, her face light up with a huge grin in saying, "It's OK, Norman...really. In fact, it's great! The one time in college, how far did you go?"

"Well...she let me play with her tits and...ah...we played with each other's nipples." She kept her arms on my shoulders and her body stayed pressed against mine as I revealed my painful secret.

"That's it? Nothing else?"

With her continuing to rub against me I felt encouraged to be honest, "That's all. We never even kissed or nothin' else...we got interrupted just before I was gonna suck on one of her nipples. The other day, when you touched me, was the first time a girl ever even touched my hard pecker."

My answer seemed to make her more excited, "Ohhhhhh, Norman. I'm glad you told me. I'm even more excited. You mean no girl's even seen your big cock before?" "No. Becky, will you...can you teach me...what I should do...please?"

"Gladly, Norman. I'm not sure which of us will enjoy the 'tutoring' the most." She said, barely able to contain her delight, "First lesson is kissing. "

She drew her arms off my shoulder to grab and raise my arms putting my hands on her waist, "Put your arms around me and pull me tight against you. And, this time when I kiss you, you kiss me back. Press your lips on mine." I followed her instructions. We kissed hard and her tits flattened on my chest. Her lips pushed mine open. Her tongue tip swiped my lips and my dick, squished between us, hardened in my jeans. She must've felt it and shoved her lower body against it. I slid my hands down over her rear cheeks and pulled her harder against my growing shaft. She popped her lips away and told me, "Stick your tongue in my mouth."

I kissed her and pushed my tongue out into her mouth. She sucked on it hard and then eased off so I pulled it back. When I stuck it back in, she sucked it again both hard and soft. I jabbed it in and out, like I was fucking her mouth. Her arms fell off my shoulders and came under mine to reach around, grab my ass, force my hard prick into her and grind against me.

Breathing through our noses got harder. The air rushing in and out of our nostrils began making whooshing sounds until we had to break off. Panting, Becky told me, "You did good...Norman...real good. Take your shirt off and we can do what you did with the other girl."

As I pulled mine over my head, Becky unbuttoned blouse. She tossed it aside, spun around asking, "Undo my bra, Norman."

I fumbled unhooking the three clasps. She pulled the straps off her shoulders, threw her bra away and walked over to turn and lean against the edge of her Daddy's desk. I stared at her bare boobs, stepped closer and cupped them with my hands. She asked, "Are mine as big as that other girl's?"

"Pretty close, Becky. I think your nipples and center circles are bigger." I answered, pawing and squeezing her soft, smooth fleshy twins.

When I zeroed in on her nipples with my fingertips, she reached up and did the same to mine saying, "This as far you got before, Norman?"


"Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Ah...yeah." She squeezed mine and I squeezed back. Both pairs of nipples hardened

"Ummmmm, Norman, that sends little tingles right down to my pussy. You get them too?"

"Uh...no...but I'm hard."

"Show me Norman. Show me how hard."

She hiked her skirt and boosted herself up to sit on the edge of Daddy's desk and watched as I undid my pants and pushed down. To clear my stiff pecker, I had to pull out the elastic band of my briefs from the front first to clear it. Becky bent closer and stared as I worked the briefs off, "WOW, Norman! You've the biggest cock I've ever seen...so long and...thick."

As I slipped out of my shoes and freed my legs from my pants and briefs, she reached out and wrapped a hand around my rigid pecker. Kicking my shoes and clothes away, her other hand joined the first to feel my big boner. She dropped one hand down to cup my balls while stroking the other up and down my shaft. Her hands felt so good; I said, "Gawd, Becky your hands feel so much better than my own."

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